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  • A great show, but has lost it's edge..

    Despite my longtime love for Desperate Housewives these last few seasons have been quite disappointing all around. Not until season four did I really find my love again. The mystery was great, the acting and interactions on all of the cast was sublime, and the addition of a sixth housewive seemed to glue the mold back together.

    The stories up until that point had been repetitive, they lacked the thrill and twist that DH is so famed for and there was such a lack of interaction between the neighbors that it annoyed fans worldwide. The constant use of Teri Hatcher or Marcia Cross as the characters involved in the mysteries became quite old, quite fast and generally annoying. Susan has had some sort of involvement in each mystery since the beginning, not giving the other ladies a fair chance at the pie so to speak. Bree's marriage to Orson is nothing but a joke now, and no one should kid themselves otherwise. His treatment of her and their relationship, this season especially, is not only degrading to most of the women viewers polled but the "BrOrson" relationship has turned to ice. There's no spark anymore and the writers should let it swim with the fishes it already. Like the BrOrson relationship, the Mike/Susan drama that has spanned the seasons has become a bore, and the writers continue to find the need to fuel the fire. Either keep it or break it and finally make up your minds.

    The only characters with any merit anymore are Gabrielle and Lynette by far. Lynette, who constantly deals with the harder turmoils out of the wives has become a tad repetitive herself, with Tom and her challenging each other each season as to who will work and who will watch the kids. Not only that, but every season Lynette is painted as the bad guy, while Tom gets off scot free. Gabrielle, who has undergone quite a change since the show started, is now a mother to two young girls. Watching Gabby deal with motherhood as well as the new addition of her niece Ana has been quite amusing and tender, let's hope it stays that way. The show has lacked it's usually bright comic relief since Nicollette Sheridan left the show last season, and the writers waste of Dana Delany's talent hasn't helped it much either. As a great comedic genius Delany's character was turned into the typical clingy, insecure woman. Which is a far cry from what we originally saw and came to love. Overall, the show is still genereally good every week. With a little tweek here and there each episode, and the writers taking time to keep their stories and content accurate (they cannot seem to keep ages, dates, comments, etc straight) the show may end up ending off on it's former high note. For the mean time, the fans are still eager to watch each week but many longtime fans are only tuning in every now and then. Which really, is a pity when you think about it. Come on writers, start biting those juicy apples you so shamefully forgot about.
  • I will miss Edie...

    I have been watching this show since first season. I think it brings something new, it is like soap with more qualified story and characters so that everyone started to watch. To be honest the first season is the best one. And unfortunately the last one is a disaster. I think they should end the show with a great finale without making the series more foolish.
    And for the next season there will be no Edie. When I first heard it, I definitely didn't believe it. She is one of the best characters in the show; there will be no amusement without her.
  • A show that never gets out of style: Desperate Housewives! This show is something for everyone: Housewives, their husbands, their kids - you just have to like it!

    The Housewives Bree, Lynette, Susan & Gaby are so different, but you can relate to everyone of this strong women.

    Bree the classical housewive, who loves traditon and she is the perfectionist under all the housewives. She has got something really mysterious, I think.
    At the moment she is very busy, because she became a career woman.

    Lynette is the one who is very natural. She is a good mother, always worried about her kids and she is the most normal. Sometimes she is funny, sometimes she is stressed out. I like her, but she is not my favorite, because she might be too normal for me personal...

    Susan is the hopeless romantic woman in the Wisteria Lane. She is is very sweet, clumsy and funny to watch. But sometimes she is very annoying. Although I think, she is growing. She gets more confident with every new episode.

    Gaby is the youngest housewive: In the past, she was the most glamorous woman in the street. Known as a model with a rich husband. But Gabys life turned the most: Carlos isnt rich anymore and he was blind for a few years. Gaby & Carlos got now two children - which changed their life totally. Gaby misses the glamour in her life and she wants to have her love life back.

