Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 6

Now I Know, Don't Be Scared

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC
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Halloween comes to Wisteria Lane, and everyone's biggest fears are exposed. Carlos finally leaves Edie, who is surprised to find out she can no longer blackmail him. In the meantime, Gabrielle plans to leave her husband, but a surprise visit from his father (guest star Mike Farrell as Milton Lang) causes her to reconsider. Bob and Lee throw a Halloween party and Danielle wants to attend, but Bree isn't willing to let her go. Susan learns Mike's father (guest star Robert Forster as Nick Delfino) is alive, and decides she wants to meet him, whereas Lynette becomes obsessed over exterminating a possum that got into her frontyard.moreless

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  • Halloween

    This was another fantastic episode from season 4 of desperate housewives i loved the theme of haloween as the show has never done that yet and i thought seeing all the characters dressed up was really entertaining.

    lots happend in this episode danielle gave birth to her baby, the scene were danielle says that bree should have the baby was really sad

    Susan had a good storyline as we laern that mikes father is in prison

    lyneete had a really amazing week as we learn that she a beaten cancer it was so emotinal when she saw the dead possum

    Overall a great episode the only bad point was that wasnt much katherinemoreless
  • Out It Comes Written by Susan Nirah Jaffe And Dahvi Waller Directed by Larry Shaw

    Danielle: "I'm nothing like you"

    Bree: "You always say that like it's something to be proud of".

    If there's one themed episode that this series needed to do, it was definitely a Halloween themed one and thankfully the producers finally decided to give us one. Given the crazy amount of antics that occur in this series, Halloween would be a perfect backdrop for even more crazy stuff.

    For Danielle, after her failed attempt of getting a cushy life with Phyllis, she's back to living at home under lock and key. Naturally that would piss anyone off but with Danielle she seems to be taking extra exception to it. I say be grateful that Bree didn't stuff you in the basement.

    Bree is naturally less sympathetic about Danielle's plight and more annoyed at her for getting spotted by Lee. In fact Bree seems even determined to put her back in that rotten convent that Phyllis had the decency to spring her out of. See Danielle, just when you think Bree can't piss you off even more, she threatens you with nuns.

    It's even worse for Danielle when Lee and Bob invite the neighbours to their Halloween party and for all the obvious reasons in the world, Danielle is the only one who can't go. Although I still find the girl irritating, I can understand why she's so pissed off at Bree.

    There's an interesting exchange between Bree and Danielle when the latter admits to hating the child she happens to be carrying. I don't know why but I can think of why Danielle feels that way. Bree has forced her in seclusion and plans to raise the kid as her own. It's not exactly unlikely that Danielle would think the baby is the cause of her bout of bad luck.

    Another interesting thing is Bree pointing out that despite all her moaning, Danielle might actually feel love for the child. Given that Bree is so desperate to raise the child as her own, I'm almost surprised that she would try and encourage to care about her child. Danielle, true to form just rips Bree's theory into pieces. It looks like she's still not keen on the idea of an unborn child riding rough shot over her life.

    Seeing as Bree has managed to greatly annoy Danielle even more, there's one characteristic that both women have a knack for and that is revenge. Fortunately Danielle isn't as extreme as Andrew in the revenge stakes so there's no clumsy attempts to seduce Orson or call the cops and claim abuse.

    Instead Danielle decides to attend the Halloween party at Bob and Lee's in all her pregnancy glory. The better part is that she does this dressed as Bree, much to the sheer hilarity of everyone else. With Andrew looking like a tit as Cher, Danielle is so perfect groomed as her mother it borders on the uncanny.

    The writers also aren't shy in milking all this comedy value for what it's worth and while I've never been a major fan of Joy Lauren's acting, the girl certainly deserves something for her spot-on parody of Bree. Better yet is Bree's suitably annoyed expression when seeing Danielle and the comic gold of Karen figuring out who Danielle has come to the party as.

    Of course this is also the very episode where Danielle's water break at the wrong moment. If Bree and Orson can make up stuff about retractable forks, then jesting about Danielle's burst being part of the costume isn't much of a stretch. No that would be getting back from Bob and Lee's to the Hodges without drawing anymore attention to themselves.

