Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2011 on ABC
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Susan vows to get the most out of life when she learns that her dialysis isn't working and that, unless she receives a kidney transplant soon, she will die. Bree makes it her mission to find a kidney donor for Susan and, jealous of Lee and Bob's adopted daughter's routine for an upcoming school talent show, Gabrielle pressures Juanita to come up with a number that will outshine everyone. Meanwhile, Lynette puts a plan into action to discourage a clearly non-maternal Renee from adopting a baby, and Beth Young (guest star Emily Bergl) struggles to figure out what to do with her life after Paul kicked her out of the house.moreless

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  • Bree And Gaby Get Creative As They Try Find A Kidney Donor For Susan. Susan Vows To Live Life To The Fullest And Renee Babysits Paige.

    Definitely one of the best episodes of the show and the seaon. Desperate Housewives marks its 150th episode with lots of plot development and the death of one of their own. I won't spoil it from you but it is an iconic death (This person dies in the same way as Mary Alice did.). The cast is once again at top form here. The funniest scene was at the restaurant when Renee "lost" the baby. She can't be a mother. Gaby's and Juanita's story was great! Bree's subplot in order to find a kidney for Susan sure was creative. Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria, James Denton, Doug Savant and Vanessa Williams were truly excellent here. I loved this episode very much and it ends with a dramatic cliffhanger.moreless
  • Very intense episode, with a great ending!

    This episode was very enjoyable, with great stuff from the drama perspective, but also from the comedy perspective!

    The comedy was great, with the best scene clearly being the events at the restaurant, in which Renee loses the Baby Paige. That was certainly very funny, and I really enjoyed watching all of that! Great stuff!

    In tersm of the drmaa, Susan's storyline gets very depressing, as we find out some bad news about her. Bree tries ot organise a campaign to save her life, and things wget really interesting!

    I definitely don't plan or intend to spoil the ending for you, but I am sure you wil l be stunned! This was a great episode, and it leaves us with a sensational cliffhanger!

    Kee p it up, Desperate Housewives, and Now I really can't wait until next week's episode!moreless
  • VERY GOOD EPISODE! The ending slightly predictable!

    I think this season is sustaining it's plot development.

    Renee and Lynette's story was very good, I liked how show she wanted to adopt and showed very bad parenting skills. The scene in the restaurant was very funny.

    Susan and Mike's scene was subtle but very effective.

    Bree wants meaning in her life and so does Beth (PROBLEM)

    I like how Bree wanted to find Susan a match not knowing that she was one herself and Beth who has lost it because nobody wanted her and her mother turned against her she felt she wanted to do something meaningful so she killed herself so Susan can get the kidney.

    Beth's death was sad but also needed because I didn't think they could have done much with her.

    Great Episode!!! Keep it up!!!moreless
  • A very special episode of Desperate Housewives. After 150 episodes the fans are given an episode that focussed on the heart of the show and made a very memorable reflection back to the first episode of the series. (Be warned: SPOILERS)moreless

    After two weeks of lack laster episodes, Housewives returns with all the flare we have come to love. On the whole the episode hits all the right beats, which is a godsend after Episode 15's sentimental ending after sentimental ending plot lines that really made me worried for my favorite series. I will proceed highlighting the pros and cons of each characters story in order of favorites:)


    Nothing wrong with this weeks entry for Gabby besides a few small plot hole concerns. There has been a lot of drama for her this season and its nice to get her back in true form. Nothing really new for her- Junita plans to do fart jokes for her school talent show while Jenny, Bob and Lee's daughter, plans to play the violin. In similar style to her many battles against Susan, Gabby pushes Junita into tap dancing in order to remain top dog and remain the best parent on the lane (if she ever was). Her final revelation is very touching and there is some very funny dialogged delivered here. Why it works for 150th?

    Its Gabby as we know and love her after so much anguish and sadness this season. It was a nice call back to her early episodes with Junita and there was a lot of classic Gabby here from Season 1 style. What didn't work?

    This episode is set mer days after Gabby's HUGE revelation in her home town. Is she over it that fast? Also last we saw of Junita she was suffering badly due to the discovery she is not Gabby's biological daughter. I feel kinda cheated that she let it go so quickly. A moment of closure would have been great in this episode.

