Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 24

Remember (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 2006 on ABC

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  • loved it


    this was aan abbbsoluttly greaattt seasooonm finallle from desppeperate housssewives after abit of a disopointing season this finale was really great with so many shock like who the hell is this orson guy and why did he hit mike? will mike live? will lynette mangae kylas mother and what will become of the whole gaby and carlous stuff divorce maybe?? overall great finale that left me dying for more bring on season 3

  • La memoria nos sigue ayudando.

    Es dificil entender la posicion en la que se encuentra Bree, pero su posicion de mujer dominante y ademas encargada de la familia es muy parecida a la de Betty, que afortunadamente en este episodio dice adios. Lynette encuentra lo que estaba bsucando y mucho mas sobre las visitas de su esposo a Atlantic City. Gabrielle es otra que se da cuenta de lo que estaba pasando en sus narices y se encarga como una dama del asunto. Susan sigue enamorada y nos da esperanza en su historia de amor con Mike. Pero muchas preguntas quedan disponibles para la tercera temporada... muchas cosas por hacer.
  • Good Season

    I had heard a lot about season 2 being dumb but I thought it was good. The Apple people could have had a better part but hey! And to find out the retarded one didn't really do anything was ok. I mean he still came at the 2 girls wrong. What was he thinking? I guess he wasn't. And who is this new guy? Running Mike over and then going to Bree's house? He seems like some bad biz. I wonder what they have in store for him. One person leaves and opens the door for someone else. Good Job!
  • Mary Alice flashes back to moving day on Wisteria Lane.

    Remember is one of my most favorite episodes of Desperate Housewives. I thought that it was very well done. All of the flashbacks were great, and I really enjoyed seeing Brenda Strong in some actual scenes, and I really liked how she did the narrations. I especially enjoyed her delivery of the end narration. Brenda definitely did a very good job in this episode. I found the shocking twist about who really killed Melanie Foster to be very interesting, and I didn't see it coming at all. That twist really made up for the second season mystery not being as suspenseful as the first season. I have to say that I really liked Nora in this episode. I thought that she was very funny. I thought that all of the housewives did a very good job of acting in this episode, especially Marcia, Eva, Felicity and Brenda. All in all, this was an outstanding episode, and it's definitely one of my all-time favorite Desperate Housewives episodes.
  • Could show get any better after this? I don't think so...

    Wow, this was a great episode. Many secrets were revealed, and it was so ... irritating when the show ended like this.

    The most fascinating housewife in this episode was definately Bree. Marcia did a great job in this episode. And, I actually can't believe that Betty would kill her on son... and leave, well she did it, but...

    And, ha ha ha, Lynette and Nora were so funny, that face that Nora made... ha ha ha, weird!

    And, Orson... oh, why does bree have to get all the murderers as boyfriends? It is just ... yuck. And, I'm so sorry for Susan.
  • It's That Kind of Neighborhood

    "This is the street where I used to live, and these were the people with whom I shared my life...I met them the day they moved in, and I saw what they brought with them...beautiful dreams for the future and quiet hopes for a better life but for their children, too. If I could, would I tell them what lies ahead? Would I warn them of the sorrow and betrayal that lie in store? No. From where I stand now, I see enough of the road to understand how it must be traveled."--Mary Alice

    After sitting through a special two-hour finale of "Desperate Housewives", I am pretty emotionally drained. I decided to watch the episode in real time, which was a definite mistake not for the episode itself but because of the damn commericals. I couldn't really process how I felt after the first time I watched it because I wasn't very focused since I was working on something simultaneously. On second viewing thanks to my DVR and the DVDs, I was able to watch the 1 hr 26 minute episode in peace without commercial interruption which was great. From what I gather the last 4 episodes have been such an improvement over an on and off season of hit and miss episodes. All of the episodes were good but not exactly up to par with Season 1.

    It's not always fair to blame Marc Cherry & co. because it really seems to take a long time to find the audience and produce a good story. The Applewhite story for the most part was underused, this season. The only person suspicious about the Applewhites was Bree which you can't have. You either get them all involved or drop it. Plus the Applewhites were only in a handful of episodes, how do you expect an audience to be interested in a mystery if their not in it. I actually enjoyed the episode more when they weren't because they were just going nowhere. Susan's painful spleen and marry me for the money storyline was more watchable. But I think the season has really redeemed itself with these last few which were pretty well written and acted. "Remember" has a pretty simple plot which I hear the writers had planned to do since early on. I liked the whole moving in aspect since I'm curious what happened when they all moved in, did some s**t go down or was everyone pretty docile. A few things I thought were missing was more interaction from the other neighbors. It seemed the only welcoming troupe was Mary Alice and no welcomes from Mrs. Fromme, McCluskey or Ida Greenberg. I would have even enjoyed seeing Martha Huber again. That was my only complaint with the flashbacks. I did enjoy seeing Steven Culp, Jesse Metcalfe and Roger Bart again though. What happens during most of the flashbacks is one family moves in and as the block grows bigger, the welcome brigade grows. In part one of the episode, it's moving day which spans fourteen years with Susan being the earliest, Bree second, Lynette in the middle and Gabrielle last. The second part of the episode features pivotal moments after the wives moved in each taking place during 2004, months prior to the events of the pilot episode. Bree in the pharmacy with Rex who encounters George. Lynette giving birth and Gabrielle seducing Garderner John.

