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  • Hilarious!

    Great acting here! I like their stylish outfits, their multiple personalities, and wittiness! The 'gossip' is always enticing and their outfits seem to draw appeal towards their bubbly personalities as desperation explodes the screen over and over again...
  • Desperate Housewives - The Best Drama Show In The History Of Television!!!!!!!

    First of all let me tell you how I got into this series. And second of all I am a 15 year old boy. A couple of my friends (girls in my class) recommended this series to me. I thought that whatever, if I won't like it, it is not so serious. So I bought the first season and it DAZZLED ME!!!! The first three episodes did not interest me but then the plot started to develop and it turned out to be an excellent season. I watched 23 episodes in 3 days. The I ran into the store and could not find it so I got the big package with the first 6 seasons. It took me 2 months to watch them and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I couldn't wait for the release of the 7th season and I pre-ordered it. It came out 12 days before the 8th season premiere in Finland. As of today, I have seen every episode of the series and tomorrow airs the 8.12 in Finland. I can't wait! But as you can see, I'm a 15 year old boy and I enjoy it! Everybody will love this show! I like all the characters! Flawless. 10/10 <3
  • Perfect

    The show is just perfect in my opinion, not much else for me to say.
  • All my fav shows are ending!

    Guys! All my fav shows are coming to an end!

    First they took Smallville & now this! They better keep Once Upon a Time & Pretty Little Liars!

    I love Gabby. I know I didn't start watching this show till season..After the twister that ruined their town but still! I watched all the season in 1 summer to catch up!

    I hate Bree! She makes me so mad! But her son is hot so they should bring him back! And I'm loveing the new pregnancy time line thig going on! Her & the red head! AHHAHA sooo good!
  • It's time to say goodbye...

    It's a great show, which I've been following for eight seasons additively. But even good things must end...
  • I <3 it!

    Just started watching the show with this newest season, but I'm already hooked and definitely gonna have to watch it from the beginning soon!
  • Late Shows

    I've really enjoyed the series.I hope Carlos can confess and the talented ladies can minimize the punishment to prevent Bree from getting lost.Hope another series or more reruns.This is a picture of John Waters(local famous director/producer) and myself by my partner.Mom had some fun with the show,too.I was an Army test director/tech and then the law exams.
  • Boy, these Housewives are desperate!

    Whoa. Words cannot describe how boring this show is--even my mom hates it! We were hoping for a show with--I dunno--DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and what did we get? This tripe about whiny dorks who say they're desperate, but look like the only desperate thing they've done in the entire show is--break up with a boy. Wow---that's really desperate. Shoot me, just shoot me. In fact, if that show was still on, I'd watch it when this piece of corn isn't polluting the airwaves. Think of the ozone layer! What pollution has our society bought into Planet Earth? Invisible, yes, but it still pollutes the air! Clean up our peaceful planet and kill this show!
  • I absolutely love this show! In fact, I love it so much I wish I were living right in the middle of Wisteria Lane so I could see the "goings on" of all the families there. Yeah, yeah I know----it's just television but what if it weren't! Make room for me!

    I didn't watch this show when it first aired but people at work kept talking about it on Monday mornings so it got the best of me and I had to judge for myself. I was hooked right away, there is no doubt about that and the first chance I got, I quickly caught up with the episodes I hadn't seen. Now I can't get enough of this show! Many changes. I miss Edie, still and I miss Karl (loved his personality) and would have loved to know if Bree could have tamed him for all time ending in perhaps she dumping him. I hope this show never ends but, of course, it has to. My only hope is that either I'm too old to see anything on television by that time or it is replaced with something that I'll love just as much, if not more.
  • One of the best shows on TV!


    Keeping you watching to the end you don't get board and will never think about watching anything else at 9PM on Sundays. Sadly this will be their final season and I have been watching this show since season 6. :( Soon I would like to see all the seasons in full. Every episode flows into another in a Interesting way. I highly recommend Desparate Housewives and can't wait for next week's episode!

  • A great show mixing comedy with drama and mystery.


