Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • I truly have missed 'Desparate Housewives', nand Vanessa Williams is a scintillating actress from 'Ugly Betty', so this was a great start and idea for the new season!

    I really enjoyed the start to the new season fo 'Desparate Housewives'. The episode (although the first of the season) already created a lot of drama, including the introduction of Vanessa Williams to the cast. A former residernt has also returned, although I did not watch back then, and I did not remember him.

    My favorite aspect to the episode was the fact that Carlos and Gabby have been reaising a girl who is not their's. This was really shocking, and quite horrifying, and I'm sure it will lead to some interesting moments in future episodes!

    A nlot of new drama, this was a great start to the new Season! Keep it up, Desperate Housewives!
  • Back to the beginning.

    I think this is the best season opener since S2 and the way the episode set up the season was great, a mix of old storylines for all the veteran fans and some new storylines for the relatively new fans was the perfect balance.

    Susan's story is at the moment just holding off, but seen as though Paul is renting her house I'm sure she will be involved with him throughout the rest of the season. I think Susan fairs better at the more comedic stories.

    I'm glad Bree is kind of starting over; I think it's what her character has needed. She also needs a drama free season, well as much drama free as DH comes.

    Gabrielle and Carlos finally have the juicy storylines! Even if they are a bit 80's soap-opera style. Juanita being the switched baby was not obvious but the story could go either way depending on how the writers go. I'd rather see Gabby bonding more with her children and fighting the hospital to keep her child - I really want to see that true mother in her come out as she fights for her child. We got a glimpse on this episode where Gabby tells Juanita that her life would be over if anything happens to her.

    I have high hopes for Renee, hopefully she has a real juicy secret. Not just some fling with Tom.

    Paul. Finally! A secret I'm nervous to find out - he's so scary. Paul is a true villain, and I hope his "plan" for the ladies is as dark and twisted as his S1 storyline. Can't wait for this season, the old DH is back!

    P.S. I do realise I have said 'story' about 30,000 times ;)
  • The 7th Season Begins With The Return of Paul Young. Gaby And Carlos Discover Secrets And A New Neighbor Arrives To Wisteria Lane.

    What an excellent way to start the season. Let's admit it, the 6th season was terrible and most of the episodes were just boring. I thought that it was the end of DH, but Paul's return to the Lane was a very good idea from the writers because it brings more spark to this show. Vanessa Williams sure had a memorable entrance to this series. The funniest part of this episode was MJ's reaction at Susan's and Mike's new apartment when he said "Oh God" with the most dramatic way as possible I just laughed so hard to Mike's reaction! Mark Moses was excellent here. I am writing this after watching this season and thought that it was one of the best episodes of this season.
  • A solid start to the season.

    This was a pretty strong start to the 7th season with some great moments and some not so great momnets. Ill start by saying it was really nice to see some old faces back on our screens and for a long term fan of the show it felt like abit of a reward to see all these classic chracters agian.
    While old facs appear new ones do to. Renee Perry lynettes former collage friend/enemy i nwas really excited to see this chracter however i coundent help but feel disopointed with how they introduced her chracter there was nothing new or exciting there she is basically whilmena(ugly betty) also i felt that lynettes storyline was affected by Reness apperance i mean she has just gave birth to this baby and her name isnt even mentioned none of the women want to see it :S lazy writing i think. Susans storyline was ok but i think the whole porn think seems abit ridiculous and i also felt her reaction to seeing Paul living in her house was abit of an anti climax. Gabby had virtually nothing to do in this episode but i was suprised it was Junita whos child isnt really theres but i was even more suprised by Carlous shaved face. My favorite storyline this week wa Bree i thought the whole wallpaper think was really true to Brees chracter. Overall it was a pretty good start to season 7 that has got me excited for things to come.
  • Welcome Back Paul and Felicia Tilman

    A very good start to seven, possibly the last one. Although nothings been declared, I think its been written at the last season, because this episode has many back to the beginning reference and apperances (Mary Alice, Rex and Martha Hubuer for instance)

    Its good to see Paul Young back on our screens. Lynette is right: No matter how innocent he is, he still gives us the creeps! Also Felicia Tilman makes another apperance and is very creepy once again. Wonder what her grand master plan is.

    Vanessa Willams blows into town and I am glad to see her. Willimenia on UGLY BETTY was great and Rene seems to be also great. Wonder how she'll evolve.

    And finally it seems Gabrielle and Carlos are to suffer this season. I won't say anymore than that.

    Overall a good start - not as bad as some make it out to be.
  • Wisteria Lane receives a visit from not one, but two old friends: Lynette's old college friend, Renee; and Paul Young, who has plans of his own.

    Desperate Housewives is back - with a vengeance! After an entertaining but occasionally shaky sixth season (although it was a vast improvement over the lackluster fifth season), it seems like the writers are finally getting their mojo back, and I could not be happier.