    These are our most famous housewives, but there are also Edie and Katherine which are as well important for the show: Katherine came in season 4 to Wisteria Lane, she is an old friend of Susan. The mystery of season 4 was about her life, her past, her husband and her daughter. I didnt like her then, because she seemed so cold and she compete against Bree. But after all that drama about her life in the past, I like her really in this season(5). I enjoy seeing her with Mike ;)

    Edie is known as the "slutty" housewive. Sometimes she can be really mean to the others, but she is not only like this. She was very unhappy, when their "friends" quitted their friendship to Edie in season 4. After that, Edie left the town.
    In this season Edie moved again into Westeria Lane with her new husband Dave, who is the new mystery in this season.
    ---unfortunately Edie will leave the show---

    Im very curious about the end of this season.
  • Life and deeds of the residents of Wisteria Lane!

    How to start? is quite difficult to say only a few words about how great this show is! all the performances are so could not love this show? I have Lynette- an excellent portrait of a real housewive (actually remembers me of my mother with all those "blessings"...poor woman!); Bree - a perfect deatail in a not so perfect life (truly remarkable acting!); Gaby - Hot Latina and sassy (Really fun indeed!); Susan - the incredibly clumsy housewive (poor girl! she must have the worst luck in the world!); Edie - to say something about Edie without using bad words? (Tramp!) even so, Indeed funny! and of course there are some desperate husbands! my favorite are Tom Scavo and Carlos Solis! Man they are so cool!

    To make it short: there are a bunch of cool characters, so different (Andrew), so common (Karl), so funny (Missus Mc Cluskey), so creepy (Dave), so devoted to her sons (Betty); but if you want to know even more...then...what are you waiting for? watch the show now!

    Just like real life, isn't?

    because of my sister I started to see the show in the premiere of season 5...then I thought...well...there should be a season 1 right? so now a few weeks later thanks to Dvd's I am in the third season, and i just have to say....Wow!!!
  • Season finale is close.

    Desperate Housewives that is great serial for everyone - in young age, middle age and old age.Serial has a lot of comedy, drama even some action. He is talking about housewives , there lives , adventures, quarrel. First one-four seasonns are good but current season 5 is amazing , he has a lot turn action, ( great , great ) comedy dialogues and huge changes in our desperate lives. Susan lost his husband Mike,she is going to work in school her son and has romance with painter ( just like Susan :) )
    Bree has her own company and she a bit lose her own husband mind and life,
    Eddie come back to Wisteria Lane with her Dave ( her husband ?! ), unfotunetly in one of the best episodes desperate ever she dies :/
    Gabrielle first is just fat, she has two daughters and Carlos is still blind... after few episodes Carlos get back his sight and Gaby get back to his brilliant top model figure ( these changes were great idea of producers , for me the best in these season ) Lynette lost her pizza place, Tom has crisis of middle age , her son had serious trouble with law Katherine has new boyfriend :) Mike :)
  • I love Desperate Housewives!!!

    I recently became a huge fan of Desperate Housewives! I watched all 4 seasons in about a month and now I am watching every Sunday! I don't really have a favorite character. I like different things about each character. I familiarize mostly with Susan...clumsy and wants to find love. I was literally crushed when the 5th season started and found that her and Mike divorced (I have to remind myself it's not real lol!). I want to see them together. I love Lynnette's outspokenness and spunk. I would love to be more like her. Gabby is hilarious with the way she thinks, but she always has something honest and real to say. I wasn't a fan of Edie at first and as her character softened I began to really like her. And now she's gone :( I don't like how sneaky Kathryn is becoming though...only because I don't want her with Mike! lol...I love how much of a lady Bree is and how she can keep it together even in the hardest moments. They are all very strong women and I absolutely love the show. I really hope this show has at least 5 more seasons!
  • great show

    i watched desperate housewives from season 1 which was by far the best season. i gradually lost interest with each passing season and was angered buy the 5 year jump in last years finale. however the stories this year have brought me back. the dave story is interesting and intreguing and i can't wait to see how it will end. i also feel that this season has stopped trying so hard to be overly dramatic and focused more on the ocmedic side of the show. i like it better because after the talk about the first season mystery the mysterys afterward seemed to get more and more rediculous to get viewer attention. all in all i think the time jump was the best move the writers could have made
  • Funny, Witty, and oh so true.

    This show is great because it's so funny how acurately they nailed the life of suburbia. It's hyped up to be this boring and perfect place by what goes on behind closed doors is different than anyone would expect. I also love how there's a mystery each season and we are left guessing to figure it out, where it is finally revealed in the end. Each of the characters come into there own preety nicely too. Whether it be the soccer mom, the perfect wife, the milf-ish burned out model, or the neighborhood slut, they all reperesent people that we know in our everyday lives.
  • A drama/comedy about four women with secrets to hide. A real funny show which relates to actual desperate housewives.