    This show started out absolutely fantastic! Any one episode could make you laugh and cry all in one hour. After 5 seasons though the jokes started to get a bit old and while each season was original, the themes started to repeat themselves. I feel that the last couple seasons were dryer than the previous, but hopefully this last season will have the show go out on top again.

  • Who done it.

    Some touching momemts take place this week. Susan dealing with the loss of a kidney and her remaining one working at 5%. How sad for her son to have to see her collaspe in the hallway. Carlos told Gabby that looking for Grace would lead to trouble and it has. I don't know how I would deal with the situation if it were to happen to me in real life. So she decided to get a doll to replace the pictures of Grace... The levity of this week issue goes to Bree, Keith, and Orson triangle. Where will this lead to? The food fight was pretty hilarious. Should Renee have told Lynette about the one night stand with Tom? Only future episodes will tell us if this was the right choice. And finally, who shot Paul? I thought it was Mike but, he says no.
  • i had an affair with the hot guy that mows my lawn...

    i have 4 kids & i'm pregnant again. i've slept with my friends' husbands. my husband is a thieving deadbeat that's now confined to a wheelchair...but that's OK, because next week i'll be married to a hot plumber... then an exec, the week after that... next, i'm gonna get with a hot lezzy stripper... i'm gonna be getting in on all the juicy gossip & secrets...without having to share any of my own.

    every week i live the life of a married suburban american desperate housewife--without having to deal with any of the problems of one. thanks to the comfortable detachment provided by my remote control.

    DH is unique in the way it was 'packaged'. there is a narrator, a housewife (ended her own life) that once lived on wisteria lane herself. the show speaks to a vast/powerful market (females young or old, conservative or contemporary--the world over) & for this reason, the topics/characters are rather diverse & can go from trite (in other words..."very relatable") to absurd (gaby) to quite shocking (s&m). sometimes there's a lesson, & the element of mystery is a constant. it's a show for women, WITH women......created by a man (marc cherry)...

    dh came out the year sex & the city ended (probably a diabolical corporate plan, bwahahaaa), & like cashmere mafia, i thought it was just gonna be sex & the city version 2.0....

    or maybe sex & the SUBURBS......

    but at this point, i think it's safe to say that desperate housewives, "it's something else".
  • Desperate Housewives is still fantastic and desperate!

    I am a little shocked that this show is still good in its 7th season! I am absolutely loving it this show. Desperate Housewives has had its ups and downs but overall has rocked. I've always loved Susan's character the most. But the others are fantastic as well. The actors are talented in this multiple genre show. There's comedy, drama, romance, and so much more. I love how Tom and Lynette are still married after all these seasons. Most marriages don't last so long on shows. I can't wait to see what the next season will bring us! I can actually see this show lasting until season 10 or so.
  • Sometimes i like it

    sometimes this show is zingy, sometimes it\'s so unbelievable. i just have a beef with shows that make characters do things they would never do really, like a dr. who lies for his patient or something. those kind of leaps in logic just don\'t work for me. also, the morality of the show is completely out of wack. people get away with heinous stuff and the show seems to tacitly condone it.

    plus, can the women stop vomiting in their trailers in a massive bulemia fest? i am so sick of overly thin women, blech. note to hollywood: it\'s not sexy to look like a malnourished third world hunger victim.

  • One good show going down...

    When "Desperate Housewives" first premiered in early fall of 2004, it was a major and vast hit: It was the number one show of television for the week, and audiences all over were enthralled and taken with the likable characters and equally likable actors who portrayed them. The show then was able to make more appropriate ends meet; there were magazine articles, and reviews hysteria, with each one of the 'housewife' actresses getting the proper amount of attention and stardom. The ratings soared, and sky rocketed; the producers, and writers were satisfied, the plot lines worked perfectly. Each housewife had a storyline that lasted the entire season, only one really big desperation for each one, but one that was real and enough to soak up the satire and make it last an entire season, while giving audiences something to think about. Each housewife represented you or someone you knew, male or female, and though juiced with satire, the show had a gritty realism that was hard to shake off. When a housewife made a decision, shocking, or expected, it was with requited realism. and enough down to earth material, so that when a big moment occurred, it was Big! And it kept audiences tuning in for more week after week. After twenty - two episodes of almost perfect, entertaining satire, and wit, the season finale aired, and gave Mary Alice Young, the show's unseen narrator, a real purpose (not to mention a damn fine finale monologue) and gave audiences a real cliffhanger, everyone was waiting to see what was next....

