Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 22

No One Is Alone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 2006 on ABC

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  • loved it


    loved this episdoe of desperate housewives i thought the whole susan stuff was really good and the scene with edie at the end was brilliant and so funny with all the bee stings, the paul felicia stuff was great this week she certainly set him up good it seems we wont see felica agian atleat for a while which is sad as i love her character but howver it was a great exit overall i brill episode that nicely set up the two hour finale

  • Me encantó este episodio.

    Lynette se da cuenta que el la historia de hadas en la que vivia no era necesariamente verdadera, así como se da cuenta también que Tom es sólo un hombre, con defectos igual que los demás. Gabrielle emprende una guerra con su empleada ahora que ella está llevando el hijo de los Solís, mostrandonos que gabrielle sigue siendo una mejor egoista y que no deja perder ni una sola batalla. Mientras tanto Bree llega al borde de su calma y se da cuenta que es imposible seguir con su vida como estaba, se interna en un hospital y acepta que simplemente se puede volver loca en cualquier momento. Y Susan decide no aceptar la ayuda de los demás, mientras logra una confesión de Edie por quemar su casa.
  • Desperate housewives are back... :D

    Wow, this was a really good episode. My favourite parts of all episodes are the ones where Mary-Alice talks. It is very funny to see her talking about her friends... and still she knows many secrets.

    It was so funny when Edie confessed Susan that she burnt the house. And also, it was so funny when to of them were chasing themselfs around.

    What can I say for Lynette and Tom... "OMG!"... I really wonder what will happen with them in next episodes, but I think it's really great that the producers decided to do this with them.

    But, I don't like Gabrielle-Carlos-Xiao-Mei scenes anymore. This will definitely lead to something bad in their marriage... but... you have to say "It has been seen before." First season, John and Gabrielle and that almost destroyed their marriage, why again?
  • A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on “happily every after,” this hit series takes a darkly comedic look

    A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on “happily every after,” this hit series takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren’t always what they seem. The series began with Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs -- and ending it all. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V. Her circle of girlfriends on Wisteria Lane include... Full A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on “happily every after,” this hit series takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren’t always what they seem. The series began with Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs -- and ending it all. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V. Her circle of girlfriends on Wisteria Lane include... Full

    With this episode, Desperate Housewives is back on top.
    Many fans have complainned about the show claiming that all storylines have been not intersting as it was on the first season. Not sure about what to think over it, but I'm sure that this one was great and probably brought the caracthers to their usual dramas. It is also imporatant to register that every housewife started to live a special and different situation affecting their lives starting on its episode. It is one of that days in which you just can't hardly wait for the next new week. If this is how the third season will follow, there are great chapters waiting for us.
  • Interesting

    So, Susan was tolerable, though yet more physical humour with her joint Edie scene. I find her better when she's having to play off stronger characters like Bree.

    What have they done to my poor Bree!!! Nice ending with her, but how so very sad. I hope they don't just break her entirely apart!

    Danielle, I never knew she had it in her!
    Wonder where Andrew is now?

    Lynette - more sadness!!! *cries* I thought they were only cruel to Bree!!!???

    Gabby, quite interesting story-line cause we can see how hurt she really is by this, with good reason of course. Though I really don't think she's so selfish as to have risked hurting the baby with the perfume.
    By the way, what's the law - does the surrogate or egg mother have more rights to keep the baby? Or will Carlos end up deciding???...

    Um, it's good to see a more happy plumber....though he's so much better than Susan!

    I can see the cliff-hanger will be devestating.

    And go Felicia!!! How evil!!!
  • Some dramatic changes occur this week which sets up fr a very good end of series.

    I can't believe Felicia cut her fingers off, it looks very creepy, she must have a very evil and calculated mind.

    The irthday cake scene with Bree and Danielle was performed really well and the twist in the Mike and Susan relationship is really working.

    Shame about Edie's puffed up face!
  • All Seeing, No-One Knowing Written by Kevin Murphy And Chris Black Directed by David Grossman

    Edie: “Yes I burned down your house you sleazy little w***e”
    Susan: “Why would you do that?”

    Here is an obvious question – why does anyone do anything on this series? Why does Susan act nice when really being vile could be beneficial when need? Why does Bree try to help her children who constantly treat her like garbage? Why does Gabrielle have to be selfish? And why is Tom so dense that he doesn’t realise that Lynette will always outsmart him?

    These are four brilliant questions which this episode fails to answer and there’s only so much guessing I can do. It also doesn’t help that a lot of the actions by certain people seem to be feeling less justified either.

    Susan is a brilliant example of this! When you find out a person deliberately burned your house to the ground, how about instead of trying to reason with them, maybe you should try and call the police and get them to pay a visit to your arsonist, even if you are responsible for the reason why they chose to burn your house off all abodes on the street.

    Then again, Susan not being the perceptive woman she should be by now (especially when you live on that street) does her best to level with Edie, who pretty much goes to great lengths to lay into Susan over why she burned her house.

