Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • A solid start to an enlightening journey.

    I have recently purchased the complete Desperate Housewives DVD collection, and in celebration of that, I've decided to review every single episode made of this spectacular show.

    In the pilot, we meet the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Lynette used to be a successful buisnesswoman, until she gave it up for motherhood and let her husband take on the role of the breadwinner. Gabrielle is unhappy with her unattentive husband who cares more about his career than he does about her which drives her into infidelity with her underage gardener. Bree's perfection drives her family berzerk, and Susan is a single parent who will do the most ridiculous things to get her love life back in track. All four of these women are connected to Mary Alice, the woman who took her own life.

    There was alot to look forward to when I concluded this episode the first time years ago. First of all, the music score is so uplifting and upbeat. It's not faithful to theme of the show as a mystery comedy. Mysteries nor comedies have music scores that sound like this, but the sound suits Desperate Housewive's cosy atmosphere perfectly. See it's not just the characters who brought me back to the show, it's Wisteria Lane.

    In continuation of the reasons of why I stuck with this show since the pilot, the cinematography is also very well handled. The happy, upbeat, and funny scenes had bright lighting like for example when Lynette chased her kids into the pool, but the more intense and emotional scenes were complimented by dimmer lighting, like for instance the scene where Bree cried alone in the toilet. The quality of the cinematography did not drop throughout the entire show, except for maybe in season seven where everything looked to dark.

    Another aspect of the show that I enjoyed were the splendid sequence scenes, like the ones where we were introduced to the housewives, or when Ms. Huber found Mary Alice's body. It felt as if we were being fed very interesting short stories which all helped paint a grander picture. Speaking of Mary Alice, I can't help but notice how many characters in the pilot episode actually died throughout the show.

    My main concern with the pilot was how overly polished it was. What I mean by this is, the perfection of the show from it's script to it's direction, sound, and editing made it feel unreal and took away from it's authenticity. Yes, Desperate Housewives has more amplified storylines and twists than your average show and it handles them with persicion, but for a begginer, it just sets you off a little bit.

    Also, I had a huge problem with Carlos and the way the way he was portrayed. The acting was too stiff, and It's shocking how much he improved throughout the course of the show.

    In conclusion, the pilot was only a tiny preview of the brain twisting, mind numbing, soul piercing journey to come. This show will go down in history as one of the best written shows in television history, and I am extremly enthralled that I get to experience it over and over again.

  • About this episode

    It had great directing and single-camera picture editing.
  • This in not a pilot, this is THE PILOT.

    (Sorry for the bad english, I'm italian) If you want to write a tv series, well, before do that you must see this episode. How it all began. This pilot is something new, is something that must be an example for all the other pilots, let's see why.

    First the actors: Teri Hatcher, in the role of Susan, give us a lots of funny scenes and her acting is awesome, very related to the character that she plays. Marcia Cross, who plays Bree, act like a very strong woman, like the iron lady of the rich suburbs!! They are only two examples, but there are a lots of examples that i won't wrote but that you can see if you see the episode.

    Second: the scenes. The drammatic scenes are equilibrated with the funny scenes, like when Susan throw the jeans behind herself, they hit the candles that spread the fire all around the house :D

    Third: the plot, very very well written , and the work of the camera was very good.

    So 10 in the vote that this fantastic episode must have!
  • Pilot

    This was an absolutly fantastic pilot episode that did a brilliant job of setting up the characters and the storylines, this pilot also had some great dialogue with some really funny lines and some really dark comedy, the pilot has done a brilliant job of setting up the tone of the series with some dark humor mixed with drama comedy and secrets and mystery desperate housewives feels refreshing and orignal and cant wait to see more it has only been one episode but already i am addicted.
    a really really really really really really really really really really good pilot
  • The best series premiere ever!

    There was a time that I thought the "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" series premiere was the best ever. Well, that obviously was before I knew what "Desperate Housewives", and how great of a pilot it had. This episode is, without question, superb. It introduces the show's setting, characters, relationships, stories and mysteries so very well. We can tell right from the kick-off that the characters and their stories are interesting and entertaining. This is truly the best pilot ever written, everything about it is perfect. There are no boring scenes in it, and it is one of the funniest episodes of the series. Way to go, Marc Cherry, you are a genious. :)
  • Oh Mary Alice, what did you do?

    Agreed with Renato, this is one of the best pilot episodes I've ever seen, with "Grey's Anatomy" in second. Marc Cherry locks the audience with a perfect blend of satire, humor, darkness, and very relate-able characters. After all the questions of Mary Alice's suicide are answered, it's fun to go back and re-watch all the clues as they are being uncovered ever so slightly, secretly, and deviously. If you haven't seen "Desperate Housewives" yet, there is no other series like it, so start watching. It's in Season Five (2008-2009) and it's still as addicting as it was in Season One.
  • Absolutely amazing Pilot with alot of potential for a great series..