    Lynette and Renee:

    These two together are gold and its great to see a payoff to Renee's Episode 14 plot with Bob and Lee. I think it was clear where this was going. Still both actresses do a great job and I like that Lynette reminded Renee meaning would come soon. Why this works for the 150th?

    Lynette reminding Renee why she cant be a mother felt very much like Carlos' response to Edie's attempts in Season 3 (could this be its own little hidden homage to the late Miss Britt?). It was also great to see Lynette's focus back on her baby as it was way back in Episode 1 of the series.

    What didn't work?

    No solo plot for Lynette in a very pivotal episode in the series history was a tad strange. It did have echo's back to episode 99 of the series where Edie and Susan were trapped in the basement and it was great Lynette got to impart some wisdom but its sad that we aren't getting more of an overarching plot for Lynette. Don't know where they can pull a story from with only 7 episode left this season. ALSO: Lynette says Penny is 9 years old still, which we know isnt true- really threw me off. lol


    A beautiful episode for Mike and Susan. They return to where they were first married to have a picnic and celebrate Susan's life and what is left of it. Susan's upbeat attitude was welcome and Mike finally got to have some fun with his dialogue. A touching ending with Mike revealing how he feels about the possibility of loosing his wife. Why this works for the 150th?

    Plain and simple, Mike and Susan together and happy returning to the scene of the one of the series' most memorable moments; the wedding in the woods in Season 3 Episode 23. Very nice touch from the writers.

    What didn't work?

    The loosing of the picnic basket was a very obvious gag that lead to a few stumblers like Mike hitting the bird (which was kinda funny but still kinda lame and far fetched). The episode got better for them once the civil war re-creators appear. Bree:

    Finally Bree is back in true form. Bree has always been my favourite character but the last 15 episodes have made me love Renee so much more then her which just isn't right after 6 seasons. While the choice to remove Keith was not a conscious one but rather forced upon the writers, nothing could be better for Bree. We see her reconnect with her values, throw a traditional 'Bree's up to something' party and show how much she cares about her friends. A great return for her that I hope is not ruined by the rumored new love interest. Why this works for the 150th?

    While this storyline made no nods to the past it was a reaffirming storyline which allowed Bree to interact with some of the series' most memorable characters. It also allowed for the women to appear multiple times together which is always welcome. Overall it was appropriate for this episode as it reconnects Bree to the group, she refers to herself as Bree Van De Kamp, she returns to form with her dinner party sequence and door to door searching for Susan's kidney and reaffirms her relationship with Susan as something very strong as seen in Season 2, 3 and 4 of the series.

    Beth Young:

    WOW! All I can say is that Emily Bergyl was amazing this week. While no Mary Alice was given to us this episode we got the next best thing, a thrilling homage to her in Beth's mental collapse and final choice that closes the episode with a powerful cliffhanger that mirrors the series opening sequence. Beth's loss of purpose was absolutely thrilling to watch and really added the darker emotional weight this episode needed. Why this works for the 150th?

    This is really the 150th core storyline that links it to the beginning of the series and brings things full circle (in the way Eli's scene with Mary Alice did in Season 5's 100th episode). Beth not only learns the truth of her aunt Marther's death and discovers the truly dark side of her mother, but she makes a sacrifice for someone she cares about as Mary Alice had done. Its a wonderful tie back to the mystery that began the series and opens the doors for the final climatic end to Season 7.

    What didnt work?

    Only thing missing here was no Mary Alice flashbacks. Other then that a wonderful arc for Beth and a fitting ending to the 150th episode. Final thought:

    A fantastic episode of Desperate Housewives that fell sort of a perfect 100percent score simply due to the lack of Mary Alice and the other few things I mentioned. Overall it hit the marks where I hoped it would and is definitely an episode that will go down with the Pilot, Bang, Something's Coming and The best thing that could ever happen as one of the series best episodes. :)moreless
  • Searching

    When the promos started airing teasing that one housewife would kill herself, it was obvious that Beth would be the one to do so. Still, they waited until the end of the episode and they even had me shocked when she pulled the gun on herself. What this does for Paul right now I am not sure, but I think the writers will still have him go to prison, unfortunately.

    The Gaby and Juanita storyline was very good here today. A sweet moment with Gaby letting her daughter go on stage and smiling despite her obvious lack of skills. Nice for this show to really feature what parenting is about for a change.

    The rest of the episode was not bad either, although that one storyline was the highlight for me. Good episode tonight.moreless
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