    In real time, Betty Applewhite is about to move away once again in the middle of the night and escape the hell of suburbia. Viewers are then treated to a flashback where as we expected Caleb killed Melanie 1 year earlier. Betty becomes overprotective and plans to leave. Meanwhile, Betty and Caleb (without Matthew) pack up the truck and leave but are greeted by the entire neighborhood who "hate" to see them go. Betty is later taken into questioning along with Caleb. When Betty is shown pictures of Melanie Foster's body she discovers the jacket on her body is Matthew's. A flashback then brings us back after Melanie is lying in the lumberyard. She is still alive but is badly injured. Matthew returns and finds Melanie thinking of calling the police. Matthew panics and kills her so that she does not get her way. Matthew and Danielle are in hiding at a motel when they decide to Wisteria Lane for some quick cash.

    In the last episode, Bree checked herself into a mental institution which was a smart move after all that she's been through. What Bree realizes is that she cannot escape her past when the doctor tries to talk with her about all of her problems. She soon meets with Orson, Susan's friend who himself is visiting a friend at the hospital. Bree becomes curious about him and asks another woman how many times he visits his friend a week. Orson is said to come often and sits with the woman for hours. Bree later receives a message from Betty that Danielle is in danger and needs her help. Bree plans to escape but fails to and is put in restraints. Later on, Bree makes another attempt which proves successful. Orson admires her act as he watches from a distance.

    Susan decides to move into a mobile home which strikes a cord with Karl who suggests she move into a home. Mike meanwhile is getting up the nerve to propose since they are once again growing closer. Karl soon discovers Mike in a jewelry store and attempts to topple his efforts by buying Susan a new home. Susan plans on moving in for Julie\'s benefit but soon changes her mind after Mike finds out what she is doing. Karl and Mike then fight and Susan stays in her motor home. When Susan learns that Mike was to propose she invites him for a dinner in the park so she could pop the question. That afternoon though, Mike goes for a dental appointment with Orson who seems to remember Mike from somewhere which he denies. Later, while Mike buys flowers ready to go out on the date he is ran over by ORSON who leaves him lying in the middle of the street. Harsh. Lynette and the kids stay at a motel until things blow over but it as though the "happy" couple is far away from a reconciliation. Lynette's plans are halted when one of the twins jumps off a balcony and hurts his arm. Tom meets them at the hospital and attempts to reconnect with Lynette. He reveals that the woman he was with in A.C. was a woman he had a one night stand with (before he was married) and bore him a child. Felicity Huffman's acting in that pivotal scene is flawless as she demonstrates what it's like to have your heart broken. Tom obviously fibs and says he has only known about it for a few months...lucky we know that in episode 1.13 "Your Fault" that Tom has known the secret for a while so its just karma. Lynette finally meets with Nora who seems like a airhead who wants Tom more involved in the girl's life and wants restitution. Lynette refuses but starts getting some money together if something hapens. Nora then announces she and Kayla will be moving one block away from Wisteria Lane so that the family will be closer. Oy, I hate the woman already and I haven't even given her a chance!

    Some closure is made to the Paul/Zach/Noah plot with Paul in jail for the "murder" of Felicia Tilman and wants Zach to use his outside connections to get him out of here. His connections being Noah who is Dierdre's father and would never give Paul Young money. Zach attempts to give it a try but ends up empty. Zach then gets an idea to get his inheritance quicker, pull the plug out of Noah's respirator. Noah says that Zach doesn't have the nerve but he proceeds to do it anyway. Minutes later, Noah passes and everything that belonged to him is now in Zach's name who severs ties with Paul and wants a lake in front of the house filled in. Will Zach be the next godfather? Hopefully, we won't find out. Perhaps the biggest psychout of the night was "Carlos is dead?" which turned out to be false. In a nutshell, Carlos was supposed to commuity service but sent Garderner Ralph instead who was killed. The real Carlos is also dead when Gabrielle finds him sleeping with Xiao-Mei after detecting them on baby Penny's monitor. Though Carlos is banished from Casa Solis, Xiao-Mei is trapped until she delivers where Gaby promises to be the biggest witch (with a "b") the girl with ever seen if she two-times Gaby.

    The episode ends with Bree returning home to find Matthew & Danielle breaking into her safe with Matthew using a crowbar he took from his mother's home. His mother by the way is disgusted by his behavior and calls the police. Bree walks into her living room to find herself at gunpoint when Matthew sticks a gun in her face. Danielle tells him to stop but Bree dares him. As Matthew comes closer, he is shot by the SWAT team which devastates Danielle. The following morning, Betty and an innocent Caleb leave for good. Farewell Betty don't let the door kick your ass on the way out. Bree also receives a congratulation gift from Orson who is getting very fishy now. Bree is touched by Orson's gift and welcomes him inside. Uh-oh, what's wrong with this picture. Was Rex the only normal man in Bree's life? We'll find out since the season premiere is only 3 months away. What adventures, betrayals, humor and sadness will we have in store...only time will tell.