    We are introduced to the character of Mary Alice Young, a resident of the town of Fairview who resides on the quiet street known as Wisteria Lane. Mary Alice reports on the unusual day she had which included a series of errands, cooking for her son and husband, cleaning the house, and pulling an unused revolver out of a closet and ending her life. Her body was discovered by Mrs. Martha Huber, When she hears a loud popping noise, she quickly runs to the Young house where she finds Mary Alice's lifeless body on the floor. She calls for an ambulance but soon learns that she is too late. Mary Alice's funeral is held a few days later. After the funeral, each of the mourners is invited back to the Young home where a repast dinner will be held. In attendance are not only her family but her closest friends she has left behind. They include Lynette Scavo, a former businesswoman who got married and soon after became pregnant with twin boys. Her husband Tom persuaded her to give up her career to be a stay-at-home mom and two other children soon followed. Lynette, now a mother of 4, is forced to struggle with her bratty and out of control children while her husband Tom is constantly out of town. Immediately following Lynette into Mary Alice's home is Gabrielle Solis. Before moving to Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle was a runway model who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and of course, rich men. Shortly after meeting a very successful executive, Carlos Solis, the two married and moved to the suburbs where Gabrielle has lived a quiet but elegant life ever since. The third of the women to arrive is Bree Van de Kamp. Bree seems to do everything right involving her housework and ideal home but her family life is clearly another story. The final friend to arrive is Susan Mayer, Susan has been divorced a year from her husband Karl who was caught cheating on her with his secretary. Susan, feeling betrayed, called the marriage off and fought for custody of their daughter Julie. Susan has gotten over her divorce with the help of her daughter but still has feelings of loss.
    At the funeral, the women reminisce about Mary Alice and how her warm personality and stature shrouded her inner feelings which eventually lead to her suicide. Susan sits down at the table where they once sat when Susan announced to the women her divorce. As Mary Alice pours coffee, Susan cries and the women talk about their home life. Lynette jokes that she wishes that Tom were having an affair since she is so stressed out and he has got her pregnant three times in the last four years. Susan is brought back to the present when Bree reminds her that Paul asked if they can clean out Mary Alice's closet. Susan gives a nod when Gabrielle brings up the fact that what caused Mary Alice to kill herself. They suspect Mary Alice was most definitely depressed. Paul stands at the back of the room quietly listening with a mysterious look on his face. Later, Susan spots someone eating her appetizer and quickly tells the man to back away because her macaroni and cheese is infamously bad. The man gives her a weird look and continues to eat the dish. He chews but quickly spits it out. The two laugh when introductions are made. The man is revealed to be Mike Delfino, a plumber who has just moved into the neighborhood. Susan smiles and introduces herself. In another room, Lynette breastfeeds where she is told by Mrs. Huber that her sons are in the pool out back and are swimming carefree. Lynette runs into the yard where already a majority of the guests are looking on. Lynette scolds the children and demand they get out of the pool. They refuse which leads Lynette to give her baby to the priest and walks into the pool with her dress on. She grabs the children, gives Paul her condolences and leaves.
    Gabrielle is angry at her husband Carlos because she would rather not attend another business dinner where Carlos' boss is extremely flirty. Carlos leaves the house where he reminds gardener John to cut the grass. John tells Carlos that he will do it as soon as he is able. Gabrielle tells John that there are bandaids in the kitchen for his cut. After Carlos leaves, Gabrielle seduces John and the two make love on a table. On the evening of the business dinner, Carlos discovers that John is not doing his job since he did not do what Carlos asked. At the party, Gabrielle bribes a waiter who will make sure he has a drink all evening. Gabrielle quickly drives home, pulls out the lawn mower and begins to mow while in a cocktail dress and heels. The following morning, Carlos looks suspicious when the grass has been freshly mowed. He thinks of it as a coincidence and drives off. Gabrielle looks on from the balcony relieved.
    Bree and her family quietly eat dinner in the dining room. The children comment on why Bree always has to make such weird things when it comes to their meals. Bree reminds them that she tries new things because regular meals get redundant after a while and that she likes to keep it fresh. Andrew tells her that sometimes they just would enjoy a regular dish other than Bree's gourmet recipes. Bree feels upset and demands support from her husband Rex. Rex, however, just asks for the salt.Bree decides to take the family out for dinner at a cowboy themed restaurant.Bree puts onions in Rex's salad knowing that he could have an allergic reaction. The two eat their salad but Rex becomes short of breath and collapses. At the hospital, Bree visits Rex where he believes she did it on purpose.
    Lynette continues to be stressed out with the children as she goes grocery shopping with the boys. While there, Lynette frantically calls Tom telling him to come home. She continues that if he does not come home by tomorrow, that they will all be joining him. As Lynette talks, her twin sons Porter and Preston wander off grabbing any grocery item in sight. Lynette soon meets up with a former colleague from an ad executive office. The two talk when the woman asks Lynette how her home life is. Lynette lies saying it is "the best job she ever had" knowing that it is really the worst job ever.
    Julie, Susan's daughter, purposely throws her soccer ball into Mike's yard in order to find out some information about Mike. Julie manages to find out that he is widowed, previously lived in California but needed a change, and is single. Susan thanks Julie for her effort and decides to make her move. Susan brings Mike a gift but the two are soon interrupted by Edie Britt, a man hungry real estate broker who has been infamously known for her several husbands and one night stands. Edie also decides to make her move on Mike and she and Susan become involved in a contest. Mike smiles at the two of them and informs them that he would invite them in but he is in the process of settling in. The two women soon leave. That evening, Susan runs over to Mike's house where she tells him that she has a clog in her drain. Mike decides that he will be right over and Susan hurries to shove things down her kitchen sink. Mike discovers the problem and fixes her "clogged drain". The following evening, Mrs. Huber lets out to Susan that she is babysitting Edie Britt's son while she entertains a guest. Susan thinks that is Mike and feels defeated. Susan runs to Edie's house where she pretends to be asking for sugar. Susan hears moaning from upstairs and throws her measuring cup from behind. The measuring cup knocks down a candle which sets Edie's curtains on fire. Soon after, Edie's house goes up in flames and she quickly leaves unseen. Edie manages to make it out of the house without a scratch but her boyfriend becomes hospitalized. Susan is soon joined by Mike who asks what has happened. Susan gives a sigh of relief when she learns that he was not with Edie. Susan immediately gets rid of her guilt and decides that everything will be fine--for her at least.