    However there's the bigger problem of delivering the baby safely and that means enlisting Adam, who's already that Bree has been faking a pregnancy all along. Well he is an obstetrician and Bree's been acting so suspiciously that it makes sense that Adam would figure it out. I don't believe however that Adam won't blackmail Bree with this bit of information if an opportunity approaches.

    There are two scenes in this episode that are incredibly tear jerking and the one featuring Bree and Danielle once the child is born is definitely moving. Bree gives Danielle the option to keep the child when Danielle admits to caring about her son but in the end, it's Bree who ends up with a new child. Greatly played by Marcia Cross and Joy Lauren, both actresses did a damn good job in that scene, especially given that Bree and Danielle both have to live with the decision they've made. Danielle looked like she was tempted to keep her son and Bree almost looked willing to let her. Keeping this as a secret with Adam in the know and Lee looking widely suspicious is going to be hard.

    With the fake pregnancy plot out of the way, the next major arc was finding out whether Lynette would live or die. Before I get to the answer, I have to admit to find the good amount of dedication to the woman's feud with a possum pretty interesting. It ended up being discussed in my Philosophy class and as metaphors went, it was pretty heavy handed.

    Lynette's determination to beat the possum, despite overly sensitive Parker naming it wasn't the most subtle way of conveying to the audiences with how much she wanted to live. It did however make for a good scene with Bree when she wanted to get a gun to kill the possum but there was a better scene with Tom.

    Tom's been mostly okay this season and while he couldn't at first see why Lynette was making a bigger than usual deal regarding the possum, he was understanding. Lynette nicely conveyed her distress of being infected and as silly as the possum thing could've been, no way did this reach the stupidity of toilet donuts and raw bacon.

    Thankfully though Lynette would end having a good reason to celebrate because her doctor made the journey to her house to tell her that she got the all clear. Stella's reaction nicely summed up everything. Hey I'd feel like some alcohol in that situation and there's nothing better than having someone to celebrate with. That does mean that Stella is only minutes away from leaving and that kinda sucks. I've enjoyed having her around.

    In all fairness it was pretty predictable that the writers would never kill Lynette off. Not only is Felicity Huffman the best actress on this show but Lynette is the most believable housewife of the bunch. Killing her off would just be stupidity. Still what's important is Huffman's performance and once again she knocks it out of the ball park. As a viewer, I am thrilled with the positive outcome though.

    With Lynette's storyline ending on a positive note, the previous bliss that Susan and Mike have been enjoying finally gets its first black cloud. I don't mean to sound sadistic but it was only a matter of time before something bad started to happen and it's pretty much to do with them becoming parents.

    Susan and Mike get the usual medical history questions to see if their baby could have any nasty surprises and Mike slips that his father is alive. To be honest I actually don't remember Mike telling Susan he was dead but Susan kicks up enough of a stink that it's safe to take her word at face value on this one.

    Given that Mike has something of a murky history that for a while the writers have conveniently, this plot is a welcome bolt out of the blue. Mike might be the quintessential gentleman but unlike Derek Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy, at least he has a dark past to make him interesting enough.

    Mike's father being in prison for murdering a bloke and feeling no remorse evokes curiosity from Susan. I get it from both sides really – Mike's desire to leave his past alone and Susan's need to open it up. Both of them happen to be right on that score. It also means that they are on opposite sides in regards to Nick. Susan's sole visit though with Nick is the most interesting. She's disgusted by his lack of remorse and he's confused by her judgmental streak. Susan thinks that her baby might grow up to be a sociopath and once again, I'm given reasons to care about the character. Although there's a chance that her baby might be another well adjusted kid, Susan does have the right to express some concerns.

    Elsewhere Edie finds herself on the receiving end of being dumped by Carlos and when she tries to get him arrested, his mystery account is no more. To be honest, Edie should count herself grateful to be rid of Carlos and just move on to a bloke who doesn't have a sexual history or previous marriage to any of the other wives.

    Instead Edie decides to enlist Victor into her little revenge scheme by showing him pictures of Carlos and Gabrielle together. Nice one, Edie! Pity you hadn't done that after Victor managed to delay Gabby from leaving his stupid ass. I suppose I should be happy that this tedious plot is coming to an end, which means that Victor can leave and the writers can start writing better stories for Edie.

