Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 21

Sunday in the Park with George

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2005 on ABC
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George Williams (guest star Roger Bart) continues to worm his way into Bree's life. After Edie spies Bree with George at a restaurant, Bree begins to feel guilty about sharing her intimate feelings with George; Rex's health continues to depreciate. Lynette tries to spice things up with Tom who, she fears, is losing interest. Meanwhile, Mr. Shaw consults with Paul, and ends up lying to Susan about Mary Alice and Dana. However, he does come through with the goods on Mike, but Susan is not convinced that Mike is a bad guy.
After talking with Kendra (who Susan recognized from a picture in the file she received on Mike), Susan learns that Mike killed a cop in self-defense, and forgives him. Carlos lies to Gabrielle, and tells her that Mama tampered with her birth control; Gabrielle tells John that she is pregnant, and John doesn't take the news well. Lastly, Felicia takes action to help Zach, and to get rid of Paul for good.moreless

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  • Breaks my heart a little bit.

    Knowing Mike's fate on the show makes this episode unbearable to watch. The scene that included Kendra and Susan had me reaching for the tissues. This got me wondering. Mike and Susan had many happy endings throughout the show. Almost every season finale was a happy ending for them. Why did they end them on such a sour note? Could it have been the lawsuit filed by the actress playing Edie Britt? Maybe Marc Cherry was trying to prove that other main characters can get killed off aswell? But that doesn't make sense! Rex was a main character, and he got killed off. Orson was a main character and he got cut off the show, and I'm sure there are many more examples. Maybe it was because of budget cuts? We all know the budget for season eight was a little bit tight, but couldn't he have shot Mike's episodes towards the end of the season instead of the beggining, so him and Susan can have a happy ending? I guess, Marc Cherry just wants the show to keep shocking people, and that's exactly what happened with Mike's death. It was possibly the show's biggest shocker.

    Anyway, back to this episode. The characters on this show are very three-dimensional. You just can't come to a verdict on what their character is. Good or evil? Bree is having an emotional affair with the most annoying character she could find. Gabrielle breaks John's heart, again! Lynette needs sex, or security that her relationship isn't in trouble. Susan finally gets the answers she needs, and Felecia has her anticiapted showdown with the man who killed her sister.

    Suspense is high. Humor is higher, and the results are satisfactory. Brilliant!moreless
  • loved it

    i loved tis episode of desperate housewives i specially loved the storyline with bree and edie with edie thinking bree is cheating on rex with george, although how creppy is geroge the actor who plays him is really grrat in that roll, the other storylines this week were also good i felt sorry for lynette feeling she is not good enough for tom and that annable is better then her, and gabby telling john about the baby was also funny espically when he got salso in the facemoreless
  • Todos para obtener la respuesta que queremos podemos pasar por quién sea.

    Increiblemente Carlos usa la muerte de su mamá para salir del apuro con Gabrielle la cual siente que el mundo se le cae encima ahora que está embarazada. Lynette está muy preocupada por su matrimonio con Tom y se lanza en la aventura de hacer su vida sexual más especial, terminando con Tom en tanga casi al final del episodio, esto refuerza el concepto que se tiene sobre la pareja, de que son un matrimonio muy estable, pero se deja para más tarde las mentiras de Lynette para evitar el ascenso de Tom. Keidra habla con Susan y le deja en claro todo lo turbio que tiene el archivo policial de la vida de Mike, y pues ella encantada sale corriendo a buscarlo, en una forma muy romantica. Bree y George continuan su amistad secreta. Y Felicia Tilman enfrenta a Paul, dando una muestra grande de caracter.moreless
  • Forsaken Written by Katie Ford Directed by Larry Shaw

    Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let's go with the bad which really isn't much but only that this episode isn't as good as last week's by a fraction while the good is that this is another eye opening revealing hour.

    Okay not quite as compelling plot of the week would be Gabrielle's as the enraged Materialistic Mama is furious Carlos tampered with her pills and instead of fessing up to his handiwork, he shifts the blame to Dead Mama Solis. If she was alive right now you can bet Carlos' face would be as red as a baboon's ass but oddly enough Gabrielle actually buys the low-blow, spoon-fed lie from hubby dearest and does her best to keep John from blabbing to Carlos about their affair. Short of John bound and gagged, there's little hope of him keeping schtum as after the initial freak out of being a daddy, he then decides to own up responsibility even though there's nagging obstacle of the paternity being unknown.

