Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 6

Now I Know, Don't Be Scared

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Though the photo Edie shows to Victor of Gabby and Carlos was taken during their recent affair, there is no date on it, or proof of the exact time. Since Gabrielle and Carlos were married for years and the picture was taken of them in their old house, it could have been from when they were still married.

    • A few episodes back, Katherine tells Dylan to stay away from Julie. However during the Halloween party Dylan and Julie are standing next to each other. Later in the season, it was established that Dylan and Julie went to a class trip together and that doesn't seem to bother Katherine.

    • Adam cuts Danielle's baby's umbilical cord with a pair of kitchen scissors when in real life they wouldn't be strong enough.

    • We learn Adam knew Bree was faking the pregnancy.

    • In episode 3.20, "Gossip", Mrs. McCluskey is known among the children of the neighborhood as a "witch" after she was thought of as a murderer for putting her husband in the freezer. Ironically, at the Halloween party she dresses up as one.

  • Quotes

    • Nick Delfino: What I do regret is what I did to Mike.
      Susan: What did you do to?
      Nick Delfino: He was a real popular kid. Everybody liked Mikey. But then when I got sent away, suddenly the whole town just thinks of him as the son of a murderer. Got some pretty serious demons as a result. I'm not sure that kind of darkness ever truly goes away.
      Susan: Well, you're wrong. He's happy. He's got a good job and a wife who loves him and a baby on the way.
      Nick Delfino: I had a lot going for me too before I threw it all away. Just keep an eye on him.

    • Counselor: So, Mike's grandmother is epileptic?
      Susan: Yeah. But apparently his dad can rise from the dead, so let's hope the baby gets that gene.

    • Susan: I was surprised that my doctor suggested genetic counseling. I didn't have to do that with my last baby.
      Counselor: Well, you were 26 when you had your last chilc and now you are-
      Mike: Careful.
      Counselor: Old enough to benefit from this particular branch of medicine.
      Susan: Nice save.

    • Counselor: We're just going over your family medical history, just to be on the safe side.
      Susan: Okay. My aunt Ella has arthritis, I have two cousins with web feet and there's a whole lot of third nipples on my dad's side.
      Mike: Apparently I married into carnie folk.

    • Counselor: Okay, Mike, what about your family?
      Mike: Everybody's pretty healthy. My grandmother has epilepsy, my father had high blood pressure but he's on medication so it's fine now.
      Susan: What do you mean "it's fine now"? He's dead.
      Mike: No, he's not. What makes you think that?
      Susan: Cause that's what you told me when we first started dating.
      Mike: Oh. Well, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.
      Susan: It wasn't an impression, you said those words, "my father is dead".
      Mike: It's, uh, complicated.

    • Edie: Where is that 10 million dollars?
      Carlos: What 10 million dollars?
      Edie: Give it a rest, Carlos. I know you moved that money.
      Carlos: (With a clear tone) First of all, I deny having any illegal money, let alone moving it!
      Edie: Why are you talking like that?
      Carlos: I don't know. I thought you might be wearing a wire. (Checking her dress)
      Edie: You're paranoid, you know that?
      Carlos: Don't I have a reason to be? Now why would you care where the money is unless you're planning on using it against me?
      Edie: Oh, God. You think you're so clever. Well, you're not! In fact, you are one of the most stupidest men I've ever met! You have no clue who you're dealing with, but believe me, you're going to pay for what you've done to me, Carlos! This game is not over!
      Carlos: Actually, it kinda is. And if you hadn't noticed, I won.

    • Gabrielle: (Leaving a voicemail to Victor) Victor, I'm leaving you. I can't believe I'm ending my marriage on a hotel voicemail. This is very tacky. Forcing me to be tacky Victor. I'm not a tacky person, I'm very, very classy.

    • Bree: The day I see even a glimmer of myself in you, is the day that I realize you've finally started... to grow up.
      Danielle: Well, don't hold your breath. No, on second thought... do!

    • Bob: So which of the neighbors should we invite first?
      Lee: What does it matter? They all hate us.
      Bob: Oh, Lee, that's not true. They hate you. I'm the butch one they can feel comfortable around.
      Lee: You keep telling yourself that.
      Bob: Let's start with Bree. She's got a gay son. I bet she's homo-friendly.
      Lee: Why? My mother has one, and she's not!