    As for Gabby and Carlos, I'm now starting to think again that they are both as bad as each other. Gabby was willing to stay with Victor for another thirteen months when Milton tried to bribe her and she gets annoyed when Carlos confesses about that damn account. Do the writers even want us to ship for them or are they deluded enough into thinking we will in spite of both characters bringing out negative traits in the other?

    Also in "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared"

    We got see a young Edie being scared of spiders, plastic frogs and the like. I like seeing younger stuff on the ladies.

    Carlos: "I want to end this as friends"

    Edie: "I bet you do".

    Did the writers happen to conveniently retcon Gabrielle? She knew about a secret bank account back in Season One.

    Bree (re Andrew): "He's going as Cher this year"

    Lee (to Bob): "Oh he's definitely invited".

    Susan: "It wasn't an impression. You said the exact words 'my father is dead'"

    Mike: "It's complicated".

    Susan's family have a history of webbed feet, arthritis and third nipples while Mike's are of epilepsy and high blood pressure.

    Lynette (re the possum): "Don't give him a name. He's not gonna be around for longer"

    Parker: "You're not gonna hurt him?"

    Gabrielle: "And isn't there another election around that time?"

    Milton: "My son will be governor. He could be President".

    Gabrielle was pretty cowardly dumping Victor by a phone message. I wasn't surprised that Milton happened to overhear it.

    Edie: "This isn't over Carlos"

    Carlos: "Actually it is and in case you haven't noticed, I won".

    Susan (re killing the other guy): "And how did you?"

    Nick: "With the tie. I thought it was a nice touch"

    Mike: "Well now you know".

    Not many people attended the Halloween party I noticed. Like Katherine in the previous episode, Bob and Lee were trying to do some damage control with their neighbours here.

    Gabrielle (to Carlos): "So you want me to sleep with you and take your money. If that were a job what would they call it?"

    Lee: "You came as a self-important queen who lost all her power. Isn't that a bit on the nose?"

    Katherine: "Lee is making jokes about queens. Isn't that ironic?"

    This episode upped the hotness factor by having Tuc Watkins parade around exposing his chest as Aladdin. I demand more. We need at least one sex scene between him and Lee.

    Danielle: "He's so tiny"

    Bree: "He looks like you did. Do you want to be alone with him? Do you want me to go? What should I do?"

    Danielle: "You should take him".

    Susan (to Nick): "If you don't feel a tiny bit of remorse for the life you took, then no, I don't think you have soul".

    Chronology: A few days since "Art Isn't Easy".

    "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared" delivers on exposing secrets and igniting fears and it flows through all the plots quite well. The episode is somewhat more sombre than ones we've had this season so far but it's easily one of the best ever by the show and that's what matters.moreless
  • It's Halloween on Wisteria Lane

    The first scene sets the last scene of this episode which was a real kick-ass episode! It's all about fear and what it does to a person. Whether it's wondering if you'll ever find love again, or wondering if you've made a mistake or if someone is really truly happy. I wish Susan was at the party but her storyline was good as well and maternal instincts really shone through for her child and Lynette's cancer/possom fight was really emotional. I loved Danielle's costume - Bree. Her imitations were hilarious and her own maternal instincts were fighting to break her tough exterior. And I suppose a doctor (Adam) can tell when a woman isn't pregnant but that was still a shock! But what's in store for Gaby and Carlos and I'm pretty sure, in the sneak peek, the last shot of the boat is significant! And I'm also pretty sure the next episode is Episode 7. And what usually happens on the 7th episode of every season...?moreless
  • funny. sad and enjoyable.

    this episode seemed to be just your typical episode until the end. when lynette finally finds out her cancers gone and she walks outside and finds the possum she killed, she says sorry and bursts into tears... and so did i, i cried so much it was so moving. excellent, 10 out of 10.

    also bree and gabrille as usual keep the laughs much higher than the other housewives... however edie begins to annoy me with her constantly seeming to ruin everything, i still love her and can't believe what the future has in store for her.

    anyway enjoy the episode!moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 6.