    The following afternoon, the women pack the remains of Mary Alice's belongings into a car and toast Mary Alice with a glass of wine. However soon after, an envelope is found in Mary Alice's belongings which was post marked the day she had died. Bree was the one who found the letter. Gabrielle opens the envelope to reveal a short letter. The purple paper is printed with the message:

    I Know What You Did It Makes Me Sick

    I'm Going To Tell

    The women look on puzzled at the letter as this is possibly a piece of evidence to Mary Alice's suicide.
  • Amazing pilot episode!!!I love it!!!

    It's one of the greatest pilot episodes ever because it is also the greatest episode of show.It showed us perfectly the real life in the seemingly perfect american suburb.The characters are amazing and all great actors.The episode delivered the typical Desperate Housewives episode with fun moments,dramatic quits and also the typical black humour.We were introduced to main four women so amazing that they became one of the most popular cast in the TV's history.Mary Alice's narration is amazing and the scene with the shooting too.I will never forget it.Susan was great at that episode and the whole season.This episode and the whole first season is great also because Susan,the main character,seems to me that is only main at this season.To me,her character is not main at the remaining season and it is somehow replaced by that of the other characters and especially Bree.I love the storyline with Bree's marriage with Rex and the problems with the kids.I think it is the best storyline for her from all of the seasons so far.The same for Linett.She is amazing that first episode and the first season.I loved her character since this episode.And Felicity Huffman's acting is outstanding,remember she won Emmy for that episode.And Gabby is shown gorgeous and desperate trying to seek the real love and finds it cheating on her rich husband with underaged gardner.And Eddie is amazing.I love the fighting between Susan and Eddie-one of the smartest and best written storylines of the show.I adore this first episode because it started the amazing show,the amazing first season and it deeply showed us the real desperation of the housewives.
  • El primer episodio de la seria nos abre los ojos al mundo de las Desperate Housewives y nos deja muchos interrogantes para ser aclarados después, una manera muy buena de dejarnos atrapados a la serie.

    Este episodio es bueno, aunque me hubiera gustado encontrar más información sobre mary alice, por la forma en que Susan la recuerda, parece ser la amiga mas cercana y la que estará más triste por la muerte de la narradora. No me gusta la manera tosca de Carlos Solis, aunque es el soporte para la infidelidad de Gabriel. Eddie se muestra tal como será durante toda la serie, y Bree muestra un lado sensible que pocas veces se dejará ver de ahora en adelante. Y la presencia de Marta Huber es muy poco simpática, al fin y al cabo ella causa el accidente con el esposo de Bree.Muy buenos momentos, buenas bromas y cierto toque de ceremonia.
  • A perfect show opener! I loved it, the way they did was awesome! The perfect way to make desperate fans out there.

    I just loved it! It has a lot of potential as an episode and as show opener.

    They show us the truly desperation, the spirit of the street! It is a really touching episode. Lynette and Bree were the most desperate housewives! The story was cool and the roles were very beliveables. Susan and Gabi had their part too as "we want a change" women.