    Next came in the form of an episode called 'Next', as the season two opener. Though starting with a not so witty, more of an expected one note commentary by Mary Alice, who has no real value to the show anymore, and clumsy comedy that was inserted where it was not needed, the show still showed promise for an exciting season. But that is where I was wrong. The show had lost all that had made it work. It lost that fresh charm, the new realism, and likable wit and satire. Mary Alice speaks in monologues that are irrelevant, and some do not seem to make sense when you think about it. The characters are not the strong women that they were, they are false, and totally bogus, not believable for a second, except for a few good turns by Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross, and a couple by Teri Hatcher, but as for the rest of them, they all seemed to become more like caricatures instead of the characters we came to love. They act out of line, like complete idiots who don't know what to do with their lives, and the story lines became short lived, and some real good ones were never resolved, while others were far fetched and resolved in a short second, then dropped as if they never happened. Most of all, the biting satire, the women in power, and the 'all is well that ends well as long as I said so' motifs are completely gone and forgotten.

    Alas, 'Desperate Housewives' has become just another nighttime soap opera. It always was, but as I said, it had a biting satire, comedic touch, that no one could really label. It was new, fresh, original, and in your face. No matter what you thought, you could not turn away from it, and had to know more. Now, about 3/4 through the second season, I honestly dread to think how they are going to pull the show back together. The ratings are dropping ever so slightly, and there seems to be more stupid plot development and bad episodes. The only thing desperate about it now is that the characters are no longer desperate, and the audience seems to be flailing. It is typical dysfunction among the crowds and in a few seasons, two or three, at the most, the show will disappear, and people will forget all about it, because there is nothing memorable about it anymore.

    This show went from a seemingly loud message begging to be heard, to pure escapism, not a formula that suites it. I guess I can say I was with a show of pop culture phenomena for awhile, but this just goes to show that nothing good lasts forever. Oh well, as a review said about another wasted opportunity of a show: There was almost a good show there once.

    When I first saw advertisings for this show in my home country, I though to myself: "Great, this is just what we need, another chick crappy show!". But one day I was at this boring party for the grown-ups in my family, so I went upstairs and there was a "Desperate Housewives" special on TV, and the first episode I ever watched was "Guilty". I started adoring the show from that moment on. It became one of my favorites, and now, it is my favorite! It's just the best thing ever, the guiltiest pleasure, and I am just so hooked on it I can't even believe myself. I know almost everything there is to know about the show, because it is super delicious and I think that everyone would like it if they gave it an opportunity, because it is truly an amazing series. It has a bit of everything, and an amazing cast. The storylines are juicy, the mysteries are intriguing and the characters are funny and admirable. Headed by the amazing Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Nicollette Sheridan and Brenda Strong and created by Marc Cherry, "Desperate Housewives" is a must-see! DH4Ever. :)
  • What the hell!!! :-(

    I watched the first series of this show, I watched it religiously never missed an episode, I absolutley loved this show. Then the second series came back on and I just thought that the show had lost what it had in the first series. I started to watch it on and off then not really caring if I missed an episode. I just thought that the second series was rubbish and that the whole show had go down hill. I never even watched the third series not even once I mean it's so farfetched, the storyline where Bree is pregnant but she's not actually it's her daughter who's pregnant, but Bree is just pretending to be pregnant so that she can have her daugher's. It just hurts my head even thinking about it. And the whole thing with Gabrielle and John that was just getting boring. It's like the writer's just could not think of any better storylines and just kept that whole Gabrielle and John thing going just to fill a hole
    It's such a shame that the show has gone down hill beacause the first series was brilliant.
  • Five years? FIVE years? Seriously?

    Has Desperate Housewives jumped the shark? What was the motivation for jumping ahead five years and effectively changing the core of basically all the characters?