    And if John can't handle salsa sauce thrown all over his face then an infant and Carlos' fast moving fists will be a challenge for him. Still though it's a hilarious scene and shockingly enough Gabrielle provides a few rational reasons as to why her jail bait lover should keep his mouth shut but with enough (still alive) people privy to their affair and the sheer recklessness of these two trying to conceal it all season, surely it isn't really that long for Carlos find out? Because we're heading towards the end of the season and I for one would rather this didn't complete lap into next year. Why delay the fireworks when you don't have to?

    Speaking of fireworks is it me or are they alarms bells regarding the Scavo marriage seriously beginning to ring? Things haven't been alright between Lynette and Tom in weeks and in "Fear No More", Annabel's re-entry into their lives saw both parties openly exposing the cracks in their union. It's not really better as after going ten days without sex, Lynette is the first to admit that she feels she's no longer enough for her husband. People have complained a lot that her storylines have been the dullest of the bunch but having the Scavo's humiliate each other in order to satisfy the other is both amusing and endearing at the same time. Whether it's Lynette as a French Mad (I thought Felicity Huffman looked okay. If this had been Susan or Gabby where would the imagination or humour lie?) or Tom in his little thong, it's truly priceless, I couldn't help laughing hysterically but this brief happiness seems to be a lull to the obvious rocky marriages that's on order here.

    And of course there's Bree and Rex who have slipped back into their non communication mode they were in when we first met them. Rex spends most of the time withering on about his ailing health (seriously dude, you call yourself a doctor? Wouldn't want to be a patient under you care if you can't even diagnose yourself) when he's not trashing the one good memory Bree has of them. Marcia Cross perfectly captures that moment when her character's heart breaks over that trashed memory. Then there's also her relationship with George which really is getting unhealthy as she admits to Edie she talks to the creepy pharmacist about her inner most thoughts. As Edie points out while their relationship may not be sexual it can be considered emotionally adulterous as Bree is telling the guy the stuff you share with the closest person in your life, be that a spouse or a family member. And I don't think I'm the only who realised that George is well aware of this as he sinks his hold on her just that bit deeper. I really feel for Bree but I wish she would snap out of her naivety and take Edie's sage advice. By the way i love the way the writers are getting Nicollette Sheridan a chance to interact with all the characters now. The Edie/Lynette scenes were fun, so are the Edie/Bree ones too. Keep this up, maybe Gabrielle could get Mommy advice from her.

    Getting back to the good, she's annoyed us for a bit, bogged down her daughter's plots but she's finally leaving as Morty decides to make an honest woman out of Sophie with the hapless romantic saying yes. It's all so touching and sweet but oh my God people – Sophie Bremmer is finally leaving Wisteria lane and even Susan is glad to see the back of her mum. However to give Sophie some credit she does manage to get Susan to find out about Mike's past but instead of asking him straight up, PI Shaw just hands out the plumber's criminal file and after a lame love speech to a security guard, being dissuaded from Noah, Kendra fills in the blanks regarding her sister's ex. So Deirdre was a self destructive druggie and Mike killed the sleazy cop in self defence. He's a good guy, he and Susan are back together and Mike must really love her to take her back after the way she refused to let him explain himself but seeing them together once again is sweet. What will Edie say?

    However the real meat of the story is none than Felicia, who I think must be sent from somewhere really, really nice because for once Paul really is up the creek without a paddle. PI Shaw may have managed to throw Susan off the scent (like she's really gonna give up) but Felicia seems to made of tougher stuff as she victoriously tells Paul she knows about him drugging Zach, Martha's blackmailing and his part in her death in a truly disturbing scene which easily conveys the best performance from Mark Moses and Harriet Samson Harris so far. Both actors give it their all and there's a brief second in which you fear/hope one will kill the other. In other words – Felicia rules, Paul gets to be both despicable and sympathetic in turns but both parties despite their ethics seem to have Zach's best interests at heart and although Felicia gave Paul a "get out of jail" free card, what are the chances of him taking it?

    Also in "Sunday In The Park With George"

    The opening sequence was the romantic conquests of one Sophie Bremmer. Husband number 1 – a notorious gambler, husband number 2 was an alcoholic. Number 3 was gay and number 4 was the second husband again. Here's hoping we get something like this for Edie in Season 2.

    Sophie: "Your doctor told you not to drink"

    Morty: "Well there are times when you need … when you need liquid courage".

    Interestingly we got to see all the wedding photos of all the marriages on the rocks including Dead Mary Alice and Paul's. Brenda Strong really had a dodgy perm though.

    Gabrielle (to Carlos): "There's a wave of morning sickness coming on and I wanna be at your mother's grave when it hits".

    Edie (to Bree): "You could have an affair with anyone and you choose the pharmacist? You are such a Republican".

    It turns out that Zach did set fire to Susan's kitchen.