    The scenes were filled with funny moments (Gabi and the grass) and bad moments (Bree in the bathroom), and the voice of Mary Alice trough out the episode was great! It was a good beginning! Her story was great. The flashback were awesome, besides it was a great to introduce us the characters and see their lives quickly! Susan and the food was so original and Gabi and the music was great! Besides, when we see their normal days again, they are characters like us! They are very real. (Not the whole "killer" theme of course! :D)

    The story, the whole voice-camera thing, the episode itself and all was so great! I cannot think of a better way! It is a 10 episode!
  • A beginning that gets you hooked

    There is so much humor and great storylines that you are bound to get hooked on this show. I love how it starts out with Mary Alice's suicide. It is so shocking and Martha Huber makes it so funny. They do a really good job introducing the characters as they come to the funeral. As the show went on and we saw that Paul Young was up to something, it got even more interesting. The mystery element really makes this show great. I also love how Mike is the new neighbor who everyone is chasing after and then he ends up being suspicious. Edie and Susan fighting over Mike was just so hilarious. The whole house burining down thing also got you really interested in what was to come. Gaby's afair storyline was also very entertaining. I was so suprised when she first went into the room and started kissing him. I really liked the lengths she went to to cover up the affair, and it was so funny how she went home to cut the lawn. Lynette was busy dealing with her kids, which was very interesting at first. I could not believe her kids went swimming at the funeral and I loved how she went diving in after them. Bree's storyline was good and it allowed us to see classic Bree. It was so suprising when her husband suddenly announced that he wanted a divorce. The first episode was very eventful and it got you into the show.
  • Welcome to Wisteria Lane.

    Welcome to Wisteria Lane. A percet suburbia with what seemed at first perfect people living in it. Mary Alice Young seemed the most perfect of all...just she kills herself one morning. And now from her vantage point of view she takes us through the neighborhood and through the lives of her friends and family she left behind.
    Susan Mayer a divorced single mother desperately in search for love. She found it in new plumber Mike Delfino who had just moved into the Wisteria Lane but he has alterior motive. Edie Britt is a neighborhood slut and she also laied her eyes on Mike and fell in love. The battle for Mike starts.
    Bree Van De Kamp perfect housewife. Everyone thinks that except her own family. Her husband wants the divorce and kids are out of control.
    Lynette Scavo and ex career vwoman now a stay at home mom with four kids under age of 6. HTey are unstoppable and out of control and she is starting to lose it. Gabrielle Solis an ex model married to one of the welthiest man in Wisteria Lane but she is still not happy as she is having an affair with her underaged gardener John.
    There are also Paul and Zachary Mary Alice's family that she left behind and they bare a dark and horrible secret.
    Martha Huber is also one of the neigbors and she it the true gossip lady.
    While they all navigate through they everyday life they all try to find out why Mary Alice killed herself.
    An amazing beginning to an amazing show.
  • terrific pilot episode to start a great series....

    The episode has comedy, drama, and a little bit of suspense in it...
    It has an original way of starting an episode,and It is really great on how they introduce wisteria lane and the charcters of the show.
    Wisteria Lane is a seemingly perfect place at first, but it turns out to be really imperfect. The charcaters were really great. Bree is like the Martha Stewart kind of housewife, while Gabrielle is the rich wife who is searching for someone to make her happy and keep her company, Lynette is this housewife who is really tired of her children, and lastly Susan is the divorce housewife who really sucks in her cooking.
  • easy to do knit as easy as a b c knitting has nver been so easy

    brilliant show!!
    it is awesome!!
    i love the voice over of mary alice! sometimes it gives us moral lessons

    i watched it over and over, and it made me understand the characters well.

    i seem to remember all of their names now!
    wisteria lane is a great neighborhood for me!

    i love the intro of the episodes!
  • A Great Beginning...

    To be honest I actually can't remember watching this episode while it was on tv. After watching it on dvd I realised just how amaizing it is.

    The characters are introduced brilliantly. After watching this I knew that Bree was my favourite housewife.

    It's strange because it gives us the idea of the perfect suburban street when in fact it's far from perfect. This a great program whether you are male or female, I am a straight male and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The soundtrack is also very good, although I have heard that Eva and Ricardo didn't like their intro music.

    The scene with Gabi cutting the lawn is a classic.

    So if you haven't already seen this hurry up and do so.
  • One day, in her perfect house, in the loveliest of suburbs, Mary Alice ended it all. Now she's taking us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her POV.

    Looking down on her friends and family isn't a way of life for Mary Alice Young. It's a way of death. One day, in her perfect house, in the loveliest of suburbs, Mary Alice ended it all. Now she's taking us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated POV. Her husband's acting suspicious, the neighbors are talking, and her girlfriends are wondering why one of their own would do something so rash… and so messy.

    From her unique vantage point, Mary Alice sees more now than she ever did alive and she's planning to share all the delicious secrets that hide behind every neighbor's closed door in this seemingly perfect American suburb.

    wow this is great show and when i first saw the pilot i was: da** the gardener is hot!!
  • the beginning wich makes us to watch further like a drug

    it's a pitty that Mary-Alice Young has to make a siucide, we almost didn't know about her anything... but than begins the show and we begin taking root in 4 or 5 lifes of young housewives - Lynette, Bree, Gaby, Susan and Edie. Noe we live in thier lifes and you know ot's really awsome and funny!
  • Good introductory episode.

