Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 20

Rose's Turn

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on ABC
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After Edie's death, Dave Williams spends a lot of time isolated, and this upsets the women of Wisteria Lane, particularly Susan, who quickly suspects he may be suicidal after paying him a visit. Katherine makes a confession to Mike, and Bree is suspicious that her husband may still be lying to her. In the meantime, Orson does his best to get rid of a witness to his crimes, and Gabrielle joins a gardening club in which she is forced to actually garden, which leads to her going for Tom for help. Lynette falls in the shower and is rescued by Carlos, and Tom works out to impress Lynette.moreless

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  • Solid one liners

    This was a well written episode. I love Edie and everything but the tribute to Elie the Handyman was the pits and Edie's wasn't much better either. It's Carlos and Lynette the career spouse matched against the neglected house spouses Tom and Gabby. Gabby tells says she is just watching for her friend Lynette's back (as Tom gets friendly with a Garden Club hoe) and Tom retorts with and your husband was watching her Carlos later verbalizes this by telling Lynette that he's seen her without a towel and she has nothing to be ashamed of. I also like how Tom is Gabby's friend with a small "f" while Lynette is her friend with a big Tom ends the scene with "Screw you. and that's with a big . The best part of this episode was seeing Susan Mayers on the ground in handcuffs. Put your face on the pavement Susan, you've been pretty desperate in the episodes this season lol.moreless
  • a good episode

    this was a pretty enjoyable episode of desperate housewives with some pretty decent storylines

    I liked susans storylines with dave it was pretty funny with her stealing all his knives and ties and stuff, also there was a pretty huge revelaion here aswell as we learn it wasnt mike who was driving the car that killed daves family it was susan i have to say didnt see that coming so now the question is how is dave going to change his plan for revenge

    Gaby had a filler this week but it was still funny i thought the scenes with tom were pretty funny

    Lynette also had a good week i liked her scenes with carlous We got to see more of katherine this week now that edie is gone and that was nice

    bree had a ok stryline as she comes to the descion to divorce orson overall a good episodemoreless
  • Classic Housewives Comedy!!

    Back to business following the death of Edie, and its laughs all round thanks to of Susan, Gabby, Lynette, Carlos and Tom.

    Ok so i am loving the storylines that see Lynette and Tom paired with Gabby and Carlos, nice to see Tom getting alot more screen time and Lynette and Carlos have a great friendship, glad to see the writers bringing that back. The whloe thing with Lynette being rescued by Carlos after a fall in the tub was great, very funny, as was Gabby going head to head with Tom over flirting with a woman at a garden club. The final showdown at the dinner table between the 4 was perhaps the funniest moment of the series. Susan too had great comedy in this episode i loved her removing Daves belts and knives thinking he was going to kill himself and then being pulled over by a cop just as Katherine drove past. lol

    The whole Bree/Orson storyline felt a bit dull I have 2 say, but now she plans on divorcing him so hopefully things will spice up, Orson seems to have really stepped back into his evil ways recently.

    Overall one of the funniest epsides of the season that also sees Dave move his focus away from Mike and Katherine and onto Susan and MJ. Creepy!!!moreless
  • Generally, this is a fairly solid episode that manoeuvres everyone into position for the amateur dramatics that will inevitably ensue in the finale.

    Generally, this is a fairly solid episode that manoeuvres everyone into position for the amateur dramatics that will inevitably ensue in the finale. Sensibly, the writing staff continue to marry Gaby and Carlos's storyline with Lynette and Tom's, which keeps things fresh for all parties and ensures that they don't fall back on old tricks. While Lynette's fall in the tub and subsequent embarrassment at her nudity is mildly amusing, it's the scene at the dinner table that really packs a punch, containing some stellar one-liners and crackling with every increase in the undercurrent of emotional tension. The fallout of Orson's duplicitous antics during 'A Spark. To Pierce The Dark' is well handled; credit to Marcia Cross for doing an upstanding job of portraying Bree's colossal disappointment in her husband, as well as her stiff upper lip, which is perfectly in keeping with her character. Oh and nice to see Shawn Pyfrom in a shirt that accentuates his nipples. *ahem* Erm, anyway... Susan's encounters with Dave are well written too and shine a much-needed light on the reality of the Dash accident, illustrating that no, the writers hadn't made a massive gaffe by making Dave pursue Mike rather than Susan. Of course, now it looks like we're going to have one hell of a showdown in the coming weeks that'll tug on the heartstrings and keep nails being bitten all across the world, despite the fact that they're never going to kill little MJ. Good stuff overall, with the only real let-down being Mike's apparent questioning of his relationship with Katherine which comes far too close to season's end for my taste. Please, please, please don't have him run to Susan in 522. Please?moreless
  • Hidden Written by David Flebotte Directed by David Warren

    Tom (re Patty): "She's being nice."