    As much as I’ve developed a liking for Edie, this episode really did her no favours at all and although she’s justified in her hatred for Susan, it just goes to show what goes around comes around too. Not only did she fail to get the wire and tape where she admitted her bad deed off Susan but she also stung by a swarm of bees and hospitalised as a result. Edie may be fun to watch but damn, she was quite stupid in this episode too.

    As tedious as Susan has been this season, this hour showed a rather dignified side that I never mind seeing to be honest. Aside from trying to be reasonable with Edie, there was a tip her renewed enemy gave her which gave Susan the incentive to display some independence and therefore turn down a chance to live with Mike. It’s painfully obvious that he wants her back, just looked how upset he was when Susan said no to him. The idea of Susan standing on her own two feet is good, but I wouldn’t be so hasty to turn any help just yet.

    I also have to give Susan points for how she was with Bree after she had heard about her best friend losing it at a party for bratty Danielle. Why don’t the writers expose this aspect of Susan’s nature on a more regular basis? Don’t they realise that she’s genuinely compassionate for other people’s problems that she’s actually an interesting character to watch? I liked how Bree just told her about the real reason Andrew is missing and how Susan just listened without judging her. Bree really does need all the support she can get at the moment.

    If it was up to relying on her vile children for support, Bree really would be screwed. Andrew maybe a scumbag but Danielle is equally as vapid and mean spirited. Look how she manipulated her mother for a room and behaved like a brat over a party? Here’s a good example of how the MTV generation has promoted stupidity and ingratitude in weak willed morons like Danielle.

    Granted Bree did go a little too crazy over a simple bit of messed up frosting but any person with real feelings would’ve picked up on the fact that their mother has had a rough time and would give them a break. Not Danielle, who throws a petulant strop and then runs away leaving Bree the most horrible goodbye letter probably ever written in recent times.

    It’s little wonder then that Bree the signs herself into a psychiatric facility. With the rotten year and a half she’s had and the amount of pain, staying in a psych ward would be a holiday in comparison.

    As for Danielle, you didn’t think she was going to leave alone did you? Of course not, Danielle isn’t that smart! This is why she rescues Matthew by knocking out an unsuspecting Betty. I’d like to hope that Danielle is also gone for good but I don’t think that’s likely somehow. On a serious side, Danielle’s treatment of Bree though and attitude to life is pretty similar to another housewife on this series.

    The housewife being Gabrielle of course, whose selfishness takes a worrying new low when she suddenly gets hit by the jealousy bug when Xiao-Mei falls pregnant and Carlos starts doting on the poor maid.

    While Xiao-Mei may be milking the situation to her advantage, I’m getting sick of the writers indecision with how Gabrielle is depicted. It’s like they refuse to make up their minds and to be honest, it doesn’t do Eva Longoria much favours either. For crying out loud, Gabrielle basically bullied her maid into getting pregnant and now that she is and Carlos is treating her like a human being instead of a skivvy, Gabrielle has to behave like a spoiled b***h.

    Her whole “I’m the centre of the universe” routine got on my nerves in this episode. What kind of person would spray a room with so much perfume just because their surrogate wanted a comfortable bed? Does Gabrielle have any cop-on at all? Even Carlos was genuinely sickened by her behaviour that he refused to sleep with her. Of course, it also means that there’s an attraction between Carlos and Xiao-Mei. All I can say is go for it Carlos, deflate your wife’s ego.

    Speaking of egos, Tom must really be one stupid guy if he didn’t realise that by now when Lynette is suspicious of something, it’s usually a good reason to be worried. When a person like Lynette says she’s going to take your kids away from you if she learns that you’re deceiving her, then it’s more than safe to assume that she means it.

    Sick of his secrecy, Lynette tracks Tom down in Atlantic City and soon discovers him with a new woman and therefore does what always threatened to do. Though in retrospect, wouldn’t leaving those kids with Tom have been the better punishment? Karen made me laugh with her support for Lynette and open disgust at Tom but seeing as we have two episodes left, it’ll be interesting to learn the extent of Tom’s deception, including whether or not a child is involved too.

    Keeping with involvement, that Felicia continues her vindictive war with Paul as this week she breaks into his house while he and Zach are there and then hacks off her own fingers and calls the police, thereby getting Paul arrested for harming her. Another dense bloke this week, you wonder even with his sordid secrets why Paul has been relatively lenient with Felicia.

    Also in “No One Is Alone”

    Housewife of the week: We see Susan at her lowest parts of life. When her grandmother died, Bree baked her cookies, when her third book was critically roasted, Gabrielle hired a male masseur for her and when her divorce was finalised, Lynette gave her scotch.

    Zach (re Felicia): “You think she was trying to kill us?”
    Paul: “All I know is that we’re eating out tonight”.

    Danielle (to Bree): “You had a lot going on. Andrew was suing you, you were wasted that month”.

    Kyle McLachlan has been given the “Special Guest Star” label even though he’s only appeared in one secret. Also we only saw Tom’s other woman from the back.

    Tom: “Did you think I was cheating on you?”
    Lynette: “No, absolutely not”.

    Mike: “So neither of us is dating right now?”
    Susan: “Guess not”.