    Bree has lost most of what I thought was her essence and just become a mean machine. Yes, I realise they have tried to rationalise this to us with the ten second "they took her fake baby" sequence. But, really.

    Gabi is now a plump housewife who, despite her life long obsession with her looks has let both herself and her kids go. Ironically her blind husband seems to be the best looking of the bunch.

    Susan has let go of what was the love of her life for a hot handy man. Sound familiar? Well, yes - but I still feel like the girl we saw this time around isn't the same person we knew and loved.

    I can see that Edie looks a little bit different, too, but she's one of the only ones who seems true to her original character.

    Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh. I do enjoy the show - or have so far. But my hopes are relatively low for the future.
  • The first truly unwatchable episode of DH.

    Wow. Last week when the whole five-years-hence thing started, a friend said the show had jumped the shark, but I thought that one was okay. But this one was terrible. All the plotlines were annoying. Gabby wants to keep her social standing - yawn. Susan's current and ex bond - dopey. Lynette pretends to be a young girl on the internet - downright embarrassing. And the mystery man does not intrigue me at all.

    I was truly horrified by the whole thing. I managed to watch about half of it and then I fast forwarded through to see how the plotlines turned out. Even that wasn't worth the bother.
  • I just watched tonights episode. I am from New England and disgusted that the writers would use the tragedy of the Rhode Island fire where 100 died. How could they be so disrespectful to the people of NE. I'll never watch the show again.

    I have been watching this show since the beginning, but after tonights show you lost a viewer and hopefully all viewers from New England will be gone too. The writers should be ashamed of themselves for using a NE tragedy to their advantage. Money shouldn't superceed a tragedy. Good bye to the writers and hopefully you might come to RI and see what really happened. Come and talk with the survivors. Maybe you people should wake up and realize that you shouldn't use a horrible tragedy for entertainment. . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Lacks pressure....

    My sis told me this is the greatest thing ever...I have to disagree. Altough the characters are mldly funny and interesting it "lacks pressure." Terrry Hatcher is too good of na actress to be on this show, I am glad that it is working for others for her sake. Other actresses are over rated and over paid, I am sure. The story is not interesting enough to keep my attention ( no I am not ADD.) So although I do flip the channel here and tune in here and there I will have to say that there are better shows on, on Sunday than this one.
  • Overrated.

    I still have never understood why this show had gotten so popular. It seems to me that this show has milked the appeal of showing skin for a long time. I have to say that it masks the okay acting and stupid plots and storylines. The basics of this show is very boring as it doesn't take long to figure out what is going on. The only thing that keeps any interest with me is that the show has some hot actresses on this show. Overall, it isn't really that interesting for me because of the simple nature of the show. Thank you.
  • In a television world where reality series and crime procedurals can be found at the top of the popularity charts, Desperate Housewives has broken the modern rules for television success.

    Rather than starting out as a slow-burner that gradually pulls in it's audience by word-of-mouth, this comedy-drama about a group of women in a fictional American suburb has become an instant major hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Wisteria Lane is a perfect upper-middle-class American suburb, with beautiful homes, neat lawns, minivans and sport-utility vehicles in the driveways, and an occasional baseball game in the street for the youngsters. But there are troubles beneath the surface.

    Lynette Scavo is a former businesswoman who decided to get off the career track to raise four children. An attractive woman, Lynette is harried, anxious, frustrated at her three sons who misbehave at the drop of a hat, while getting little or no help from her always traveling husband (Doug Savant). Her neighbour Gabrielle Solis is a former model who married wealthy Carlos. He gives her all the possessions she desires, but not the physical relationship she craves. So while Carlos is out making his latest deal, Gabrielle turns to her buff teenage gardener John. John not only keeps Carlos' beloved roses in full bloom, he pays particular attention to Gabrielle's personal garden.

    Book illustrator Susan Mayer is divorced with a bright teenage daughter. Getting back into the dating scene is the furthest thing from her mind-until she meets her new neighbor, the good looking plumber Mike. Unfortunately for Susan, she must compete for Mike's affections with fellow Wisteria Lane resident Edie Britt, the town tramp with more Botox and silicone than most of Hollywood could ever dream of.

