Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 9

Putting It Together

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on ABC

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  • Putting It Together

    I feel like the whole idea of the friends fighting has been forced a bit. It seems unnatural given they are locked into this situation together. Bree getting desperate and randomly joining other people did not feel believable at all.
  • "Putting It Together"

    This episode was written by a newbie Sheila Lawrence and directed by David Warren. While it was not the best episode of DH, it was certainly an improvement over the last few episodes in season 8 and was enjoyable and I felt the right amount of suspense while watching it.

  • Best episode of the season!

    OMG, I just have to start by mentioning the therapy group session that Gaby just decided to join. That was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in my life! I was laughing non-stop after that!

    I also found Bree's alcoholic antics to be hilarious! Joining those women, and calling the blonde one 'YLynette'. I was just laughing so hard when she said, "I'm just gonna finish Lynette's champagne'.

    But to the more important affiarrs, I can't believe what happened with Vance in this episode. I don't want to spoil much, but it was jaw-dropping, and everything about this episode makes me want more!

    I can't wait until next week! The wait is going to be intolerable!!! Can't wait for more!!!
  • how many people will die on this street

    I was disappointed with this episode. how many people are going to die on this street? I dont think Bree will commit suicide but i do think its stupid that Gabby isnt talking to her. After all isnt this all Gabby's fault?
  • Putting It Together


    Putting It Together was a superb and very entertaining episode and I really enjoyed watching as Chuck tightened his noose for the housewives, especially Bree. There was a lot of great character and plot development. It was interesting to watch the housewives dealing with their individual issues and problems in different ways, but also how it all connects and affects other things and intertwines with the larger picture. Lynette finds herself in an awkward position between Tom and his girlfriend once again. Susan is running away from her problems subconsciously and Gaby may be in more trouble than she imagined from a smirk. This episode seemed to bring the series full circle as Bree seems to be taking drastic action, repeating the past. It was a touching and emotional scene when Bree saw Mary Alice. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see how things play out!!!!!!!

  • The troubled friendship continues, while the housewives struggle with even deeper personal problems.


    Simply put, it felt similar to the rest of the episodes lately. It was watchable and enjoyable, but not superb. It had a few great moments of emotion mixed with a few good moments of humor.

    However, the ending is where the episode really leaves its mark in the Depserate Housewives history!


    With Bree's alcoholism back in play, she falls apart as the murder investigation proves to just be chucks way of getting back at her, not because he cares too much about the crime.

    Bree then does the unthinkable. The scene with her sitting at the table with the gun was magnificently portrayed as Mary Alice smiles back at her. Bree covers the extent to the life she lost as Mary Alice points out the sad truth in that "Things change."

    While the scene was powerful, it could have used a more emotional musical overture, much like they used back in the day. Take the music playing when Bree received the phone call of Rex's death? It was legendary.

    Over all, the ending is really the main winning point of the episode, and truthfully shows the mental state of Bree, turning this really into her story now. Personally, this scene alone was more powerful than any of the "disaster" episodes that they end the mid-season with, save for maybe the episode Bang. Something about Mary Alice has always worked for me, and including her outside the voice overtures is always great. Good job!

  • better than most episodes


    This episode was an improvement on previous, the entire show has been in steep decline since season 1, getting mare ridiculousbut still enjoyable.
    Im liking this series because there isnt some serial killer on the loose in wisteria lane for the 12th time, its a little (Emphasis on the little) more realistic.
    Unfortunately susan is still the most annoying character from anything ever

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