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  • Gabby,Lynette,Bree,Susan and Eddie are all part of a clan that has secrets lies and webs of drama they all live in such a perfect area yet knowing all the perfection is just an act of show!!!

    i started watching DH when it first started i saw the first episode and have seen them all from then on i love watching all the cat fights and drama that goes down between the girls and their spouses!!! i have always been a big fan of susan and gabby and i do love all the other ones but these two are the ones who seem to be the ones who get in the most "trouble" or awkward situations and its a blast to watch them i also love it now even more to see that finally Gabby and Carlos are back together i hated when she was with that Mayor guy and i love that Mike came back and married susan and that Bree might forgive Orson and i love that Orson is found to be the man who tried to kill mike and that Eddie is trying to hit on Orson when he is really in love with Bree and earlier how she tried to seduce Carlos just for sex when now him and Gabby are together and then in the begging when she tried to impress mike when all along he knew that he was in love with susan and the only one missing is Lynette husband!! Omg and now that Kayla is being a brat or now she is gone but what she made the boys do and how she made one of the twins jump off the roof and how she cut herself to make it look Lynette did it and how she lied about everything!! The show is full of secrets and surprises and i cant wait for it to start up again in september!! xoxo
  • when is the rest in desperates housewives season 4 going to come back on tv becuase they just stopped playing.

    ermm how come in the uk desperate housewives just stopped playing them on tv after the tornado episodes. So when will they becoming back on tv becuase they have already played the rest of them on tv in america. and i was wondering if any one knows when they are coming back on tv in england to finish season 4.Because i have seen clips of the other episodes on the internet but can not find out anyway where, were it says they are coming back on tv. And i would realy like to watch them. Thankyou for any help and if anyone reads this.
  • Follows the lives of the anything bust desperate housewives of Wysteria Lane.

    I love Desperate Housewives! It is a great show and is actually a little funny. The thing about Desperate Housewives that does not get a 10 in my book is that some of the episodes don't go anywhere. Some episodes are just a little boring in my opinion. In the first season, I felt that Gabby was a little it 2-D. That changed for me of course but in my opinion the storylines were not in depth enough until later on to give the housewives a little more personality. But overall, the show is great and I really love the housewives and their day to day craziness.
  • A show that has millions of viewers all over the world hooked!

    A prime time soap with a truly contemporary take on "happily every after," this hit series takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren't always what they seem.

    The series began with Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs -- and ending it all. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V.

    Her circle of girlfriends on Wisteria Lane include Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), the divorcée and single mom who will go to extraordinary lengths for love; Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), who recently went from being a stay-at-home mother of four back to her fast track career in advertising; Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross), Martha Stewart on steroids, whose recent widowhood has completely reeked havoc on her perfect life; and Gabrielle Solis, the ex-model with everything she's ever wanted - a rich husband, a big house, and now a baby to go with it all, the problem is she's not sure who the father is; and serial divorcée Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), the free spirited real estate maven whose love life has everyone buzzing. Enter newcomer Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard) and her handsome teenage son, Matthew (Mehcad Brooks), who mysteriously moved into a house they'd never seen in the middle of the night.

    Then there are the men: Mike Delfino (Jamie Denton), a supposedly widowed plumber who has won Susan's heart; Lynette's adorable husband, Tom (Doug Savant), who volunteered to be "Mr. Mom" so his wife can go back to work; Gabrielle's better half, Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira), who was thrown in jail and learned of his wife's infidelities with John (Jesse Metcalfe), the gardener; and Mary Alice's widowed husband, Paul (Mark Moses), who is on the run from the demons in his past.

    From her unique vantage point, Mary Alice sees more now than she ever did alive, and she's planning to share all the delicious secrets that hide behind every neighbor's closed door in this seemingly perfect American suburb.

    This show is amazing and it's success is well deserved.
  • A show that will keep you on your toes.

    Desperate Housewives is a very interesting show. At points, it can be funny, and it can also be very shocking. This show definitely kept me on my toes. I don't think Bree should forgive Orson unless he goes to jail for the crime he committed. I think Tom should ease up on Lynette about that guy she had feelings for. I think Susan should have changed her baby's name. I don't like the one Mike chose, even if it was his dead grandfather's name. I also think Gabriel should be more supportive of Carlos' condition. He can't help it if he's blind. I'm glad that the others aren't going to talk to Edie anymore. I can't believe she tried to blackmail Bree!!!!! My favorite character is Susan because she doesn't make huge mistakes like the others, and her mistakes are always funnier. Desperate Housewives is a great show!!!!!
  • What a classic TV show!