    Marc Cherry has done an excellent job with this show. Since 2004, I have either felt sorry for these characters or just laugh my butt off. I hope that this show can go very far, because of it's brilliant performance. With the emmys and golden globes on the table, Desperate Housewives will be remembered for it's wild acting, wild actors and because of the way Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Brenda Strong, Alfre Woodard, Dana Delany, Drea De Matteo and Nicolette Sheridan have delivered throughout the show's run. A truly brilliant show with a truly brilliant cast.
  • Desperate Housewives is one of the best!

    Hey, I think Desperate Housewives is one of the best drama shows of todays television.
    It is a program that addresses many issues in a way that other programs does not know how to do it.
    Another highlight is that the program can mater the level in all seasons, another thing that many other programs can not do.
    The characters are very funny and adorables, it is impossible do not love Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gaby, among many others
    So if you are looking for some distraction, go watch Desperate Housewives, is really good! I can bet you, all Brazil fans like me indicates that program!
    One of my favorites!
  • This is just a brillant show!!!

    I love this show! Its first season was just great, i have watched all the episodes for a second time recently and they are still extremly entertaing. I like all the housewives (Who wouldn'T) Bree was my fave in season one and two folowed closesly by Susan but this changed in season 3. (more on that soon) Rex's death gerally shocked! So season 2 was still great but didn't quite reach 1's standards. I disliked the applewhite story but everything else was just great!! Now onto season 3, this is my fave season of the show espicially the last frew episodes of the season. BANG was an amazing episoe (Again it generally shocked me) I liked the ian/mike susan thing anjd i though susan rocked this season. But my fave housewive was by far Lynette who i just lloved in the last few episodes. This show is just brillant!
  • This show is great...

    This is such a great show, it is sooo funny: "Rex cries when he ejaculates" loL! And it is full of twists and turns and Wisteria Lane misteries. And the best part? We actually find out things. It does leave us hanging for a healthy while, but then tells us what's going on, hence, better than Lost and Angel, but not better than Buffy. :) And us girls also get our weekly dose of eye candy with John (Jesse Metcalfe), Mike and the sometimes cute Andrew. This show really does let us fall in love with it and isn't your typical comedy sitcom as it also has more than enough mystery than to bury underneath your pool (he he he!) So if you haven't started watching this show, watch it now because it is absolutely hilarious!
  • The women of Desperate Housewives crack me up every episode. They always do something to crack me up. Whether it's knocking Victor in the water, a funny phrase, or cheating, it never fails to crack me up.

    Desperate Housewives Season 4 is personally one of the better seasons of the show. For one, the tornado that's coming next week will really change up everything. I know that something plot twisting is going to happen. I love the mystery behind Katherine Mayfair and her daughter. I wonder what exactly is going on with the Mayfair family and I know that when we find out what it is, it will be something nobody expects. Who knows, maybe she pushed her baby brother or sister off the crib? Or maybe there was a suicide? I don't know but I can't wait to find out.

    I know that someone's going to die as a result of the tornado but I don't know who it's going to be and I'm nervous. There's a lot of tension between people right now and it's hard to tell what'll happen. Susan and Mike are dealing with the drug habit, there's family mysteries in Lynette's family, Gabrielle is in hot water with Victor, and Bree and Orson just got the baby. It's hard to say what would happen. Maybe one of the people in the gay couple will die and the other one will become straight. Maybe Adam Mayfair will die? Or will they just kill somebody like Mrs. McCluskey or Ida just to say that somebody died? Hopefully if somebody does die in the tornado, it will be somebody that will really have an impact on everyone else and it will drastically change the storyline.

