Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 24

Remember (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 2006 on ABC
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Flashbacks (featuring special guest stars Steven Culp, Jesse Metcalfe and Roger Bart) take us back to key moments in time for Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle and how they connect to the present. After hearing Betty's message on her cellphone about Matthew being a murderer Bree realizes she needs to escape from the psychiatric hospital and help Danielle, who has run away with him. When he sees Mike buying an engagement ring, Karl buys Susan a house. Lynette finds out that Tom has an illegitimate daughter from before they were married. Gabrielle discovers a shocking secret her husband has been keeping from her.moreless

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  • loved it

    this was aan abbbsoluttly greaattt seasooonm finallle from desppeperate housssewives after abit of a disopointing season this finale was really great with so many shock like who the hell is this orson guy and why did he hit mike? will mike live? will lynette mangae kylas mother and what will become of the whole gaby and carlous stuff divorce maybe?? overall great finale that left me dying for more bring on season 3moreless
  • La memoria nos sigue ayudando.

    Es dificil entender la posicion en la que se encuentra Bree, pero su posicion de mujer dominante y ademas encargada de la familia es muy parecida a la de Betty, que afortunadamente en este episodio dice adios. Lynette encuentra lo que estaba bsucando y mucho mas sobre las visitas de su esposo a Atlantic City. Gabrielle es otra que se da cuenta de lo que estaba pasando en sus narices y se encarga como una dama del asunto. Susan sigue enamorada y nos da esperanza en su historia de amor con Mike. Pero muchas preguntas quedan disponibles para la tercera temporada... muchas cosas por hacer.moreless
  • Good Season

    I had heard a lot about season 2 being dumb but I thought it was good. The Apple people could have had a better part but hey! And to find out the retarded one didn't really do anything was ok. I mean he still came at the 2 girls wrong. What was he thinking? I guess he wasn't. And who is this new guy? Running Mike over and then going to Bree's house? He seems like some bad biz. I wonder what they have in store for him. One person leaves and opens the door for someone else. Good Job!moreless
  • Mary Alice flashes back to moving day on Wisteria Lane.

    Remember is one of my most favorite episodes of Desperate Housewives. I thought that it was very well done. All of the flashbacks were great, and I really enjoyed seeing Brenda Strong in some actual scenes, and I really liked how she did the narrations. I especially enjoyed her delivery of the end narration. Brenda definitely did a very good job in this episode. I found the shocking twist about who really killed Melanie Foster to be very interesting, and I didn't see it coming at all. That twist really made up for the second season mystery not being as suspenseful as the first season. I have to say that I really liked Nora in this episode. I thought that she was very funny. I thought that all of the housewives did a very good job of acting in this episode, especially Marcia, Eva, Felicity and Brenda. All in all, this was an outstanding episode, and it's definitely one of my all-time favorite Desperate Housewives episodes.moreless
  • Could show get any better after this? I don't think so...

    Wow, this was a great episode. Many secrets were revealed, and it was so ... irritating when the show ended like this.

    The most fascinating housewife in this episode was definately Bree. Marcia did a great job in this episode. And, I actually can't believe that Betty would kill her on son... and leave, well she did it, but...

    And, ha ha ha, Lynette and Nora were so funny, that face that Nora made... ha ha ha, weird!

    And, Orson... oh, why does bree have to get all the murderers as boyfriends? It is just ... yuck. And, I'm so sorry for Susan.moreless
William Atherton

William Atherton

Dr. Barr

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Eric Leviton

Eric Leviton


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Julie White

Julie White


Guest Star

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe

John Rowland

Recurring Role

Kiersten Warren

Kiersten Warren

Nora Huntington

Recurring Role

Steven Culp

Steven Culp

Rex Van De Kamp

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Tom and Lynette are talking in the hospital, Tom's ice pack is away from his head in shots of his face but, in shots of Lynette, the pack is visible against his head.

    • Error: After Karl and Mike get into a fist fight over Susan, Susan goes over to see how Mike is doing. When he tells her he chipped his tooth, she goes into her purse to get Orson (her dentist-friend)'s business card to give to him, in the next scene her bag is on her shoulder again.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Bree: Orson.
      Orson: Oh, hey. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing after your great escape and, uh, these are for you.
      Bree: How sweet and... unexpected. Do you wanna come in?
      Orson: I'd love to.

    • Susan: (Into her phone) Hey, it's just me again. Um... when you got the invitation, I thought that you gave me the thumbs up, but I guess if that was actually... some other type of finger gesture, uh... well, I apologize for leaving you all these messages and wasting your time.

