Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 9

Something's Coming

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on ABC
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A tornado comes to Wisteria Lane, destroying homes and lives. Whereas Bree goes out of her way to dig up some dirt on the Mayfair family, Susan learns Orson prescribed Mike some pills and ends up falling down the stairs during an argument with her husband. In the meantime, Gabrielle stuns her friends by telling them she's running away with Carlos, and Lynette tries to get Mrs. McCluskey to let her and her family take coverage in her basement. Victor (guest star John Slattery) tries to get revenge on Carlos, and the lovely street of Wisteria Lane is scarred by the devastating forces of nature...moreless

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  • The Residents Of Wisteria Lane Prepare, When A Tornado Warning Is Given. Lots Of Secrets Are Revealed During The Preparations.

    The best episode of Desperate Housewives to date. The opening scene is very well done and creepy in its own way and definitely will catch you attention. I have seen every episode of the whole series so far (8 and half seasons) and I admit that this episode is the most shocking one and the most heart pounding too. It had a great amount of suspense. The cast and the guest starts gave their best performances. The best part of this episode were the performances of Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey. Their firey exchanges about the tornado are just terrific. The ending scene was truly frightening when you see the damage caused by the tornado. I felt Lynette's fear in the end. Flawless.moreless
  • Episode that dragged me into addiction.

    I'll be honest, I never really took any interest in desperate housewives (Gasp) until this episode. I decided to watch this episode when it aired to see why everyone fussed about the show and it dragged me in the moment I watched it. After watching this episode I decided to watch the first season then the 2nd so on so fourth and now I'm hooked thanks to this episode. Most memorable episode ever made, 10/10 FANTASTIC.moreless
  • The tornado episode.....

    this was a fantastic episode of desperate housewives it was so exciting and dramtic the shows writers executed the whole tornado thing realy well and made it so exciting, i loved the scene with karen and lynette this two are characters and have great chemistry susan had a dramatic week with mikes drug problem when she fell down the stairs i thought she may have lost the baby im so glad she didnt because the show has already done that once with gaby in season 2

    bree and katherine had some great scenes together i felt really sorry for katherine when she disocovers that adam had an affair

    overall a realy great episode on of the best in housewives historymoreless
  • Something's Coming

    In a word: awesome. This was the best episode of Desperate Housewives to date (possibly in series history) and is what truly put me over the fence to being a full-fledged fan of the show. I was just starting to get into the show that year, but this made it one of my top shows.

    Everything about it was perfect. The suspense of the hurricane, the humor between the people of Wisteria Lane, the fighting, and of course the ending that left you wondering whether Lynette's family would survive.

    This was a boiling point for so many storylines and just an absolute classic from start to finish.moreless
  • A tornado hits Wisteria Lane, and while people's lives are on the balance, lots of secrets come out.

    In "Something's Coming", a tornado hits Wisteria Lane, and its residente have to wait it out. While Julie is on a field trip, Mike learns that Susan discovered his pills and left a note in the bottle. The two argue over Mike's addiction, and in the midst of the discussion Susan trips and falls down the stairs with a bunch of laundry. At the hospital, there are a lot of patients and Susan has to wait because she doesn't have anything serious. But Mike is concerned about the baby and punches a doctor when he gets mad at him. So Mike's handcuffed to a chair, and Susan learns that the baby is fine, and then tells her husband that if he doesn't go to rehab, she will leave him. -- I liked this story, it's a shame though that Susan didn't get to be involved more in the tornado storyline, for she spent almost the entire episode in the hospital. It's good that the whole addiction storyline ended in this episode, with repercussions for the next, obviously, for it was getting tiring. Honestly, I think Susan had her most boring year in season four, she deserved juicier storylines.

    While Dylan is also on the same field trip Julie's in, Katherine discovers that Sylvia Greene (guest star Melora Walters) is in Wisteria Lane, and she's going after Adam (guest star Nathan Fillion)...again. Katherine gets mad at Adam for not telling her Sylvia was back. Sylvia locks herself in Bree's bathroom after Bree invites her in to know what's going on. Katherine and Adam wind up at Bree's home trying to help her, and when the three of them and Orson have to wait the tornado out in the closet, we learn that Adam did in fact sleep with Sylvia. -- I liked this storyline a lot, since we finally learn why Katherine moved back to Wisteria Lane (by this time we still don't know why she moved away twelve years ago), and it looks like trouble for Adam and Katherine's relationship, and Bree and Katherine start to bond during the storm. Also, the Sylvia storyline was funny.

