Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • Back to the beginning.

    I think this is the best season opener since S2 and the way the episode set up the season was great, a mix of old storylines for all the veteran fans and some new storylines for the relatively new fans was the perfect balance.

    Susan's story is at the moment just holding off, but seen as though Paul is renting her house I'm sure she will be involved with him throughout the rest of the season. I think Susan fairs better at the more comedic stories.

    I'm glad Bree is kind of starting over; I think it's what her character has needed. She also needs a drama free season, well as much drama free as DH comes.

    Gabrielle and Carlos finally have the juicy storylines! Even if they are a bit 80's soap-opera style. Juanita being the switched baby was not obvious but the story could go either way depending on how the writers go. I'd rather see Gabby bonding more with her children and fighting the hospital to keep her child - I really want to see that true mother in her come out as she fights for her child. We got a glimpse on this episode where Gabby tells Juanita that her life would be over if anything happens to her.

    I have high hopes for Renee, hopefully she has a real juicy secret. Not just some fling with Tom.

    Paul. Finally! A secret I'm nervous to find out - he's so scary. Paul is a true villain, and I hope his "plan" for the ladies is as dark and twisted as his S1 storyline. Can't wait for this season, the old DH is back!

    P.S. I do realise I have said 'story' about 30,000 times ;)
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