    • Bree: If that's what it takes... to get my daughter...
      Danielle: Stop it!
      Bree: see who you really are...
      Danielle: Stop pointing that at my mother!
      Bree: ...then fine.
      Danielle: What are you doing?!
      Bree: Do it.
      Danielle: Stop!

    • Danielle: Mom, please move.
      Bree: No. I gave up on your brother, and I'm not gonna make that mistake with you.
      Matthew: We don't have time for this.
      (Matthew pulls out a gun and points it at Bree.)
      Danielle: Where did you get that? What are you doing?!
      Matthew: Move away!
      Bree: Danielle, I want you to get out of the house now. He's a killer.
      Matthew: Shut up!
      Danielle: Don't point that at my mother!
      Bree: Danielle! I'm serious, go.
      Matthew: What's wrong with you?! I'm gonna shoot you!
      Danielle: Matthew, stop it!

    • Bree: Danielle, I don't know what you're planning, but I need to talk to you right now.
      Danielle: Give it up, mom. We're leaving.
      Bree: I'm calling the police.
      (Bree runs to the phone. Matthew runs to it and tears it off the wall.)
      Bree: Do you remember that girl, Melanie Foster? Matthew is the one who killed her.
      Danielle: I know you don't want us to be together, but that's the lamest thing I've ever heard.
      Bree: His mother told me what happened. It's true.
      Matthew: Let's go, Danielle.

    • Betty: I would have protected you.
      Matthew: Well, I really couldn't count on that.
      Betty: Matthew...
      Matthew: You don't love me as much as you love Caleb. You never have.
      Betty: Perhaps. But it's because he's needed me more. You are always going to find love in the world. Don't you understand? He was only ever going to get it from me.
      Matthew: You know, I know you believe that. That's why I've tried so hard to forgive you. And who knows? Maybe one day I will.
      (Betty goes to the phone and dials 911)
      Operator: 911. What's your emergency?
      Betty: I need the police.

    • Betty: You did it. You killed Melanie. You put your jacket on her body. I saw it, Matthew. The police showed me the pictures.
      Matthew: Now you weren't there. You don't know what happened.
      Betty: Oh, god.
      Matthew: Caleb hurt her, and Melanie threatened to bring us all down because of that.
      Betty: So your solution was to make your brother think he murdered a girl and to make me think it?
      Matthew: What other choice did I have? I knew that you wouldn't hand Caleb over to the police. I knew that you would protect him.

    • Danielle: See, I told you she wasn't home. Her car's not even here.
      Mathew: And you said the safe was upstairs?
      Danielle: Damn it, my mother must have changed the combination.
      Matthew: Okay. Wait here. I'll be right back.

    • Nora: See, Lynette? See? It's not all about money. It's not even a little bit about money. It's about family. Cause we're all a big family now.
      Lynette: Sort of.
      Nora: Which is why I took all the money that you gave me, and I put it all down on the sweetest little 2 bedroom house over on Arden Drive.
      Tom:Ar-Arden Drive over- over by the mall?
      Lynette: Like, five minutes from here Arden Drive?
      Nora: It's perfect. I could drop Kayla off here anytime so she can play with her new siblings. She can spend time with her dad.

    • Nora: Hi.
      Lynette: Hi. Did you get the check?
      Nora: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. Do you have a minute?
      Lynette: Tom?!
      Nora: I'm not the type of person that can keep things bottled up inside.
      Lynette: Really?
      Nora: So I'm just gonna have to get this off my chest. You made me feel really bad about myself yesterday at the restaurant.
      Lynette: My sincerest apologies.
      Nora: You treated me like some sort of mercenary, like the only reason I came here was to extort money from you.
      Lynette: Well, to be honest, first, we bought you pie, then you tried to extort money from us.

    • Mary Alice: This is the street where I used to live and these were the people with whom I shared my life. I met them the day they moved in. And I saw what they brought with them. Beautiful dreams for the future. And quiet hopes for a better life. Not just for themselves, but for their children, too. If I could, would I tell them what lies ahead? Would I warn them of the sorrow and betrayal that lie in store? No. From where I stand now, I see enough of the road to understand how it must be traveled. The trip is to keep moving forward, to let go of the fear and the regret that slow us down and keep us from enjoying a journey that will be over too soon. Yes, there will be unexpected bends in the road, shocking surprises we didn't see coming, but that's really the point. Don't you think?

    • Xiao-mei: I can go now, too?
      Gabrielle: No, you can start dinner.
      Xiao-mei: What?!
      Gabrielle: You're not going anywhere, not as long as you have my baby in your belly.
      (Xao-Mei speaks aggressively in Chinese)
      Gabrielle: I don't know what that meant, but I didn't like the tone. So just remember, I am the boss of you, or else I'm gonna make this the worst nine months of your life.

