Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 2

Smiles of a Summer Night

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2007 on ABC
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After realizing Tom has been letting her win at card games, Lynette kicks him out of her chemotherapy sessions, therefore becoming in need of a buddy. In the meantime, Katherine organizes a little luncheon for Lynette, and she wants to bring dessert: a lemon meringue pie. However, Bree, who is always in charge of desserts, insists Katherine should just bring a salad. During the little get-together, Lynette realizes her friend Gabrielle doesn't want to accompany her during chemo, something which upsets her deeply. Gabrielle and Carlos are still going on with their romantic affair, as Edie tries desperately to get Carlos to propose to her. Meanwhile, Julie Mayer wants to go to a party, but Mike tells his wife she probably shouldn't let her daughter go, and Susan becomes torn between her husband's opinion and her daughter's wish.moreless

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  • just perfect...

    This was an absolutly incredible episode of desperate housewives that really recaptured the magic of the first season. Gaby and lynettes shared storyline this week was fantastic and a really nice bonding moment between theses chracters.

    Susans storyline was also great this week with teri hatcher delivering some great comedy, as always.

    However for me the best thing about this episode was the bree and katherine rivalry which was just so fantastic and brilliantly written,Dana delany who plays katherine is absolutly perfect and the writers are handeling her chracter very well.

    To conclude this was one of the best episodes of Housewives ever and if the rest of season 4 is this good then we are definitly in for a treat.moreless
  • just perfect...

    This was an absolutly incredible episode of desperate housewives that really recaptured the magic of the first season. Gaby and lynettes shared storyline this week was fantastic and a really nice bonding moment between theses chracters.

    Susans storyline was also great this week with teri hatcher delivering some great comedy, as always.

    However for me the best thing about this episode was the bree and katherine rivalry which was just so fantastic and brilliantly written,Dana delany who plays katherine is absolutly perfect and the writers are handeling her chracter very well.

    To conclude this was one of the best episodes of Housewives ever and if the rest of season 4 is this good then we are definitly in for a treat.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 2.

    After realizing Tom has been letting her win at cards, Lynette kicks him out of her chemotherapy sessions. Katherine suggests a lunch for Lynette to which Bree insists on bringing dessert - her very own lemon meringue pie. Katherine replaces the pie with her own and Bree becomes determined to get the recipe. Julie desperately wants to go to a party but when Mike advises against it Susan forbids Julie from going. I loved the whole Katherine and Bree storyline. Susan is pretty hot for someone who is pregnant. =] I loved the scene at the end about smiles. Great episode.moreless
  • Great, as always!

    This is a great episode! I was amazed when Gabrielle opened her heart to Lynnette by telling her that sad story of her father. And when Lynnette kicked out her husband from her hospital room! LOL! Edie is so evil! She is using poor Carlos... :( I loved the first scene where Carlos was running to get to home before Edie so she doesn't notice he wasn't at home... lol. And the fights between Bree and Katharine are the best of the best!!! I think it was hilarious when Katharine used her scissors to cut a part of Bree's dress. "Now you're perfect!" Lol! The end, when Bree snooped in Katharine's house was great! She didn't find the secret ingredient but she did find a part of a family secret! It's getting more and more mysterious! I love it!moreless
  • Katherine and Bree clash over pie, Gabrielle struggles to deal with Lynette's chemotherapy, Susan and Julie struggle to adapt to Mike's new role as stepdad and Edie gets her claws into Carlosmoreless

    Another great episode of DH that managed to capture both the mystery and ridiculous elements of the first season. Each housewife had her own (interesting) storyline and there were some nice moments of housewife interaction

    The Good:

    I really enjoyed Susan/Mike/ Julie's storyline. I like that they addressed that this transition would be hard on all of them. Plus I really liked the outcome

    Bree and Katherine's baking wars- ridiculous but very funny and with a brilliant twist at the end

    The first gathering of the housewives, it was really funny

    The mystery is shaping up nicely

    The Bad:

    Dylan and Julie made some really presumptuous claims about her father which weren't obvious but obviously all geared towards the mystery unravelling. Was a bit lame

    Edie being so bunny-boiling- the Edie of earlier seasons would not be so pathetically desperate, and its getting boring

    The ???:

    Why was Bree so shocked at Katherine slapping Dylan- Bree has slapped her children more than a few times!