    I love this show. The acting is great, the cast are brilliant and it has just the right amount of comedy, drama and mystery. Each character is very different from each other so it works well to see them all living on the same street. Each season is quite different too (I really like the 1st and 3rd) and it's really addictive because everytime you find out one of the characters secrets, there is a twist or something else that you need to know. I think the show is a classic and I can watch the episodes over and over again!
  • season finale

    after a season that was complete crap, the show managed to pull off one damn good season finale. when you think about it it was easy to get Bree wasn't really pregnant, but since she was pregnant in real life i thought they just needed her pregnant since she didn't have it yet, i completely forget about Daniel, mainly cause i didn't care, but that defiantly shocked me, good plot twist. i really didn't care about Susan, and her wedding dilemma, and i'm glad they just married her and didn't spend that much time on her. plus i didn't care about Gabriel also, it's clear the mayer guy is a jerk, that's just not interesting, but i was sad she's back with Carlos, i thought Edie, and him maid an ok couple. then thier's Lynette, at first i thought this whole canser thing was just random, but then they tied in her guilt for having feelings for that one guy, and i ended up liking her story line. and HOLY CRAP, Edie just killed herself. i thought that was really sad, because Edie, despite the fact that she's a **** is my favorite character, and she was really, really sad. i hope she deosn't really die, cause then i'd be sad
  • awesome finale, hated the ending.

    another awesome episode. im glad some issues were "resolved" (unlike some shows, i seemed to have "LOST" the show im referring to). glad kayla is out of the picture. she was tearing lynette and tom apart, but theyre made for each other. speaking of which, what's susan doing with another guy five years later? i was so glad when her and mike finally got married. and i absolutely cant see how gaby would get to the point of wearing her pajamas all day and having two overweight and "homely" kids. if that didnt happen after she lost her and carlos' baby, i dont know what would. i guess we'll all just have to wait and find out.
  • Wow!!!!! I watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives it was awesome. I was totally stunned by the future forward thing of "Five Years Later". I was amazed to see Gabby got two kids and Susan having affair with a new Guy?

    In the future forward (of 2 mins and 21 secs it would be 2013), let us have some answers what happened to Mike in Flash backs (2008-2013).

    Who is the new guy with Susan, where is Julie is she back home with her mother and where is Mike and their son Connor (Maynard)?

    Are the kids of Lynnete grown up, would Kyla return back?

    When did Gabby got pregnant or she adopted the two girl kids and what happened to Carlos?

    Is Bree's son Benjamin is with her or with Daniel?

    Is Adam is living with Katherine and is Dylan having an affair with a guy named Ian???

    I'm still waiting for few answers for this fall in Season 5 of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
  • Can not wait for Season 5

    Unbelieveable episode. After watching it i could not say anything, i was completly amazed. I really liked the little fight between Mike and Susan about the name of her baby. And I still can not believe that susan agreed to call her baby MAYNARD because most of the time susan is very bullish.
    In the case of the Mayfair mystery i expected something like this cause of the previous episodes.
    But one thing surprised me. I didnt expect that Tom Scavo is really able to send his daughter Kayla away. All the time I thougt his mind is not strong enough to do something like that .
    All in all:

    Wonderful episode, can not wait to watch season 5.
  • No!!!!

    I can't believe for one second we're saying good bye to Mike, and that would just suck!!!!!!

    I completely loved the episode, the cupboard story got me gasping; but I absolutely hated the 5 years later-ending.
    Nothing matched, it was all like a dream, or I should say a nightmare, and I hope it was!!!!
    Of course that's the funny thing about it, that eveything's out of place, but a whole season with it would just be another show, with other women, because they're just not the same!!!!