    Gabrielle: "That's her thing. She'd give you the bra off her back."

    Yeah, there are some people who would do absolutely anything for another person with no ulterior motives. The problem is that such a person has yet to exist on Wisteria Lane. Everyone on this show has an agenda and everyone is hiding from something or someone, it's that simple.

    Orson should definitely know about hiding. Getting bashed across the head by an old lady during one of his pathetic attempts of stealing certainly raises questions and Orson's answers are pretty half-baked to politely put it.

    Instead of pretending that he embarrassingly tripped, why did he feign memory loss or pretend that he had been mugged? He might have actually been able to pull off such lies with a bit more conviction than the excuses he loaded on both his doctor and Bree.

    Another lie that Orson participated in was telling Bree that he wanted to be happy with her. Two episodes go, he wanted her to sell their only source of income. Bree might not be perceptive but surely she shouldn't have needed Andrew to point out that Orson's sudden change of heart was suspect at best?

    Andrew hasn't exactly played a huge role in this season and with the finale approaching, you'd think we'd get some more stuff on him and Alex but he's had some excellent moments and advising Bree to have a divorce lawyer on the ready is certainly a good point.

    Katherine only speeded things up by telling Bree about her run in with Rose. Rose was the woman with excellent baseball bat skills but Orson tried to make the poor woman seem senile. Katherine being a visiting friend to Rose didn't particularly ring but I guess the writers needed to find some device to get Bree to learn about Orson's most recent act of thieving.

    So with Bree set to divorce Orson, I guess Rose's purpose has more or less been served. They could keep her around if the writers want to take it further and actually have Orson go to prison yet again but sadly, I think this poor lady will be heading for a retirement home regardless. When it came to heading places, it was interesting to see most of the ladies trying to take an active interest in making sure that Dave was okay. Dave did almost let his true colours show when he lashed out at Mike but it was Susan who made the biggest impact on Dave all through the episode.

    Susan persevered to help Dave in her own ham fisted ways when Dave made it more than clear that he actually wanted to be left alone. For a brief second when Susan found his gun, there was a glimmer of hope that she might have realised Dave's true intentions but her first reaction was fear for his safety.

    Susan's stupidity can be frustrating but this was one of those times when she acted foolishly for good reasons. Removing virtually anything that she thought Dave would use to aid his own death was oddly admirable but getting arrested because it looked like she was a dangerous person strictly played this scene for laughs.

    Many viewers complained that it made no organic sense for Susan to confess to Dave that she was the one driving (which to be fair was established back in "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow") the car that wound up killing Lila and Paige and that plot wise, everything has officially run out of steam.

    I do have to agree with viewers but a part of me would rather Dave after Susan than Mike, although a) I don't want him to actually succeed in hurting MJ and b) I would actually like to see Susan save herself, rather than be rescued by Mike. However Dave's sudden interest in MJ is worrying and that's putting it nicely.

    Somewhat less worrying in this episode was the fun side of friendships. I have to admit that giving Gabrielle and Tom more scenes together has actually been fun. Tom's actually less annoying when he's with nearly everyone but Lynette and Gabby fares pretty well into the equation as well.

    I suppose I should sympathise with Edna who wanted to garden but I can understand why Gabby felt more at home looking at plants while she gossiped and knocked back margaritas and getting Tom to overthrow Edna's gardening was a nice move. Too bad that Patty trying her case with Tom nearly shattered this new friendship.

    I don't think that Gabby thinks Tom would cheat on Lynette but the fact is that anyone can cheat and Gabby even admitted that she never thought she would've cheated on Carlos with John but she did. I guess Gabby did view herself as mainly a monogamous woman.