    I'm glad Desperate Housewives will be on for at least three more seasons. It will definitely be as plot twisting and suspenseful while being funny at the same time. It's hard to say who will be alive and happy in the end or if Wisteria Lane will still be around by the end of the seventh season? Will it be here when the tornado is over? Just how much of an effect will this tornado have on Wisteria Lane? Well, I think it will have a huge effect and it will kill somebody important. Only time will tell. Keep watching Desperate Housewives. It's awesome!
  • I love this show

    i think this show is great i only started watching it this year and i fell in love with it all the characters are great this show better end good i think the best ending would have to be this it shows the 4 houseswifes move out and 4 new people move into their homes and they meet in the middle of the Road that would be the best ending for this show i was upset that edea died but i got over it i cant wait to see what this show is going to come up with next :)
  • Prime time soap with something a little extra special

    This is a soap plus. It's definitely a soap with its focus on marriages, affairs, gossip, secrets, lies, and a disproportionate number of stalkers and serious car crashes. But pretty much every episode is also good for at least a few laughs and a number of wry smiles, and the writing can sometimes be quite insightful. I'm just waiting on tonight's finale to season five. It's been a good season, and I'll likely tune in for season six to see how it goes. Although I'm sad there will be no more Edie Brit - the funniest sauciest character, who was recently axed from the show.
  • this is the show to watch! i am really happy that i started to watch this show, the episodes have amazing storylines, the seasons get better as the years pass and the Characters are all fabulous too.

    I love this show completely, i couldn't imagine not watching this after seeing the First season which then lead to the amazing Second and Third seasons and then to this stunning Season 4.

    When watching this show i see how each characters grows. My Favourite is Gabrielle who makes me laugh all the time. If i had to choose a favourite season it would have to be the Fourth one by far, the episodes are seriously amazing and i was really disappointed when the show was affected by the Writer's strike, after waiting almost 3 month its about to return to tv screen's which i can't wait for!!!
  • Wisteria Lane has been the place for dirty little secrets, hurricanes, murders and adultery, it's simply amazing that after six years, the show still makes you feel like you cannot miss one second out of the lives of five seemingly normal housewives.

    When DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES premiered five years ago, it reached out to a forgotten audience; the modern housewife. With a masterful approach the show showed a group of normal housewives in a surburban neighborhood where everything seemed perfect. It looked like the life every wife and/or mom wanted, and by throwing in a murder plot, it aimed at the kind of danger no surbuban housewife wanted in their neighborhood, but secretly and harmless longed for to spice up their day. Because that's exactly what it is. Besides folding laundry, picking up the kids from school and cooking diner, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle and Susan did things no one really wanted, but were eager to tune in and found out what would happen if they did. Gabrielle cheated on her husband with a young stud, Bree held everything organized and perfect until it hurted and her husband wanted a divorce and her kids went crazy. Lynette couldn't handle the stress anymore and started slipping away into her own world and taking pills, while Susan thought she'd never get a guy until she met new guy Mike. But all of these things fade away compared to what Mary-Alice did (Susan's question at the end of the pilot remains one of my favorite series openers ver); she could not handle the secrets and shot herself. That was just the beginning as Wisteria Lane became the home of many more families with more twisted and messed up secrets. You'd think realters would warn new peeps that secrets always come up in that neighborhood. But whatever the years mystery might be, the show is about the modern women, trying to live life the way that is expected of them, while still trying to get what they really want out of life themselves. The cast is very strong, with Felicity Huffman deserving the Emmys with her astonishing portrayel of Lynette, Marcia Cross is masterly as Bree and both Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria Parker are comedic higlights. And all of them know how to make their characters better, taking them to the next level when something lifechanging happens to them. Take Gabrielle's baby for example. We waited a long time before her maid gave birth to the wrong child and Carlos had to hold a struggling and crying Gabrielle as their child got taken away. It was one of the characters most heartbreaking moments and it captured the pain such a random event (seriously, stealing a baby from the hospital after it was mistakingly implanted in the wrong woman) can bring perfectly. The show mixes humor and comedy with daily events and traumatic twists. The drama can be insane, but there will always be a realistic feel to it that makes it powerful and unique. Forget the delicious mysteries and juicy secrets the show has to offer, in the end it's still about character development and pushing the boundaries for housewives as the show takes on controversial topics and deal with them delicately and in an appropriate, yet comedic, manner. Too bad the show's genius opening credits from Danny Elfman have been cut, otherwise this show would be exactly as genius as it once was. Extraordinary, and yet so normal, and don't feel ashamed for not belonging to the target audience when you're enjoying this show week to week, it's just darn good television.
  • Sunday nights were made for housewives.