    "Remember" was a good season finale with a lot of revealing moments both comedic and dark. Marc Cherry & Jenna Bans both did a good job scripting the episode which must have been difficult since this is it--all loose ends need to be tied up and prepare viewers for next season, so it was nice to have everything flow nicely. Larry Shaw, as always did a great job directing and the acting on this show is so great. I would definitely recommend not watching this episode in syndication since its better to watch it all in one shot (commercial-free) to absorb all of the plots and dialogue. Overall, not bad. Can\'t wait for Season 3.
  • Redeems some of the first hour, but still doesn't finish as nicely as the first season's finale. However, It set up Season Three perfectly.

    In the first hour, the writers managed to really attepmt to save the best for last. Instead of pacing out the Applewhite mystery, they gave it to us in chuncks, and sadly wrapped it up for us in this episode. Sadly, there wasn't enough time to completely finish the Applewhite mystery, so there are some loose ends such as how on earth Betty got out of jail, and what on earth happened to her abusive husband Virgil? After the commotion, Betty is forced to get rid of her menacing older son Matthew (Mechad Brooks) to stop him from escaping Wisteria Lane with his new found friend Danielle van de Kamp (Joy Lauren). After his death, Betty takes Caleb, and the two move to god knows where, and we never hear of them again. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) really stole this episode for me. In this episode, she meets Tom's former fling, Nora Huntington (guest star Kiersten Warren) did an AMAZING job. She was really a joy to watch. Lynette finally had a storyline that wasn't too over the top and obviously lacking effort. She [Huffman] was as usual, amazing, and always a pleasure to watch. I am most anxious to see how this unfolds, as Nora has now moved near Wisteria Lane to keep Tom involved in his immenient family. Gabrielle found Carlos sleeping with Xiao Mei. Yawn... another affair... how original, huh? Gwendoline Yeo was amazing! I loved seeing her claws come out.

    Susan also improved. Mike was unfortunately made into roadkill, almost on his way to propose to her. I've heard good things about Susan and Mike, so I'm pleased to see it unfold. Bree started a relationship with the mysterious Orson. I really like them as a couple, and hopefully it won't repeat the George Williams storyline. I really enjoyed watching her save her daughter, but I was sad to see the Applewhites go.

    All in all, I look foward to season three, which is due to air in 17 days. It wasn't a perfect finale, but it was better than most of the season.
  • This is the best episode in the whole second season...

    This episode was seriously well done... not only did mathew die, we got to see lynette go whack job on whats her name, and gabby found out about carlos and xio mein(i dunno how the hell you spell her name)...

    susan was about to ask the big question too, but orson ran mike over.. well too bad.

    but the best part, by far, was what bree did. she was this close to gettin shot, and that point, really made her go up in my books. her acting was faboulous, and we even found out how loudly danielle can scream..

    a very fine episode.. cant wait for season 3.
  • Some flashbacks bring us to the day all the housewives move in their new houses in Fairwiew. We discover the truth about the Applewhites and their secret... And... Mike...Mike...sigh...

    I just loved it! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Although at the beginning it seemed to be very boring, fortunately in the end it became very very very very very... EXCITING! Bree married to Orson? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And what about Nora? I loved her too! She's so funny. I wanted to see Kyla... bah... what a pity...and now, I CAN'T wait for the next season, no! I want it now! NOW! Hey Marc Cherry, have you heard me? I said NOW! Danielle has become my favourite "teenager" of Wisteria Lane. The way she screamed at the end of the episode... uh... she's really a good actress... isn't she?
  • The season two finale

    I really liked this episode. It was funny and mysterious. You found out lots of things! I was so suprised when we found out that matthew, not caleb had killed that girl!! I really hope mike is all right...that would be soooo sad for susan! I really don't like that orson guy!! He stole carls car to frame him for hitting mike! But why did he hit him in the first place?? I must have missed something. And the thing with lynett, so good. I wonder what she'll do!! I cant wait for the next season to start. I hope that there is lots and lots more seasons to come!!!!
  • The final episode of Season 2 saw some stories conclude, while others just begin. We learn why Betty moves to Wisteria Lane, and how all the housewives met.

    The best episode of the season. The flashbacks were very entertaining and extreamly funny mainly, as usual, the ones with Bree and Susan!!

    Of course, the plot development was excellent as well. This episode really featured what make the show so good. The fact they can have sad, or dramatic momants, as well as some of the funniest stuff on TV at the momant.

    The best scene of the episode was easily when Matthew threatened Bree. This really showed that, while she had been a drunk, had estranged boyfriends and had lost her husband just one year before, Bree was still willing to risk her life to save Danielle. This showed what a great parent Bree really i. I just hope Danielle knows this. Of course, Brees troubles are far from over.