    Let's start with Paul Young. For starters, I loved the entire opening sequence, with the flashbacks and Paul's return to the lane. The writers are reaching back in time, and I think this was a good way to go. This is gonna be a hell of a mystery, especially with Felicia Tillman involved. Oh, this is gonna be fun.

    Vanessa Williams. I had my doubts about her, but as it turns out, she's absolutely wonderful, and her interactions with Lynette were a hoot. I was surprised to find that she is carrying some heartache (her facial expression when Lynette was chewing her out was just devastating), so it's nice to see that this isn't just a one-note character. I can't wait to see where they take Renee!

    Carlos and Gabby. Oh, this is gonna be a heartbreaker. These are two of my favorite characters in the series, and I have a feeling this whole "baby-switched-at-birth" thing is gonna be an emotional ride.

    Bree. So she and Orson are separated now, and it seems there's a new contractor Bree has her eye on. I'm not sure about this one just yet. I love Marcia Cross, and her character, so I will follow her wherever this season takes her. Susan. Am I the only one who thinks that Susan taking that website job is a little...odd? Then again, this is Desperate Housewives. They've pulled off some pretty crazy scenarios over the years. So, we've got several great setups for this year, along with a great new set of characters, some new, some old. We've got a mystery that hearkens back to the first season, and I, for one, am beginning to remember why I fell in love with this show.
  • A great kick-off to the year with multiple secrets abounding.

    That it's Gabby raising a child not her own is a surprise but oddly fitting and ironic considering her uncertainity over motherhood. That she and Carlos are now keeping secrets from each other is an interesting bit (and man, Carlos looks different without the beard) and promises some nice tension throughout the year. So Paul is back and fitting how it's because Felicia finally got found out. His talk of a "plan" seems off but then, after ten years in jail, he's entitled to be intense. Felicia having a plan of her own is also interesting and promises a twisted path to follow. The Susan plot looks like some dumb comedy but might be fun although I hope they get back on the Lane soon. Also like how Bree handles Orson's departure and moving on with her life and new strength. The big one is the arrival of Vanessa Williams who fits in perfectly from her first scene. Loved the tension between her and Lynette and her revelations of how wild Lynette was. We all saw it coming that Renee got dumped and will be interesting to see a woman obviously used to the high life having to bring herself down to the suburbs. Williams is just a great addition and can't wait to see her get into some wicked fun. Overall, looks like the kick-off to another great season that should improve on last year nicely with some new faces and tensions.
  • Old story lines are finally being mentioned, while yet again more open up.

    Over all, not an amazing episode, but not a bad one. I'll start with the things that didn't work for me.

    THE BAD:
    -Overly Comical. Once again, I was let down with how you expect an emotional scene (right when Bree starts to try and fix the wallpaper), and rather than letting it play out as a mental breakdown as it should have been, they started up with the comical music to lighten the mood.

    -The over feel of ignoring the past. While the show is trying to bring older elements into play such as finally getting back to Paul's story arc, they seem to always ignore the past. Why does no one mention Edie Britt, or Katherine, or even the Mayfair's, or even Angie?, or talk about things from even last season such as the fact that Lynnette gave birth in a hostage situation! It's as if once a character or event has played out, they never even existed. THE GOOD:
    -The story arc. The over all story arc for the season could be promising, mainly because it revolved around a character that has proven to work with the series. Some characters flopped, such as Angie and the Bolans, but Paul worked for 2 seasons, so I see no reason why he and Felecia wont work again, providing there is actually a story to work on. -As for Gabby's switched child, Lynnette's friend living with them, and Susan's money issues; They're not bad, but they're nor near as exciting as a Gabby's Affair, Lynnette and Toms issue with Kayla (speaking of people who vanished with no mention of after they've gone.), and Bree's trouble with her OCD and maintaining a perfect family. OVERALL
    -The show has potential this year, it's just a matter of where the writers take it. They may want to really start tying up loose ends, I don't see Housewives going for many more years, at-least let it end with a bang! (and I don't mean with a tornado, or plane crash, or for gods sake, lets hope not an earth quake.)
  • See Summary

    Remember Paul, the seasons opening episode, was not as great as I expected it to be. I thought there would be a little more bang. The whole Juanita thing is kind of lame, I mean they couldn't come up with something more exciting than that? Paul returning to Wisteria Lane is the best part of the episode. He is rich, has an agenda, and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Felicia Tillman is better than ever, and I look forward to her story line, though I wonder who her friends are on Wisteria Lane. Brian Austin Greene does good for the short time he was on. Vanessa Williams is exceptional in her role, and the chemistry between her and Lynnette is a pleasure to watch unfold. Carlos and Gaby are both keeping secrets, though the one Carlos is keeping is a bit more striking to the heart. I can't imagine being in that situation. He definitely did the right thing I believe.
  • 701

    The new season of Desperate Housewives kicked off last week and if this is any indication, I would not be surprised if this is the show's last. The new arcs that they introduced for the remainder of the season just seem so boring and I am sure they will get better as the year progresses, but I just cannot myself thoroughly enjoying them. Vanessa Williams' whole appearance was a letdown, as was Duck from Mad Men's return. I am glad that it looks like Gaby will actually get some meaningful scenes this year, but even her storyline will probably get ruined.