    Desperate Housewives was one of the shows that helped ABC on its comeback in the mid-00s, making ABC's Sunday night lineup a strong one. It focuses on several housewives living on Wisteria Lane in the town of Fairview, each with their own trials and tribulations, as well as secrets that if their neighbors don't know, they would eventually find out.

    I would strongly recommend this show to those who enjoy soap operas, but especially those who are housewives themselves. Some actual housewives may relate to the characters and may have had similar circumstances happen to them; even if they haven't experienced some certain scenarios brought up on the show, they should still ring a bell.
  • "A Great, Orignal Show"

    I've been watching this show since the premiere on October 3, 2004 and I was 14 at the time. I thought it very good,orignal, and creative. I think I like the second season with the Betty Applewhite mystery I was shocked at the finale of that. My favorite characters are Mike, Edie, Gabrielle, and Carlos. They shouldn't of killed off Edie that was a mistake. When this show ends which is who knows when I think mystery should be about one of the main housewives and end with a somewhat odd ending I'm not sure why but I think that would be the best why to end it.
  • Thoughts about seasons

    I just love this show since the beginning even i just didn't really liked season 5 :s
    For me writers didn't used well the "five year later" thing, which could have been so amazing !! It was a kind of boring, nothing really happened this year, too bad !

    My favorite season is the fourth, I just loved the tornado episode, my favorite episode of all TV shows !! The 4x03 was amazing too, just the season finale that was just Amazing

    About seasons 1 to 3, I would just say that season 1 was one of the best (it's maybe the funniest) the second was a little boring too, but even good and the third was very interesting !!

    Anyway, just hope season 6 will be better than season 5 !!
  • Oh my God, where do I begin with this amazing show?

    Desperate Housewives is such a fun show to watch, something I could just sit down with some ice cream and a cold can of coca-cola and just watch, it's so relaxing. I love how each episode has something new, something unique. I love all the characters, well, nearly all of them. Susan is my favourite, but I love all the other main housewives because they all bring something individual to the show. It's great to go through the seasons and discover along with the characters their secrets and mysteries and love lives to the extent of being extremely entertained. A well written show and definetly worth watching.
  • This is so much fun to watch with my daughter because we both like it and we have so much to discuss after the show. There's nothing like bonding with your teenager. The ladies of Wisteria Lane each have unique traits that make them so much fun to watch.

    I love this show. I don't watch much tv with 4 kids, all in some sport or another and 2 dogs and a husband in some sport or another and a full time job. Well I had some time one day and watched a re-run on lifetime and loved it. So I went to Blockbuster and rented every single season and episode and it's taken about 2 months to watch them all but now I have to get caught up with Season 5. My 15 year old daugher and I have gotten so caught up in it that we talk about the characters all the time and compare people we know to them. And in February we actually went to Universal Studios and got to by Wisteria Lane during a taping. Besides Dexter and UCF fights this is the only tv I watch.
  • wuaooo im from puerto rico and this is my favorite show right now is very funny too.

    i love this show is my favorite and is very entertaining and funny the girls are wonderfull actresses i never miss an episode from this show my favorite is eva longoria she's very funny and susan. i hope it never end and than the producers keep doing such a good work with the show it deserve a better rating from one to ten i give then a ten . love it love it love it. the acting is so important in a show like this one and let me tell you in this one the acting is perfect every women in the show is acting perfect.
  • Certainly the bedt in this Season and a personal Favourite.

    First let me start from all the talks about Orson/Bree.Yes its crazy that Mark Cherry let Orson take the plunge for running over Mike(who is still alive) and let go the juvenille crime of Andrew and the big cover up by Bree.But on Andrew's defense he kind of did his time on the streets when Bree threw him out of the house.Bree on the other hand went unhurt and forced Orson in jail..Not Done..Yes, so I dont think I sympathize with Bree this time.

    Gaby/Carlos slowly becoming the eternal soulmates showed their longetivity by proving that they still want to be together and are ready to face their fears instead of biting it on each others back behind closed doors.I guess every couple learns from their mistakes and it turns out to be the best when they finally start talking. This was a very mature move by Gaby and yes she's grown for good and the best- She accepts that she does not want ot falter anymore.