    A great cliffhanger (is Mike alive.. or dead?) and a great ending to what as been a funny, exciting, sad, dramatic and entertaining season. Can't wait for the 3rd. I just hope I can keep away from the spoilers (I don\'t think I can, through!!!)
  • Generally the second season was not as charming and fascinating as the first one, however later on in the latest episodes the season just got better and better. \"Remember\" is one such good example!It was brilliantly plotted, very revealing, and surprisi

    Generally the second season was not as charming and fascinating as the first one, however later on in the latest episodes the season just got better and better. \"Remember\" is one such good example!It was brilliantly plotted, very revealing, and surprising. We saw character developments and some twists in the plot. Cliffhangers and specifically flashbacks and flashforwards made the episode worth-watching. What I liked most was the Applewhite\'s big secret. Finally it got revealed. I wonder what the third season will be like. Hope it is as good as the first season,and better than the second season. I just can\'t wait!!
  • Generally the second season was not as charming and fascinating as the first one, however later on in the latest episodes the season just got better and better. \"Remember\" is one such good example!It was brilliantly plotted, very revealing, and surprisi

    Generally the second season was not as charming and fascinating as the first one, however later on in the latest episodes the season just got better and better. \"Remember\" is one such good example!It was brilliantly plotted, very revealing, and surprising. We saw character developments and some twists in the plot. Cliffhangers and specifically flashbacks and flashforwards made the episode worth-watching. What I liked most was the Applewhite\'s big secret. Finally it got revealed. I wonder what the third season will be like. Hope it is as good as the first season,and better than the second season. I just can\'t wait!!
  • A silly episode of badly written lines...

    That episode just shown us that Gabby was not a whore.
    She sofered the absence of Carlos and cheated on him.
    Sense the beginning I knew that Tom wasn't cheating on Lynette..DH is not that type of serie.
    Mathew's dead was a surprise but why do I care...he was just a no story character..the writter felt this and kill him..
    Orson hitting Mike was understandable at the end
    Mike did something with orson's friend at the psyquiatry center in Kansas and Orson had his revange.
    Bree showed her guts and was very good...But she'll have another disfunctional relationship.
    At the end was all very predictable..
  • Oh my goodness.

    Oh my goodness. How could they end the season like this?!?! I mean Mike is so right for Susan so how can they kill him off. And what about Carl? What is his problem? I think that he is having a midlife crisis...he wants things only when he can't have them. He had Susan and then he gave her up for another woman. If I were Susan, I would stand my ground and not give into his wants. Also, what's going to happen with Bree and Danielle now that they both know the truth about the Applewhites? Next season is going to have a lot of questions to answer.
  • The series finale of season 2 desperate housewives

    I thought this was a good ending to a series of desperate housewives. i liked how it showed flashbacks of when they all moved to wistera lane and showed how they all met. then i was so shocked to see that mike died i was really hoping that he and susan were finally going to get to togther for good. That Orson guy i really don't get but hopefully it tells more in season 3. and to find out it was actully matthew that killed that girl was shocking i really thought he was a nice man but he's evil letting his brother take all the rap. cant wait for season 3.
  • WOW!

    WOW WOW and WOW.
    What a super-fantastic-amazing end to a season that has at times been fairly dull.

    Ooooh. Sorry if I get my two episodes mixed, but here goes at my review attempt.

    1. I LOVED Bree!! Bree was totally my favourite character in season 1, but they've just broken her down too much for my liking this season. However, I could see why I adore her again tonight.
    She was just brilliant in every scene she had. First, while trying to get her lock-thingies undone (and few, thought something worse would happen with that man, glad it didn't), then in her great escape, and later, when confronting Matthew with the gun. Wow.
    But OH MY GOD, what is this crazy ending???!!! :shock: We have yet more stalker misery in Bree's life? Oh no :cry:

    2. Lynette was also excellent when she spoke to Tom's ex in the restaurant. Very very clever of her, a nice little scene to show us her strength. Oh, and her comment later about trying to stay strong...I feel so sorry for the poor woman, hope that everything works out ok. She's already being driven-out by the ex.

    3. I guessed Matthew may have been responsible before now (or is this last episode's news?) but they did manage to hide it quite well IMO. But hang on, I'm confused - the police came now, why? I assumed Matthew called after leaving home...but he wouldn't have risked being discovered, surely? Anyway, a little confusion on that point - especially because I thought Caleb was already dead.

    4. What's up with the creepy dentist? We've had a pharmisist, and now this. And oh Mike! Clearly, he's got to be dead, though that scene was so fake, would have been better if we just saw headlights and heard a bang...

    5. Feeling sorry for Gabby too, though obviously not as much as her fellow housewives. But honestly, what happened to Carlos' religion? She was fab with the maid later on in the episode, and the baby speakers part was a bright idea.

    6. Zach, Zach, Zach...the little we had was great! How is he going to manage to influence the women in season 3, I wonder?