    Gabrielle and Carlos are moving. Al (guest star James Luca McBride) gives the money to Edie, thinking she's Gaby, and the two women fight and actually end up hiding in Edie's crawl space at her house. Carlos is attacked by a revengeful Victor (guest star John Slattery), who is killed in the storm. -- Hilarious, the battle between Gaby and Edie, and shocking and eye-catching the fight between Carlos and Victor, that ends in disaster for both. The end of a chapter in their lives, with Gaby apologizing to Edie and Victor dying. Lynette wants to wait the tornado out in Mrs. McCluskey's (guest star Kathryn Joosten) basement, and she's already invited Ida Greenberg (guest star Pat Crawford Brown). But Ida brought her cat, and Tom is highly alergic to cat fur. So Lynette tries to get rid of the cat, but Mrs. McCluskey catches her. The cat runs outside, and the two get out of the house to search for it. They are forced to examin their relationship, and to hide in Lynette's house. When they get out, they see that Karen's house has been completely distroyed by the tornado, with the Scavo family and Mrs. Greenberg inside. -- This storyline, wow: it's true that if often seemed like Lynette always used Karen, but I never had any doubt that Lynette genuinely cared for Mrs. McCluskey. When the two get out of Lynette's house and the other house has been distroyed with the Scavos inside, and Lynette screams, damn, it just made me feel so bad, I got sick with thinking that Tom, Ida and those adorable little kids were all dead. Now I know what happened, and it still hurts a bit.

    Overall, it was a wonderful episode. Lots of juicy stuff going on, it's definitely a life-changing chapter, and it'll be hard to top it. Still, my favorite episodes remain the hostage situation one, and the second season finale, but this one comes pretty close. Way to go, DH! You still have it! :)moreless
Melora Walters

Melora Walters

Sylvia Greene

Guest Star

James McBride

James McBride

Al Kaminsky

Guest Star

Barry Nolan

Barry Nolan

News Anchor

Guest Star

Kathryn Joosten

Kathryn Joosten

Karen McCluskey

Recurring Role

Pat Crawford Brown

Pat Crawford Brown

Ida Greenberg

Recurring Role

John Slattery

John Slattery

Victor Lang

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Victor comes out searching for Carlos you can see clearly that one of the two plants that are in the door falls to the floor. Seconds later, however, it is in its place again.

    • Goof: When Gabrielle and Edie are fighting, and the papers are blown away, if you look carefully the papers actually stay on the ground right behind them. If the wind was blowing with so much strength as is implied then the papers should be blown away.

    • Goof: When Bree, Orson, Katherine and Adam are in the closet we can see how the entire room moves because of the wind. That does not make sense at all. To make that room move the wind would have to move the whole house first and that is hardly possible.

    • Among the property shown damaged or destroyed by the tornado- part of the Hodge's roof, Karen McCluskey's house, Katherine's mailbox, and -unfortunately for Victor- Gaby's picket fence. Also, although Lee and Bob are not seen or mentioned, their infamous water fountain is also destroyed.

    • When Bree, Orson, Katherine, and Adam were in the closet out waiting the tornado they lit candles. It's common sense, and one of the basic rules of safety to not light any candles during a dangerous situation (especially ones where the house is shaking violently, as it was in the tornado).

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Carlos Solis: Do you mind if I say something?
      Victor Lang: Please.
      Carlos Solis: Gaby and I never planned to get back together, Victor. We tried to keep away from each other. We really did. And... I don't know, it's like we're two halves of the same person or something. And when we're apart, we just aren't happy, which is why we... We never set out to hurt you, Victor. And I'm sorry we did.
      Victor Lang: Are you done?
      Carlos Solis: Yeah.

      (Victor points his gun at Carlos)

    • Lynette: Sorry, can you say that again? I don't think I heard you right.
      Gabrielle: Carlos and I are back together.
      Lynette: Gaby, you just got married!
      Bree: And some of us gave you very expensive wedding gifts.
      Gabrielle: Oh, you want the fondue set back? Fine. But don't act like it cost a bundle 'cause it clearly didn't.
      Susan: I got you the fondue set.
      Gabrielle: Oh... right... it's nice.
      Bree: Oh my God, it's gonna kill Edie!
      Gabrielle: You would think so but no such luck. That vindictive hag told Victor everything.

    • Mike: I'm sick of explaining myself. If I need a pill now and then, I'll take one! So where are they?
      Susan: Sorry. Can't tell you.
      Mike: I'm serious, Susan! Give them to me!
      Susan: Forget it!
      Mike: Hey!! Don't walk away from me! SUSAN!!
      Susan: Let go of me! YEOW!!!
      (Susan accidentally falls down the stairs.)