    Currently, season 3 is airing yet I have only seen the first 2 episodes of season 1. I caught bits of the show here and there but never really thought about following the show...

    Until I saw the first season used for $16 and bought it on a whim. Now that I've watched this episode, I'm glad I did. I was a little skeptical even as the set arrived at my door, but the characters, the story, and the mystery are keeping my eyes glued to the screen. If I wasn't currently in school, I guarantee I'd have the season finished in a day.

    At least this is going to give me something to look forward to when I get home from work/school.

    I'm a guy, and I know a lot of people assume this is just a chick show but it doesn't have to be. If you like mystery along with humor then this would be another show to add to your watch-list. I'd suggest it to anyone who likes the following: The OC, Veronica Mars, Monk... basically anything with a mix of comedy, drama and mystery!
  • This is the most important episode to watch because its the first one, you can\'t say you hate this show until you give it a fair chance, and no one ive shown it to yet has.

    This is one of the best pilots of any television show I have ever watched.You get to know all the characters and the mystery and drama and manipulative women are all there and cleary drawn in this episode, if you have never seen the show go to a video store and rent this episode---you will not be dissappointed.
  • Huge surprise...!

    Huge surprise! That's how I feel after finally watching first episode of this very successful show. I wasn't sure about what could be so good about it but I've got it right after watching it. It's a show about people and their lifes that are 'so ordinary'. Every single main character is specific model of a woman. It is a bit exaggerated but that's what makes it so good. And the secret installment? Very well done. I can't wait what's gonna come next. I just really didn't expect that I'm gonna have that much fun watching it. Absolutely immensely written.
  • The start of a great show

    This is the best pilot ever. It has mystery, comedy, drama and love all in one. A seemingly perfect neighboorhood turns out to be less than perfect and so do it's inhabitants. It's like this pilot has some glue hidden in the episode and squirts it on your seat and eyes so you're literally glued to the screen. I can't say I mind though, it's a great show. This episode is a very nice intro since you really get to know the characters and their flaws. I truly hope this show will have many seasons seeing as it's the perfect show to watch during prime time.
  • When the \"American Dream\" decides to be shown on your television screens, we expected anything but this. Fortunetaly for the crew, Desperate Housewives, glues us to our seats by taking us for a joy ride. Including drama, comedy, crime and mystery.

    How do you make the best pilot [or maybe even episode] ever? Write an episode like this. Marc Cherry\'s masterpiece of Desperate Housewives could not have had a better beggining. With this episode you fall immediately in love with the characters, feel a sense of community, the American dream, and the fact that everything these four women do makes you laugh, cry and dulge into wonder, makes you question what is so addictive. Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Van DeCamp and Gabrielle Solis take you through the ups and downs, the perks, and the mystery of being a suburban housewife. Or, in other words, a. Desperate Housewife
  • Great episode. Exactly what i like in a tv show very good mix of mystery, comedy, and romance well-picked actors and director, producer ...etc..

    Great episode.
    Exactly what i like in a tv show
    very good mix of mystery, comedy, and romance
    well-picked actors and director, producer ...etc..Great episode.
    Exactly what i like in a tv show
    very good mix of mystery, comedy, and romance
    well-picked actors and director, producer ...etc..
    Not to mention Fabulous writer and creater
    daniel el aguizi
  • A little bit slow.

    This is the first (and only) episode I've seen of Desperate housewives so far. So I'm judging it thereafter.

    I love the enviroment of this show. The "perfect" neighbourhood, the bright colors and everything.
    And I love the idea of everyone having their own dark secrets.
    But there is one thing that I don't really like, the comedy-parts. The lawnmover scene was terrible, I didn't like it at all.

    I'm a great fan of Twin Peaks, and I think that with a little touch of that Desperate Housewives would fit me just perfect.
    I will continue to watch this show though, I think that if I just let it grow a little bit I'll love it. And maybe even laugh when it's supposed to be funny.
  • This is where it all begins... we meet Gabrielle, Susan, Bree and Lynette... all friends of Mary Alice Young who commits suicide. Each of them have a little dirty laundry of their own.

    Well, I found the pilot of Desperate Housewives one of the best for the 2004-2005 television season. It’s all about the residents of Wisteria Lane who are rocked by the suicide of Mary Alice Young, a housewife who had it all. Her friends- Susan Mayer, Bree Van De Kamp, Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis try to get down to what really happened. This pilot is excellent in so many ways… it mixes mystery, comedy and drama all in one- it makes the show excellent, easy to watch. My favourite part of the pilot has to be the introduction to Edie Britt and her sexual conquests… “Susan met her enemy… and she was a slut” I love that quote. Lynette was great in this episode- her kids going into the swimming pool… that was funny. Gabrielle was excellent- her affair was introduced and it was so funny when she mowed the lawn in her dress. Bree was outstanding- Marcia Cross is such a great actress. The pilot is excellent- I recommend it to everyone and it’s no surprise that Desperate Housewives became the #1 new fall show last season, alongside Lost. This is great television.