    Wasn't really sure about Gabby's hospital phobia. It felt a bit hammy tbh

    A great episode, Katherine's mystery is intruging me even more!moreless
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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: Mrs. McCluskey tells Dylan that her dad came around "all the time". But in this season's finale, we find out that Katherine Mayfair was on Wisteria Lane to hide from her ex, and as soon as he found her there, she moved the next day. So, unless Wayne came over several times without Katherine's knowledge, his visits couldn't possibly have happened.

    • In episode 3.21, titled "Into the Woods", it is stated that Edie's birthday is after two weeks, meaning that it is around the season 3 finale. In this episode they mention that it's her birthday and she celebrates it with Carlos, even though there is a period of more than a month between the finale and this episode.

    • Goof: When Katherine is picking up her mail at the beginning, it's obvious that her hair is straight. Moments later, when she walks to Susan, Gabby and Bree who were standing across the street, her hair suddenly turns curly.

    • In this episode, Lynette is in need of some companion for her chemo sessions, and her mother isn't seen all episode long, although Stella Wingfield came to Fairview to help her daughter through this whole process.

    • Goof: When Bree Hodge is sneaking from Katherine Mayfair's home (after overhearing some Mayfair secrets), the reflection of a camera man's head can be seen momentarily in the moving door's glass pane.

    • Goof: When Dylan is in her bedroom and her mom walks in to tell her she is going to pick up Adam, Dylan says she wants to talk to her and Katherine tells her she needs to do it in the car. So they both leave the house to go pick up Adam. But when they shoot the scene of Katherine's car leaving the driveway and Bree is waving goodbye, we only see Katherine in the car, and Dylan is not there. When they arrive back at the house Dylan is coming out of the car with them.

    • Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) is seen in this episode, for the first time in season 4 and for the first time since episode 3.07, "Bang".

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lynette: Hey, I told you I'm collecting queens.
      Tom: Shoot, that's right!
      Lynette: Oh, my God! Are you letting me win?
      Tom: I just wanna make you feel good!
      Lynette: By taking all the fun outta the kill?!?
      Tom: Honey, I'm sorry. It's jus--- I love you so much.
      Lynette: Out!
      Tom: What?
      Lynette: You are supposed to be distracting me not depressing the hell out of me!
      Tom: You're kicking me outta chemo?
      Lynette: I'll see ya at home!
      Tom: Honey, I'm your ride.
      Lynette: Just go, I'll cab it!
      Tom: There's that trooper that I admire so much!
      Lynette: Out!

    • Katherine: So, if it isn't the early morning gossip brigade. Who are we dishing today?
      Gabrielle: Oh, Susan.
      (Bree and Susan exchange looks, and Katherine looks straight at Susan who is right behind Gabrielle)
      Katherine: She's standing right there.
      (Gabrielle turns around pretending to be surprised with Susan's presence.)
      Gabrielle: Oh my God! Have you been there this whole time?
      (Susan looks at Gabrielle and starts laughing.)

    • Mary Alice: You will never see despair here. Or rage. You will never see the tiniest bit of regret. You see, the people who live here have learned there's one sure way of hiding their secrets from their neighbors. That's why in the suburbs, there is nothing more deceptive than a smile.

    • Mary Alice: There is nothing more deceptive than a smile. And no one knows this better than the people who hide behind them. Some flash their teeth as a polite warning to their enemies. Some put on beaming faces to keep their tears from falling. Others wear silly grins to mask their fear. But then, there is that rare smile that is actually genuine, it's the smile of a person who knows his troubles will soon…be over.

    • Susan: (to Julie) You know? This perfect teenager thing is really starting to chap my ass!

    • Bree: So what did Julie say exactly?
      Susan: She said Dylan's not the same girl.
      Gabrielle: Not the same girl like she's changed? Or not the same girl like she's been replaced by a robot?

    • (Matt opens the door to find Susan scantily dressed.)
      Matt: Hi. It's my birthday.
      Susan: Oh, that must mean you're Matt. I'm Susan Mayer and I...Alrighty!
      (Matt grabs Susan's hand and pulls her in. He drags her to the back room where a bunch of young boys are.)
      Matt: Boomer, you magnificent bastard, you actually did it!
      Boomer: It wasn't me, but happy birthday, man!
      Matt: It was somebody, who cares? Gather around, man!
      (The guys set up the chairs facing Susan.)
      Matt: You like this music?
      Susan: Uh, yeah, it's fine. Would somebody just tell me where I can find...
      Boomer: Enough talking. Take it off!! We're feeling generous tonight.
      (Boomer tries to put a dollar in Susan's bra.)
      Susan: Oh, my God! I'm not a stripper!
      Matt: You're not?
      Boomer: Is this gonna happen or what?
      Matt: Boomer, she's not a stripper!
      Boomer: Well, what's with the implants?
      Susan: I'm pregnant!
      Guy #3: That's hot!
      (Matt is leading Susan out of the room.)
      Matt: Sorry, I should've known you were Julie's mom. You're way too gorgeous to be a stripper.
      Susan: If that's your lame attempt to keep me from calling your parents... It worked. Well played.
      (Susan sees Julie across the room. She starts going across the room and trips.)
      Julie: Mom! What are you doing here?
      Susan: I'm taking you home. This party is out of control!
      Julie: No, it's not!
      Susan: Well, of course you don't think it is, because you are knocking back a big cup of...
      (Susan drinks from Julie's cup)
      Susan: Orange soda.
      Julie: I don't believe this.
      Susan: Well, believe it! We're going. You too, Dylan. Come on.
      Julie: And what are you wearing? It's embarrassing!
      Susan: Yeah, well, Boomer likes it.

    • (Bree knocks on the door.)
      Katherine: Bree.
      Bree: I hope this isn't a bad time. I just wanted to bring you a housewarming gift. It's the recipe for my special minced meat pie. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving at my house without it.
      Katherine: Well, are you thoughtful?!
      (Katherine opens her recipe box.)
      Katherine: Let me just file this in my recipe box.
      Bree: Well, as long as we're swapping pie recipes, I would love the one for your fabulous Lemon Merengue.
      Katherine: Really? I'm so flattered you'd ask, but I don't share that.
      (Katherine slams the recipe lid down and puts the box in her cupboard.)
      Bree: Excuse me?
      Katherine: You have to understand, I experimented for years before I came up with my secret ingredient.
      Bree: Which is what? Vanilla? Nutmeg? Cardemen?
      Katherine: If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. It would just be an ingredient.
      Bree: Well, that hardly seems neighborly. After all, I just gave you the recipe for my minced meat pie.
      Katherine: Yes, it's a very good one. I have the book it came from.
      Bree: The recipe's not from a book. That recipe was handed down to me from my mother.
      Katherine: Well, unless your mother was Betty Crocker, she got it from a book. Oh, dear. Now I've upset you.
      Bree: No, no. I'm not upset. I'm just confused as to why you seem so determined to get off on the wrong foot. First you bring a pie to Lynette's when I clearly assigned you the salad.
      Katherine: Now, see, that's where I'm confused. Just what, please, gives you the right to decide who brings what to a luncheon that I suggested?
      Bree: Well, it's tradition! I always organize our little get togethers and I always bring dessert.
      Katherine: Well, then, how lovely that I'm back. I can shoulder that burden for you.
      Bree: Just give me the recipe!
      Katherine: Sorry. I can't. I do hope this doesn't keep us from being friends because I like you, Bree.
      (Katherine opens her front door. Bree walks out the door.)
      Katherine: And I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you can come up with an even better lemon merengue pie than mine. The trick is finding that perfect blend of sweet and sour.
      Bree: Well, you've certainly mastered that, dear.
      (Katherine closes the door on Bree.)