    Did anyone that actress who was “Nanette Babcock” always seems to play roles where her characters are noted for their weight? It occurred to me as I’ve seen her in other stuff as well.

    Julie (re Bree): “Is she serious?”
    Danielle: “Welcome to own private hell”.

    Carlos (re Xiao-Mei): “She’s the -”
    Gabrielle: “Oven. Well paid, cared for oven”.

    Call me crazy but I’m the only one who isn’t shocked by Gabrielle reading an issue of Maxim magazine? A lot of women read men’s magazines.

    Edie: “You can’t outrun me Mayer; I’m in the best shape of my life”
    Susan: “Then you’ll be prime meat picking when you go to jail”
    Edie: “You b***h”.

    Receptionist: “What seems to be the problem?”
    Bree: “I think I’m about to have a nervous breakdown”.

    Chronology – six weeks since “Could I Leave You”. Missing characters this week were Karl, Andrew and Caleb.

    “No One Is Alone” is a pretty decent episode. There are a lot of good questions raised here but very little in terms of actual answers which somewhat lets things down. Still, though I have the two part season finale will be worth the watching time.

  • Bree checks herself into a physcriactric hospital, Lynette discovers Tom's secret and Edie tells Susan she burned down her house.

    This episode was very sad. Bree and Lynette's storylines espeacially.

    Lynette follows Tom to Atlantic City and discovers him drinking wine with a woman. Then they both go upstairs...Lynette walks back to her car devestated. Tom comes home the next day and finds his house empty. Mrs.McClusky tells him Lynette has taken the kids and moved out. I felt like getting up and cheering for Lynette. She was so brave to leave Tom and I thought he got what he deserved.

    Gabrielle's story was boring...basically Xiao Mei got pregnant with her and Carlos' baby but Carlos seems to be becoming a little bit too attached to her and Gabrielle is worried he'll have an affair. I hope he does because that'll give Gabby a taste of her own medicine!

    Susan finds out her house was burned down on purpose and immeadeaitly suspects Edie. Edie tells Susan she's guilty but says she'll never confess to the police. Susan then puts a tape recorder under her top and tries to get Edie to confess again so she'll have it on tape. Just as Edie does, she realises Susan is taping her and she chases Susan down the street. Susan drops the tape and they both wrestle to get the tape. suddenly a sworm of bees start to attack Edie and she is stung many times. The next day Susan visits Edie in hospital and Edie a swollen Edie tells Susan that when she gets out of hospital she will destroy her. That was my favourite storyline, it was hilliarious!

    Bree lets Susan and Julie stay with her in her house but soon discovers that she forgot Danielle's birthday and needs to become a better mother. She throes Danielle a birthday party but goes crazy when a party guest sticks her finger in the cake Bree had worked on for hours. Then the party guest knocks over the cake and Bree loses the plot. The frightnent pary guests run away and Danielle is very upset and embarrased. Bree then tells Susan she can't sleep at nights because she can't stop thinking about how she ditched Andrew in the middle of nowhere. Susan talks with her all night but then the next day Bree discovers that Danielle has runaway with Matthew. Bree knows now that Rex is dead, Andrew is gone and Danielle has runaway, she is alone in the world. She breaks down and checks herself into a physiciatric hospitial. This scene was so sad!!!

    My favourite episode of the season so far was this one!
  • After a "slump" in the show a couple episodes ago we're back in the game. Now we're getting somewhere again . Many new leads for the show (probably for next season) and finally Paul and Mike get some attention again, whilst our ladies are great !!!

    So since this episode is full of Revelations I'll just list them

    */Mrs heuber get's nasty by getting paul arrested after having cut off her own fingers, and is off hiding someplace secluded

    */Tom and Lynette go sour after Lynette finds out he's having an affair (although Tom almost got away with it), as Lynette leaves the house with the Kids

    */Edie and Susan unbury the hatchet after Susan finds out Eddie has burned down her house . And Eddie get's punished by nature for being naughty as she ends up in the Hospital

    */The Solis' maid is carrying their baby, but is Carl getting too close to the sorrogate mother ?

    */After Bree has forgotten her daughter's birthday she throws a delayed party which ends up being a disaster as Danielle seems to be getting more and more like her brother Andrew

    */The Applewhite's son get's delivered by Danielle after having been held in the cage where his brother was held by Betty Applewhite . She'll end up running away with Matthew Applewhite .

    */Bree get's herself interned in a Psych Ward when she realizes she's steps away from a nervous breakdown ...

    That should sum it up

    Hope This is helpful
  • Lynette nad Bree were great in this episode.

    Especialy Marcia Cross did a great job.She was very convincing and even without make-up she still looks great. At the begining of the show I didn\'t actually like this character but now I thing it\'s the best on the show.
    I felt so sorry for Lynette. But I guess they had to make her marriage more relistic.
  • Not exactly a lot on character development. Less laughs than previous episodes too, because Susan-Edie is getting tiring and Susan-Mike is getting even older. Danielle tries to be Andrew: The Sequel; Paul and Felicia play for real.

    Alright, Susan and Edie get into yet another fight. Nothing really significant engenders from this latest confrontation, except for Edie\\\\\\\'s brutal truth: that Susan is actually perceived as weak and useless.