    Then there's dedicated housewife b>Bree Van De Kamp. Played to the hilt by former Melrose Place vixen Marsha Cross, Bree is Martha Stewart in overdrive-too perfect when it comes to running her household, which drives her husband Rex to seek a divorce. At one point, Rex and Bree go to marriage counseling. Always prim and proper, Bree showed her true colors during a dinner party on the third episode, after Rex made the fatal mistake of telling his neighbors that he and Bree are having marital problems and visiting the doctor once a week. After the neighbors tried to lighten the situation by talking about their most embarrassing moments, Bree-with eerie calm and a knife poised to Rex's back-blurted out to the other residents of Wisteria Lane that her hubby "cries" after the two have sex.

    The sidebar stories of the women are nearly overshadowed in the pilot by the suicide of neighbour, Mary Alice Strong (narrated by actress Brenda Strong). What drives a perfectly rational and sane housewife to kill herself? And what's the secret behind the note she left behind to the ignorance of her grieving son and seemingly uncaring husband? And what about Mike the plumber-Susan stumbled upon a gun in his kitchen cabinet and a map of Wisteria Lane. What secret is he hiding? Will Carlos learn about Gabrielle's affair with gardener John, can Bree save her marriage, or will she stray? And what of Lynette? Will she be able to get her bratty boys in shape and find a new nanny, or will her dependence on prescription drugs get out of control?

    There has long been a tradition on television of showing mothers as being there with a warm dinner, some good advice, and cleaner-than-clean, springtime fresh laundry. Even in these more enlightened times, the "good mom" (everyone from Marge Simpson to Debra Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond) has some character flaws but generally domesticated women are usually not shown as imperfect (except for the occasional Lifetime Channel movie). Maybe that's why Desperate Housewives, ABC's new hit comedy-drama, has struck a cord with women who see themselves in the characters, while their clueless male partners think the show is all fantasy. The point their men may be missing is that they could be living with one of these women.

    It was this thought that prompted show creator Marc Cherry to dream up 'Desperate Houswives.' Cherry cut his teeth as a producer and writer on 'The Golden Girls.' But in recent years, he became unemployed and was the victim of embezzlement from his long-time agent. One day, he and his mother was watching news coverage of a high-profile murder trial involving a woman named Andrea Yates, who was later found guilty of drowning her children in the bathtub. Cherry asked his mother if she thought anyone would be so desperate as to kill his or her children. She turned to him and admitted, "I've been there!". Cherry was shocked to discover that his own mother, who he always regarded as the perfect wife -because she had aspired to be nothing more, had had a series of 'mini-breakdowns' whilst bringing up three kids. Cherry realised that if his mother has these moments, every woman has had a moment when she's close to 'losing it.'

    Cherry began fleshing out the idea and took the concept to executives at the various networks. The result: "At CBS," he says, "they felt it wasn't (network chief) Les Moonves' taste; at NBC, there was another project in the works; at HBO it wasn't gritty enough, and at Lifetime, I'm still not sure of the reason behind that." Cherry then took the script to ratings-laggard ABC, which was looking for something beyond more reality shows and CSI clones. ABC Network chief Lloyd Brawn and entertainment president Susan Lynne were responsible for getting "Housewives" on the air, but in April 2004, the network's poor ratings (a distant fourth to CBS, NBC and Fox) led to their firing. Ironically, Brawn and Lynne actually saved the network. Besides "Housewives", the pair were also responsible for developing 'Lost'; 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' and the US version 'Wife Swap', shows that made ABC competitive with the other major networks for the first time in years.

    ABC executives feared with their weak schedule, they could not drum up enough publicity to get a large audience for the first episode. But the message got through. The pilot (which aired October 3rd, 2004) drew 21.3 million viewers-the highest number ever to watch a new ABC series since 'Spin City' made its debut in 1996. It has also struck a cord in Britain; when the show made its UK debut on Channel 4 in 2005, it drew nearly 5 million viewers and about a quarter of the available audience-the best launch for an American series on C4 since the debut of ER in 1994. Social critics are having their say about Desperate Housewives as well.