    Carlos mentions Justin is still doing the Solis' lawn and with the final two eps in store it'll be great to see him again.

    John: "I should've worn a condom"

    Gabrielle: "Yeah, that would've helped".

    What was the song Carlos was bopping to in the bath tub? It was pretty cool and this show needs to use music more frequently.

    Tom (to Lynette): "You want fantasy, I give you fantasy. Come to me woman". Doug Savant did look quite good in the thong. He must work out.

    Felicia (to Paul): "I am not my sister Paul; you do not want to screw with me".

    Although it's a cool title and all couldn't the writers thought of a more appropriate title for the episode seeing as creepy George was only in one scene here.

    "Sunday In The Park With George" is a well paced episode, laced with truly priceless moments and quite a few love or leave them type sequences. With core marriages under threat and the ever foreboding sense of danger, this mystery hour excels in keeping up the intensity as well as keeping viewers glued to their seats. Now that we have two episodes remaining the pressure cooker is really on. This was another goody; the final two can't fail, right?

Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart


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Melinda McGraw

Melinda McGraw

Annabel Foster

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Heather Stephens

Heather Stephens

Kendra Taylor

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Roger Bart

Roger Bart

George Williams

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Lesley Ann Warren

Lesley Ann Warren

Sophie Bremmer

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Doug Savant

Doug Savant

Tom Scavo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the scene where Carlos catches Gabrielle and John talking about the baby, one can see Ricardo Antonio Chavira is wearing high-heeled black shoes.

    • When Morty gets down on his knee to propose to Sophie, the angle of the camera shows the top of the set, making it seem like there is no ceiling to the room.

    • In the scene where John approaches the Solises' house to tell Carlos about him being the possible father, as Gabrielle runs up the stairs, a tattoo on her lower back is hidden with makeup (although can still be faintly seen). In the next scene when she is on the porch with John, the tattoo is clearly visible, and without any makeup.

    • When Gabrielle throws the salsa in John's face, it makes a mess, especially in the eye area. However, in the next shot (after they get up after tumbling over the porch railings) his face is completely clean.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Mary Alice: The vow is simple, really. Those who take it promise to stay together for better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. In sickness and in health. To honor and to cherish. Forsaking all others. Until death do us part. Yes, the vow is simple. Finding someone worthy of such a promise is the hard part. But if we can, that's when we begin to live happily ever after.

    • Mary Alice: Marriage is a simple concept. Basically, it's a contract between two people. It binds them together for life in the hopes that they can live happily ever after. Sadly, some contracts were made to be broken.

    • Mary Alice: When she was younger, Sophie Bremmer was a hopeless romantic. She was also hopelessly naïve. Which is how she came to be married four times. The first time, to a man who liked to gamble. The second time to a man who liked to drink. The third time to a man who liked other men. And the fourth time, to the same man she married the second time. Yes, Sophie was tired of having her heart broken, so she decided she would never get married again. And then, one night, she had a visitor. Sophie Bremmer was still a hopeless romantic. But she was no longer naïve.

    • Carlos: You've been paying more attention to your food than you have to me lately.
      Gabrielle: I plan on getting really fat as a tribute to your mother.

    • Felicia: You stole him so that he could have a better life. That was a noble act, Paul. Truly. And it's time for you to be noble again.
      Paul: Can I at least say goodbye?
      Felicia: Did you allow me to say goodbye to Martha?

    • Carlos: Where are you going?
      Gabrielle: I feel a wave of morning sickness coming on, and I want to be standing on your mother's grave when it hits.

    • Carlos: Before the accident I told her how much I wanted a child and she said that she would take care of it. I just thought that she would talk to you. Baby, I am so sorry.
      Gabrielle: That bitch! I can't believe her.
      Carlos: I loved her, but even I had issues sometimes. I mean she could be very controlling.
      Gabrielle: Reaching out from the grave to screw with me. God, she's good!

    • Felicia: (to Paul) I hid the originals in a safe place. It seemed like a reasonable precaution seeing as you murdered Martha and all. Would you like a cookie?

    • Edie: (to Bree) You could have an affair with anyone and you choose the pharmacist? You are such a Republican.

    • Felicia: (to Paul) I am not my sister, Paul. You do not want to screw with me!

    • Sophie: Your doctor told you not to drink!
      Morty: Well, there are... there are times when you need... when you need liquid courage.

    • John: I should've wore a condom.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, that would've helped.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This marks the first time since the episode "Ah, But Underneath" that the entire main credited cast (all 13 actors) appears in the same episode.


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from Stephen Sondheim's Pulitzer-winning musical "Sunday in the Park with George".