    So I\\\\\\\'m expecting Susan to perhaps be stronger now, or at least have the resolve to reject leaning upon Mike (again), but she backtracks and invites him over for coffee. If that isn\\\\\\\'t a prophetic sign that Susan is going back to being her vulnerable, pithy self. Talk about character development.

    Cheers though, to Gabby\\\\\\\'s confronting Carlos and finally making her presence known as THE woman of the house. Now that\\\\\\\'s the Gabby we love - poisson, parfume and all.

    More maritial problems for Tom and Lynette; and Danielle tries oh-so-hard to fill Andrew\\\\\\\'s shoes but ends up faltering in her bad-girl persona. At least Bree\\\\\\\'s doing something about her problem.

    Best thing that happened? The escalating war between Paul and Felicia - now THAT was a slick (pardon the pun) move.

    We need Andrew back!

  • ...but doesn't reveal things I want to see or know...

    Tom having an affair?...although in an earlier episode he told his Dad that he had secrets. I had hoped that this couple was the one couple that would be the "good" one. I am really starting to like Carlos, although, now I see him taking a turn for the worse. Just wonder if it's the "mother of my child" thing or if he really is interested in the maid. Also wondering if there will be any consequences for Edie. She should have known that Carl was a slug.
  • Hope the Season finale is better than is. if you like my reviews check out my site at


    The season finale better be really amazing or my faith in this show will be pretty much gone. Am I really the only one losing interest in the characters and storylines? Susan figures out that Eddie burned down her house and manages to get her admission caught on tape. She could have easily gotten away with it to if she hadn’t practically insisted that Eddie talk into her breast. Nothing suspicions going on here, I just hear better when you look and speak directly into my chest. Finally a woman that admits it!

    I’m a little disappointed in the Lynette storyline. Usually she is my favorite character and a source of comic relief. I don’t like the storyline the writes seem to be forcing that her husband is cheating on her. It just seems unnatural and out of character. Tom has been nothing but a good husband so it just doesn’t add up. Of course the writers are no strangers to screwing with people set character paths. Take Carlos for example. He was such an easy target and a clear bad guy. Then suddenly he gets religious and becomes a good husband and now a caring father! I kept hoping that the whole religious bit was part of some evil scheme or cover up, but sadly it seems legit. Another soul saved at the cost of an interesting character. Perhaps Xiao-Mei can bring him back to the dark side. Roast beef is the key to any man’s heart. Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant the sandwich of course!

    Bree at last can no longer maintain her Martha Steward stick up her butt. After kicking one son out, she manages to become so OCD she pushes her daughter to running away. Threatening your daughters friends for nibbling on a piece of cake, just takes the fun out of those group sleepovers. It’s a real shame because a braw and panty fight would really have helped this episode out. That is what you girls do at sleep over right?

    As for the Paul Young and Applewhite storylines, I could care less. Bree’s daughter knocks Betty out and frees Mathew from his cage. They are going to run away with each other and live happily ever after…. The situation with Felicia may be worse than that though. This Felicia woman is ridiculous. If you want vengeance for you sister’s murder than just pop a cap in this guys ass and get it over already! Leaving a trail of blood in his house and cutting of your own fingers too frame him, simply smacks of too much effort. Also, she should have just cut of her pinky instead of leaving herself with a mangled hoof of a hand. Or what about the more sensible option of a toe. Nobody needs toes, I mean you may have to forsake open toe sandals, but it seems like a small price to pay for the perfect crime. Didn’t think that one through Felicia did you?

    Parting Thought: Nothing says a happy family like a Chinese baby making factory. Something smells good in the oven.
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  • This particular episode of Desperate Housewives was filled with character development, exciting storylines, ruening points in the characters' lives. Bree's nervous breakdown was done well, and it made sense. Lynette's scenes were perfect, and this was....

    This particular episode of Desperate Housewives was filled with character development, exciting storylines, ruening points in the characters' lives. Bree's nervous breakdown was done well, and it made sense. Lynette's scenes were perfect, and this was the Scavos' golden season 2 episode. Lynette finding out Tom was cheating was heartbreaking, and the scenes leading up to it were dramatic, funny and exciting. Gabrielle's story wasn't as promising at first, but by the episode was done, the storyline was promising. Susan, on the other hand, was pretty much boring until she got herself wired. Somehow, Fat Edie made me laugh...a lot. But her threat at the end was kinda making me think they're looping back and forth between Susan and Edie fighting then becoming friends, then fighting again... Felicia is totally crazy, but she brought to this episode what season 2 has so far failed to deliver...crafty dark humour.
  • lynette catches tom and leaves him, comic with gabrielle, susan finds out edie burnt down her house......

    i thought this was quite a good episode. lots of comic parts like when gabrielle sprayed her room with purfumes so that chow mei would go back to her room (carlos sed she culd sleep in there because bathroom is closer). lynette spys on tom when he goes to atlantic city and sees him with another woman and packs the kids up and leaves. he seems really upset. oh ye felicia is one crazy ass woman. framaing paul like that. i mean pouring blood all over the floor and cutting her fingers off to frame paul? urgh..... the scenes between edie and susan were funny though. when shes chasing susan and gets stung by all of those bees. lmao!! and the bree scenes were heartbreaking. forgetting her daughters birthday and getting all perfectional with the cake and ruining the day. then she checks herself into a clinic because the daughter runs off with the applewhite boy. overall gr8 ep xx
  • Wow! I can feel the ending coming but still, who gets the main story, which storyline will end the show with a clifhanger?

