Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 22

No One Is Alone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everyone from the neighborhood comes over to Susan's burnt down house to help her pick out her stuff. Bree suggests that Susan and Julie should move in with her. Orson also shows up to help.

Someone from the insurance company arrives and tells Susan they can't help her with her insurance since the fire department ruled that the burning was arson. He asks her if she has enemies or if she suspects anyone - she then sees Edie watching her from across the street and starts to doubt her.

Felicia sneaks into Paul's house and steals the house key.

Susan goes over to Edie's and confronts her, asking if she burned her house. Edie confesses. Susan rages out at her and asks why she did it, so Edie tells her it was because of the letter she sent her. Susan is confused since she had stolen the letter back from the mailman before it was delivered. But then Susan tells Edie she's calling the police, but Edie says she won't tell the police that she did it and that Susan can't prove it because there were no witnesses to their conversation.

Xiao-Mei starts to feel sick when she smells Gaby's perfume, so they go to the clinic and find out that Xiao-Mei is pregnant.

While Bree is preparing for Susan and Julie to move in, Danielle tells her that she's forgotten her birthday, which was six weeks ago. Bree promises her a birthday party to which she could invite all her friends. Danielle also wants Andrew's room, telling Bree she should give her whatever she wants since she forgot her birthday.

Tom tells Lynette he's going to Atlantic City to meet up with his old gang. He senses Lynette doesn't believe him so he asks her if there's something wrong. Lynette says that Ed told her about his side trips to Atlantic City, the theater tickets and the flowers. Tom laughs and tells Lynette that he's been hiding a surprise, a top spot at a firm there, that he's been going for business and that the theater tickets and flowers were also business related. To prove it to Lynette he gives her the firm's CEO business card to make sure for herself. Lynette is relieved until she sees Tom quietly taking back the card and her doubts start to increase.

Carlos tells Gaby she can't use her beauty products because it makes Xiao-Mei sick. Gaby says she can live without them for a while just for Xiao-Mei's sickness.

Danielle finds out that Bree has been up all night making birthday arrangements, but Danielle doesn't want the huge 17 made of balloons, the fajita bar or the juggler, saying that her friends would make fun of her. She says a cake would be good enough. Bree is disappointed but acts like it's all right and starts popping all the balloons. Susan gets worried about Bree as she's become obsessive about the party and she never sleeps.

Betty keeps Matthew locked up in the basement and when he pleads her to let him out, she tells him that he's betrayed the family and that what he did was unforgivable, that staying locked up is best for him since she doesn't know what she'll do to him if she lets him out.

Susan asks Mike for help with using a wire, she plans to record Edie's confession and hand it to the insurance company. While he teaches her to use it, he offers for her to move in with him - she and Julie would share the spare bedroom. He then says she was right and that they should stay friends. Susan says she doesn't want to interrupt his love life, he tells her the date she saw him on was a one time thing.

Lynette leaves the kids with Mrs.McClusky while she follows Tom to Atlantic City. She has second thoughts about getting on the plane but Mrs.McClusky convinces her to do it so she could rest. Lynette asks her what if she did find another woman, what would she do? Mrs.McClusky tells her she owns a gun.

Everyone at Danielle's birthday party is waiting for the cake, Julie goes to the kitchen to check on Bree and finds her fixing the icing, saying she's done it a million times and can't get it right. Julie says it's okay if the cake isn't perfect, but Bree tells her she wants everything to be perfect. When Bree finally comes out with the cake and everyone starts singing, she finds that one candle isn't lit, so she stops everyone and tells them they'll have to do it all again. While she's gone to get the lighter, one of Danielle's friends tastes the frosting. When Bree sees this, she starts shouting at everyone, wanting to know who ruined the cake. When she finds out, she screams at the girl responsible, who accidentally drops the cake on the floor. Bree shouts even more, embarrassing Danielle, who runs out.

Gaby finds out Carlos has been letting Xiao-Mei sleep in their bed so she's closer to the bathroom, so Carlos and Gaby have to sleep in a twin bed. Gaby doesn't like how Carlos is giving Xiao-Mei priority over her, so they have an argument and she goes to sleep on the couch.

Susan finds Bree cleaning the cake from the carpet, asks her if she's all right and that she's heard about the birthday incident. Susan tells Bree to get some rest and she'll clean it up later. Bree opens up to Susan and tells her she can't sleep because of what she did to Andrew and how she won't be able to sleep until she forgets what she's done. Susan sympathizes with her and helps her with the cleaning.

Lynette is in Atlantic City and she follows Tom around in a car. She phones him while watching him and when he asks to speak to the kids, she asks to speak to his friend. She follows Tom to a house and when she looks in through the window, she sees Tom going upstairs with another woman. Lynette is shocked and goes back to the car and cries quietly.

Felicia calls 911 and tells them Paul has been threatening her, while she fills up some bags with her blood.

Susan tries to make Edie confess on the wire but Edie suspects her and rips her blouse open and finds the wire. Edie chases Susan and gets the tape but then she trips and falls under a beehive, Susan watches helplessly as Edie fights off the bees.

Danielle discovers that Matthew is trapped and tells him she'll find a way to get him out of the basement.

Susan visits Edie at the hospital and tries to make a deal with her; she offers to destroy the tape if Edie tells the insurance company she saw a vagrant burning her house. Edie refuses and tells Susan that she's always helpless and that's why people help her, not because they love her.

Susan meets Mike and turns down his moving in invite, just to prove that what Edie said was wrong.

Danielle hits Betty on the head with a bar and lets Matthew out. She leaves Bree a letter telling her she has run away with Matthew and that she was the reason she ran away. Bree checks herself into a psychiatric hospital and tells the receptionist she thinks she's going to have a nervous breakdown.

Gaby sprays perfume all over her room, so Xiao-Mei wouldn't stand sleeping in her bed and her plan succeeds. Carlos is angry at her and sleeps on the couch. Xiao-Mei offers him red meat; he says Gabrielle's got him on a strict diet, so Xiao-Mei says she won't tell her.

Tom comes home to find the house empty. Mrs.McClusky tells him Lynette packed up the kids and left.

Paul Young slips up on blood which has been daubed all around the house and then the police turn up on Wisteria Lane - they had gotten an anonymous call from Felicia. The blood in the house leads straight to Paul's car and inside they find two of Felicia's fingers. Felicia goes into hiding in a cabin on a mountain. She had cut her fingers off and emptied all the blood bags she had been keeping, all over the house to get Paul into jail.