Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • Old story lines are finally being mentioned, while yet again more open up.

    Over all, not an amazing episode, but not a bad one. I'll start with the things that didn't work for me.

    THE BAD:
    -Overly Comical. Once again, I was let down with how you expect an emotional scene (right when Bree starts to try and fix the wallpaper), and rather than letting it play out as a mental breakdown as it should have been, they started up with the comical music to lighten the mood.

    -The over feel of ignoring the past. While the show is trying to bring older elements into play such as finally getting back to Paul's story arc, they seem to always ignore the past. Why does no one mention Edie Britt, or Katherine, or even the Mayfair's, or even Angie?, or talk about things from even last season such as the fact that Lynnette gave birth in a hostage situation! It's as if once a character or event has played out, they never even existed. THE GOOD:
    -The story arc. The over all story arc for the season could be promising, mainly because it revolved around a character that has proven to work with the series. Some characters flopped, such as Angie and the Bolans, but Paul worked for 2 seasons, so I see no reason why he and Felecia wont work again, providing there is actually a story to work on. -As for Gabby's switched child, Lynnette's friend living with them, and Susan's money issues; They're not bad, but they're nor near as exciting as a Gabby's Affair, Lynnette and Toms issue with Kayla (speaking of people who vanished with no mention of after they've gone.), and Bree's trouble with her OCD and maintaining a perfect family. OVERALL
    -The show has potential this year, it's just a matter of where the writers take it. They may want to really start tying up loose ends, I don't see Housewives going for many more years, at-least let it end with a bang! (and I don't mean with a tornado, or plane crash, or for gods sake, lets hope not an earth quake.)
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