    Wow, there's a lot of intense episodes this season. This episode is definitely one of them. This is the show's first Halloween episode. Edie Britt's biggest fear comes true when Carlos walks out on their relationship. Susan finds Mike's father - who was supposedly dead. Danielle goes into labor right in the middle of the Halloween party. Haha, I loved that Danielle dressed up as a pregnant Bree. I also liked when Bree said that Danielle will be driving back to school tomorrow and Julie replied, "To Switzerland?" LMAO! Great episode, definitely. Very dramatic with Danielle, though, which I liked. The episode we've been waiting for since Danielle found out she was pregnant (13 episodes ago) is finally here! =] And it was certainly worth waiting for.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Though the photo Edie shows to Victor of Gabby and Carlos was taken during their recent affair, there is no date on it, or proof of the exact time. Since Gabrielle and Carlos were married for years and the picture was taken of them in their old house, it could have been from when they were still married.

    • A few episodes back, Katherine tells Dylan to stay away from Julie. However during the Halloween party Dylan and Julie are standing next to each other. Later in the season, it was established that Dylan and Julie went to a class trip together and that doesn't seem to bother Katherine.

    • Adam cuts Danielle's baby's umbilical cord with a pair of kitchen scissors when in real life they wouldn't be strong enough.

    • We learn Adam knew Bree was faking the pregnancy.

    • In episode 3.20, "Gossip", Mrs. McCluskey is known among the children of the neighborhood as a "witch" after she was thought of as a murderer for putting her husband in the freezer. Ironically, at the Halloween party she dresses up as one.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Nick Delfino: What I do regret is what I did to Mike.
      Susan: What did you do to?
      Nick Delfino: He was a real popular kid. Everybody liked Mikey. But then when I got sent away, suddenly the whole town just thinks of him as the son of a murderer. Got some pretty serious demons as a result. I'm not sure that kind of darkness ever truly goes away.
      Susan: Well, you're wrong. He's happy. He's got a good job and a wife who loves him and a baby on the way.
      Nick Delfino: I had a lot going for me too before I threw it all away. Just keep an eye on him.

    • Counselor: So, Mike's grandmother is epileptic?
      Susan: Yeah. But apparently his dad can rise from the dead, so let's hope the baby gets that gene.

    • Susan: I was surprised that my doctor suggested genetic counseling. I didn't have to do that with my last baby.
      Counselor: Well, you were 26 when you had your last chilc and now you are-
      Mike: Careful.
      Counselor: Old enough to benefit from this particular branch of medicine.
      Susan: Nice save.

    • Counselor: We're just going over your family medical history, just to be on the safe side.
      Susan: Okay. My aunt Ella has arthritis, I have two cousins with web feet and there's a whole lot of third nipples on my dad's side.
      Mike: Apparently I married into carnie folk.

    • Counselor: Okay, Mike, what about your family?
      Mike: Everybody's pretty healthy. My grandmother has epilepsy, my father had high blood pressure but he's on medication so it's fine now.
      Susan: What do you mean "it's fine now"? He's dead.
      Mike: No, he's not. What makes you think that?
      Susan: Cause that's what you told me when we first started dating.
      Mike: Oh. Well, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.
      Susan: It wasn't an impression, you said those words, "my father is dead".
      Mike: It's, uh, complicated.

    • Edie: Where is that 10 million dollars?
      Carlos: What 10 million dollars?
      Edie: Give it a rest, Carlos. I know you moved that money.
      Carlos: (With a clear tone) First of all, I deny having any illegal money, let alone moving it!
      Edie: Why are you talking like that?
      Carlos: I don't know. I thought you might be wearing a wire. (Checking her dress)
      Edie: You're paranoid, you know that?
      Carlos: Don't I have a reason to be? Now why would you care where the money is unless you're planning on using it against me?
      Edie: Oh, God. You think you're so clever. Well, you're not! In fact, you are one of the most stupidest men I've ever met! You have no clue who you're dealing with, but believe me, you're going to pay for what you've done to me, Carlos! This game is not over!
      Carlos: Actually, it kinda is. And if you hadn't noticed, I won.