    Pilot Grade- A+.
  • In the Beginning... Written by Marc Cherry Directed by Charles McDougall

    "I spent the day like I spent every other day: quietly polishing the routine of my life until it gleamed with perfection. That's why it was so astonishing when I decided to go to my closet and retrieve a revolver that had never been used."--Mary Alice

    There are shows that thrill you, shows that bore you, shows that simply serve no point, shows that teach lessons, shows that are funny, shows with drama, shows with horrible writing, shows with good writing. To categorize Desperate Housewives is difficult because it reminds me of my favorite show of all time, Six Feet Under with a dash of Sex and the City. It also has drama, comedy, mystery and soap. There is also the network, ABC. Never had I thought in so long that ABC would dish out something I would enjoy actually 3 in 2004: Lost, Grey's Anatomy and DH. I'm just wondering why HBO passed on such a fantastic show, surely if it was on a premium network it would have a lot more sex, dirty language, and a lot more pivotal plots but it's perfect just the way it is.

    The first of the housewives tells her story, Mary Alice Young who seems to live a charmed existence but ends up blowing her brains out after what seems like a somewhat busy but boring day. Mary Alice continues to narrate the series although being dead which is very American Beauty so to speak since she makes the situation seem lighter than it is portrayed.

    Mary Alice's funeral is held the following Monday and all of her family, neighbors and friends come together including the three other women.
    --Notably the most down to earth and klutzy of the housewives, Susan Mayer, a divorcee with a 14 year old daughter Julie.
    --Lynette Scavo, though married has 3 devils of her own, Porter, Preston and Parker and a quiet infant Penny.
    --Gabrielle Solis, a beautiful, hot model who is married to a businessman Carlos Solis who is currently having an affair with her 17 year old gardener, John.
    --And of course my favorite, Bree Van De Kamp, played to perfection by Marcia Cross. Bree is a Republican, Donna Reed sort of wife and mother who is obsessed with housework and making sure everything is absolutely perfect. Her husband Rex and children Danielle and Andrew don't see that Bree is so great.

    Other important events in "Pilot"...
    *Susan meets Mike Delfino, a plumber and new neighbor at Mary Alice's funeral who looks as if he's not really a plumber. We'll see how that plays out.
    *Rex asks Bree for a divorce at a family dinner and Bree then puts onions in his salad which sends him to the hospital.
    *Gabrielle’s affair with the gardener means her having to pull some of the chores John was supposed to do. During a dinner party, Gabrielle bribes a waiter to have a drink in Carlos’ hand at all time so that she can go home to mow the lawn. The next morning, Carlos’ walks on his freshly mowed lawn and is a little befuddled but decides to let it go.
    *The first of many appearances of Martha Huber, formerly Emily Previn (The Invisible Woman) on Six Feet Under. Martha Huber is a very unlikeable character to me but she tries to win you over but ultimately she is a character you love to hate.
    *Susan meets her competition Edie Britt, a slutty though beautiful woman who also wants to go after the new neighbor, Mike Delfino. Susan then finds out Edie is having a special guest at her house courtesy of Mrs. Huber, and when Susan breaks in she hears passion and knocks over a candle which then causes a fire. Susan runs out as the house burst into flames. She then watches the fire extinguished with the other housewives.

    The next morning the housewives clean out Mary Alice’s belongings and toast her, the event is overshadowed however when Susan finds a not addressed to Mary Alice post marked on the day of her suicide. It says “I know what you did, it makes me sick, I’m going to tell” which causes the girls to maybe think that Mary Alice’s suicide was more serious than they had thought.

    The pilot episode is nothing more than being absolutely fantastic. Making me desperately crave for more.
  • I love this show. Marcia Cross is my fave character!

    After wathing this I realized I must be obsessed
    Bree is byfar one of the best characters her acting is pure genius and I love her family!
    Gabrielle is estranged with the lawn mower and Susan Myers husband is estranged to a secratary this is what suburbia is really like its like watching Dallas or Knots Landing in an updated form
  • Delightful!

    What can i say about Desperate Housewives that isn't good, this episode in perticular a awesome introduction to what i believe will be a awesome show. I learned about the program through my girlfriend and just thought it was a plain girly show until i saw it. I actually saw this episode today and will be watching the rest in the coming days. I just hope they keep on par with this episode.
  • Sex And The Suburbs Written by Marc Cherry Directed by Charles McDougall

    Wisteria Lane - a shining example of American suburban life at it's best, replete with white picket fences and where dutiful wife and mother, Mary Alice Young (our series narrator, American Beauty style) goes about her day, picking up her drying cleaning, only to return home and pick up an unused revolver and blow her brains out.

    Welcome to Desperate Housewives! The series which has gripped the US by the collective balls and is set to do the same in the UK and Ireland by the end of 2005. Long has gone the day in which a series can open on a whimper before setting the world alight. It's either a knuckle grinder of a beginning or else nothing at all. Don't worry, this one most definitely pack a punch.

