Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 1

Secrets That I Never Want to Know

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on ABC

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  • Episode 801

    The show continues to have its voice giving us laughs and drama and interchanging them in seconds. One overlying arc for all the ladies for the final season is a good idea and hopefully the show can end on a high note.
  • What?

    How to watch?
  • the beginning of the end

    Great way to start the final season enjoyed all the scenes with the core 4 ladies together espeicallly the falling into the pool, I also loved the cliffhanger with the mary alice note
  • 8.01 "Secrets That I Never Want to Know"

    Written by: Bob Daily

    Directed by: David Grossman


    Ok, now let me get back to the first half of the season which was kinda so-so. This premiere was very good. Although i liked season 7 premiere better, but this had an amazing Bree/Gaby chemistry in the car scene with Chuck. They are great together! Susan was annoying constantly sobbing over this cover-up, grow a pair you idiot! Lynette not only looked horrible, but acted horribly when she slept with Tom, really woman? Renee only had 3 short scenes full of bad comedy. So, you go dressed like a 5 dollar whore and offer your new neighbor a ride on your whooha? Damn you lady, I thought you were classier than that.
  • Secret that must be buried

    (Sorry for the bad english, i am italian) The fifth season? Good at the start, terrible at the end. The sixth season? Good at the start , but i don't even watch the second half of the season because was TERRIBLE. The seventh season was better that the begin of the sixth season, and it was all goo till the episode 12. Then I stopped watching it. I only watched the finale and OH MY GOD!

    Now we are in a sort of "making of " of the secrets of the past seven seasons, and I love it because I feel like I'm into the story and there's a complicity between they and me. Let's see the story:

    Lynette: at first I was sad that she was breaking up with Tom, but they fight TO MUCH, so maybe it's better if they take a pause... and about the murder, Lynette seems the most calm of the other Housewives, but it's just an impression for me (and we can see it when she made the nightmare about Alejandro);

    Gaby and Carlos: they are in pieaces, they feel very in blame and Carlos want to talk with a priest, but his wife wants his husband safe and not in prison, so she tries all for dig the secret. Gaby even fights with Susan! At the end, Gabrielle talks to Carlos and make him understand that, after all, he did a "good" action.

    Bree: she is enganged with a detective, damn!! How can she take the secret? He seems very smart, and their relactionship is full of an hidden tension.

    Susan: she is destroyed. She feels very very very in blame and she can't even look to her friends! Everythings reminds her the murderer of Alejandro. Finally she decides to talk with Mike, but at the end their friends make her change ideas and she became more quiet.

    It's all a very good episode, with some funny scenes (Gaby fights with Susan and they all fall in the pool, the scene in the machine of Alejandro, Susan that must bury the hamster) , the only bad point is the Renee storyline, useless.
  • ????? I don't understand

    How do we watch it ????
  • The Final Season Begins With The Housewives Burying The Body Of Alejandro Into The Woods. But After The Burial, This Event Begins To Poison Their Friendship.

    I'm sad that "Desperate Housewives" was decided to be cancelled after this season. It has given me lots of laughs and tears. I don't feel "Desperate Housewives" has run it's course just yet. Of course the show can't run forever but I think the show has at least one more season. Maybe two. That aside, this was an amazing start to the final season. This episode worked on so many levels. The best scene was when Bree, Gaby and Chuck decided to return the car to Aunt SherilI. I laughed so hard!! There were lots of great other scenes too. The ending scene is the BEST cliffhanger DH has ever given us! The cast is once again top form here. The ending scene was perfect because the event was presented in such a dark way. That was because of the music. The last scene is similar with the series premiere. Let's hope that DH will continue the final season with episodes like this! Bullseye!!
  • A dramatic conclusion to the murder of last season that mental rips the girls apart, affecting their marriages, families, and more than anything, their own friendship with each other.


    Honestly, last seasons ending was somewhat cliche and seemed not needed, but the way they handled this premiere was anything than what I expected. It felt like the GOLD the show was based on.