    • Bree: How can I help?
      Lynette: I want a gun.
      Bree: Really? I thought you were one of those liberal-gun-haters.
      Lynette: That was the old Lynette. The new Lynette Kills the possums and lets God sort them out.
      Bree: Well, unfortunately our bleeding heart town council forbids us from using live ammo in our own backyard.
      Lynette: Wusses!
      Bree: I suggest you get an air rifle. It won't kill it but it'll sting it enough to keep it away for good.
      Lynette: (nodding) Perfect. Where can I get one?
      Bree: Try "Gun City" on route 6 by the Baptist church. Tell them I sent ya, and they'll give you a nice discount.

    • (Danielle is in labor and Bree, Orson and Andrew just took her home from the Halloween party.)
      Orson: Andrew, take your sister into the kitchen. Get some towels and boil some water. Everything is gonna be fine, I'm a doctor.
      Bree: You're a dentist! What if there are complications?
      Orson: Should an emergency arise we'll simply call an amulet.
      Bree: A what?
      Orson: (Orson blinks.) Ambulance.
      Bree: How many rum punches did you have?
      Orson: There was punch in that rum?
      Bree: (waves in front of Orson's mouth and stars leaving) I am going back to get Adam.
      (In front of Bob and Lee's house, Bree has grabbed Adam and is leaving with him.)
      Adam: Bree. Bree, what's wrong?
      Bree: I need your services as a doctor but before I tell you what's going on I need you to promise that what you're about to learn will be kept in strictest confidence.
      Adam: Does this have anything to do with the pregnancy you've been faking? (Bree gasps in disbelief.)

    • Andrew: (about him coming as Cher) Thanks, my mom helped me with it. You know, the woman that freaked out when she found out I was gay.

    • Bree: (about Andrew going to the Halloween party) My son, he's going to be Cher this year.
      Bob: Ok, he's definitely invited.

    • Mary Alice: There is much to be afraid of in this world. But what we fear has nothing to do with gruesome masks or plastic spiders or life-like monsters. No, it's the thoughts in our head that terrify us the most. (Shows Bree with Danielle) What if she comes to regret her decision? (Shows Susan sitting by the window watching Mike) What if he really is unhappy? (Shows Edie sitting by the window alone) What if the chance for love has passed forever? How do we conquer these terrifying thoughts? We start by reminding ourselves "What does not kill us, just makes us stronger." (Ends with a shot of Lynette, now in remission, watching her kids play)

    • (Lynette is staking out her house to get rid of the garden ruining possum. The following exchange shows that she's more upset about the cancer than the possum.)
      Tom: Ok, now you're scaring me.
      Lynette: Why?
      Tom: Look at yourself. You've declared jihad on a possum.
      Lynette: This is not a joke, Tom. Something has attacked our home and, when that happens, you don't just stand by. You fight it! Screw this creature that has come into our lives uninvited and is trying to destroy us! It will not defeat me!
      Tom: OK. You do what you need to do.
      Lynette: Thank you.

    • Susan: Did you really think I was gonna let you crawl in bed next to me without an explanation for your bizarre behavior?
      Mike: Well, what good's a dream if it's not a little unrealistic?

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Neboj se, já už to vím (Do Not Worry, I Know It Already)
      Slovakia: Neboj sa, všetko viem (Do Not Be Afraid, I Know Everything)

    • Felicity Huffman submitted this episode for consideration of her work in the category of "Outstanding Lead Actress - Comedy Series" for the 2008 Emmy Awards. Also, Joy Lauren submitted this episode for consideration of her work in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actress - Comedy Series" for the same awards.

    • Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp) makes her final appearance in season four in this episode, despite being credited as regular for the rest of the season.

    • Mike Farrell and Robert Forster are credited as "Special Appearances". It's the first time on the show that it happens.

  • Allusions

    • Tom: (to Lynette) Look at yourself. You've declared jihad on a possum.

      Jihad is an Arabic word meaning effort or struggle. It is most known for it's Islamic connotation of "Holy war".

    • Episode Title: "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared" is a lyric in the song "I Know Things Now" from the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods.