Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity Error: In flashbacks shown in this episode, Martha Huber is seen opening the front door of her house to Paul Young, on the night she was murdered. This contradicts the actual events that transpired in the episode "Guilty", in which Paul helps Martha with her groceries, taking them from her car and heading inside her house with her.

    • The baby in the picture of "the day Juanita was born" is in a crawling position and supporting itself by its arms, which would be impossible for a newborn.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: I hear that my old house is back on the market. I'd like to buy it.
      Lee: Because of all the wonderful memories?
      Paul: Just find out what they're asking.
      Lee: Okay, but you just signed a one-year lease on this place, and you're buying a house across the street. Doesn't sound like a very good plan.
      Paul: Oh, believe me. I've had ten years to work on this plan. It's a good one.

    • Orson: So are you gonna be okay?
      Bree: Let's see. Uh, I'm getting a divorce, I lost my business, and I'm sitting here trying to remember why I quit drinking. I've had better Mondays.

    • Gabrielle: (about Paul) Innocent or not, that guy still gives me the creeps.
      Lynette: I can't believe Paul Young is back on Wisteria Lane.
      Susan: And he's using my shower.

    • MJ: This is where we're gonna live?
      Susan: Yeah.
      MJ: So are we poor?
      Mike: If you field this one, I'll tell him where babies come from.

    • Tom: So you're not gonna help with anything? 'Cause this place is really starting to go to hell.
      Lynette: Baby number five! An entire basketball team has come out of me, so I'm officially too exhausted to care.

    • Bree: (after confessing that Andrew killed Carlos' mother) I'm so sorry. And I realize I should have told you sonner.
      Gabrielle: No! No, no, no, you shouldn't have told me at all!
      Bree: What?
      Gabrielle: Now I have to tell Carlos, and he's going to kill Andrew, and then he's going to have to go to prison, so thank you for sending my husband to prison, Bree. Nice work!
      Bree: I just couldn't live with the secret any longer, and when Orson found out, he told me I was a horrible person.
      Gabrielle: That's why you told me? Oh, please, we're all horrible people!

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  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is taken from lyrics in the song "Getting Married Today", from the Stephen Sondheim musical Company.