    Dramatic music, emotional scenes, a bit of witty humor when needed, and a strong story. I can't believe I can say those things about this show after all it has been through, but this episode was well worth.

    (SPOILER)The ending gave me chills like no episode has done since the jump forward 5 years. Simply put, the story goes round circle. Ten years+ show years Mary Alice took her life when her dark secret was revealed, and now the women are in the exact same boat. Mary Alice lived with her secret for over 15 years before someone knew, but they aren't as lucky, leaving us to wonder how far this will go before all hell breaks loose.

    Overall, still not honestly as amazing as those first few years, but clearly shows the writers got a reality check and want the show to end the way it started.

  • So awesome! Funny, suspenseful and all in the one package!

    This was a great episode! Great premiere for the last season!

    My favourite scene was the car disposal! I was ROFLing right throughout that scene and it was insanely funny! I love d it!

    Meanwhile, the storylines developed well. Don't want to spoil too much, but this was a great continuation to last season's cliffhanger. Also, a new neighbour is seen! I wonder who iehe is!

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Great, just great!

    The beginning was very interesting. I think everybody wanted to know, how they'll gonna continue with the body of Alejandro. And they buried it in the woods. It wasn't that spectacular, just a normal act. Then the elimination of Alejandro's car was hilarious! First: Gaby's tries to drive the car! Second: The story about Gaby's aunt and Bree's friend! And Third: The guy who's stolen the car! And Bree's reaction was hilarious! But I don't like the new neighbour. Maybe the sympathies coming up in the next episodes, but in this one, I didn't like him. He's kinda odd. And Gaby was great, when she talked about Ben and what she'd do with him and he stood behind her. Then she said: I'm Susan Delfino! Hahaha I had a laughter! And the end was just GREAT! I didn't expect that! And I'm asking myself: who has written this damn letter?! We'll see!
  • Haven't written a review for the show since early season 5 but now I feel like I need to!


    This was a spectacular season premiere. All the storylines centered around the housewives dealing with their newly-kept secret regarding Gabby's stepfather who was killed by Carlos in an act of self-defense.

    This is probably the most dramatic season premiere the show has ever given us but I think it was necessary in order to focus on the new storyline. The writers also managed to successfully inject comedy in this episode, that car scene with Gabby and Bree is just GOLD.

    The best part about the premiere though is how new the show now feels! It's like the show has received a face-job and a set of all-new directors and writers. I'm really glad the team behind the show is bringing their A game to the show's final season.

    You will be missed, Desperate Housewives!

  • An amazinginstalmentof housewives that takes us right back to where we started! :D


    An incredible episode of Desperate Housewives and a great start to season 8. The only reason it didn't get a full 10/10 from me was that the first few scenes after the time jump were a bit slow and the characters seemed very disconnected- however one would probably argue this was the effect they wanted for this episode.

    The housewife of the night was a tie between Gabby and Bree. Some incredible acting came from all the women but Gabby and Bree's partnership in covering up the murder was both funny and dramatic. Some of their best material since they were paired in the latter episodes of Season 7 (I think the writers have found an excellent duo here).

    Lynette had very little in this episode but as always Felicity was a pro and her performance was so true (she went so far as to look her worst since season 1- the combination of the secret and her divorce has truely hit her).

    Susan was also very engaging tonight and I understand her plight. A lot of wonderful imagery accompanied the episode thathearkenedback to season 1. I kept thinking of Mary Alice and how alone she was but luckily the girls share the secret and as such I think they will be able to cope better then she did with the risk of it coming out.

    The letter is a major issue that I look forward to seeing come into play as the season goes on. It was an amazing twist at the end of the episode and played so well by Maricia Cross. The line: We're right back where we started was veryreminiscentof the last line in Buffy Season 7s first episode where we are told we are going right back to the true beginning of where it all started.

