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  • Who says the suburbs are boring?

    This show ran for 8 seasons and has never left me down once. We follow the lives of four women who are so different from each others, and so equal at the same time. The problems they face, the family crisis, the joys, the good days, the bad days... everything.

    What amazed me in this show was the fact that it wasn't just another slapstick series where we see different families facing everyday trouble. It is a series where the values of family, friendship and support are always present. Plus, the fact that we had each season a juicy mystery regarding a new neighbour who moved in, it was enough to make us wonder what would happen next.

    The cast was just perfect. I especially loved Teri Hatcher's character, Susan, who was the funniest of them all, but was also the one who managed to give us that feeling that even if she was incredibly clumsy, she could be incredibly serious and competent when she wanted to. Also loved Eva Longoria's character, Gabrielle, who made me laugh about the not so serious attempts of her to find true happiness. Marcia Cross's character, Bree was without doubt the most complex character in the show because she suffered so much, but always managed to come up on top of everything. Felicity Huffman's character, Lynette was amazing, portraying the typical super mom who tries her best to raise a family, while working. And finally, Brenda Strong's character, Mary Alice Young, who provided us with a wonderful narrative of the events (her voice is incredibly sweet and caring, and I just wished she would have appeared a little more like a ghost, or in flashbacks).

    It deserves a 10, not only because it made us laugh, but because it also made us cry, cheer and applaud from the first episode, to the incredible ending.
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