Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 6

Running to Stand Still

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on ABC
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Lynette locks horns with uber mom Maisy Gibbons (guest star Sharon Lawrence) at the twins' school who is trying to produce a "politically correct" play about "Little Red Riding Hood." Meanwhile, Susan continues to investigate the mystery of Zach's sudden disappearance. She soon finds out his father Paul put him in Seacrest, a mental institution. She and Julie then go to investigate. Mama Solis (guest star Lupe Ontiveros) comes closer to discovering Gabrielle's dirty little secret of her affair, and Bree comes undone when Rex suggests they hire a sex surrogate.moreless

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  • Oh, and Desperate Housewives hits another home run!

    Lynette goes head to head with Macy Gibbins. Bree takes it off for Rex, and gets nothing. Gabrielle manipulates her way into getting caught, and Susan continues trying to solve the Mary Alice mystery.

    This episode was just hilarious. The narrative was spot on. The speech Bree made to the therapist about how much she liked sex was just so unexpected. Well, I expected it because I watched it before, but I mean I remember not expecting it the first time I've seen it.

    My main problem with this epsiode is how short Mary Alice's narration was at the beggining and how slowly the Mary Alice storyline is unraveling even though it's supposed to be what the show is centered on.

    Other than that this was another juicy addition to a spectacular first season.moreless
  • loved it

    loved this episode of desperate housewives this show is so good it is hard to believe it is also so addictive, the mystery was so great this week with susan and julie getting onvolved in it paul is still really creepy though, loved the stuff with bree and rex and there theripisst gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and it was ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg




  • 106

    Looking back at Season 1 of Desperate Housewives reminds me of how fortunate we were for this show to have come along at the time that it did. It seems like common place on television nowadays for scandalous behavior and overall dramedies, but in 2004 this show was so fresh and original and the characters truly had not even come close to reaching their peak. Bree was as Bree as can be, if that makes, and Gaby was becoming America's sweetheart before our eyes.

    Desperate Housewives is still extremely good and one of TV's best, but watching these re-runs on Lifetime reminds me of how great this show once was. Just a tremendous, heavily eventful episode with top-notch comedy proving that women can be funny too.moreless
  • Bree finally takes it off!

    No doubt I love all my housewives equally. But as a red-blooded American male, I must admit that my favorite moments are when the ladies bare all. In this episode, Marcia Cross shows some skin, and man oh man does she look fantastic! I've always been attracted to the obsessive compulsive red headed beauty, but now I think I may be in love!

    But I digress. This week the war between Gaby and Mama Solice escalates, with some fine strategy from Gabrielle as she learns and exploits mama's gambling problem. Also enjoyable was Lynette's little war against the head of the school play committee, as watching these suburban mothers spit and spat over such silly things was a wicked delight.moreless
  • Esta es la razón por la cual soy un fan de DH. Simplemente la astucia de cada una de las amas de casa y su forma de arreglar los problemas. En este episodio se enfrenta el bien y el mal, pero no queda bien claro quién gana.moreless

    Aparte de ciertos detalles que son revelados durante el episodio, como el acuerdo prenupcial de Gabrielle y Carlos, o la niña DANA a la cual Zack hirió, continuamos con la guerra entre la señora Solis y Gabrielle, y casi cuando uno cree que la victoria es de Gabrielle, se cae el esquema y Juanita levanta cabeza. La separación de Bree hace que queramos profundamente que la relación con su esposo se arregle, Lynette sigue ocupada con sus hijos y sus multitareas. Y Susan, Oh Susan, sigue demostrando que fué la más cercana a Mary Alice Young. Me encanta seguir viendo la inteligencia del show y su manera de hacernos más y más adictos... Como dice Lynette, "I just smoke some crack".moreless
Shannon O'Hurley

Shannon O'Hurley

Mrs. Truesdale

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Stacey Travis

Stacey Travis

Jordana Geist

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Kathy McGraw

Kathy McGraw


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Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Dr. Albert Goldfine

Recurring Role

Brent Kinsman

Brent Kinsman

Preston Scavo

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Shane Kinsman

Shane Kinsman

Porter Scavo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Bree goes over to talk to Dr. Goldfine, she puts her napkin on top of her plate, but when she sits back down, she takes it off of her chair.

    • It is mentioned in this episode that Gabrielle signed a pre-nup, reluctantly as Juanita forced her to - yet later in the season, Gabrielle and Carlos argue about her signing a post-nup in case Gabrielle cheats on Carlos while he is in prison.

    • During the poker game the baby monitor beside Lynette moves from one side of her to the other between shots.

    • During Mary Alice's opening narration, it is mentioned that Juanita had been controling Carlos about the wedding music that Gabrielle despised, which they obviously picked before they got married, but the three of them are shown in the Solis living room, but in the season 2 finale we see that Gabrielle and Carlos did not move into their house until some months after they have been married.