    Political columnist Ellen Goodman on stay-at-home mom Lynette: "She's saying, yes, you can want to be at home and still admit to going nuts at 5 p.m. Yes, you can be fiercely in love with your children and long to pack up the minivan and drive off. Yes, you can be dedicated to doing the right thing and not at all sure you're doing it."

    The conservative American Family Association launched a letter-writing campaign to get three major advertisers to pull their spots from Desperate Housewives. But commerce won out. The show's popularity-joining CSI and American Idol in television's top five--has led to other advertisers willing to buy time.

    Another "Housewives" flap happened in late November 2004, when a promo featuring co-star Nicollette Sheridan in nothing but a towel seducing a real-life pro football player during ABC's 'Monday Night Football' broadcast. It reignited the on-going debate over broadcast content in America, even though the promo showed less nudity than a typical hospital scene on 'ER' or a criminal investigation on 'Law & Order' or 'CSI.'

    Creator Mark Cherry is feeling the heat as well, noting "there was this scathing reviewer who thought I was writing these 1961 portraits of women. Calling them housewives. How dare I? And the fact that a lot of their personal unhappiness revolved around men in their lives. I thought, have you met any women? A lot of the women I know, that's what they're complaining about -- either the man in their life or the lack of a man in their life."

    In some respects, Desperate Housewives is the follow-up to the now departed 'Sex And The City.' While Carrie and her New York friends could dish about men, sex, men and sex, they were still trying to find their places in the world. The women of "Housewives" are different. Each has made choices; each is facing the fallout from those decisions.

    And it should be noted the "Housewives" women are not young things. They're older, still darn good looking females with healthy sexual desires-a far cry from the confusing virgin/vamp persona of younger personalities such as Britney Spears. Middle age has never looked so attractive. It remains to be seen if 'Desperate Housewives' will be a long-lasting audience favourite, or a "flavour of the month" that crashes and burns after audiences tire of it. Will it go too over-the-top (think 'Ally McBeal') or lose its punch? That's all in the future. For the present, millions of viewers have found a trip along Wisteria Lane the perfect antidote to more crime investigation spin-offs and bad reality clones. TV viewers (and ABC executives) are "Desperate" no more.
  • Enough with the apples already!

    Susan and Mike, Susan and Mike, Susan and Mi--- *yawn*... it's getting quite tired. There really isn't much in the beginning of this season to make me want to continue watching... except Bree's tawdry affair, perhaps. Watching poor Lynette deal with yet more kids is making me cringe, while the usual round of suburban-loonies in Katherine and the new mysterious kid next door is not very fresh. And it's a shame, because the show still has some great moments - but while exploring what goes in perfect neighbourhoods might've been intriguing a few years ago, it's run out of steam - and I'm in no mood for a season-long 'whodunit' murder mystery. Let them fall to the ground and rot already.
  • A single show that is plenty of great scenes!!!

    Desperate Housewives is just PERFECT. The girls are amazing, each one on her way.
    Bree is my favorite: her concern about what is going to seem right for the neighbors, her attempts of being the perfect housewife, and her authoritarian way with the others of the family are excellent.
    And Gabby is perfect too, she is the funniest character I have ever seen, the way she treats Carlos and the other people in the city is hilarious and her quotes are always the best.
    Susan is the queen of the awkward moments; she is able to turn any conversation into a comedian scene, and I love to watch she trying to teach some things to Julie or fighting with her boyfriends or exs.
    Lynnete is the one who has more problems, she is always receiving bad news: about her kids, her husband and his pizzaria, her health, etc. But when she is not in a dramatic moment, she shows an inteligent and ironic woman.
    And Edie? She's really great, her moments with Susan in the past and with Gabby are unique. She is always making sure the other girls' lives have problems.
    But is not just the principal characters I love. The other Wisteria Lane residents are always getting into a funny moment. And there are the misterious stories of every season that are amazing too.
    Finally, DH is the best series of today, and nobody who likes good things can miss one of its episodes.
  • the boys on wiesteria lane

