Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • Lynette welcomes an old friend and Paul Young returns.


    We've gotten used to DH discarding everything that has happened in the most recent season finale in its premieres, so let's do just like the characters do... Don't talk about the car that blew up on the street yesterday, don't mention Lynette only gave birth to a baby girl in the hands of the Fairview strangler a few hours ago and is now wandering around as healthy as a horse.

    Why not? Because there's a lot of new sh*z going on at Wisteria Lane today! Let's start with the big story we've all been waiting for the entire summer, the reason of Paul's return.


    While I was excited to have a part of the old gang back, being Mark Moses and Harriet Sansom Harris as Paul and Felicia, I can't help but feel disappointed. My first reason for this is the way they shamelessly underused the rest of the cast that was so friendly to come back for 5 measily seconds of screentime (Steven Culp and Christine Estabrook) and the overly dramatic fashion they presented it all in. I can see the difficulty in finding the balance between comedy and drama in such a situation, but this was sitcom quality. The other reason for my anger is the way they're rehashing the revenge plotline once again. Aside from Felicia being a third party this time, it could as well have been Dave who returned instead of Paul (storyline for next season, I'm sure). The only way I can turn this to a more positive light is it might be a way to return to the S1-2 vibe and so we can have some Felicia Tillman again.

    Besides that, we finally found out who the switched baby was. I guess it was naïve for me to think they would have a good reason for the nurse to switch them - wrong, it appears she was just an alcoholic. Ah well, at least it'll give Eva Longoria some good drama material, which is long overdue since her great dramatic scene in season 2 when she lost baby Lilly - wrong, Carlos keeps it a secret from her. This is most likely as much out of character as him shaving his beard off completely and being barely recognizable. I don't like where this is headed and with Gaby also keeping the secret of who ran over Carlos' mother, I feel this will continue to walk down the cheesy path of writer's convenience it did in this episode.


    While Bree's story for last night had the potential to be the best of the evening, they ruined it partially by adding a new love interest for her. Don't get me wrong, I like Brian Austin Green as Keith for now and he seems like something different, which is good, but it would've been better if they added him a little later. I would've liked to see Bree find her way in her new life without some guy by her side for a few episodes. I didn't like Orson last season, but he had a good goodbye last night (expect for the ridiculous new girlfriend) and I was kinda sad to see him go. What bothers me the most is that they ruined a great dramatic scene by turning it into a comedy scene. They've done this almost every time in the past 2 years, having something dramatic happen and end it with a stupid joke. This time, Bree being on the verge of a breakdown after Orson left, she started ripping off wallpaper. I felt the tension building, with Bree coming closer to just bursting out crying (Marcia did great by the way) and it could've been on par with my all time favorite scene from season 1, Bree crying after the hospital calls her to tell her Rex is dead. But then the goofy music starts and she goes ripping of the wallpaper like a maniac. If that music hadn't been added, it would have made a huge difference and I'm really sad to see a scene with such potential be ruined.


    I like to end on a positive note, so now for the good things, and to my surprise, one of those things is Susan. While the whole sex housecleaning idea is a bit stupid, I liked how they handled it and Teri was amusing as well. I'm excited to see some more of the Delfino's new environment and I'm pretty sure they'll continue on the right track, as this is just the same safe comedy they've played with Susan for years.

    In my opinion the best part of last night's episode, and I can't believe I'm going to say it, was Vanessa Williams. She brought back the sassy character the show missed since Edie kicked the bucket and had great chemistry with Felicity/Lynette. The frenemy stuff was a bit over the top, but it was DH comedy as it should've been. Tom's way of acting was stupid, but the two ladies did great and they're one of the biggest reasons why I'm still actually looking forward to the next episode.


    As with every DH episode, I'll probably learn to appreciate "Remember Paul?" more over the time as well, so that's why I still gave it a decent 6.5, but I hope the season doesn't continue the show's trend of becoming more a comedy than a drama, because the balance between both is becoming dangerously unstable.
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