    I hope all the questions will be answered in this Sundays 2 hour finale.
    I hate the idea of Bree, being in a psycho ward, Lynette leaving and Edie, being in a hospital. That means that we are only left with Susan and Gaberelle for the 2 hour show (I'm sure they will show the others but if they are not in Westeria lane, then whats the point) all the original housewives need to be there and be invovled in each others stories. I have no interest in the applewhite family and don't care much for their conclusion.
    I also have no idea what they have plans for season 3, however, I remember having the same feeling for season 2 and somehow they produced a great, just as good, season as the first one.

    Can't wait to see what those Desperate sexy housewives have in store for us before they leave us for 4 LONG months.
  • "Welcome to my own private hell" Paul Young gets arrested, Susan and Edie's smackdown, and poor Lynette and poor Bree! Loved it, loved it loved it!!

    This was a wonderfully written episode. And the best part is that we got to see all of our housewives together in a scene (sans Edie) helping Susan with what's left of her house. I thought it was so sweet of Mike to offer Susan and Julie his place. As well as Bree offering her place (of course she has no one really living there, her husband's dead and she dropped her son of in po-dunk city). Speaking of Bree, I think she may be Bipolar or Schizophrenic. Not sleeping, losing her temper after one little piece of frosting on her daughter’s birthday cake was messed up (the scene with her checking herself into the mental hospital was great). I was a little afraid Bree was going to unleash her wrath on to Julie in the kitchen during the birthday. But she held out a few minutes later. It was a great scene when Susan stayed up with her friend after finding out that she abandoned her son.
    By the way, I loved Danielle's expression when she walked down the stairs and saw the giant balloon "17". I can't believe Bree forgot her own kids birthday. Even my Grandmother with Alzheimers can remember my birthday! I kind of missed seeing the deviant Andrew in this episode. But Danielle more then made up for it (I'm starting to think that Julie is the only normal kid in the neighborhood!). I'm glad that she found Matthew before he died from dehydration or something. I can't believe she whacked his mother over the head with a crowbar!! It's interesting they ran away together to escape their psycho mothers. Speaking of psycho, Felicia Tilman! Crazy lady who cut off two of her own fingers just to get Paul Young in trouble! I loved that he thought she had poisoned their food, telling Zach , "We are definitely eating out tonight". On to my favorite housewife, Lynette. It really seems that her and Mrs. Mckluskey are bonding. We got to see the kids (for a split second) (aw, but no puppy?). How heartbreaking for Lynette to find Tom with another woman. I was half expecting her to get out of that car and beat him down. But at least she lived up to her word she made a while back (she told him if she ever thought he was cheating on her, she would pack up the kids and leave). The scene with McKluskey and Tom made me laugh. "She packed up the kids and the puppy and left. Lucky you're not my husband." Then she shows him her nice large gardening shears. Although something tells me that Tom is not cheating on her (that would be too easy). I'm thinking maybe he has a kid from another marriage or an ex-wife that Lynette doesn't know about. Poor Lynette, all by herself with those 4 kids (my mom did it with me when I was 5 and I was enough for her, I don't know how Lynette will handle it). Next: Gabrielle was ok in the beginning with the baby (going without hair products, oh no! What will miss Diva do?). I have a feeling Carlos will be taking Gabi up on her offer for him to cheat on her (will it be with their pregnant maid? Probably). Xao Mei was funny this episode too. I actually think that Carlos may be falling for the maid! What other show could get away with that?
    Now let's talk about the best part of the episode! The Edie/Susan smackdown! It was great! Kind of reminds me of Dynasty in a way. I cringed at that wasp's nest (although they said it was yellow jackets, their nest is in the ground, that was a wasp's nest). I liked that Susan visited her in the hospital, but Edie was being the same old witch I love this show...
    Highlights: Yay! Kyle McLaughlin was back! I really hope Susan and Orson develop a relationship (although I also love Susan and Mike together, damn this show!!)
    Just a note: Did I hear Gabrielle say, "Carlos is dead" in the preview for the season finale? That would be a very interesting way to end it this season...kill off another housewife husband! Or maybe he'll fake his own death and run away with the maid! Just a thought...
  • Another enthralling installment of DH...but so much more

    I'm guessing that most people reading these reviews have already seen the episode, so rather then summarize like most people have, I'd rather get right into it...what's up with Tom Scavo?! This is a storyline that's been building up since the first season, when Tom's adulterous father came to stay at the Scavo household and the difference of opinion b/w Lynette and Tom was exploited. I'm really anxious to find out what becomes of's probably my favorite storyline to watch. Also, does anyone forsee Carlos having an affair with the maid? I think that stranger things have's definitely possible. I'm curious to find out what becomes of Andrew, and how Bree deals with everything she's gone through these last two seasons (husbands affair, husbands death, George, Andrew being gay, Andrew being a complete @ssh.le, the Applewhites, her alcoholism, her sex addict friend)...i hear that she checks herself into the psych ward? Surely she'll make some new friends in there...
  • Lynette uncovers a woman Tom has been visiting in Atlantic City. Gabby and Carlos deal with a sick Xiao-Mei, who has her eyes on Carlos. Susan discovers Edie burned her house down. And an impending nervous breakdown makes a Bree check into a psych ward.