    7. Even Danielle managed some decent acting this episode.

    8. Overall, I'll remember the episode for it's ending I think. Great shot of the police snipers all over the street. So glad nothing happened to Bree, and yet already so wary of her future...
  • Great episode.

    In this episode we learn a bit more background info, and there's plenty of unexpected revelations. The Applewhite storyline comes to a dramatic end and we see a darker side to the dentist Orson which sets up the next season nicely.
    This episode is typical of why I watch this great show, plenty of thrills and spills, twists and turns that you don't see coming and we see at least three people die (or get seriously injured) in this episode, which surely means there'll be plenty of new characters next time out. I can't wait for season 3 to start.
  • bravo

    this epiosodie was very good and very sad cause mike got run over by orson and orson is probaly just jealous cause mike is way hotter than he will ever be and also this is the epiosde where calebs brother dies . he desevres it cause he made lots of people belive caleb was the muderer while it was actually him. and caleb just wants {well actually needs} someone 2 love him his brother can get girls oeople are just afraid of him s he needs a girl in his life badly but i wonder which one is better desperate housewives or lost yall chose and reply on my email address
    p.s this is kelly 1 babe saying peace out yall
  • A good episode, closing the Applewhite's mystery and opening Orson's...

    This episode was probably better than Remember (1) however I thought last season's finale, One Wonderful Day, was better than this one...
    Susan - Her storyline was boring, I felt sorry for her as she thought Mike stood her up but last season she had so much better storylines
    Lynette - Suprisingly, I thought that Lynette had possibly the most interesting storyline. I wonder how she will explain a 5th child in her life next season.
    Bree - The best storyline by far. When she threw sand in the doctor's face it was brilliant! And she was so brave with Matthew and Danielle.
    Gabrielle - Yawn!!! I never find her storylines interesting...Carlos was right though! They've both had affairs so they should be even! Her flashback with John was very funny though...
    Edie - She should have been in this episode!! It really annyoed me how much she was left out of season 2. We better see more of her next season.
    Betty - Over the past few weeks I've grown to like her. She was amazing to call the police on Matthew.
    All together a great episode with good flashbacks. But Edie should have appeared...
  • Just Keep Moving Written by Marc Cherry And Jenna Bans And Tom Spezialy And Alexandria Cunningham Directed by Larry Shaw

    George: “My mother took a firm hand with me and I thank her for it”
    Bree: “Exactly and look how well you turned out”.

    I think that is an appropriate way of opening my review for the second part of the season finale because Mary Alice points out that all of our main housewives lives have turned out much different than they anticipated. Most of the women are aware of that and for the one who isn’t, well this episode certainly was a wake up call to that effect.

    Starting off with the Van De Kamps, we take a visit to the local pharmacy where Bree and Rex argue over disciplining their children and the effect it will have on them long term as Bree buys hair dye for a barely seen Danielle. Bree predictably enough thinks that her disciplinarian stance will shape her monstrous children into being model adults while Rex is pretty adamant that being too hard on Andrew and Danielle could also be problematic.

    Usually on this show, the rule is something in the line of “women right, men idiots” but we all know that Rex’s somewhat laissez fair attitude isn’t entirely a bad thing. What is that, a man being right about something? This rarely happens given that the men folk (Mike excluded) are psychotic, sexist or just plain stupid; it’s nice to see that Rex inadvertently prophesised Bree’s difficult relationship with her children and the brief little flashback also featured George, who even then had his eye on Bree.

    If you like those flashbacks so much, then the present day antics with Bree are also a joy to watch as her efforts to get a janitor named Alfred to undo her restraints is met with a scary dressing down for Bree. Alfred is actually so furious with Bree trying to undermine him; it almost looked like he was going to attack her when he was insulting her. Scary guy or what?

    It’s a good job for Bree then that she’s a Plan B kind of woman as she feigns an interest into having a session with easily the most patronising shrink I think I’ve ever seen on TV (Huff this guy ain’t). The annoying quack tries to dig at Bree’s frosty relationships with her children and surprisingly enough, Bree actually opens up about her regret of abandoning Andrew and vow to protect Danielle before she fires sand in his eyes and decides that Fairview Psych Ward isn’t for her.

    In fairness Bree’s escape from this facility is embarrassingly easy, given that Wisteria Lane clearly has the most incompetent policing and medical staff known to man. No wonder people are able to blackmail, kill, commit arson, having sex with minors and escape from sectioning in a heartbeat. I also had to point out how I loved her little flirtatious/cheeky glance at Orson as she left the facility but more on our mystery man in a bit.

    With Bree’s escape already done, the final chapter in the disappointing Applewhite sage draws to its end as cash strapped Matthew and Danielle return to steal money from Bree’s safe. Of course they have difficulty opening because unlike Danielle, Bree is intelligent enough to change the combination code so Matthew resorts to returning home to get a crowbar in order to get the cash.

