Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC
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The residents of Wisteria Lane are stunned to discover that Paul Young is out of prison and back in the neighborhood with seemingly dark motives. Meanwhile, while Paul is renting Susan's home, she, Mike and MJ are living in an apartment on limited funds... However, Susan sees a glimmer of hope in getting her life back on the lane when she's offered an unorthodox job by her apartment manager, Maxine (guest star Lainie Kazan). Lynette's rich and successful college friend, Renee (new castmember Vanessa Williams), pays an unexpected visit to the Scavo household, whereas Gabrielle and Carlos find themselves keeping secrets from one another, and Bree, newly single and needing a fresh start after handing out her business, finds herself tempted by Keith (guest star Brian Austin Green), the handsome, young handyman she's hired to update her house.moreless

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  • The 7th Season Begins With The Return of Paul Young. Gaby And Carlos Discover Secrets And A New Neighbor Arrives To Wisteria Lane.

    What an excellent way to start the season. Let's admit it, the 6th season was terrible and most of the episodes were just boring. I thought that it was the end of DH, but Paul's return to the Lane was a very good idea from the writers because it brings more spark to this show. Vanessa Williams sure had a memorable entrance to this series. The funniest part of this episode was MJ's reaction at Susan's and Mike's new apartment when he said "Oh God" with the most dramatic way as possible I just laughed so hard to Mike's reaction! Mark Moses was excellent here. I am writing this after watching this season and thought that it was one of the best episodes of this season.moreless
  • A solid start to the season.

    This was a pretty strong start to the 7th season with some great moments and some not so great momnets. Ill start by saying it was really nice to see some old faces back on our screens and for a long term fan of the show it felt like abit of a reward to see all these classic chracters agian.

    While old facs appear new ones do to. Renee Perry lynettes former collage friend/enemy i nwas really excited to see this chracter however i coundent help but feel disopointed with how they introduced her chracter there was nothing new or exciting there she is basically whilmena(ugly betty) also i felt that lynettes storyline was affected by Reness apperance i mean she has just gave birth to this baby and her name isnt even mentioned none of the women want to see it :S lazy writing i think. Susans storyline was ok but i think the whole porn think seems abit ridiculous and i also felt her reaction to seeing Paul living in her house was abit of an anti climax. Gabby had virtually nothing to do in this episode but i was suprised it was Junita whos child isnt really theres but i was even more suprised by Carlous shaved face. My favorite storyline this week wa Bree i thought the whole wallpaper think was really true to Brees chracter. Overall it was a pretty good start to season 7 that has got me excited for things to come.moreless
  • Back to the beginning.

    I think this is the best season opener since S2 and the way the episode set up the season was great, a mix of old storylines for all the veteran fans and some new storylines for the relatively new fans was the perfect balance.

    Susan's story is at the moment just holding off, but seen as though Paul is renting her house I'm sure she will be involved with him throughout the rest of the season. I think Susan fairs better at the more comedic stories.

    I'm glad Bree is kind of starting over; I think it's what her character has needed. She also needs a drama free season, well as much drama free as DH comes.

    Gabrielle and Carlos finally have the juicy storylines! Even if they are a bit 80's soap-opera style. Juanita being the switched baby was not obvious but the story could go either way depending on how the writers go. I'd rather see Gabby bonding more with her children and fighting the hospital to keep her child - I really want to see that true mother in her come out as she fights for her child. We got a glimpse on this episode where Gabby tells Juanita that her life would be over if anything happens to her.

    I have high hopes for Renee, hopefully she has a real juicy secret. Not just some fling with Tom.

    Paul. Finally! A secret I'm nervous to find out - he's so scary. Paul is a true villain, and I hope his "plan" for the ladies is as dark and twisted as his S1 storyline. Can't wait for this season, the old DH is back!

    P.S. I do realise I have said 'story' about 30,000 times ;)moreless
  • I truly have missed 'Desparate Housewives', nand Vanessa Williams is a scintillating actress from 'Ugly Betty', so this was a great start and idea for the new season!

    I really enjoyed the start to the new season fo 'Desparate Housewives'. The episode (although the first of the season) already created a lot of drama, including the introduction of Vanessa Williams to the cast. A former residernt has also returned, although I did not watch back then, and I did not remember him.

    My favorite aspect to the episode was the fact that Carlos and Gabby have been reaising a girl who is not their's. This was really shocking, and quite horrifying, and I'm sure it will lead to some interesting moments in future episodes!

    A nlot of new drama, this was a great start to the new Season! Keep it up, Desperate Housewives!moreless
  • Not quite sure.

    I don't know what to say about this show anymore. It seems like it will never end. The storyline is just lost. Every season they bring in the new family or in this case the old family and they just do some story about that in the entire season. I don't know. I'm still watching Desperate Housewives but just because on the moments it's quite funny or sometimes there is even something deep in the episode. The real entertainment here was seeing Vanessa Williams which obviosuly transferred from Ugly Betty (where I just loved her) to Desperate Housewives as Renee. Her character is interesting (maybe it reminds me a little bit of Edie) and her relationship with Lynette is very funny.moreless
Karly Rothenberg

Karly Rothenberg

Woman in Prison

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Bonnie Bailey-Reed

Bonnie Bailey-Reed


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Martin Kildare

Martin Kildare

Mr. Roarke

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Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green

Keith Watson

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Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

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Lainie Kazan

Lainie Kazan

Maxine Rosen

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Continuity Error: In flashbacks shown in this episode, Martha Huber is seen opening the front door of her house to Paul Young, on the night she was murdered. This contradicts the actual events that transpired in the episode "Guilty", in which Paul helps Martha with her groceries, taking them from her car and heading inside her house with her.

    • The baby in the picture of "the day Juanita was born" is in a crawling position and supporting itself by its arms, which would be impossible for a newborn.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Paul: I hear that my old house is back on the market. I'd like to buy it.
      Lee: Because of all the wonderful memories?
      Paul: Just find out what they're asking.
      Lee: Okay, but you just signed a one-year lease on this place, and you're buying a house across the street. Doesn't sound like a very good plan.
      Paul: Oh, believe me. I've had ten years to work on this plan. It's a good one.

    • Orson: So are you gonna be okay?
      Bree: Let's see. Uh, I'm getting a divorce, I lost my business, and I'm sitting here trying to remember why I quit drinking. I've had better Mondays.

    • Gabrielle: (about Paul) Innocent or not, that guy still gives me the creeps.
      Lynette: I can't believe Paul Young is back on Wisteria Lane.
      Susan: And he's using my shower.

    • MJ: This is where we're gonna live?
      Susan: Yeah.
      MJ: So are we poor?
      Mike: If you field this one, I'll tell him where babies come from.

    • Tom: So you're not gonna help with anything? 'Cause this place is really starting to go to hell.
      Lynette: Baby number five! An entire basketball team has come out of me, so I'm officially too exhausted to care.

    • Bree: (after confessing that Andrew killed Carlos' mother) I'm so sorry. And I realize I should have told you sonner.
      Gabrielle: No! No, no, no, you shouldn't have told me at all!
      Bree: What?
      Gabrielle: Now I have to tell Carlos, and he's going to kill Andrew, and then he's going to have to go to prison, so thank you for sending my husband to prison, Bree. Nice work!
      Bree: I just couldn't live with the secret any longer, and when Orson found out, he told me I was a horrible person.
      Gabrielle: That's why you told me? Oh, please, we're all horrible people!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is taken from lyrics in the song "Getting Married Today", from the Stephen Sondheim musical Company.