    • Carlos: Okay, Gaby, can we please talk about this?! You're the one that gave me permission, remember? You said, "go have sex with somebody"!
      Gabrielle: To have meaningless sex, Carlos. Not to sleep with the woman who's carrying our child!
      Carlos: What is the matter?! Look, we're even! You had an affair, and I had an affair!
      Gabrielle: I had a reason to. You were never here! I've been here, Carlos. I have tried so hard to not be selfish and to put your needs above mine. I mean, for god sakes, look at me! I have agreed to be a mother for you!
      Carlos: Look, Gaby, you have every right to be mad at me. So I'm gonna go and check into a hotel room and let you cool down, but we are going to work this out.
      Gabrielle: Forget the hotel, Carlos. Get a lease.

    • Susan: I've got everything ready to go-- flowers, candles, Elvis Costello CD all cued up.
      Gabrielle: But who has the ring?
      Susan:He does.
      Gabrielle: So, wait, you're gonna get down on one knee, pop the question, and while you're down there, dig in his pocket?
      Lynette: What if you pull out his key chain?
      Susan: Then I'm gonna have to find a way to force it on my finger.

    • Bree: My children were my life. They were the reason that I got up in the morning, so to have failed them as a parent...
      Psychiatrist: You think you failed them as a parent?
      Bree: Well, my son is a sociopath, and my daughter hates me enough to have run away from home. I'm certainly not gonna get "mother of the year" anytime soon.
      Psychiatrist: If your kids were here right now, what would you tell them?
      Bree: I would beg my son Andrew for forgiveness for having given up on him, and I would tell my daughter not to worry, that I have a plan to protect her.
      Psychiatrist: And just what is that plan?

    • Psychiatrist: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be flip, but you came here because you were troubled, and then you refuse any help we give you.
      Bree: Things were falling apart at home, and I just...I just needed a place to rest, that's all.
      Psychiatrist: I think there's more to it than that.
      Bree: Do you?
      Psychiatrist: I think it has to do with your kids. You don't want to talk about them. Why is that?
      Bree: Probably because I'm ashamed.

    • Dr. Barr: Hey there. I was surprised to hear you wanted a session.
      Bree: Well, there's nothing like being tied to a bed to change a girl's mind.
      Dr. Barr: What do you wanna talk about?
      Bree: Anything at all. As you said, I...I have a lot of issues.
      Dr. Barr: Well, I assumed as much when you told the ridiculous story about your daughter running off with a murderer.
      Bree: Saw right through that, did ya?
      Dr. Barr: Well, I'm a trained professional, Bree. The human mind is my playground.
      Bree: Well, I'm glad that you're having fun.

    • Lynette: I don't see another way to make this work. We've gotta dip into the pensions.
      Tom: Oh, I don't like the sound of that.
      Lynette: Well, it's that or the kids college fund. We'll write Nora one big check, and in return, she'll sign away her claim for the back child support. If we're lucky, she'll take the bird in the hand.
      Tom: Okay, what are we talking about? How much?
      Lynette: Well, we need to show her we're serious. $30,000.00?
      Tom: Are you kidding? Thirty?
      Lynette: If she takes you to court, we'll lose and end up paying 11 years of child support all at once. We could lose the house.

    • Nora: Hey, you! You must be Lynette.
      Lynette: And you must be Nora.
      Nora: I guess it'd be weird if we hugged.
      Lynette: Probably.
      Tom: Wh...where's Kayla?
      Nora: Oh, she didn't come. We got into this huge fight, and I was, like...I just couldn't stand to look at her face on that long plane trip, so I dumped her at the neighbors. But, hey, come on, you got me.

    • Lynette: I must have been crazy, agreeing to this.
      Tom: Honey, you're gonna feel differently once you meet Kayla. She is sweet, smart little girl, plus it'll help you get past your resentment of Nora.
      Lynette: I don't..Well, here goes.

    • Xiao-mei: Here, taste this.
      Carlos: Oh, man! Xiao-mei, that is amazing.
      Xiao-mei: You like?
      Carlos: Oh, yeah. Sorry if I'm making a mess.
      Xiao-mei: It's okay. Mu Shu Pork. Supposed to be messy.
      Carlos:I wish Gabrielle could cook like this. Have you ever tried her enchiladas?
      Xiao-mei:One time they make me sick.

    • Gabrielle: So I'm gonna go shopping and then I'm gonna see my trainer, and I'll definitely be gone for, like, three hours. Okay. Well, I gotta go. Have fun.