    Then theres the boys. Mike Delfino he is my favourite character he is the plumber he has a son with Susan but they divorced in season 4-5 after the accident they had kind of got in between them. There son is called MJ who is about 4. Mike dated Catherine afterwards while susan was dating Jackson. Then there is carlos, Gabbys on and off relationship in the end they got married and had 2 kids calle wanita and sombody who I forgot. He is blind but get his eyesite back after the fire in season 5. Then there is Ton Scavos he is the husband of Lynette he has4 kids Porter, Preston, and a little girl and boy. He works in a pizza place with his wife. Lastly Orson Hodge, Bree's husband he has had a lot of bad history he has been to prison tryyed to kill one of his friends and so on. He is still pretty perfect. I love the men on wiesteria lane some are funny, some are hot (like Mike Delfino), and some are very friendly even giving there past! I love Deasperate Housewives alot!
  • Desperate Housewives is a show that is based on the lives of 4 Housewives in Wisteria Lane. They struggle with their lives and love ; and all try to find their place, on a very dramatic way.

    It's late in the evening in Holland, but still I create time to share my thoughts about Desperate Housewives. Desperate Housewives is a veteran drama, that is well known over the whole world. And why? Because it simply rocks. The show is amazing. Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Felicity Huffman and Teri Hatcher all star as 4 Desperate Housewives. Nicholette Sheridan and Dana Delaney in later seasons makes the series complete. It's drama, but comedy at the same time. I've never seen a show on television that combines it so easy. Besides my favorite series of all times with the name Gilmore Girls. The 4 ladies live in Wisteria Lane ; a street somewhere in the US. If I were you ; I'd buy the first 5 seasons that are avaibable on dvd, since you dont want to miss it!
  • Desperate Housewives remains one of the best shows on television.

    Who would have thought that the lives of a bunch of suburban housewives would be that interesting?I sure as hell didn't.Desperate Housewives definitely surprised me.At first,i thought the show would be some female soapy drama but i was wrong.It's one of the most wonderful shows i've ever seen.
    First of all,the writing is brilliant and amazing.The storylines are well-written and remarkable.Every season there's a mystery that is resolved during the course of the season.Even though some storylines are repeated, the show never gets stale.Some people say that the show got weak after the time jump but i don't think so.I believe the show can reinvigorate itself which is an important quality.
    Also,the acting is superb and outstanding.Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross are true standouts.It's no surprise that they are pretty much always nominated for the Emmy awards.
    Moreover,the characters are totally believable and unique.Susan is a neurotic single mother looking for love.Lynette is a stay-at-home mother that is struggling to raise her kids.Bree is a robotic housewive whose family is falling apart.Last but not least there's Gabby,a former model married to a businessman and having an affair with her gardener.
    The first season is absolutely epic and genius.Definitely my favorite season of all.
    The second season is a great season but it could have been a bit better.It's number 3 on my list.
    The third season is decent but i didn't really care for the mystery since it was a little predictable.It's number 4 on my list.
    The fourth season is superb with an intriguing mystery and a few interesting twists.It's number 2 on my list.
    The fifth season is a good season but it wasn't really up to the standards of the other's my least favorite season of all.
    Finally,the sixth season is slightly better than season 5 but it is still not as good as the first four seasons.So,it's number 5 on my list.
    Another thing that i love about this show is Mary Alice's voiceovers at the beginning and ending of each episode.They are truly magnificent.
    Furthermore,i'm excited about season 7 since Vanessa Williams is joining the cast and Mark Moses has returned to Wisteria Lane.
    To sum up,i believe that Desperate Housewives is one of the most smart and innovative shows of the decade.I'm sure it will continue to impress me for many years to come.
  • this show have it's all.

    A desperate housewife is the most interesting shows that I saw. All 4 seasons is a unique season. All season includes comedy, drama, and tension and all of that does that show so interesting. I never had seen show that in each episode you can laugh and in the same time to be suspense in that will happen. Now the 4 season started and I am excited in that will go on. i hope that the next episodes and the next seasons will be good as the first ones.

    A great show i recommend it to everyone,do not miss it.
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