    Matthew’s return home gives Betty the much needed opportunity for the both of them to let their issues out in the open and although I believe Matthew was right when he told Betty that she loved Caleb even more, the scene was something of a letdown. Matthew felt little to no remorse upon having Caleb believe for over a year that he was responsible for killing Melanie Foster and the fact we didn’t get a confrontation scene with them was another letdown.

    The best stuff however involves Bree interrupting Danielle and Matthew are they are prepared to leave and there’s a killer confrontation scene as a crazed Matthew shows his true colours and pulls a gun on Bree. The acting between Mehcad Brooks and Marcia Cross is damn near impeccable and Danielle even shows an ounce of being likeable when she demands Matthew to leave her mother alone but Joy Lauren’s performance as Danielle reacted to Matthew being gunned down and killed by the police (who Betty called) is hammy at best.

    And so ends the Applewhites saga on something of an anticlimactic note as the next day both Betty and Caleb depart Wisteria Lane. When they came in last season, there was so much potential which was partly utilised at the start of Season Two but midway the writers plodded along with their arc and their lack of impact/involvement with the other women made it difficult even for more articulate DH viewers to care. Still though at Bree doesn’t have to worry about her secret with Andrew’s hit and run or Danielle’s safety and there’s seems to be a spark when Orson stops by with flowers for Bree. Does this mean the writers are giving her a nice guy?

    Well I do like Orson and he did seem to be a nice man until he ran over Mike in a cold blooded and callous manner. That kind of takes the shine of any bloke but Orson’s little nasty turn is obviously setting one of many main mysteries for next season and it doesn’t take a bloody genius to figure out that Orson has some past grievance with Mike.

    Orson was incredibly hostile when he realised that Mike was a former jail bird during the latter’s appointment at the dentist and he was pretty evasive when Mike started asking him questions about his own past. That scene with Mike being run over was a genuine shocker and with an actor as brilliant as Kyle McLachlan in the role and Orson now connected to three main characters, here’s hoping that the writers learn from the mistakes made with Alfre Woodard this season.

    As for Mike – is he dead? It’s pretty safe to assume that he’s not, although if The O.C. can kill off a pretty pivotal character like Marissa Cooper, then who knows. I liked the fact Mike’s fate wasn’t addressed, we saw him get hit but we didn’t see him either dying or getting rescued, so it definitely bumps up the anticipation factor for next season anyway.

    I felt bad for poor Mike in this episode. He had to deal with Karl acting like a child and goading him into a fight which Susan made a rubbish job of breaking up and his attempts of getting his relationship with Susan back on track, including getting a ring and being coy with her is pulled away from him. A colleague at work today mentioned the stop/start factor of Susan/Mike but isn’t that what we loved/loathed about Ross and Rachel in Friends?

    I also quite liked Susan this week too as she was smart enough to realise that Karl’s gesture of a big house came with another kind of price tag but it certainly took a fair amount of nudging from Mike for Susan to do the right and tell Karl that “thanks but no thanks”, while asking him for a divorce, thus ending another pointless storyline we’ve had to endure this year. To be honest, I think I liked every plot in this episode, although when I was watching it, I was completely exhausted.

    Heading back to the land of flashback we get to see Lynette giving birth to Penny, while physical force to ensure that Tom doesn’t make her go through having another child again. What is up with Tom’s need to have his wife constantly have children? Was he an only child or does he want to have a certain hold over Lynette? The mind boggles on this one.

    In the present day, Lynette and Tom meet up with Nora, who annoyingly enough doesn’t bring Kayla along with her because they had a fight over something trivial. If you think Susan is the most childish of housewives, then it looks like Nora could steal her throne as she throws a strop in a pancake diner and demands 11 years worth of child support from Tom. Sadly for Nora, Lynette is a lot more capable of making a man squirm when she indulges in the vocal gymnastics and manages to out strop Nora.

    You do kind of wonder why Lynette is being so level-headed upon realising that Tom wasn’t forthcoming about telling her about Kayla but I’m sure any frustration that Lynette does feel is going to surface pretty soon anyway given that Nora and Kayla will now be a five minute distance from Wisteria Lane. Yeah, like I’m supposed to turn around and pretend I didn’t see that one coming because I totally did.

    Elsewhere in our last look at previous behaviour, a furious Gabrielle left on her lonesome decides to quell her anger at a negligent Carlos by sleeping with her gardener. Yes that means John is back and pretty much a moron who thinks that Gabrielle is the perfect package. However in a moment of genuine perceptiveness he does hit on the head that’s rather odd that Carlos doesn’t cheat on his wife. Gabrielle is arrogant enough to think her husband isn’t capable of doing such a thin because he has an antiquated view on sex.

    Thankfully for us and two years later, Carlos does the nasty on Gabrielle and in another array of non shockers; it’s with Xiao-Mei. If you’re hoping that I’m going to feel sorry for Gabrielle, then tough luck because I don’t. I don’t dislike Gabrielle as much as I did in Season One but if she honestly thought that Carlos wasn’t going to cheat on him after she caused scandal by sleeping with a minor and daring him to have an affair of his own, then this was the kick up the backside she well and truly deserved.