    Solid start, but from this show you expect greatness week in and week out.
  • Lynette welcomes an old friend and Paul Young returns.


    We've gotten used to DH discarding everything that has happened in the most recent season finale in its premieres, so let's do just like the characters do... Don't talk about the car that blew up on the street yesterday, don't mention Lynette only gave birth to a baby girl in the hands of the Fairview strangler a few hours ago and is now wandering around as healthy as a horse.

    Why not? Because there's a lot of new sh*z going on at Wisteria Lane today! Let's start with the big story we've all been waiting for the entire summer, the reason of Paul's return.


    While I was excited to have a part of the old gang back, being Mark Moses and Harriet Sansom Harris as Paul and Felicia, I can't help but feel disappointed. My first reason for this is the way they shamelessly underused the rest of the cast that was so friendly to come back for 5 measily seconds of screentime (Steven Culp and Christine Estabrook) and the overly dramatic fashion they presented it all in. I can see the difficulty in finding the balance between comedy and drama in such a situation, but this was sitcom quality. The other reason for my anger is the way they're rehashing the revenge plotline once again. Aside from Felicia being a third party this time, it could as well have been Dave who returned instead of Paul (storyline for next season, I'm sure). The only way I can turn this to a more positive light is it might be a way to return to the S1-2 vibe and so we can have some Felicia Tillman again.

    Besides that, we finally found out who the switched baby was. I guess it was naïve for me to think they would have a good reason for the nurse to switch them - wrong, it appears she was just an alcoholic. Ah well, at least it'll give Eva Longoria some good drama material, which is long overdue since her great dramatic scene in season 2 when she lost baby Lilly - wrong, Carlos keeps it a secret from her. This is most likely as much out of character as him shaving his beard off completely and being barely recognizable. I don't like where this is headed and with Gaby also keeping the secret of who ran over Carlos' mother, I feel this will continue to walk down the cheesy path of writer's convenience it did in this episode.


    While Bree's story for last night had the potential to be the best of the evening, they ruined it partially by adding a new love interest for her. Don't get me wrong, I like Brian Austin Green as Keith for now and he seems like something different, which is good, but it would've been better if they added him a little later. I would've liked to see Bree find her way in her new life without some guy by her side for a few episodes. I didn't like Orson last season, but he had a good goodbye last night (expect for the ridiculous new girlfriend) and I was kinda sad to see him go. What bothers me the most is that they ruined a great dramatic scene by turning it into a comedy scene. They've done this almost every time in the past 2 years, having something dramatic happen and end it with a stupid joke. This time, Bree being on the verge of a breakdown after Orson left, she started ripping off wallpaper. I felt the tension building, with Bree coming closer to just bursting out crying (Marcia did great by the way) and it could've been on par with my all time favorite scene from season 1, Bree crying after the hospital calls her to tell her Rex is dead. But then the goofy music starts and she goes ripping of the wallpaper like a maniac. If that music hadn't been added, it would have made a huge difference and I'm really sad to see a scene with such potential be ruined.


    I like to end on a positive note, so now for the good things, and to my surprise, one of those things is Susan. While the whole sex housecleaning idea is a bit stupid, I liked how they handled it and Teri was amusing as well. I'm excited to see some more of the Delfino's new environment and I'm pretty sure they'll continue on the right track, as this is just the same safe comedy they've played with Susan for years.

    In my opinion the best part of last night's episode, and I can't believe I'm going to say it, was Vanessa Williams. She brought back the sassy character the show missed since Edie kicked the bucket and had great chemistry with Felicity/Lynette. The frenemy stuff was a bit over the top, but it was DH comedy as it should've been. Tom's way of acting was stupid, but the two ladies did great and they're one of the biggest reasons why I'm still actually looking forward to the next episode.


    As with every DH episode, I'll probably learn to appreciate "Remember Paul?" more over the time as well, so that's why I still gave it a decent 6.5, but I hope the season doesn't continue the show's trend of becoming more a comedy than a drama, because the balance between both is becoming dangerously unstable.
  • Not quite sure.

    I don't know what to say about this show anymore. It seems like it will never end. The storyline is just lost. Every season they bring in the new family or in this case the old family and they just do some story about that in the entire season. I don't know. I'm still watching Desperate Housewives but just because on the moments it's quite funny or sometimes there is even something deep in the episode. The real entertainment here was seeing Vanessa Williams which obviosuly transferred from Ugly Betty (where I just loved her) to Desperate Housewives as Renee. Her character is interesting (maybe it reminds me a little bit of Edie) and her relationship with Lynette is very funny.