    And one last word: we all agree that Kayla's departure is good riddance, but to read your comments about "yeay the drug dealer is gone" just make me want to puke!!!!! I completely agree with Gaby when she yells at the cop saying he doesn't know her and being a drug dealer doesn't make her a bad person. Of course it ends badly between them, but isn't it Gaby's fault???? "she's going to take our money"!!! Well it was hers! Of course she wants it back, she's got nothing else!!!!
    Then she just turns dangerous and dies, and people are happy with that.... Well good for you guys.
  • this gives us a view into the lives of housewives living on wysteria lane

    i do like this show in i dont watch it all the time but i do watch it and its cute in its own way..i like it..its amazing how it all started with the death of one of their friends..i actually think this is mostly fiction b/c i dont think too many housewives will be like that..i mean u get bored but that doesnt mean u flirt with like everyone u see when u go out to check ur mail or anything..but its interesting to get that view even if u dont entirely believe it..this show is very entertaining to me
  • Its funny how this worked...a MUST see!!!

    Desperate Housewives is one of those TV greats that just work, be it down to great acting, stunning scripting or highly developed characters, this is one of those shows that works. The characters Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, Edie and Susan all have their own personalities and humour, so even if you find one character hard to identify with you'll find that another you can identify with.

    The acting ensemble is a class act, with various different actors doing small cameo roles that are truly stunning, and hilarious. The mysteries that pull the show along really keep you gripped (though the second series wasn't quite as hot).

    Desperate Housewives has already made an impact on society and the show is still going strong into the forth series. Great humour great stories and great characters, there's not a lot wrong with this show
  • an award winning show

    It's a show about love, romance, death, parenting, recipes, secrets, family and friendship of five women with different characters, how they handle or solve their problems. The beautiful thing about the show is that though they're contrast and different in character, opinion, attitudes, taste, yet they are best of friends. The show is a wonderful show that appeals to all ages and class of people and not just for the ladies, the MEN and kids can come too.
    Desperate housewives, unlike other series doesn't need to repeat a drama all over just to keep the tape running. every episode is unique. Though am desperate to see the finale
  • Is set on a street called Westria Lane.

    Susan had are baby (boy) last sunday. Eddie and Bre got in a big fight. They both found one another's secert out. Eddie's: She kissed Bre's husband Orson. But they are sperated right now because Orson ran over Bre's friend Susan's husband Mike Dalfino. Bre's: That the baby she has been caring for for months is her daughter's Danielle's baby, but Bre kept it from her three best friends Susan, Gabby, and Lynetne Sacvo. But she told the before Eddie did. Smart idea. Mrs.Sacvo tryed to get her half daughter to see a doctor to help with her problems. But it didn't happen. Kayla the half daughter caused a problem by acting all sweet in front of the doctor. So the doctor would think she is sweet. She's not.

    Gabby, has a blind husband Carlos. They have a women in the house renting a room. But she is selling drugs to make ends meet. Gabby found out and went to the police but they had a undercover cop in Gabby's and Carlos's early that day but didn't know it.

    Season finale this sunday 5/18/08 at 7:00pm/CT 8:00pm/ET
  • This is a review of one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Its definitely my guilty pleasure.

    In the four years since we have been introduced to the lives of the people that live on Wisteria Lane, it just keeps getting stranger and stranger. So far, season four proves to be living up to its past three. There have been new additions to the cast who bring their own twisted lives into the street. It's the twisted-ness that we have grown love and make us keep watching. For starters, with Gabby, her senator- short -term husband is no longer in the picture; in fact he was killed in the tornado that struck the small community. She has since gotten back with Carlos. But Carlos is not the same man he used to be. Due to the twister he is now blind. Gabby has been struggling to deal with his new handicap ever since. She has even gone so far to try and get rid of Carlos's Seeing Eye dog. Her motive behind that was she was extremely jealous of the dog. Will Gabby be able to look past Carlos's blindness and love him for who he is or will she leave him yet again? That is one of the many new twists that have taken part in this season so far. There are definitely more to come. Desperate Housewives is just one of those shows that you can't help but watch. It is like a Sunday night soap opera but just not as cheesy. Just when you think that the truth is going to start coming out there is another twisted lie that elaborates on the show's unique story lines instead. That is one of the main reasons what watchers keep coming back week after week. The tangle webs of these people's lives often make the viewer not feel so bad about their own lives, I know it has with me on occasion. In fact, the humor the writers use to portray serious life events give the viewer the chance to escape the pressures of daily lives and enjoy a good laugh or two.
    Other shows just can't quite seem to compete. NBC's new show "Lip-Stick Jungle" is trying to give Desperate Housewives a run for their money. Yet they are failing. While that show attempts to show the crazy side of typical unsuspecting women it just lacks the twisted-ness of Desperate Housewives. They even have gone as far to take a story line of the favored show. Lip Stick Jungle is just an over sex-scene filled wannabe. While Desperate Housewives has its fair share of those scenes its not the constant in your face type that is seen in NBC's show. I can only stomach so many of those scenes, once you seen one you have seen them all. If you haven't ever watched Desperate Housewives before now, now is a good time to start. You won't be all that lost because at this point new story lines are starting to emerge and the characters are beginning another crazy adventure in their lives.
  • Totally love it.