    • Katherine: I don't believe a word you say!
      Sylvia: So you still don't think I slept with Adam?
      Katherine: Of course not.
      Sylvia: Oh. Well, then let me paint a picture for you. Me lying in his arms, him wondering out loud how he ended up marrying such a cold, hard bitch.
      (Katherine angrily spits in Sylvia's face.)

    • Mrs. McCluskey: Lynette! What the hell did I tell you?!
      Lynette: Look, I'm not gonna sit and watch my husband suffocate!
      Mrs. McCluskey: Well, I don't want Ida to wake up and find her cat missing!
      Lynette: Karen, after all our years of friendship, how can you choose a cat over my husband?
      Mrs. McCluskey: Why? You think we're friends?
      Lynette: Of course.
      Mrs. McCluskey: Really? Do you ever stop by just to say hi or invite me for a cup of tea? Ida does.
      Lynette: What are you talking about? I had you over for lemonade last week.
      Mrs. McCluskey: And while I was drinking it, you went to the store and I watched the kids. Face it. The only time that we're friends is when you need something.
      Lynette: That is not true! I genuinely care about you.
      Mrs. McCluskey: You mean like today, when you came to check on me? Oh, that's right. You only wanted a basement!

    • Susan (to Mike): No. There's no tomorrow. It's now or never. You will quit this now. You will go to rehab or, so help me, I will leave you. I will take this baby and I will leave you.
      Mike (to Susan): You win. I'll go.

    • Gabrielle: Can I say something?
      Edie: What?
      Gabrielle: I'm sorry Carlos and I lied to you. I know we hurt you. And I wish it didn't happen, the way it did. And I just wanted you to know that.
      Edie (to Gabrielle): Why are you talking like that?
      Gabrielle: Well, I thought, just in case we...
      Edie: Oh, no you don't! You just shut the hell up. I'm not doing any death bed confessions here. When we get through this, I'm gonna go on hating you for years to come.
      Gabrielle: You really hate me?
      Edie: Yes! (But then Edie realizes what has happened and then sighs.)
      Edie: No. It's just that I really let myself fall for him...which was stupid, because I always knew that he'd go back to you.
      (Gabrielle and Edie hear a bang and then hug each other.)
      Gabrielle: Well, I'm still sorry, though.
      Edie: (calmly) I said shut the hell up.

    • Carlos: Gaby! Change of plans! We gotta get in the basement now! Gaby! Dammit, where are you?
      Victor's voice: Hello, Carlos. I've been expecting you.
      (Carlos turns around and sees Victor Lang sitting in a chair.)
      Carlos: Where's Gabby?
      Victor: I thought she was with you. I don't know where she is. I guess we'll just have to wait for her together.
      (Victor takes out his gun. Carlos sees this as a threat.)

    • Mary Alice: Sadly, this was not to be. Because in four short hours, one of these ladies would lose a husband. And all of them would lose a friend. But how could they have known this? It was supposed to be a beautiful day.

    • (Adam bangs on bathroom door.)
      Adam: Come on, Sylvia! Please open the door! Sylvia!!
      (Front door opens. Orson enters and closes front door.)
      Orson: Sorry I'm late!! Thank God you're here! We gotta get in the bathroom!
      Bree: We can't. There's a woman in there!
      Orson: Well, tell her to hurry it up!

    • Sylvia: Adam, I'm leaving! This is your last chance to come with me! Or I'm going to tell everyone exactly what happened! Okay! You've made your choice! HERE I GO!!

    • Mary Alice: It was supposed to be a beautiful day. But then the winds came, and changed everything. And not just the houses and the lawns, the people had changed too. While the storm had raged, each of them had learned something. About friendship, and forgiveness, and redemption. And some had learned the hardest lesson of all, that life is always fragile, and very often... unfair.

    • Edie: I have a crawl space. I think we can both fit!
      (Edie rushes Gabrielle into crawl space)
      Gabrielle: You just threw my money in a tornado! I am not getting in there with you!
      Edie (opening the door to the crawl): Fine! Then stay out here and die.
      (They hear something breaking)
      Gabrielle: Move your ass!