    • (There are numerous pies on the counter with one pie missing)
      Orson: She upstaged your lemon merengue pie? You've gotta be kidding.
      Bree: (busy mixing a bowl on the stove) I'm not. That despicable woman was just supposed to bring a simple green salad. She not only brought a pie, she hid mine and served hers!
      Orson: That's beyond despicable. That's culinary terrorism!
      Bree: Oh, it gets worse. Her pie was better than mine.
      Orson: Impossible!
      Bree: It's true. Everyone thought so. Even me. Oh, and that simple green salad. Mosh and baby arugula with duck confete and candied walnuts!
      Orson: My God. She plays to win.
      Bree: I have been here for hours trying to replicate her recipe and nothing has even come close!
      Orson: Don't be so hard on yourself. (eating pie) This one is fantastic.
      Bree: THAT'S HERS!!
      Orson: Sorry.
      Bree: Orson. What am I gonna do?
      Orson: You might have to bite the bullet and ask her for her recipe.
      Bree: What? Surrender? Debase myself?
      Orson: Bree! It's your signature pie! You make it for parties, church suppers, bake sales. If she's always right there behind you with her superior version, staking out her claim as Fairview's Number One homemaker!
      Bree: She will have stolen my entire identity.
      Orson: Well, I wouldn't go that far.
      Bree: No, it's true. The only thing about me that's special is what I can do in the kitchen. You're right. I have got to get that recipe. By any means necessary.

    • (Katherine, Dylan and Adam come home.)
      Katherine: You can't believe what Karen McCluskey tells you. She's an old woman. Practically senile.
      Dylan: She didn't sound senile to me.
      Adam: Dylan, maybe this is not the time, okay?
      Dylan: You said my father didn't care about me, but she says he came here. He wanted to see me. Why would you not tell me that?
      (They enter the house. Bree is just about to cut the lock.)
      Dylan: He's my father. I deserve to know.
      Katherine: The only thing you need to know about that man is he's a monster.
      Dylan: I can decide that for myself. Where is he?
      Katherine: I don't know.
      Dylan: You're lying.
      Adam: No she's not.
      Dylan: Yes, she is. She's been lying to me my whole life! I'm starting to think maybe you're the monster!
      (Katherine slaps Dylan. Bree is listening to everything. Dylan runs upstairs.)
      Katherine: She can't talk to me that way. Not after everything I've done for her.
      Adam: Well, maybe that's the problem. She's doesn't know what you've done for her.
      Katherine: Nobody does. And it's gonna stay that way.
      Adam: Are you sure? She's just gonna keep asking questions.
      Katherine: Then we better start coming up with better lies.
      (Bree sneaks out of Katherine's house and goes home.)

    • Mike: More syrup?
      Susan: Missy Taylor?!?
      Mike: Carry on.

    • Mike: Susan!
      Susan: What? I'm eating for two.
      Mike: Well, do both of you wanna be fat?
      Susan: Okay, when I'm in labor and I'm pushing and screaming to bring your child into the world, do you really want me to remember that you denied me syrup?
      Mike: Carry on.

    • Julie: (to Dylan) Call me tomorrow. We'll go to a movie my mom can drag us out of!

    • (About Susan's larger breasts.)
      Mike: Pick those up and bring them over here!

    • Gabrielle: Generally speaking, women don't leave their husbands for guys who have girlfriends.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is the original title of the 1955 Ingmar Bergman film on which Stephen Sondheim's 1973 Broadway musical A Little Night Music was based.