    This is a return to form for Desperate Housewives--the reason I started watching the show. My favorite aspect of the show is how dark and dramatic it can be, and this episode had plenty of that.

    Lynette's discovery of Tom with another woman was really well played, and Felicity Huffman was heartbreakingly good with her facial expressions. The Applewhite storyline was finally not unbearable (yay), and I am looking forward to it finally being resolved in the season finale. Felicia cutting off her two fingers was the over-the-top insane Murder and Blood part of the show I enjoy, and Harriet Samson Harris is by far my favorite recurring actress on the show. And finally, Bree's unravelling was the highlight; whether is was popping balloon numbers or icing a cake, Macia Cross sold it to me and I bought it.

    All this was balanced with the classic DH humour. Sometimes the "funny" bit are cringe-worthy, but not this week. Xiao-Mei and her "Mrs. Solis, you smell" was priceless, as was her sandwich seduction of Carlos. ("Taste good?") Mrs. McClusky rocks my socks, and her friendship with Lynette is so sweet given what they went through last season. And the highlight had to be Susan and Edie's shenanigans; Edie screaming and chasing a wire-wearing Susan made me choke laughing, and the yellow jacket stings were a good touch. Kudos to the make-up department on a puffy Nicolette.

    Good show, good show. It can always be better, but this was a bright spot in a rather spotty second season.
  • A crazy episode

    Nicolette's make-up after being stung by the bee? Incredible! She really looked swollen.

    Bree's freak-out about the cake. Oh My God! Ridiculous! But I can't beleive that Danielle and MAtthew would club his mother and run away. That was a little bizarre as well.

    And Tom cheating! It can't be! Bree caught her husband cheating last year so there must be some other explanation.

    And as for Gaby and Carlos and Xioa -Mei, Gaby told him a few months ago that he could have an affair to get even with her... and he does look at Xioa-Mei in a certain way since he saw her naked...

    And Mrs. Huber's sister! Oh my! I knew something was up when she was taking her own blood, but wow! It seems as if it could be the perfect crime, provided no one finds her in her far-away cabin or traces the 911 call back to her.

    We're in for a crazy season finale!
  • Reaching the end of her rope, Bree checks herself into the Fairview psychiatric hospital. Lynette suspects that Tom is cheating on her, so she follows him to Atlantic City. Susan must start over. Felicia Tilman has more in store for Paul Young, resulting

    Another touch of brilliance. The show writers were spot on yet another time and I bet the season finale sure will be a hell of an episode. I felt very sorry for Lynette. She was one woman who worked really hard for her family and the way she got betrayed by that idiot Tom was really sad. Gabrielle will surely learn her lessons soon. Presently she is being nothing but a insensible creature. I found the Van de Kamp part a bit lame. Why was there such a sudden change in Bree's nature, I didn't understand. But full sumpathies with Danielle. No one would want to live with sucha mother. Also, I laughed when Paul Young slipped on blood. It was hilarious. But for the first time I had a tad bit of sympathy for Paul Young. Hope he is acquitted !
  • Lynette spies on Tom, Gabrielle gets catty, Bree looses her family (and her mind), and Susan sets the record straight. Written By: Kevin Murphy & Chris Black

    Alots been happening on Wisteria Lane these past few episodes, and things have just now reached an impass. To break down this episode, let me just say that I thought it was well written, and a great example.

    Bree's storyline was pivotal. She starts off by pretending to be pleasent, but you're just bracing yourself for her to express what she really wants to: pure rage. After attepting to win over her daughter by all means nessacary, she ends up leaving her, leaving her and Bree with the problems at home. I liked Danielle's storyline this episode, I thought it was amazing how she bashed Betty's head in to save her boyfriend, and plans to run away with him. I'm very interested to see how this finishes.

    Susan's storyline was... well... different than usual. Even though they did the whole house burning thing last season, I think that it's a strange turn for them to use it on Susan, the original arsonist. She's rumoured to live in a trailer next episode, which is really strange, because she plans to live on Wisteria Lane, right? I liked the whole 'wire' thing with Edie. I'm dissapointed in Edie this season. At first, we barely got to see her, and now after burning down a house, and threatening to 'destroy' Susan, I wonder what ever happened to our innocent skank.

    Lynette's storyline was amazing for a change. She follows Tom to Atlantic City to see if he's having an affair, which it would seem like he is because he went upstairs with a woman wearing a skimpy negligee. I really hope it's not an affair. That storyline is kinda getting tired, there's been enough affairs in this show, let's move on to something more captivating.