    That being said, Gabrielle’s method of punishment is great after Lynette’s baby monitor gives her a live feed on her husband’s secret activities with the maid in the Solis’ garage. Gabrielle throwing Carlos out was quite funny and forcing Xiao-Mei to continue with the threat of making her life a misery is interesting but judging by the fury on Xiao-Mei’s face, Gabrielle maybe be biting off more than she can chew.

    And to end on a lighter note, I think I’m really starting to like Zach. Not only did he let Noah die but it also looks like Paul will have to find another way of getting out of jail as Zach neglects to inform him that he is now a rich 17 year old and basically blows him off. It’s the least emphasised plot of the episode but it still manages to maintain some kind of interest. Also unlike Paul, it also gives the writers new territory to explore with Zach too.

    Also in “Remember Part 2”

    Housewife of the week: I guess it would have to be Mary Alice at the end of the episode when she was explaining how felt that having Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gabrielle impacted Wisteria Lane.

    Gabrielle: “How did you rip your panties?”
    Xiao-Mei: “I fall down”.

    Mike: “You’re nuts if you don’t think he has an ulterior motive”
    Susan: “He’s Karl”.

    I know that Marc Cherry is a pretty conservative guy but did anyone find the bible camp confession from John a tad cheesy?

    Gabrielle (to John, re Carlos): “It’s a way he shows he loves me instead of talking or listening or spending anytime with me”.

    Tom: “Honey that really hurt”
    Lynette: “Did it hurt for eight hours?”

    All the flashbacks in this episode (Bree/Gabrielle/Lynette) are from 2004. I found it funny how Tom didn’t want Penny to be named after an aunt he doesn’t like.

    Karl (re Mike): “You know where to find me if doesn’t work out”
    Susan: “Shut up”.

    Therapist: “I’m surprised you wanted a session”
    Bree: “Well there’s nothing like being tied to a bed to change your mind”.

    Original Rumours: Wasn’t one of the main housewives supposed to be pregnant? Wasn’t Laura Dern supposed to play Nora? Wasn’t it supposed to Caleb who died instead of Matthew?

    Xiao Mei: “I can go now”
    Gabrielle: “You can make dinner”.

    The full credits featured in this episode again. Will ABC just give us back them already?

    Nora: “Cos we’re all a big family now”
    Lynette: “Sort of”.

    No Edie, Andrew, Justin, Felicia, Scavo kids or Paul onscreen this week. It’s also a pity we didn’t get a flashback with all the women and their husbands having dinner in the Young residence, American Beauty/Six Feet Under style. That would’ve been great.

    Matthew (to Bree): “What’s the matter with you? I’m gonna shoot you”.

    Mary Alice: “The trick is to keep moving on”.

    That last sequence of the episode had the same pulling away effect that the ending of the “Pilot” had. It looked cool!

    I wasn’t sure about “Remember Part 2”at first to be honest. Although there was some things that I wasn’t completely satisfied with (and a few I saw coming a mile off), this final episode had far too many positives and with the brilliant way they’ve set up the mysteries/arcs for both Orson and Nora, I am actually looking forward to Season Three, following this hit and miss season. Until January 2007, I’ll be occupied with Doctor Who, Nip/Tuck and Torchwood.

  • It was nice to see how each housewives meet each other.

    so much to type but i will try my best to keep this as short as possable

    # Zac- well now he's become richest teenager on Wistria lane- and get away with killing hos grandfather, Paul in jail i have feeling he going to stay there

    # Bree-her guilt is quite strong-admitting herself but escape the place was funny-it amazing how she was willing to die for her daugher-Btw Why do psyco seem to find her attractive-olson ran over mike?

    # Applegates-wonder will never cease Caleb didn't kill that girl his brother did Big Grin-was it just me that thought that was rather obvious

    # Gabby-well i actually felt rather sorry for her in this episode-finding out Carlos and xing-ma-but it was rather obvious that was going happend-it's true what they say about food and man.

    # Lyneete i was rather disappointed with her willing to give up on her marriage so easily but story-line look a lot intrested with Tom having another kid that 11 years old-i wonder who they will get to play her in Season 3?

    # Mike-i really thought Carl ran him over than we saw Olson-still don't know what the story with him yet-we only saw him once in cinema and than after susan house burnt down

    # No eddie in both final episode-well

    # Susan getting lock in a moving van

    # Mary-alice-she really seem to be only housewive that seemed normal
  • The hits just keep on coming! A little more background on the girls courtesy of some flashbacks, and more shocking revelations. Beware Wisteria Lane!

    Three little words...Oh My God. Just when I thought this show was about to gasp its last breath, Marc Cherry displays a genius I thought had disappeared during the show hiatus. In what I initially thought would be a weak series of \'getting to know you\' flashbacks that were shown in the previews, I actually enjoyed getting the opportunity to see what brought everyone to The Lane. I didn\'t expect the shocks that were to come! Crazy Betty Applewhite gets her revenge. Bree busts out of Crazyville (still think she needs to rethink her stay). The crazy dentist takes out the hot plumber. And what kind of moron cheats on Gaby with the Oriental maid--hello?! This episode was almost nonstop, and is exactly what pulled me in at the beginning. Thank you, Mr. Cherry for renewing my faith in the seedy side of Wisteria.
  • Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

    OK, the writers could not have done a better season finale then this. it ois most definatley my favourite season finale of all.