    Desperate Housewives is about 5 women who live in Wisteria Lane. They all have family problems and personal issues.

    What makes this show special is that each of them has her own unique character. They're all friends, who tell each other's problems, but still have secrets of their own family. This makes the characters seem to be more realistic. The storyline is far from boring. It tells not only about the women, but also about the men in their neighborhood. We get different perpective of the story. The twists are very interesting. With new characters on each season, the story gets even richer.
  • After Mary Alice commits suicide her girlfriends have to go on with out her. From Heaven Mary Alice narrates what is going on in there lives.

    This is a great show is a soap opera with a comical twist. The Main Charaters are Bree the perfectionist, Gabie the beauty queen, Susan the naive sweet one, Lynette the hard working mother, and Edie the sex godess. The show focuses on there familys and every day problems. It can be funny and also heartbreaking. The newest housewive is Catherine who like Bree is a perfectiniest and very talented. She has a sixteen year old daughter Dylan who may not even be her real daughter. I first thought this was a silly show but I really got into it the second season. I have be hooked ever since.
  • Love It. Even My Boyfriend watch's it and like's it.

    Desperate Housewives is a tale of 5 women who all live down Wisteria Lane and all have there own little secrets. Although they are all friends they seen to find it hard when it comes to telling eachother there secrets. This show is totally one of the best, with a great line up and fantastic acting. Susan is extremly clumsy yet very lovable, Gabriella is very provocative and is very in sense with her sexuality, Lynette is a loving mother and a great worker, Bree is very perfect in every way, well a lot of ways anyway. And Edie is very much in love with herself.
  • it's good

    i love this program the women in it are just fabulous. the story line has been writen extremely well. with them all arguing all the time it is just so funny. i think that there should be a few more couples on the street mayb a lesbian couple there to really stir things up on the street. also a student house full of guys studing sport at university. they should all go on a holliday together so they can argue in benidorm. the narator should also come on the show once in a while so we can see what she looks likes.
  • This show will have you repeating the phrase "Wow, I didn't think the plot can twist in such a way."

    Desperate Housewives is one of those shows where at first you see it in passing, then get sucked into the addictive drama. Every episode has an amazing plot twist and a gut wrenching cliff hanger that will have you asking for more. Not to mention the glorious slap-stick comedy. Don't think that I'm trying to sell you the show, but this series is really the best. Who would have thought that this show is would have made it? It can seem boring at first, but slowly, you become attracted into a mild craze that will have you begging for more!

    The character development interests me the most. The actors seemed to have grown into their role. This isn't like any other show where everything remains flat. For example, if Carlos went blind three seasons ago, Gabriel would have left him long ago. The series chugs along as if it were real life.

    Which brings me to my final point: real life. While it is obvious the show is fiction, this can still apply to real life. Each situation and disaster alludes to a real life problem te audience can relate to. It takes a sharp viewer to catch observations like these, but you can sense it. The episode about the tornado can be related to even the smallest disasters. The episode shows that while we may be down, we can still have hope. And that is why I love the series so much -- it teaches the viewer.
  • Funny and full of drama:)

    Desperate Housewives is exactly what it sounds like; the maincharacters are normal housewives who desperately try to impress the neighbours and conceal their dark secrets. Bree Hodge, a perfectionist with an ironic sense of humour. Gabrielle Marquez, the former model who just wants a decent, loving man. Susan Mayer, the clumsy, but pleasant housewife who wants everyone to like her. Lynette Scavo, who does not want anyone's pity. And then there is Edie Britt, the man-stealing woman who secretly wants a loving husband.
    Yes, Desperate Housewives is full of drama, hidden secrets that nobody wants to come out and friendship. These women care for each other, but would rather lie than reveal their secrets.
    If this is what you are looking for, I highly recommend it!
  • Great show, funny and interesting characters with great story lines!