    • Gabrielle: Give me the damn folder, Edie!
      Edie: Ah, ah, ah! Not gonna happen!
      Gabrielle: It's worthless to you!
      Edie: You and Carlos are screwed without it. And that is worth a lot to me!
      Gabrielle: Give me my money!
      Edie: (holding the folder) What do you mean, your money? Carlos embezzled it.
      Gabrielle: Oh, and now you're moral all of a sudden? You didn't care where the money was coming from when you thought Carlos was gonna spend it on you.
      Edie: Okay. I'm not unreasonable. Cut me in for say...60% and I'll get out of your hair. How does that sound?
      (Gabrielle thinks for a second, then, with a battle cry, steps on the couch and jumps on Edie to get the folder.)

    • Gabrielle: (after she broke Edie's house window and got through it) Oh good. You're home!

    • Al Kaminsky: Gabrielle?
      Edie: Excuse me?
      Al Kaminsky: Sorry, I'm in a rush. My wife's alone with the kids, and I have to get home before the storm hits. This is the information Carlos asked for.
      Edie: About what?
      Al Kaminsky: About the Cayman island account. Didn't he tell you I was coming?
      Edie: Yeah, of course he did. (imitates Gabrielle) He said that you'd be stopping by. Duh.
      Al Kaminsky: This is everything you need to access the money. I washed my hands of this. So whatever you do, don't lose that folder. Got it?
      Edie: Believe me, I won't let it out of my sight.
      Al Kaminsky: All right. Nice to finally meet you, Gabrielle. You're just as pretty as Carlos said you were.
      Edie: Oh no. I'm prettier.

    • Ida: What's that noise? Is that the tornado?
      Mrs. McCluskey: Worse. It's the Scavos!
      Lynette: We're here!
      Mrs. McCluskey: I know!

    • Bree: So this is why you moved back to Fairview.
      Katherine: It was supposed to be our first start. Well, now you know our dirty little secret.
      Bree: Well, Katherine, for what it's worth, I would've spit in her face, too.

    • Katherine: What is she doing there in the first place?
      Bree: I saw her weeping. I only wanted to help.
      Katherine: You wanted dirt. And I'll bet she told you plenty.
      Bree: I can't help having a sympathetic face!
      (Adam knocks on the bathroom door.)
      Adam: Sylvia? I need you to come out here, okay? It's very important that I speak to you.
      Sylvia: Adam? Is that you, darling?
      Katherine: (bangs on the door) Don't call him that!
      Sylvia: Katherine! I'm not coming out if she's here!
      Katherine: And I'm not leaving you alone with my husband, either!
      Bree: Just come out! I'll get rid of her.

    • (Orson is about to perform on a patient, Susan walks in on them.)
      Susan: Orson, we need to talk!
      Orson: Susan. I'm with a patient.
      Susan: Yeah. I can see that. (to the lady): Hi. I'm his neighbor. Cute shoes! (turns to Orson very quickly): Why the hell would you give Mike drugs?!
      Orson: Uh, Mrs. Kowalski, we're gonna step out for just a moment.
      Susan: No need. I'll be quick. Because I'm sure you have a very good reason for giving Mike pills when you know that he has a drug problem. So what is your very good reason?
      (Orson hesitates.)
      Susan: Okay, this may take a while. You might want to spit.
      Orson: Mike was having a lot of pain with his shoulder.
      Susan: Oh, of course. And you know all about shoulder pain, being a dentist.
      Orson: And I thought I was helping.
      Susan: By giving pills to an addict?! Does that sound helpful to you, Mrs. Kowalski?
      Mrs. Kowalski: Uh huh.
      Susan: Thank you! Finally!! Some sanity.
      Orson: Susan, you have to leave.
      Susan: Fine. I'll go. But you know, if I find out that you have given Mike so much as a breath mint, trust me, and believe me when I say this, there's not enough Novocaine in this office to numb the pain that I will inflict on you.

    • Sylvia: You think I'm making this up? We were lovers. I can prove it. He has a snake tattoo on his right shoulder. I licked it!
      Bree: Be that as it may, I really think you should go now.
      Sylvia: No one believes me! She has you all brainwashed!

    • Gabrielle: (referring to Edie) Thanks to her, I'm giving up my home, my friends, half my wardrobe. So do me a favor, and never mention her name again. Unless it's followed by the phrase "that conniving skank". You think you can do that?

    • Mary Alice: It was supposed to be a beautiful day. Kids should've been playing in the park, husbands should've been doing their chores, women should've been tending their flowers. But at 2:26 that afternoon, a tornado came to Wisteria Lane, bringing with it…unbelievable…destruction. No one could've anticipated it, especially...given how the day started.

    • Gabrielle: Edie, you thief! You open this door right now!
      Edie: I've called the police. They're on their way. And they are going to taser your ass!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Episode Title: The title from this episode comes from the Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical West Side Story.