    • When Susan follows Paul in her borrowed car, as she drives away, we can see a large camera and an operator in the reflection of the window.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Carlos: Hmmmm... that's nice.
      Gabrielle: You like that?
      Carlos: Oh, yeah.
      Gabrielle: God, I'm gonna miss this, Carlos.
      Carlos: What do you mean?
      Gabrielle: Well, since, I'm gonna have to be doing the cooking, and the cleaning, and all the shopping, like the other wives...
      Carlos: Hmmm, hmmm.
      Gabrielle: I'm going to be exhausted at night, just like all the other wives, til I build up my stamina, of course, but that might take a couple of years.

    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover) The search for power begins when we're quite young. As children we are taught that the power of good triumphs over the power of evil. But as we get older, we realise that nothing is ever that simple. Traces of evil always remain.

    • (Gabrielle walks back into the dining room.)
      Gabrielle: Hey! So what did I miss?
      Mama Solis: Not much, just a few friendly hands of poker with the girls.
      (There is a huge stack of money in front of Mama Solis as she pulls it all towards her. The other women look stunned.)

    • (Susan opens up her mailbox and takes out her mail. When she turns around, she sees Paul getting into his car across the street.)
      Mary Alice: Susan was infuriated by Paul's evasive answers.
      (Susan stares at Paul across the street.)
      Paul: Hey!
      (He waves at her.)
      Mary Alice: She was convinced he was deliberately hiding Zach, and hiding the truth. She hoped that finding one would lead to the other. To succeed, Susan would have to be evasive herself.

    • Dr. Sicher: Severe depression. Borderline personality disorder. Zach is a deeply troubled young man.
      Paul: I'm aware of that. What are you giving him?
      Dr. Sicher: Some antidepressants and a mood stabilizer.
      Paul: Good.
      Dr. Sicher: I'm also recommending extensive psychotherapy, to help unearth any repressed -
      Paul: I don't think so.
      Dr. Sicher: Mr. Young, I can't just medicate him indefinitely.
      Paul: Forget the Freud and stick with the drugs. No new treatments without my permission.
      (he walks away)

    • Mary Alice: Juanita was now more convinced than ever that her treacherous daughter-in-law was having an affair. But the question remained, with whom? (Juanita notices Gabrielle avoiding John purposedly) And suddenly, Juanita remembered it wasn't the men Gabrielle talked to that she had to worry about.

    • Mary Alice: Suburbia is a battleground, an arena for all forms of domestic combat. Husbands clash with wives, parents cross swords with children, but the bloodiest battles often involve women and their mothers-in-law. The war for control of Carlos began the night he proposed, and Gabrielle had been losing ground to Juanita ever since. From the prenuptial agreement which she reluctantly signed, to the selection of wedding music she despised, the color of the house paint she hadn't wanted ... Gabrielle had suffered one defeat after another.

    • Gabrielle: Yeah, I've seen who you've been busy with.
      John: Danielle? Come on, I mean, she's just a friend.
      Gabrielle: Well, before you get any friendlier, let me remind you, I can do things to you she can't even pronounce.

    • Lynette: Seriously, you're taking your kids' medication?
      Jordana: Once in a while. Do you want a couple?
      Lynette: Oh, that's very kind of you, but I just smoked some crack a little while ago, so I better not mix.

    • Bree: Is that how you see me? As some sort of prude who just lays there like a cold fish? I love sex.
      Dr. Goldfine: All right.
      Bree: I love everything about it. The sensations, the smells. I especially love the feel of a man. All that muscle and sinew pressed against my body. And then, when you add friction. Mmm ... The tactile sensation of running my tongue over a man's nipple ever so gently. And then there's the act itself - two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of pleasure. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about sex is the scrotum. I mean, obviously it has its practical applications, but I'm just not a fan.

    • Mary Alice: Juanita may have been the gambler in the family, but Gabrielle was the one who knew how to bluff.

    • Susan: How'd you get the fat lip?
      Paul: The usual way; asking too many questions.

    • Julie: How am I supposed to blend in with a bunch of messed up teenagers?
      Susan: I dunno, pretend you're bulimic, gag a little.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Maisy had kids that went to school with both Bree's and Lynette's, meaning there would have been a big age difference between them.

    • For her performance in this episode Marcia Cross received a 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

    • On its original airing this episode scored 24.9 million viewers for ABC, being the highest rated show for the night among all networks.

    • In the original script of this episode, Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) was supposed to find out something interesting about Mike Delfino (James Denton) when she visited Silvercrest. She was supposed to make up a doctor's name that she would use to the nurse; she would've said "Mike Delfino" and the nurse would've replied "Oh, you know him?", confirming to Susan that Mike is "supposedly" a doctor. But that part of the script was cut out evidently.

    • James Denton (Mike Delfino) and Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) do not appear in this episode even though they are credited.

    • In the original script of this episode Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp) was supposed to appear in this episode. But they evidently cut that out.


    • Lynette: Now all in favour for the woodsman getting medieval on the wolf's ass?

      This line is very similar to a line Marsellus Wallace says in the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction. The movie from 1994 starred John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

    • Episode Title: The episode title, Running to Stand Still, is a song from U2's "The Joshua Tree" album.