Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 9

Pleasant Little Kingdom

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on ABC

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  • "Pleasant Little Kingdom"

    The beginning was IMO very slow and boring. Totally not buying that idiotic story line with Tom & his penis That was disgusting, not funny anymore. Just like Roy & Karen when they do sex jokes.

    I loved Susan & Renee together tonight, only reminded me of a unreplaceable Edie/Susan chemistry. Bree is boring as always these days, cannot wait for Brian Austin Green to get out of the show. His dad is sleaze. At least they nabbed surprisingly funny Cynthia Watros as Tracy. Gaby was amazing last night, I love Eva so much, she was at her best when she tried to make fools out of those ICE agents. What bothered me is Carlos was very cold in that goodbye scene with Grace. It would be just an average episode for me, but then the final scene came and I loved how it turns out. Paul was so evil I loved that. And how they all were showing their hate towards him and in the end the foght like a couple of dogs only Lynette remained as cool as possible, because she is the only one who actually figured out what was going on at that moment.
  • Pleasant Little Kingdom

    Pleasant Little Kingdom was a perfect episode of Desperate Housewives because it entwined all the story lines into one episode culminating in an explosive ending. I really enjoye watching this episode as all the characters were dealing with their own individual situations and with one big one together. Gaby made a fatefull decision but changed her mind at the last minute, however the consequences were still huge. Lynette and Tom continue to share themselves with each other and grow together. Renee accidently lets Susan in on her secret love, while Keith's dad ruins his surprise for Bree. Paul finally reveals his plan, and it has the neighbors in a frenzy! I can't wait to see what will happen next!!!!!!!
  • 12/5

    Desperate Housewives returned tonight and they did so in a very strong episode. The ending was a nice tribute to the Monsters on Maple Street episode of The Twilight Zone, and just reaffirmed what an excellent job this show does at building villains. Year after year they create someone so deliciously evil, and bringing back Paul is as good a bad guy as ever.

    The Tom and Lynette fight was not bad as well, although I am growing a bit of tired of Rene. They need to either kick this Tom-Rene storyline into high gear or give her something else meaningful to do.

    Good ep.
  • Outstanding

    Another fine episode of season seven with an advancement on the story-arc. Lots of good acting.

    Gabrielle has now lost Grace and will probably lose Junita too - the truth will soon come out. Susan and Renee bond! I am glad Vanessa Williams is on the show but now her truth is out I am expecting trouble.
    Bree and Keith attempt to move a step closer but things are ruined by his dad, who it appears likes Bree. Once again Marcia Cross seems to be glowing. Lynette and Tom were damn funny 'Tripod Tommy'?
    But the real star of the show is Mark Moses and his diabolical plan to turn Wisteria Lane into a street for criminals. He is creepy and evil but also intelligent and not insane. He has planned this for a long time and now the future of the lane is in jeoprady. Look like there will be trouble next week!
  • Paul Young's takeover intensifies!

    This was an absolutely intense episode, particularly with the closing scenes. Paul Young is getting really interesting, and he has a master plan to get revenge on everyone in the neighbourhood.

    Menawhile, on other fronts, Gabby's stroy continues to ebe amazing and interesting. It is a vry sad storyline, and they are executing it perfectly.

    Renee's secret has finally been revealed, so it willl be very interesting to see what happens next, a s we find out where Susan's loyalties lie.

    Hopefully this standard is maintained right throughout the season! Great episode of Desperate Housewives wihich I would highly recommend. Great work guys, and I can't wait to see more of this great show!