    The other fun element of the episode was having Lynette and Carlos making the foolish error of hiding the fact that he had to help her to her bed when she slipped in the shower. The plot came from a fourth season episode of Sex And The City and while Carlos might not be the Aidan of this show, Lynette certainly is the Miranda. I guess that might be why I like her so much.

    Tom was stupid to overreact over the thing when Lynette's safety should've factored more than another man seeing his wife naked. However despite the fun element of the dinner table arguments, I'm glad that everything more or less resolved itself. Carlos and Lynette have no awkwardness around them and Gabby sympathised with Tom not seeing Lynette as much as he used to. Overall, it made for some hugely enjoyable moments.

    As for Katherine's bombshell on Mike. I can't even see how it's that shocking. She felt insecure, came up with a motive for Mike to move in with her so she could get closer. It's not the worst thing that anyone has done on this show but the look on Mike's face makes me think that Katherine shouldn't get her hopes up just yet. I'm surprised he didn't literally bolt from the bed when she decided to get all confessional on him.

    Also in "Rose's Turn"

    Rose Kembler has survived a dead husband, five children, the loss of her teeth, illness and bankruptcy.

    Orson (to Bree): "If I can decide to be resentful and jealous, then I can damn well decide to be happy and be the kind of husband you deserve."

    Mike: "I'm trying to help."

    Dave: "You can't so why don't you go to Katherine and your happy little life and leave me alone."

    Dave told Susan that he intended to sell Edie's house and put the money in a trust for Travers. I actually think that Dave is feeling guilty for Edie's death.

    Gabrielle: "Hey are men allowed to join the group?"

    Patty: "I don't know why they wouldn't be."

    Gabrielle: "Ladies, start your blenders."

    Bree: "I didn't raise you to be ****

    Andrew: "You raised me to be passive aggressive. The **** was self-taught."

    Where is Alex nowadays? I'll assume that we'll get to see him during the finale.

    Mike (re car crash): "Susan, we did what we had to do."

    Susan: "And look where that got us."

    Tom: "Full disclosure, Lynette. That's what a marriage is all about."

    Gabrielle: "So did you fully disclose your friendship with Patty Rizzo?"

    Tom was working out in this episode and was resentful when Lynette refused to sleep with him.

    Carlos: "Lynette, I saw you without your towel. You got nothing to be embarrassed about."

    Chronology: A couple of days since "Look Into Their Eyes And You See What They Know".

    "Rose's Turn" to me is another turning point episode. Strong with certainly plots (Susan/Dave, Bree/Orson) and hilarious with others (Lynette/Gabby/Tom/Carlos), it's only just Mike/Katherine who let the side down a tad.moreless
Gloria LeRoy

Gloria LeRoy

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Judy Kain


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    • Mike: Hey, I'm just trying to help.
      Dave: You can't!! OK? So why don't you go back to Katherine and your happy little life and leave me the hell alone?!

    • Mike: Why are you mopping the ceiling?
      Susan: I was cooking, alright?
      Mike: Lids! Susan, you've really gotta start using lids!
      Susan: Sometimes it's the stove's fault.

    • Lynette: (talking about Dave) I say we keep showing up here until he lets us help him.
      Susan: We need to be annoying and persistent. We're good at that.
      Lynette: So who can come by later and check on him? I'd do it, but I'm working late.
      Susan: I'm in the classroom all day, and I have meetings after.
      Katherine:I have a rehearsal dinner to cater.
      Gabrielle: Ugh, and I have a garden club meeting (they all stare)
      Lynette: You're in a garden club?
      Gabrielle: Yeah, I just joined.
      Lynette: Wait. There wouldn't happen to be actual gardeners in this club, would they?
      Susan: Hot shirtless gardeners with great abs and learner's permits?
      Gabrielle: Gee, this bit just gets funnier and funnier.
      Katherine: Oh, we tease because we love. Now back to Dave. I'll ask Mike to check in on him.
      Susan: That'd be great. Remember to tell him "annoying and persistent". And I can make another casserole.
      Lynette: Yeah, 'cause he hasn't suffered enough (they all laugh)
      Gabrielle: (speaking to Susan) That's a bit I never get tired of.

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