Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 0

Secrets and Lies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2007 on ABC
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Secrets and Lies
Brenda Strong narrates the summary of the stories of all five main characters as they go by their lives on Wisteria Lane throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3.
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  • I was disappointed that no previews for the new season were shown. But I can't wait til next week....

    Okay, this was a good episode to catch up with all the lives of everyone on Wisteria Lane throughout all the seasons. They did an awesome job of putting together every little detail on all the girls storylines up to the finale. Though I was really hoping to get a glimpse of the new season. Maybe some clips from next week's episode that haven't been out yet. The only thing that really changed was Mary Alice's narration. Although, some of what she said was from previews episodes, like that legendery line about Edie's "conquests" that was from the pilot. I have been counting the days since the finale to see what's gonna happen. I think this season might be the juiciest of all, and I can't wait til sunday!!!!!moreless

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    • Narrator: Edie Britt was the most predatory divorcee in a five-block radius. Her conquests were numerous, varied, and legendary. But when Edie saw Carlos with her son Travers, she suddenly realized it might be time for something more. In the end it was Edie's vulnerability that hooked Carlos into a secret affair. Of course, all the great sex didn't hurt with one noble exception. Unfortunately for Carlos, Edie was never very good at keeping a secret. Susan and Lynette tried to keep their promise to Gabrielle, but Edie lured them back into her corner, and it wasn't long before Gabrielle coughed wind of their betrayal. Edie realized she had one last chance to hold on to the man she loved. As Carlos wandered back to familiar pastures, Edie was left alone with her fears, her broken heart, and her desperation.

    • Narrator: Gabrielle Solis was used to getting what she wanted, whether it was an expensive sports car, a designer dress, or the perfect housekeeper. But there was one thing she wanted that remained out of her reach: her husband's attention. Gabrielle eventually found a way to relax, and it was right outside her front door. Gabrielle's affair slipped right passed Carlos for a while. But Gabrielle realized how much she wanted to save her marriage. So Gabrielle and Carlos gave marriage a second chance. But then a new temptation arose, and it didn't stay secret for long. But even as Gabrielle said goodbye to her marriage, she found it was hard to close the door on Carlos. Yes, gaby knew it wouldn't be easy to find love again, but eventually she did meet someone new, and it happened when she wasn't even looking. But once Gabrielle saw the way Victor swade a vote, her vote swade to Victor. Yes, Gabrielle had decided that Victor not only had her vote, he also had her heart.

    • Narrator: Lynette Scavo had the kind of marriage worth believing in. She loved her husband Tom and always supported his choices no matter how impulsive. But soon enough, Tom's dream came to life, and Scavo's Pizzeria was born. But letting her husband be the boss wasn't that easy. Lynette agreed that Tom would be in charge, but then an accident took him out of the picture. Without Tom at her side, it became overwhelming. But then Rick came into her life and offered a helping hand. Lynette grew more and more distant from Tom. But Lynette and Tom knew they'd need each other to handle the many challenges ahead.

    • Narrator: For Bree Van De Kamp, perfection was everything. She worked hard to maintain a sparkling home and picture-perfect life. And anything less was simply unacceptable. But when her husband died, the walls around Bree's perfect life quickly came tumbling down. Her life in ruins, there was only one thing left for Bree to lose: her mind. But then, Bree met the perfect man. Orson was the ideal man for Bree. In the storm that had become her life, he was a break in the clouds. Orson made Bree his wedded wife, and picked up the pieces of her broken family. But just when Bree thought her life was abck to normal, Danielle decided to cause some real trouble by sleeping with Julie Mayer's boyfriend Austin. So once again, Orson made Bree's problem disappear. Yes, Orson Hodge was just the man Bree needed, because he knew that when it came to family, appearances were everything.

    • Narrator: Susan Mayer spent her entire life looking for just the right man. And when she met Mike Delfino, she finally found him. Susan and Mike made a great couple, and before Susan knew it, they were talking about the future. The only step left was marriage. But on the night Mike planned to propose, fate interveened. But Susan never gave up hope, rarely leaving Mike's side. Yes, Mike had many gaps in his memory, which Edie Britt was more than happy to help fill with lies. Then Susan met Ian Hainsworth, a new prince charming to sweep Susan off her feet. And once the slipper fit, their romance quickly blossomed. Meanwhile, Mike began to learn the truth about his past. But time was running out. (Shot of Susan and Mike's wedding) And that's how Susan found her real fairy tale ending.

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    • International Airdates:
      Belgium: September 12, 2008 on Canvas
      Ireland: January 08, 2008 on RTE Two
      Norway: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 9.45 pm on TV 2