    I love Desperate Housewives! They are not my favorite show (Heroes is) but they are 2nd or 3rd! I love all characters! Bree, Lynnette, Gabrielle and Susan are so special on their own way! Edie is great too! I love those evil-like characters! Bree is so funny! I adore her!!! I watched only 3 seasons, I wait for season 4 to finish and then I'm going to get it by the internet cause I live in Croatia and I don't want to wait until it gets there! I can't wait for all of them! I already know Edie will not die and that is great!!!
  • Wisteria Lane resident Mary Alice Young kills herself, causing her friends to question why, and lets us witness the dramatic twists and turns of their own lives.

    This show is the best show ever created. I love it so much. There are so many good storylines. Marc Cherry is the best person who ever lived. This show deserves every award there is. It is just so amazing and the storylines are so clever. Each season gets better and better. It's the perfect show. This is the only show that I ever went crazy over wondering what would happen next. Marc Cherry always surprises me. November Sweeps are especially clever. Each episode is better than the one before. I'm amazed that after such amazing storylines, Marc can continue to go on with even better ones. Desperate Housewives is the best show there is.
  • Do really like the show

    on April 13th show the church section the writers need to check out what the minister said. Since it was Presbyterian they do not believe in " free will" as the minister stated. They believe in Predestination. Not sure on the Catholic side as I had to mute it for a phone call. For further shows if they involve the church setting they need to do more research first.
    I do like the show but the writers need to domore research especially when it deals with the church. I am glad to see the show back on the air again. Have missed it when the writers were on strike.
  • Haha Yes, I watch it.

    "The Desperate Houswives" is a wierd but still good show that comes on ABC. It is not for childern to watch however. Most guys don't watch this show and up to last month niether did I but, I decided to give it a shot and bought the season 1 DVD set. I was hooked. It was so addictive I watched every episode in 3 days. Those three days, I barely got any sleep thinking about what would happen in the next episode and got up in the middle of the night to watch it. Great show, great comedy, great everything. 10/10
  • Desperate Housewives is a great and creative show that has a good message for us. I love the pilot and the way the characters connect and everything about it. It's a Great Show.

    Desperate Housewives is one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. It has a great pilot and the characters aren't the same. Lynette, Bree, Susan, Gabrielle, and even Eddie are all unique with different and similar problems. The beautiful actresses that play them have a great way to become their character. There is a reason that this great show is not lasting only 2 seasons. It's even becoming an international show with versions like in Mexico and Columbia. I Love this show and you should try to see it someday. Don't worry its original and very funny. I know that you'll Love It.
  • This show is like watching a great, better version of a soap opera...

    This is one of my favorite shows. Sure, even though I am a guy, this show can be very addicting. It started off with me just flipping through channels, and I saw an episode of this show where a new neighbor slaps her 16 year old daughter in the face! I was a little shocked, but I waned to know what happens next. So, I gradually became a fan of the show. It is really good! I think that no matter if you are a guy or a girl, you can like any type of show! And for me, I like the show "Desperate Housewives". It's really addicting. I'm not kidding.
  • ...

    Well I have to say that I only started to watch Desperate Housewives a few months ago.. When it first aired I dind't think I would enjoy a show like that.. But one evening I turned the tv casually on the first episode.. The pilot.. And I have to say it.. It left me breathless.. This show wasn't nothing like I was expcting.. It was awesome.. Since then I watched the first two seasons.. Now I'm starting the 3rd.. (In Italy it already has been aired, but I'm a little slow... ;) ).
    I think it's very hilarious but yet vey intense at the same time.. My fave Housewife is Susan.. Oh my God.. she cracks me up every time..
  • A fascinating show chronicling the lives of 5 beautiful housewives.

    A fascinating show chronicling the lives of 5 beautiful housewives. Susan leads an interesting life as a divorce´ mother of one looking for love. Edie the town trollop sleeps around for the beginning of the show. Bree Van DeKamp is my personal 2nd favorite housewife with here luscious red hair is always pleasant in public and ready with a smile is suffering form an unhappy marriage and 2 angsty teenagers. Gabrielle is a fun, flirtatious, partially superficial shopping lover also suffering in an unhappy marriage. My numero uno favorite Lynette Scavo is a great mom with fabulous hair, mother of 4, and ex-business woman. This shows has amazing character dynamic and relationships and just overall The cream of the cream of the crop.
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