    It was sweet of Karl to come back in Susan's life. though his son seemed to creep me out.So what now , is it gonna be Karl+Susan again? and the 2 kids together.. Well I certainly hope not.

    Thank God Katherine din't bite the bullet with her death.But i don't think we have seen strong chemistry between Mike and her yet.So I din't feel much of that angle.

    Finally the last 10 minutes.. Whooosh!!! I almost broke down and had shivers when Dave choked Edie..but never imagined that one of our favourite DH characters would have such a gruesome end..We did see her hang herself before and that was shaky as well.But this takes the cake..I feel the departure was written very minutely with Orson to be balmed(which i would have never imagined).This was one of the most interesting twists in this series given the fact - CITY ON FIRE- was such a dissapointment. But surely I will miss Edie Britt a lot..I hope she comes back and she becomes the narrator from now. Anyways I feel there is no significance left MARY ALICE anymore. And Edie Britt should tkae up the narration. That way she will live with us forever.

    Will MISS you EDIE...........
  • Desperate Housewives is one of the best shows of the 21st century (until now, of course) and enjoyable for both sexes, whatever people may say

    After a creative letdown in season 2, a lot of viewers changed the channel and left this show for what it was. The same happened after the 4th season, but whatever people may say: there's still enough quality to make this show worth watching.
    There's it's witty humour and interesting season mysteries that make this show not only appropriate for women, which is it's main audience (and oftenly mistaken for it's only), but also for men. The stories are interesting and the acting is superb. Of course, like every show it has some flaws and there are some inconsistencies regarding ages etc., but if you are able to look past that, you see a wonderful show which keeps interesting.
  • I'm not really a big fan of soap operas, but Desperate Housewives is something else..

    The show just drags you into the story from episode one and you can't help yourself but wait with anticipation every next episode. Four housewives, each one with a unique story and each one equally interesting will keep you glued to the TV screen for 45 minutes. My personal favorite is Bree and her unusual story and Gabriele, with her little love adventures. Of course, there's a fifth "housewife", Eddie to spice up the life of people in Wisteria Lane.
    I would recommend this show to everyone, because it's not just another typical soap opera, it's an unique story that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • LUVS IT!

    OMG i love this freacking show so much! Its so Unpredictable you never know what is going to happen, I love the fact that each character has a totally different story and that in every episode something always happends to make you want to watch more and more and more, Those Housewives are some crazy Biatches too and they are sooo funny,Whether or not its suppose to be funny it is. The whole concept of people dying and Always something completley ridiculous happening in every episode. Each character has a individual Storyline in every episode and i think that this show will be going for a long time and hopefully im right (=
  • intense!

    i really love this show
    i dont get it when people talk about how its always past its prime, and its a girls show, im male and i tend to love watching this show every week. The intensity of this show is amazing! there is a bit of everything in this show for eveyrone. It just keeps getting better and better every season. Dave bring alot of mystery to the show, although i do think that there postponing to reveal what is really going on with him. I find it really interesting on how they decided to go 5 years in the future, who knows what theyll do next season?
  • Desperate housewives is a night-time soap opera, with interesting characters, surprising plot-twists and smart mysteries

    Desperate Housewives depicts the lives of housewives and their families. The show is narrarated by Mary Alice Young, who commits suicide in the first episode. The housewives include the materialistic Gaby, the clumsy Susan, the smart Lynette and domestic Bree. This show has many funny plot lines, and they deal with real life in a unique and often humorous way. The issues these housewives deal with are relatable to real life, and the show really shows you don't know exactly what goes behind closed doors. Season 1 is probably my favourite season, with season 4 close behind, and my favourite mystery was either season 1 or season 4. A quality show, and an absolute guilty pleasure.
  • This is a fun and exciting show that has great acting and storylines. There is always a twist around the corner on Wisteria Lane.

    This show first of has an amazing cast. The actors/actress in this show seems to be so in tune with their characters. Although, some of the story lines seem a little bit out there they are still good to watch and will defiantly give you something to laugh about. You can even look at your own life and think... "well I guess it could be worse." There is tons of drama and mystery in this show so if you are a fan than I would defiantly recommend this show to anyone. I would give this show 9/10. I would say this show could be perfect if they brought the plot a little more down to earth. This is a fun and exciting show that has great acting and storylines. There is always a twist around the corner on Wisteria Lane.
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