    In the wake of Mary Alice's death, her four friends, shocked by her horrific act are left to reassess their own previously perfect lives and in my order of preference ...

    First up, there's Susan Mayer, brilliantly played by Teri Hatcher, Susan is a divorced woman with a teenage daughter and the show's token klutz to boot. Not only can she make a Maceroni and Cheese that can be burnt and undercooked at the same time but her clumsiness can also provide some serious disaster. When the hunky Mike Delfino (something very pun worthy about that surname) arrives in this intriguing neighbourhood, Susan pulls out quite a few stops to get his attention, including using her daughter's school project to clog the sink.

    But with someone as devillishy cute as Mike, there's always a rival in even hotter pursuit and they don't come as more determined as the glamourously trashy Edie Britt (Nicolette Sheridan), the local slut and when Susan thinks she's gotten her wicked way with Mike, Edie's house accidently catches fire (yes Susan is that clumsy), although it turns out Mike was nowhere near her though. Still, this rivalry between Susan and Edie has the potential for some ripe comic moments.

    Another of Mary Alice's former friend's (and my second fave housewife) is Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman - William H Macy's wife), a stressed out former career woman who could have been running her firm were it not for the decision to be a stay at home mother. Results includes a baby who loves to spit up peaches and three almost satanic six year old boys who love to humiliate her at almost any given opportunity. This isn't helped by an absentee husband who comes home for a quick shag but gets punched when he suggests having unprotected sex. Throwing in the inevitable Sex And The City comparison, there's something very Miranda about Lynette, which isn't a bad thing. Out of the group, she also seems the most cynical of the bunch too.

    Next up is the ultimate Stepford Wife, Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross), a perfectionist to the extreme that it's driving her family demented and her husband Rex is so sick of it, that at a restaurant he demands a divorce. Instead he winds up being hospitalised when Bree inadvertantly poisons him. To be honest, I was expecting to immensely dislike Bree. After all, with hair so perfect, it's unable to move, you can't help but be unnerved by her presence but creator Marc Cherry manages to make her sympathetic during her and Rex's scenes at the hospital and we're informed that she wasn't always a perfectionist.

    Finally, there's Gabrielle Sollis (Eva Longoria), a former model and most fashion savvy of the bunch, who traded the catwalk to be the trophy wife of rich businessman Carlos. A seemingly volatile and convenient marriage in which both parties are depicted shallow in ways (Gabrielle for wanting to appear happy and Carlos for wanting her to drop into a conversation to the price of her rather hideous looking necklace). Gabrielle also keeps her boredom at bay by romping with their nubile gardner, John who asks a lot of intelligent questions and Gabrielle is so determined to keep her affair going that a party she pays the waiter to make sure Carlos is never without a drink while she sneaks off to mow the garden that John keeps forgetting to do. What some will do keep a secret but in a place like Wisteria Lane, secrets are something to don't stay hidden for long as we're lead to believe.

    Keeping with the other characters, the gorgeous Mike seems to have an agenda of his own as do the grieving Young family. Paul definitely comes off as a rather creepy number and I wonder what he was digging out of the pool so late at night? There's also irritating local gossip Mrs Huber and on the teenage front, Julie easily emerges as the most interesting of the bunch. Her open relationship with Susan may be akin to the Gilmore Girls but it's also delightful, even though I was stunned when she asked her mother about the last time she had had sex. Unfortunately, Andrew and Danielle come off as a bit bland and Zach is just a little too weird to warm to just yet.

    Also in "Desperate Housewives"

    Julie:"Come on. how long has it been since you had sex? (Long pause) Are you mad that I asked you that?"
    Susan:"No, i'm just trying to remember".

    Lynette: "I know someone, who knows someone, who knows and elf. And if any of you acts up, so help me I will call Santa and tell him you want socks for Christmas! Alright, are you willing to risk that!?"

    Susan illustrates children's books which seems very fitting for her character.

    Gabrielle:"It's like what my Grandmother always said. An erect penis never has a conscience"
    Lynette:"Even limp ones aren't that ethical"

    Bree (to Rex):"If you think i'm going to discuss the disolution of my marriage in a place where the restrooms are labelled "chicks" and "dudes", you're out of your mind".

    Susan: "Yeah. But sometimes, people pretend to be one way on the outside, when they're totally different on the inside."
    Julie:"Oh, you mean like how dad's girlfriend is always smiling and says nice things, but deep down, you just know she's a bitch? "
    Susan: "I don't like that word, Julie. But yeah, that's a great example."

    Mary Alice (re Edie):"Susan saw the competition and she was a slut".

    Great opening title sequences - very Twin Peaks like.

    Noticed two former SFU guest stars here - Christine Estabrook (Mrs Huber) and Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos). I also review Six Feet Under and yes there is a cetain feel to the show on this series.