    The Appelwhites story was resolved better then they ever could have, by killing Matthew and letting Betty and Caleb live their lives in peace without the accident of melanie Foster behind them. a tear came to my eye as I watched them embark on their new happy lives away frm all those painful memories of chicago and of course wyteria lane.

    well we have our new mystery for next year. The dentist. what is he hiding? Who is that woman from the mental hospital and why won't she speak? Well we'll find out next season.

    Lynette's story was very disappointing. i thought that we would see much more from her after the great end to part one. and her story for next year looks even more annoying with that stupid b***h and her daughter moving in near them.

    Looks like gaby won in the war with carlos. he deserved it. i ean with the woman who is carrying thier baby?! what an idiot! i can't wait to see how the war between Xio-mei and gaby is gonna play out. By the look on her face it seems that xoi mei has a few tricks up her sleve and may be hiding more then she is letting on. I wonder will we ever see carlos again?

    Susans story was mediocre. The Mike cliffhager could have been better. i was expecting a lot more then what we got.

    But anywy after the way things were left with bree leaving the house with that creepy dentist, it looks like season 3 is gonna be better then the past two seasons combined.

    So proven by this outstanding season finale, the desperate housewives have finally come out o the rut they have been in this season and are gonna bring out al the stops and make season three even better then season one!!! Looks like they are no longer Desperate! Bravo guys! Well done!
  • Someone dies, someone moves in. We look back at the past, and remember the happy memories. And someone's status is uncertain.

    I wonder how is it that Edie Britt can be missed in this finale?? But anyway, I loved the way Bree handled herself from the mental hospital to what happened in her home. However, I'm baffled to why Orson would run Mike over in the streets only to give roses to Bree... That's just bizzare but I guess we'll find out next season..
  • Cleverly end with most of the issues of the second season but...

    Cleverly end with most of the issues of the second season but also gives us new glimpses of what is comming for th enext one, like; what's wrong with Horson? or what´s going to happend with Bree and Danielle?, the new "friend" of the Scavo's, Carlos cheatin' on Gabrielle, expected but painful to watch, Zachary turnin' his back on Paul... and of course, the one that kept me on the edge of my seat, the one that almost give a heart attack; is Mike alright???... No puedo creerlo, por qué Susan tiene tan mala suerte? No se si podré aguantar hasta el comienzo de la nueva temporada para avergiuar que es lo que viene, de verás pocas series me ponen como Desperate Housewives. Best of the best.
  • A great way to end the season!

    What an awesome way to end the second season of one of the greatest shows ever made! I'm just mad that we have to wait until September to find out if Mike is okay!

    I think my favorite parts were mainly within Bree's story. Her story always sparks my interest. Marcia Cross is perfect for that role.

    As far as the Lynette and Tom "affair" thing goes, I think they should have made it an affair. It would have been more interesting to see where their marriage ended up. To be honest I found the "other mom" a bit annoying.

    August 29th - Season Two DVD
    September ?? - Season Three Premiere

    I can't wait!
  • Desperate housewives is one of my favorite showes. This episode did answer alot of questions, but still there's some mesteries.

    I loved this episode, it shows that Mike and Susan are still in love, and that dispite all of the events they are still friends no matter what.
    I love the fact that it still holds somethings, because i have new questions to be answered, so i guess i'll have to wait for season 3.... i recoment everyone to watch it, its a great one just like the rest.
  • An entertaining but rather uninspired end to the second season.

    Desperate Housewives reminds me of Twin Peaks. A series that took off like a shot and had people involved in every twist and turn and then petered out once the thrill was gone. This episode was entertaining, but nothing that will keep me watching next season. The problem was that they were trying to build mysteries out of thin air this year instead of building a logical story arc from start to finish. In the end, there was too much slapstick, too much over the top, and too little to care about. This episode capper was just a reminder of how disappoint the season was.
  • Absolutely brillant ! Waiting for the next WISTERIA LANE's Journey !

    This final double episode is very intense. We can see a strongest Bree than ever, she overcome her family's troubles and finally save her daughter from an unexpected bad neighbor. But what a pity we don't see the new life of Andrew, deprived of his goods, heritage, and house.
    Then, so sad seeing Susan waiting for her date wich never comes... despite his newly -ex -husband Carl let her go and finally signs the divorce form. Lynette has now to deal with a surprise -girl with a little girl from Tom, who has hidden her from ever, but Lynette is reacting really good, and is very calm, on spite of this crazy situation, in my opinion !!!

    So, some families separate, others recompose themselves, in any case, all Wisteria Lane is disturbed ! and it promise some great upcoming stories !
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