    • Gabrielle: (Leaving a voicemail to Victor) Victor, I'm leaving you. I can't believe I'm ending my marriage on a hotel voicemail. This is very tacky. Forcing me to be tacky Victor. I'm not a tacky person, I'm very, very classy.

    • Bree: The day I see even a glimmer of myself in you, is the day that I realize you've finally started... to grow up.
      Danielle: Well, don't hold your breath. No, on second thought... do!

    • Bob: So which of the neighbors should we invite first?
      Lee: What does it matter? They all hate us.
      Bob: Oh, Lee, that's not true. They hate you. I'm the butch one they can feel comfortable around.
      Lee: You keep telling yourself that.
      Bob: Let's start with Bree. She's got a gay son. I bet she's homo-friendly.
      Lee: Why? My mother has one, and she's not!

    • Bree: How can I help?
      Lynette: I want a gun.
      Bree: Really? I thought you were one of those liberal-gun-haters.
      Lynette: That was the old Lynette. The new Lynette Kills the possums and lets God sort them out.
      Bree: Well, unfortunately our bleeding heart town council forbids us from using live ammo in our own backyard.
      Lynette: Wusses!
      Bree: I suggest you get an air rifle. It won't kill it but it'll sting it enough to keep it away for good.
      Lynette: (nodding) Perfect. Where can I get one?
      Bree: Try "Gun City" on route 6 by the Baptist church. Tell them I sent ya, and they'll give you a nice discount.

    • (Danielle is in labor and Bree, Orson and Andrew just took her home from the Halloween party.)
      Orson: Andrew, take your sister into the kitchen. Get some towels and boil some water. Everything is gonna be fine, I'm a doctor.
      Bree: You're a dentist! What if there are complications?
      Orson: Should an emergency arise we'll simply call an amulet.
      Bree: A what?
      Orson: (Orson blinks.) Ambulance.
      Bree: How many rum punches did you have?
      Orson: There was punch in that rum?
      Bree: (waves in front of Orson's mouth and stars leaving) I am going back to get Adam.
      (In front of Bob and Lee's house, Bree has grabbed Adam and is leaving with him.)
      Adam: Bree. Bree, what's wrong?
      Bree: I need your services as a doctor but before I tell you what's going on I need you to promise that what you're about to learn will be kept in strictest confidence.
      Adam: Does this have anything to do with the pregnancy you've been faking? (Bree gasps in disbelief.)

    • Andrew: (about him coming as Cher) Thanks, my mom helped me with it. You know, the woman that freaked out when she found out I was gay.

    • Bree: (about Andrew going to the Halloween party) My son, he's going to be Cher this year.
      Bob: Ok, he's definitely invited.

    • Mary Alice: There is much to be afraid of in this world. But what we fear has nothing to do with gruesome masks or plastic spiders or life-like monsters. No, it's the thoughts in our head that terrify us the most. (Shows Bree with Danielle) What if she comes to regret her decision? (Shows Susan sitting by the window watching Mike) What if he really is unhappy? (Shows Edie sitting by the window alone) What if the chance for love has passed forever? How do we conquer these terrifying thoughts? We start by reminding ourselves "What does not kill us, just makes us stronger." (Ends with a shot of Lynette, now in remission, watching her kids play)

    • (Lynette is staking out her house to get rid of the garden ruining possum. The following exchange shows that she's more upset about the cancer than the possum.)
      Tom: Ok, now you're scaring me.
      Lynette: Why?
      Tom: Look at yourself. You've declared jihad on a possum.
      Lynette: This is not a joke, Tom. Something has attacked our home and, when that happens, you don't just stand by. You fight it! Screw this creature that has come into our lives uninvited and is trying to destroy us! It will not defeat me!
      Tom: OK. You do what you need to do.
      Lynette: Thank you.

    • Susan: Did you really think I was gonna let you crawl in bed next to me without an explanation for your bizarre behavior?
      Mike: Well, what good's a dream if it's not a little unrealistic?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Tom: (to Lynette) Look at yourself. You've declared jihad on a possum.

      Jihad is an Arabic word meaning effort or struggle. It is most known for it's Islamic connotation of "Holy war".

    • Episode Title: "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared" is a lyric in the song "I Know Things Now" from the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods.