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  • Great show

    I love this show. It's so funny...i love the plot, the favourite is Eva Longoria but the best actresses on the show i think are Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross. I loved every one of the series...i would like that Gaby and Carlos would get back together, because they make such a great (and of course funny) couple. And I'm curious what Bree will do with her daughter's child..if nobody will find out that it isn't her child. Susan is a little boring but funny in some way..and's funny with her kids..but her story is a little sad..i hope she gets well.
  • This is a great show.

    I love Desperate Housewives and i think that it is a really great show. It just has a really great story-line and it is so dramatic. The characters are also really great and they are pretty good at acting. Marcia Cross is definitely one of my favorite actress. She plays the part of Bree really well and she looks the part as well. I guess the show is so successful is because it has very interesting plots and it is hard to know what to expect is going to happen next. So to everyone who hasn't watched DH then i recommend it.
  • This show is so professionally made. For me, it is the most entertaining show that isn't 100% comedy.

    The first two seasons are excellent. I haven't seen an episode of season 3, because I heard the first episode was silly and had plot-holes.

    The things these women do are so funny and entertaining. The writing is top-notch, there are always these genius plot-twists, it's just fantastic. All the characters are very likable and have strong characteristics.

    This is among the greatest live-action TV shows for me.

    There is never a dull moment in this show. Whenever it was on, I'd rush to the TV, trying hardly not to miss a second.

    The comedy is hilarious, the drama is even more top notch, it's made professionally (which is rare in modern TV) and basically it's just a great show. I recommend it strongly.
  • so many dead body in the neighborhood but i love it!!

    i can't take my eyes off the tv the minute i watched the first episode.... especially Gaby who do anything to cover her affair... funny as hell... Susan with the naked incident... and the uptight Bree, but she is my favorite character.. i don't know why... maybe because she is so elegant... i hate her kids, btw... the season 2 was still interesting and funny... mostly because lynette.... the season 3 was interesting too even though bree suddenly disappear from the picture... overall i still like this show... after 3 seasons, DH still maintain the creativity.... keep up the good work!
  • this shows the best show every it goes from sex to murder to new relationships there r cute guys on it like mike delfino a sexy plumber and then theres also carlos and others! mom got me addicted to this show and i am soooooooooooooooooooo glad she did!!!

    this shows the best show every it goes from sex to murder to new relationships there r cute guys on it like mike delfino a sexy plumber (wounder why they call him a sexy plumber hee hee) and then theres also carlos, tom, victor and the ladies theres gabby(ex of carlos net wife of victors but looks like her and carlos is getting back together soon) susan (new wife of mike) edie (ex gf of mike man mikes been busy haha! is she dead?? thats the queston ppl wanna know) and lynette (wife of tom for 9 or more years)
  • Sex! Deceit! Murder! Adultery! And all in one episode! Desperate Housewives is a fabulous show that will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

    Although Desperate Housewives is a drama focusing on the secrets and lies of friends on Wisteria Lane, a lot of comedy is infused in this Marc Cherry creation. Even if you are not a soap opera fan, it's difficult not to enjoy this one. Desperate Housewives could even be considered a comedy, as you will laugh through every episode. The writing is incredible, as more and more complications affect each of the "housewives", and leaves you biting your nails until the next week. Unlike other shows, there is absolutely no filler. Each scene is as entertaining as the next, and the audience will even find itself rooting for the "bad guys". From a botched surrogacy to a cancer scare, this show will send the viewer on a tremendous roller coaster of emotions. Happiness, dread, sadness, and laughter are only a slight few of the emotions invoked. Seriously, watch from the beginning and you will be hooked.
  • Oh Wisteria Lane...

    Desperate Housewives blew me away with how entertaining it was. The housewives are all quirky, intelligent, and crazy, but you can't help but to always find yourself on their side. The supporting characters on the show are also extremely charming. Their scenes consistently add a little extra flair to the show. Also - compelling storyline twists never fail to make you want more episodes and answers! You love them, you hate them, but when it comes down to it - Lynette, Bree, Susan, Gabrielle, and Edie make this show rediculously addictive. It's exciting, thrilling, and hilarious. Definitely one of my favorites!
  • A wonderful romantic, funny, dramatic and misterious show about five women living in Wisteria Lane and having several problems with their love-life and several secrets.

    One day Mary Alice Young commits sucide and leaves her best friends wondering why she did what she did. Her friends, that are: The sometimes naive but always love-hungry Susan Mayer, who has to decide who her real love is. The neurotic perfectionist Bree Hodge who struggles with her husband, kids and her alcohol problem. Lynette Scavo who is a successful business woman and mother of four. She has to figure out her priorities. Newly-divorced model Gabrielle Solis who has to find something to do now she doesn't get any more model jobs. And Edie Britt who has a very adventurous love life. All women have to face the everyday challenge of their family life and there will always be secrets that need to be covered by some and revealed by others.

    When the first season was on I didn't watch it because I thought that it wasn't very good. But when the second season was on I got completely hooked and Desperate Housewives nights are now something I'm always looking forward to. Episodes like season three's "Bang" show that this show gets better every season and hopefully will persist to be that good.

    I really like this show for several reasons:
    - The main characters: There are some shows about strong women but this one is the best. The women are just fabulous and very funny. I especially like Lynette because she is hilarious. - The story-lines. Love, secrets, crimes, family issues, romance, mean girls and much more secrets create a wonderful mix. You can't really put DH in one category because it changes from soap to comedy to drama and so on.
    - The voice-over. Done by many shows but this one is one of the best ones. Mary-Alice's sarcastic narrating style is just hilarious.
    - The humour. I really like this certain style of humour that Desperate Housewives has. Little sarcastic, little comedy but always fun.
    - Love. DH has not too much and not too few romantic stories. Mike and Susan, Lynette and Tom, Gabrielle and Carlos (their feud in season 3 was just hilarious) and so many more.

    So, all in all, this show is just great, has many good story-lines and a wonderful sarcastic voice-over. I'm really happy there will be four more seasons and I'm really looking forward to new stories about the women of the Wisteria Lane.
  • This show has everything from murder and suicide to friendship and motherhood.

    That's right this show has everything that a person could want. Alot of people (who don't watch this show) see this show as a show where everyone is having sex and being bad parents and going out of their mind from their spouse. But it's really not. There are some touching moments between spouse's and parents and their childeren and friends. It's not all about sex and murder. There is something in it for everyone. I love the show. I think the storyline's are great and I love all the characters and actors. The writers do a great job with the suspense and mystery even if it's only an affair or a kinda/almost affair. It's all great. The one thing that I don't really like about the show is all the deaths. I mean sure it's great if you want a character to be killed off just wait until the next episode. But there are usually 5 or 6 deaths in one season or at leat there were in the third season. I do love how they us a character and then make them go away for a while then BAM, bring them back.
  • Funny :)

    When this first came out i never watched it but i caught up with the latest series on channel five and have become completely addicted lol. Over course the storylines are outrageous and over the top but that just makes it ten times better! What makes it mostly enjoyable is the different types of characters in it. I think Gabriella and Carlos should deffinatly get back together, which they probably have and i have just not caught up with the latest series! I like they way it shows how things in even the most perfect looking suburb are not what they seem. Know one knows what goes on behind closed doors!
  • Awesomeness

    I love this show so much, it is my second favourite from scrubs, It has funny scripts sneaky as well Here is 5 things why i love Desperate Housewives.

    1 . Sneaky scripts
    2 . Funny Characters
    3 . Hot Dudes D . E . S . P . E . R . A . T . E H . O . U . S . E . W . I . V . E . S D . E . S . P . E . R . A . T . E H . O . U . S . E . W . I . V . E . S
  • The lives of the women on Wysteria Lane, changed when Mary Alice Young shot herself....

    I love the way things aren't always what they seem, and the mystery about the lady's in the lane lifestyles, as narrated by the deceased Mary Alice Young, whom herself created the first series mystery. Bree is a recovering alcoholic with two children, both of whom have caused her grief at some point. Lynette and her ever increasing family, Gabi and her lavish lifestyle, Edie and her effervescent man to man lifestyle, and Susan and her clumsiness make this show the one to watch. Personally slightly loosly connected to Britians Cold Feet, (watch them and compare) this show is not just for the ladies.
  • I love the way it shows you that under that perfect shell, there are dark cobwebs of lies and secrets.

    In every quiet, 'perfect' neighbourhood lies deep secrets. I love the narrating voice that is talking every now and then, saying words of wisdom (or something) that really makes you think. And everytime I walk into a quiet, perfect neighbourhood I say to myself, 'I wonder what kinds of secrets and stories lurks about here..', because there is always something strange, something they do not want to get out, that could ruin the reputation of their still, bird-twittering street. Great acting.
  • 10
    Oh my Goodness, I just saw that this site is auctioning a set visit to Desperate Housewives!!!!!!! The proceeds are going to Alfre Woodard's organization, Artists for a New South Africa. I guess they really like her over there cuz this sounds awesome. A tour of all the soundstages, lunch with the cast and crew and you can bring cameras and everything. I adore that show but I'm a college student and totally broke. but it's not even that expensive. Just wanted to give my fellow D.H. lovers the heads up. Here's the link Oh and my birthday is today so if you boys wanna buy it for me, I would totally except. lol. Happy bidding!
  • Welcome to Wisteria lane ...

    After having committed suicide, Mary Alice Young is the voice that takes us through everyday lives of her friends Susan Myer, Lynette Scavo, Gabrielle Marquez, Bree Hodge and Eddie Britt in Wisteria lane. Susan is the single mum raising her teenage daughter Julie. Susan also has a crush on Mike Delfino, the plumber, and often lands herself in hilarious situations. Lynette is the mother of 5 children who manages a pizzeria with her husband Tom. Gabrielle, a former model, lives for fashion and luxury while Bree is the uptight housewife who likes perfection. And finally, there is Eddie, who has a few tricks up her sleeves to be part of the desperate housewives club.
  • This show is all about the neighbours of Wisteria Lane,a picturesque street in the suburbs.All the neighbours go through thousands of personal problems and there is always a dark neighbour with a huge secret.It really is addictive tv.

    I love this show!There is no other show on tv that compares to this.The writer Marc Cherry says it's based on his mother and her tales of life which is really crazy as there is so much going on and such dark secrets and discoveries about themselves and their neighbours.Al of the characters reach out to you and get you on their side no matter what the situation or personality.Although this is a funny and dramatic show there is very sad storylines that touch everyones hearts.This is my absolute favorite tv show of all time and have the 1st and 2nd series on DVD and would watch it over and over again.All of my friends agree this is the best tv show ever aired.
  • i love this programme the storylines of each friend are so good

    im liking the bree story right now about her pretendin to have a baby so that when danielles baby is born she can raise it as her own nd im also loving that susan nd mike finally got married :) nd gabrielle i think she shud dump that man hes just using her so that he can look like hes interested in family stuff for his campaign i dont like lynettes story tho cause i dont want her to die cause she has all them kids to look after nd tom needs her i really dont like the last part about edie as it brought up some bad memories about my brother i think she shud of just told carlos how she felt instead of writin it in a letter nd then doin that
  • I watched it twice.

    I loved this season finale! I couldn't belive what was happening with everything! I want to know what happen to Eddie. My mom said that the scarf probablly didn't hold her but those things are mighty strong... She also knew from the beggining that Bree's stomach wasn't real. I also want to know what happen's with Susan and Mike. Ohhhhhh and Lynette. Aww the poor woman has lymphoma. I couldn't belive it!
  • The 3rd season finale of Desperate housewives was so wonderful and unexpected I had to watch it twice

    In the season finale Gabby and Victor get married and so do Mike and Susan. After the Gabby's wedding she goes to find Victor so that Bree can meet him, while she is looking she over hears him and his father talking about how it was smart marrying Gabby because it will get the votes from mexicans(im pretty sure thats what they said, I can't quite remember) So Gabby feels down and goes into the room with all the presents and finds carlos there and he comforts her and they kiss. Then that night Susan gets Julie to call Mike pretending to be a woman with a plumbing problem. Mike goes to the place and finds Susan, Julie and the paster that was at Gabby and Victor's wedding. They get married in the night because neither of them can wait anymore.
    Lynnette finds out she has a type of cancer and her mother comes to help take care of the kids and you find out that Lynnette's mother cheated on her husband and then afterward she got cancer and Lynnette said that the cancer was payback for cheating and she was being punished. So Lynettes mother says she was getting cancer for cheating on Tom.
    Bree comes back pretending that she is pregnant so that when her daughter has the daughter she is pregnant with so Bree can take the child in as her own.
    Eddie convinces carlos that she wants to have a baby and she is not taking birth control pills even though she still is to see if carlos really does love her. When Eddie goes to Gabby's wedding carlos goes in her purse to get money for the paper boy and finds the birthcontrol pills. he goes to the wedding and yells and breaksup with Eddie. She goes home and writes a not to carlos telling how she loved him then she hangs herself.
    its all very surreal and scary.
    but i think it was the best season finale, it not episode yet
  • The Housewives will live on for ever except Marry-Allice Young. or as you learn well I should not say that would compleatly spoil the whole show!!!!!!

    The More I watch Desperate Housewives The more I get into it. I cant recall anytime that I disliked Desperate Housewives after I actually watched it. I own every season and though I have seen each episode hundreds of times I still want to watch it twice as much as I have seen it now. Desperate Housewives will never get old.Why don’t you watch it what can you lose? Which means you can only win. So take my advice and watch Desperate Housewives.
  • this show has been getting better, but close to lost

    Let's discuss, for a moment, the difficulty facing a buzzed-about show. It captures the zeitgeist, dominates the cultural conversation, secures magazine covers and a pilgrimage to Her Holiness Oprah, and then, suddenly... backlash. Critics turn on the series, viewers disappear, and new catchphrases (''Save the cheerleader, save the world!'') replace the old. It's a problem that smacked Desperate Housewives last year and has gripped Lost this fall as it trudges through its third season.

    Fortunately, there can be life after backlash, as Housewives has proven in its third season. The dramedy has solved the problems that sullied the neighborhood like a Superfund site last year. The writing is terrific (Felicity Huffman's Lynette to her nemesis, Nora, played by Kiersten Warren: ''You have stepped onto my property and you've talked to Tom. That's two rules you've broken. And I'm not sure that top doesn't make three''). The interplay between the women is frequent and the core cast seems engaged (Marcia Cross expresses so much emotion with a tight smile, while Teri Hatcher has thankfully dialed it down now that her Susan finally has found a decent boyfriend — Dougray Scott's Ian). And, most importantly, the mystery is actually mysterious. (Who the heck is this Monique? And is Bree's husband Orson — Kyle MacLachlan is a welcome presence on Wisteria Lane — a creep or just tragically misunderstood?)

    The Nov. 5 supermarket hostage standoff episode is the best since the pilot, in part because it's a showcase for Roseanne's Laurie Metcalf, who has turned into one of television's top character actresses. She commands the show as fearlessly as her loony alter ego, Carolyn Bigsby, does her victims in the store: ''Attention shoppers! We're having a special today on not getting shot, but it's only available at the back of the store!'' Luckily for Housewives, it too has dodged a bullet.
  • Great Show.

    I used to not be able to watch this show, but now that i can i love it! I understand everything that happens on the show. It is comedy, dramatic at times, and romantic. The perfect combination! I don't reall like the character Gabby. She seems too stuck up and cares too much about style and money. Any way..Its a great show! love it!
  • Yeah!

    I cannot get enough of this show to save my life.I mean,seriously people.This is one heck of a show.I love it oh so much.It's so wonderfully wonderful that it makes me wonder how could I love it so much?Guess I'll never know.All I know is that this show is tight and out of sight,not to mention dynomite.this show is so cool.
  • desperate housewives is the story of five different hosuewives with their own dark stories hidden behind their beautifully kept'd have to watch to find out!

    the show Desperate Housewives is great!
    The story manages itself to twist and turn yet with a satisfactory conclusion with each episode..
    the story is really funny and it captures the reality of the modern suburban housewife...each with their own problems to face...some are happy, some are sad, and some are mad....
    each housewife with her own dark past and her attempts to brighten her future up...
    wisteria lane really is busy.

    i watch it every night here at my place at 9.30 pm every monday...hmmm...were kinda late by around 10 episodes but it's all worth it!!!
    Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, and Nicollette Sheridan all deserve a warm round of applause. the supporting cast did great too.
    this is one of the few comedies that i seriously watched and spent one hour off my sleeping hours...and it's all worth it...
  • I want these women...

    I absolutely love this show! Every Wednesday Night (well, in the United Kingdom anyway...) i sit down and watch this on Channel Four, with snacks to keep me happy. I have watched this since my friends introduced me to it and have been hooked any since! i now own Season one and two DVD and hope to own Season 3 by end of 2007. i hope Season Four will come soon because i am 'desperate' to see more of the lovely ladies. This is another show which is about Female Empowerment and handles it very well. A Superb Show!
  • Nossa!... Desperate Housewives é muiitoo Lokoo!!!!

    Não sei nem como explicar..., mas o diretor dessa série deve ser muito cabeça pra pensar num negócio desse!!... A série é espetacular!!! 1000%, ela não tem um errinho se quer..., é tudo muito perfeito!... eu não deixo de assistir um episódio se quer e estou louco da vida pra comprar os BOX's..., mas aqui no Brasil como é tudo muito caro né..., principalmente por ser uma série Norte-Americana fica tudo muito mais dificil de se obter..., mesmo assim eu ainda estou tentando baixar pela internet..., neste instante eu estou baixando os episódios 23 e 24 na segunda temporada!!!... Na minha opinião são os melhopres..., é aquele episódio em que elas se lembram das coisas que foram acontecendo durante a série!!!

    Enfim..., eu adoro mt mt mt mt essa série e nunca..., jamais vou deixar de assisistir um episódio se quer!!!!


    Cauê :)

    Ateh a próxima gente!
  • This show is pretty good.

    I mean what could happen when you put a lot of desperate people living in one neighborhood together. Desperate houswives. The characters are almost funny to watch since they constantly make the wrong decisions and mess jup while still being appealig. You never really dont like any of them because they are consumed with a certain trait that we all have inside, just a lot of it. The acting is great and all the actors are very talented. The story line is definately getting better from season two and i think it will continue to do well.
  • A perfect neighborhood on the outside, but there are many secrets, scandals and lies hidden in each family in Wisteria Lane. Looks like the peaceful neighborhood is not so peaceful after all.

    "Desperate Housewives" follows the life of 5 different housewives with troubles on of their own. Susan Mayer trying to find another love with Mike, Bree Van De Kamp (Hodge) covering up secrets to maintain her "perfect" facade, Lynetter Scavo in a never ending juggle with family and work, Gabrielle Solis (Marquez) in search of happiness and Edie Britt trying to overcome her fear of loneliness.

    In each season, there will be a large mystery as the season's story arc, which is resolved at the end of the season (expect for season 3's). The twists are exiting and unexpected, anticipating and the script is very well written and exciting.

    With the addition of the show's feature: Mary Alice's narration, a character who committed suicide in the first episode, the show becomes more than just a weekly drama series. She did a very good job at narrating the series, making occasional puns, meaningful relations and tone-setting lines made her one of the favorite characters of the series without actually being there in person.

    "Desperate housewives" sets everyone for a ride through the seemingly peaceful Wisteria Lane, with a lot of mysteries behind closed doors (A very well decorated one too)...
  • Season 3, ran some wonderful storylines; Bree discovering the true about Orson and uncovering the identity of Monique's killer. Susan finally married Mike- and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Gabby got married and Carlos dated and dumped Edie!!

    Yes, Deperate Housewives is back on top, where it firmly belongs!! Season two was a bit of a let down although it paved the way for some great storylines for season 3 such as Mike's coma - am SO relieved that Susan got her man!!! and the Monique murder storyline. Other great stories inluded Lynette's acceptaance of Tom's daughter and nutty Nora. This season was brillant and shows exactly why I LOVE this show and it's great that Bree returned for the final episode as the show badly missed her. The idea that she has locked Danielle away in a covent - poor nuns! - until the baby is born and is faking her own pregancy is genius and should provide lots of fun for season 4. Now all I wnat is for Carlos and Gabby to get together. Maybe they will start off by having affaie. That would be a chance for Gabby to have an affair with an adult!! Also Edie's suicide. Do I believe she is really dead? Nah, we may have seen her - well her feet at any rate - hanging herself after Carlos discovered her lies, but she's a popular character and I bet they'll manage to bring her back.
  • I don't know what were they thinking when they wrote this episode (babies, marriages, affairs and death). Well, not all in one episode and it's the season finale come on people.

    I don't know what were they thinking when they wrote this episode (babies, marriages, affairs and death). Well, not all in one episode and it's the season finale come on people. Suzan and Mike get married in the do Gabrielle and Victor, then she finds out his a pig because he married her for his new campaign. Edie kills herself because Carlos left her; he found the birth control bills. Bree came back with a fake pregnancy because of her daughter who is still in Swaziland . and Lynette’s mother came to help her .This is the season finale.
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