    And lastly, Gabrielle's story. Gabrielle really let her claws out in this episode. Even though that for the most part she's not really explicitly malicious, this episode she turned against the only woman that has litterally been a slave to her (minus the fact she's getting paid) and has even planned on being her 'oven', just so that Gabby will do whatever she can to drive her back to where she thinks she belongs; under her thumb. I can't wait to see what Xaoi Mei is really up to. I think she's getting sick of standing by and she hopefully is going to take a stand for herself.

    The mystery has been progressing, and we have just witnessed Felecia's true colors. Marc said that there would be a really creepy undertone to this season, and he was right! Felecia has always had something odd about her... something creepy and cold, like she's almost not even living type of cold. After bleeding herself (which is totally insane!) and cutting off her own two fingers to blame Paul for what would appear to be her demise, she escapes from Wisteria Lane, giving him what would seem to be her final goodbye. Betty shows her true colors, which I loved seeing. After what Matthew did, it's no wonder she kept him locked up. After both her and Bree's less than pleasent teenagers have escaped, I hope that they will team up and get them back. I know that Betty will not be in Season Three (the writers waisted Mrs. Woodard) as well as one of her sons, which I'm guessing is Caleb, are going to be taken away, leaving one son, possibly Matthew, to be free and in Season Three.

    Keep up the good work! I hope the finale is as amazing as the last one. I'm a little sceptic about Jenna Bans writing, but I think she can pull this off.
  • Set em not em down. S C O R E ! It must be season finale time as once again the lives of the residents of Wisteria Lane are crumbling before their eyes and Paul is once again in jail.

    Some things are given facts of life. Mountains will forever stay high. Valleys will forever stay low. Space will always be continuous; and well the biggest life issues will affect the residents of Wisteria lane all at once, mostly during the month of May.

    Not one of the most amazing episode of this loveable series, this episode went far in the way of advancing the storyline of this season of Desperate Housewives. It seemed to lack excitement, that special spark that I have come to expect from my beloved night time soap; probably because there were no revelations that the audience didn\'t seem coming.

    We all knew eventually Bre was going to go crazy. I mean do you blame her? Throughout the last two years she has definitely been through a lot and still has can muster up the ability to make a kick butt carrot cake and look hot, hot, hot in the color powder blue.

    Unless we forgot which month it is, we all knew Paul was going to get arrested for something. What we didn\'t know was that Felicia Tilman would lose some fingers and that was a pleasant surprise. Is it me or am I the only who get a fuzzy feeling thing about Ms. Tilman wondering out in the middle of no where with only 8 fingers?

    We all knew Susan and Mike Delfino were going to start flirting with each other, with the possibility of more. What did surprise me was the fact it is happening so soon. The tortured in love characters aren\'t suppose to reunite until the series finale, not the season. Don\'t writers know anything about how television relationships are suppose to develop?

    (side track) Did anyone else think there was a lot of bra action in this episode? Ok find not a lot just one scene with Susan running all over, but when you keep rewinding it on TiVo and replaying it in slow motion it does seem like a lot.

    We all knew what Lynette was going to find when she followed her husband to Atlantic city. Another women, if she found he actually with his boss than there wouldn\'t be any story for them and they couldn\'t have been part of the 2 hour season finale. Two hours is a long time so they need all the cheating husband quality out of Tom as they can get.

    And we all knew that no matter what they showed us in this weeks episode, nothing was going to take away from the love that we all have for the cast of misfits that entertain us weekly (September through May), sparing their own happiness for our enjoyment.

    Not the best, but as usually always exciting to watch.
  • Never have I been more interested in EVERY storyline of the episode. I’ll start with the more humorous storylines.

    The Gabrielle and Carlos and Asian housekeeper was funny to say the least and interesting to say a lot. I’ve always wondered how Carlos could possibly ‘cheat’ on Gabrielle since we know he hates infidelity; plus, he’s also, or used to be, kinda religious. So it’s interesting that the writers decided to make Carlos emotionally betray Gabby by being so close to the Asian housekeeper. And did you see the flimsy dress the Asian girl had on when she served Carlos the ham sandwich, there is no mistake; she’s trying to seduce him. Still, Gabby is a B-word for spraying her perfumes in the master bedroom.

    The Edie and Susan storyline was also funny. When Edie realized Susan was wiring her into a confession and ripped Susan’s shirt open and chased her down the neighborhood, I was like “Yeah, another catfight”….that ended up into beestings or hornet stings or whatever the hell Yellow Jackets are. It’s kinda nice that Edie, in her mean malicious way, made Susan toughen up.
    The Applewhite storyline with Bree’s daughter involvement was interesting. I really don’t know where the heck the writer is going with the storyline, but I’ll be more interested come next season.

    The Lynette and Tom storyline has finally gotten to the good part. I just love the face Felicity Huffman had when she saw Tom walking upstairs with the other woman, and I love even more when she sat in her car and put her hand up to her face and shook her head. No tears involved, but still very moving.