    Edie has a son who stays with Mrs Huber. Wonder what that is all about?

    Funny moments from each housewife - Bree's basket of goodies to Paul and Zach, Susan advising Mike not to eat her Maceroni and Cheese, Lynette going into the pools to retrieve her meddlesome kids and Gabrielle's mowing skills. What depths these women will go, eh?

    I seriously detest Mrs Huber. Examples being taking her time calling for help for Mary Alice and preying on each of the housewives (though Gabrielle had a lucky escape).

    Blackmail letter to Mary Alice - "I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell".

    I have to say, i'm very impressed with this first episode. It's not uncommon for new series to fuse elements of much loved shows that have gone before, but besides the obvious influences (all of which i've mentioned), Desperate Housewives still manages to set an identity of it's own. Funny, serious, very soap opera style melodrama, surprisingly twisted and rather addictive. With mysteries abound such as the real reason Mike is in Wisteria Lane, Mary Alice's demise and what lead to it (including that note) and four genuinely engaging women, this is the most exciting new series (besides Lost)to come Stateside in a while. If Cherry and co can keep the momentum and quality on a continous flow, it'll be interesting to watch this truly take off and I for one cannot wait.

  • An exciting show.

    In the first episode we are welcomed in Westeria Lane by a local resident, Mary-Alice Young. She briefly explains her role as a Loving housewive taking car of her husand, Paul, and her son, Zach. However in-between the cooking, cleaning and her daily errands Mary-Alice's life seems a little dull. That is, of course, until she puts a gun to her head and kills herself...

    Now Mary-Alice is watching down on Westeria Lane realising her friends and neigbours are not as perfect as she thought.

    Mary-Alice first introduces us to Lynette Scavo, a housewive with four kids. three out-of-control
    boys and a constantly crying baby girl. Lynette used to be a workaholic but when she found she was going to have a child her husand, Tom, suggested putting her career on hold and that Tom would take over for a while. Unfortunatley for Lynette now her husandis always out of town for work trips leaving her with 'THE KIDS'.

    Then of course we meet Bree Van de Kamp the who was known as the perefect mother. Bree was also thought of as having the perfect garden, children, husband, cook and well... the perfect life. Everyone thought this about Bree except for her own family. Her husband, Rex, found her terribly irrataing with her desperate dream to be perfect. And her two children Andrew and Danielle, would prefer fast food once in a while, rather than Bree's meals that take up to four hours to prepare.

    Next we see Gabrielle Solis, an ex-model who has a less than perfect relasionship with her husband, Carlos. On their third date Carlos proposed to Gabby and she fell in love with his money and accepted. But Gabrielle has everything she could have ever wanted, right? Wrong. Gabby is secretly having an affair with her gardener John however Carlos is not that dumb. He has noticed that John has not been doing his job properly after he noticed the lawn was never mowed forcing deperate Gabrielle to do the gardening in the dark while Carlos is at a business party.

    Finally we get to look at Susan Mayer, a housewive who was cheated on by her ex-husband Karl. Susan hasn't been in a relationship since and her teenage daughter, Julie, is starting to wonder if she ever will. However when Susan meets a new resident and plumper to Westria Lane, Mike Delfino, at Mary-Alice's wake, Susan starts to wonder if she could possibly fall in love again. But news of a new single male resident just moving into Westeria Lane spreads fast, espeacially to Edie Britt...

    Edie Britt had been married and divorced so many times she had even lost count. Edie had previously had affairs with Builders, Athletes and even Vicars! And now Edie wnted a plumper and Mike Delfino was on the market. Susan knew that Mike would choose either her or Edie and it would be utterly fair... That was until Edie asked Mike to come by her house and take a look at her "pipes". Susan also heard from Edie's best friend Martha Huber that Edie had male friend whom she planned to spend the night with.

    So as Susan arrived at Edie's house with a mesauring cup pretendending to need sugar but instead she was ready to stop anything that would happen between Mike and Edie. But it was to late. When Susan let herself in she found Edie's clothes on the ground, candles were lit and she heard a male's voice upstairs. Susan sobbed a little and when she was just about to leave Edie's house she realised she knocked over a candle, starting a fire. After a few attempts to put it out (But instead making it worse) Susan ran out screaming, leaving her measuring jug behind...

    Luckily for Susan she later discoverd that Mike was not the male with Edie. He had been at the Movies and knew nothing about the fire. And suddenly there was hope for her and Mike (poor Edie!).

    Lastly Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle cleaned out Mary-Alice's clothes and personal belongings. Just as they have packed everything away a letter slipped out of one of the boxes of clothes. The letter (which Mary-Alice recived the day she killed herself) seemed to be a blackmail note with the message: I know what you did, It makes me sick, I'm going to tell. Which leads the housewives to belive this the reason for Mary-Alice killing herself is this! But what did Mary-Alice do? Who wrote the blackmail letter? Is this the rasons she killed herself? Only time will tell...
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