    I look forward to this season being an amazing finale for the show. My only hope is that we learn Ben's true intentions soon as he really had little to do in this episode and spoilers for the upcominginstalmentsdont reveal very much about him either.

    Overall a fantasticinstalmentthat shows a lot of promise for the final year of Housewives.

  • A great season premiere for the final season.



    First of all, I haven't watched the entire season 7 except the last two episodes, which I already really liked. I wasn't a big fan of season 6 and I kind of gave up on the show. But when I heard this would be the last season, I thought I'd give it another shot, and after watching the season premiere, I gotta say I'm glad I did (for now at least).

    After Carlos killed Gabby's stepfather, they are left with the body, and because Carlos doesn't want to go to jail and the girls, especially Gabby and Bree don't want that either, they cover the murder up and bury him. Lynette and especially Susan have doubts, if they should really do it. Bree gives a short speech about how he was bad man and he deserved it and they end up going through with it.
    We skip one month and a lot has changed, well the housewives relationships have changed. Susan doesn't talk to either of them, cause she is full of guilt and can't handle it. Lynette has nightmares, and she ends up needing Tom (which she later admits) to keep around, after they seperated. After they have sex, Tom thinks Lynette wants to get back together, but they end up announcing their separation.
    Gabby is quite calm about the whole thing, and just wants her life to go on, but Carlos feels very guilty and can't forget what he did. He wants to confess to Father Dugan, which Gabby finds rather crazy, but he ends up meeting him (after Gabby 'kidnaps' him). But he realizes there is nothing he can but to live with it.
    Bree is still dating her cop Chuck, which the girls find very risky, and he also noticed how none of them talk to him since that night of the dinner. There is also a hilarious scene where Bree and Gabby want to hide her stepfather's car and end up getting stopped by Chuck and he offers to take the car to ''Aunt Shirley''. This is definitely comedy gold, and was one of the best scenes of the premiere.
    Susan feels the guiltiest and it is affecting her marriage, so she wants to tell Mike which the girls don't like at all. They have a rather hilarious fight with all of them ending up in the pool and they have a little talk afterwards, how they can never tell anyone.
    There is also a new neighbor moving in, whose name is Ben. Renee is interesing in him, but he blows her off. Let's see where this is going and what he is up to.
    Well, the end is definitely one of the best and the most interesting. Bree is getting a note, the exact same worded note that Mary Alice got. A nice homage to the first ep and hopefully this last season will be as great or come close to it as the first season. This season premiere was a great start, let's wait and see how it will all develope.

  • Secrets That I Never Want to Know


    Secrets That I Never Want to Know was a perfect episode and season eight opener of Desperate Housewives. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of complex human emotions and character development. The housewives and Carlos have a big secret and it takes its toll on them all and it was interesting to see how each did or didn't deal with it. I really liked the range of human emotion explored in this episode which raises questions of what would we do in similar circumstances. The last few scenes were spectacular and as usual open up a whole new can of worms, but in this case it brings us back to the beginning of the show. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!!!

  • I just witnessed one of the best episodes of DH ever! It was probably the best DH premiere. Well done Bob Daily & David Grossman! This will go down as a CLASSIC!


    I have not written a review since the Lost finale but I just had to write a review for this, its THAT good!


    I loved the opening scene with all the women at the woods, not only was it dark but it had that classic DH humour added to it. The directing and writing was superb for the entire episode. It was 'a classic' in every sense of the word and the acting was so good! If this episode does not get recognised at the awards season, I will be mad. This kicks any episode by Modern Family or a 30 rock!

    I loved the scene where all the women fell into the pool (it reminded me of the pilot where Lynette runs in the pool to get her kids out).

    The ending just blew my mind i mean this is season 8, the fact that after 8 seasons the DH family can come up with an episode like this, make it a classic and pay homage to the pilot, is beyond anything I have ever seen from any other show. I wonder who knows their secret. Lets hope Bree doesn't commit sucide!