    I feel so sorry for Bree, trying to make the only child she had left happy but only to have it blow up in her face. That was an unnerving scene with her hold the scissors and popping the balloons. It was also as difficult to see that girl fingered the cake that Bree had tried to make perfect; we all knew she would just explode. So Bree checked herself in a mental institution! It’s only appropriate since now she drove away her son, and her daughter left her.

    Definitely can’t wait for the season finale.
  • Can I just say as a person allergic to bee's AHHHH. spoilers gallore here.

    Lets just start with Lynette, How devastating to find out Tom was likely cheating on her. They were such a great couple but this season really took its toll on them. Bree has been through so much I cant believe she didnt find some help sooner. I loved what she did to her son though. To catch him with the man she cared about was horrible to watch.He wanted nothing to do with Bree so she dumped his butt somewhere and made him have to grow up quickly. I cant believe both her kids are that selfish and cruel. What is up with the Applewhites? Gabby got the upper hand on the maid/incubator, which was great. I hope Carlos doesnt start cheating now, is that all these people do?. Poor Susan finding out who set fire to her house and then confronting her in the hospital after the bee stings(can I just say I had to get out the benedril just watching this). Edie really made Susan believe the things she said and because of this turned down Mike's offer for her and Julie to move in with him, which she really wanted at the time. I hope they get back together, you can tell they still really care about each other. How far will someone go to get Paul Young to go to prison? A few missing fingers isnt to much to ask I guess. What a great episode....
  • WTF?!?!? (watch out...spoilers)

    Tom is cheating on Lynette! Gabi is about to be cheated on?!? Edie burns down Susan's house and declares war!!! Bree checks herself into a ward?!? WOW...this is certainly a way to throw a dedicated fan off!! I cannot wait until Sunday!!!!!! Awesome job on this one ABC!!! I just wish you wouldn't pull other shows (Commmander in Chief) like they are nothing...especially when they win Golden Globes! Do it with another show and u are losing all sorts of fans!!! Watch next Sunday's episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can u wait?
  • This exactly wasn\'t my favorite episode.

    So Bree finally goes over edge on this episode. Poor Danielle, having to live with a nut like that. And what the heck is wrong with Gabrielle?! She is back to the same old selfish person that she is! If she doesn\'t get her together she will lose both Carlos and the baby...actually, it looks like she already did. Lynette finally caught Tom cheating on her so she packs the kids and the dogs and left. Poor Paul, that crazy woman just won\'t leave her alone! Unfortunately for him, he touched almost everything that will incriminate him. How crazy is that? Sawing off your own fingers...eew! Overall, it was a good episode...just not my favorite!
  • A very good episode.

    The scenes with Edie and Susan fighting were really funny. I think they may have gone a little overboard with Edie's makeup. It's nice to have someone who will actually put whiny, needy Susan in her place!

    Marcia Cross is such a terrific actress. i think the awards (Golden Globe, Emmy, etc.) should be between her and Eva (that scene when their adopted daughter was taken away from them was some of the best acting ever!). I feel so awful for Bree. Her children are both terrible to her. It's nice to see her actually try to get help. Of course, she is as calm and collected as ever when she announces that she might have a nervous breakdown.

    I wonder how they're going to figure out how to get Tom out of this mess with Lynette. I wish they would have just made it that he WAS cheating. It's annoying to have the only guy on the show who cheats be Carl, who's not too loveable in the first place. Where are the real-life, seemingly nice guys who end up with other women?!

    Is Gabrielle's maid annoying anyone else? She's driving me as crazy as she's making Gabrielle. She definitely is trying to get Carlos for herself.

    I hope Danielle and Matthew are gone for a while. Both characters are boring.

    Finally Felicia. She is completley insane!!!! I hope she gets caught!

    I can't wait for next week's season finale.
  • The final stage to the finale takes place and the Lane will never be the same.

    Man oh man, the show has regained its drive and more.

    So at first we had more of the craziness with Susan and Edie. Nice makeup job for Nicolette and nice that she still wont' give Susan a break. But it did help Susan realize she needs to finally stand up for herself and not fall back into old habits (ie, Mike).

    Bree was incredible again, her old obsessions coming to life and in public too. Danielle was terrific, the public humilation making her finally decide enough was enough. I did like how Danielle took down Betty and ran off with Matthew, leaving behind a simple note. While I had heard that Bree would end up in the nuthouse, having her check herself in was a nice touch. Once again, get Marcia Cross an Emmy.

    Speaking of which, wonderful job with Lynette, just shocked and horrified to find out what Tom was doing. And it's nice of the writers to go back to the promise she made to him last season, that she'd just leave with the kids if she suspected he cheated. However, I do think next week will reveal all is not as it seems.

    It's interesting to see the role reversal in Gabrielle and Carlos, that Gabrielle sees the signs but seems helpless to stop them> Of course, she has no ground to stand on with infidelity, which makes it more difficult for her.

    And then Framing Paul for her own death is one thing. Spending weeks draining her own blood to make it work (it takes a while to generate that much) and then cutting off her own fingers to sell it? That is dedication to a vendetta.

    So the stage is set for next week's finale and all bets are off to what will happen...which is just what we should expect.
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