    • John: Well, you should be. I mean, the guy's never around. Hell, he's probably off having his own affair right now.
      Gabrielle: Oh. I seriously doubt that.
      John: How do you know?
      Gabrielle:Because Carlos doesn't have an adulterous bone in his body. What we just did he could never do. For him, sex isn't just sex. it's a sign of intimacy. It's the way he shows love. You know, instead of talking and listening and spending time with me. (John kisses Gabrielle softly) What was that for?
      John: Thought you needed a kiss.

    • Gabrielle: What's so funny?
      John: Me and my friend Justin had this bet. See who could lose their virginity first this summer at Bible Camp. Guess I beat him to the punch.
      Gabrielle: You were a virgin?
      John: So it didn't show?
      Gabrielle: Oh, no. No, I mean, I guess it was, well, weird when you started naming the American presidents in order.
      John: Ah, I wish you hadn't heard that. I was just trying to...
      Gabrielle: No, no, you were good. Just, if it comes up in school, Paul Revere was never president.

    • Gabrielle: Carlos, you promised you'd come home today. Well, I don't care what Tanaka wants! Rattling around this stupid house all by myself is not what I signed up for! No, no, no, don't hang up on me. I'm not done yelling at you!
      John: Mrs. Solis, how are you?
      Gabrielle: The best you've ever had.

    • Mike: You know, I had the feeling when I first saw you in the movie theater that we'd met before.
      Orson: I don't think so.
      Mike: Oh, I'm pretty sure. I think I know you. Any chance I was one of your guinea pigs?
      Orson: No, the only prison work I did was back in Virginia.
      Mike: Diploma says you graduated from Minnesota.
      Orson: I'm licensed in three states. Open wide, please. Don't talk. I wouldn't want to hurt you.

    • Danielle: Can we please get out of here? This place is gross. And, god, I'm starving.
      Matthew: Yeah, I know, but we don't have any money, remember?
      Danielle: That's why we should go to my house. I know the combination to my mom's safe.
      Matthew: Okay, I've told you a thousand times, it's way too risky. No.
      Danielle: Something you should know before we embark on this little adventure. I can get pretty bitchy when I'm not fed.

    • Bree: Oh! Does anybody ever call you "Alfie"?
      Alfred: No.
      Bree: And why should they? So, um, Alfred, I was wondering if you could maybe loosen my restraints. They're incredibly tight, and I'm sure there are no rules against making me more comfortable.
      Alfred: Do you think I'm stupid?
      Bree: I beg your pardon?
      Alfred: Two seconds after I loosen these little restraints, you'll try to scratch my eyes out and make a run for it. Well, I'm not falling for it, you psycho little bitch. In fact, I hope they keep you tied up for the next month 'cause I'd get a real kick out of watching a prissy little whack job like you lying in your own filth. Know what I mean?

    • Bree: Excuse me. Do you have the time?
      Alfred: Yeah, it's just after 8.
      Bree: Oh, I was afraid of that.
      Alfred: Afraid of what?
      Bree: Well, I'm only supposed to be restrained until 7. You see, I have a problem with sleepwalking. They just tie me up so that I don't wander off and hurt myself.
      Alfred: Yeah, well, I'm sure a nurse will be in here soon.

    • Bree: Would you please, uh, add that to our bill?
      Rex: I'm telling you, Bree, you're gonna have to stop riding 'em so hard.
      Bree: I am trying to ensure that they turn into responsible adults. Trust me, Rex, in the end, we will be rewarded.
      Rex: How can you be so damn sure of yourself all the time?
      Bree: Why is my certainty a flaw? I know what I'm about, I know my values, and I know what's right. Why shouldn't I stay the course? Am I right, Mr. Williams?

    • Bree: Have they rung up your prescription yet?
      Rex: No, they're getting it right now.
      Bree: Good, add that on.
      Rex: You're dying your hair honey wheat blond?
      Bree: Oh, it's not for me, it's for Danielle. That hair is going back to the color god intended.
      Rex: You actually think she's gonna sit still as you towel this through her hair?
      Bree: Oh, I will tie her down if necessary. I'm also thinking of checking her body for piercings while I'm at it.

    • (flashback scene at the pharmacy Bree is having a conversation with Rex and involves the pharmacist)
      George Williams: My mother took a firm hand with me and I thank her
      for it.
      Bree: Exactly! And look how well you turned out. (huge smile)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although they are credited for this episode, Mark Moses (Paul Young), Cody Kasch (Zach Young), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo) do not appear in this episode, the second half of what was originally aired as a two-hour episode.

    • Even though they are credited, Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) and Shawn Pyform (Andrew Van de Kamp) do not appear in this episode.


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