Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 9

Suspicious Minds

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2004 on ABC

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  • So Gabrielle does have a soul...

    It seems like everyone's hiding secrets on Wisteria Lane. Gabrielle, Carlos, and even Julie are fighting for discretion with varying levels of success.

    Andrew's storyline is growing rather tiresome. I've grown rather fond of Andrew over the course of the show, but I've been reminded of how much I despiced his season 1 personality. So immature and annoying. Also, Lynette's storyline was a bit ludicrous. It was meant to be funny I suppose, but It came off a little bit cheesy.

    On the other hand, Gabrielle's character developed proving to us that she does have a soul, and that she might actually love Carlos. The storyline also progressed, what with Julie hiding Zack, and a baby chest appearing with an adult female body inside. The DH storylines don't seem to slow down, and that's an impressive thing.
  • loved it


    this was a brilliant episode of desperate housewives with some really great moments and storylines i really liked the susan and gaby storyline i liked thoses two arguing injecting some drama within the four friendships is a good thing, the fashion show stuff was also really funny escpically edie and susan of course although i felt pretty bbad for her, the bree stuff was also good escpecially the throwing urine over rex ahah lynette's storyline was also really good thw whole nannny stealer ahah great show cant wait for next week

  • Susan discovers Gabrielle's secret; Gabrielle decides to hold a fashion show; Helen Rowland thinks Susan is the one dating John.

    This episode was very dramatic. It was so well written. It is a series classic. I loved the fashion show. I cannot believe that Helen ripped Susan's dress. It was so dramatic. It was a great episode. Marc Cherry is very creative with his storylines. The storylines are so deep and dramatic. This episode was a series classic. It is one of the best episodes of the first season. It was so great. I was on the edge of my seat. It was so good. This was a very special episode. It was perfect. This episode is one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Un claro ejemplo de la manera traviesa de las Desperate Housewives relacionarse.

    Hay tantas cosas pasando en este episodio. Me encanta el hecho de que Susan se enfrete a Gabrielle y le pida una explicación del porqué se acuesta con su Jardinero, ahí queda demostrado que las relaciones de las 4 protagonistas va más allá de tomar te y charlar en las calles. Además es impactante ver a Susan llegar con su vestido blanco a la gala de caridad, simplemente nos deja sin aliento. Lynette consigue lo que buscaba, una niñera que le alivie los pesos domésticos y usa toda su habilidad corporativa para conseguir la mejor. Zach se escapa de Silvercrest y se aloja en la habitación de Julie, eso hace que se den un beso y empiece una relación sentimental entre ellos, que más adelante servirá para más conflictos. La mama de John enfrenta a Susan pensando que es la que se acuesta con su hijo, lo cual hace que Gabrielle enfrente su actuar como toda una niña grande y confiesa que ella es la se acostaba con john, sin saber que el verdadero problema apenas comienza. Bree en su perfección descubre a su hijo fumando yerba y Edie sigue siendo la devoradora de hombres. Ojalá la conversación entre Susan y John durara un poco más.
  • People are complicated creatures.

    Lynette goes on a hunt for a perfect nanny and once she foung it she has a hard time getting her but she finally manages.
    Gabrielle decides to throw a charity fashion show but Susan discovers her secret that she is with John and that causes too many problems.
    Bree wants to punish Andrew more and when she fidns out that he is smoking marijuana she does the most underhanded betrayal and he gets kicked of the swimming team. Finally Susan wants Gabrielle to go to Helen and tell her the truth about the affair while on the completely unexpected notice Julie is hiding Zech and he tells her that he killed his baby sister Dana. Amazing episode.
  • Susan discovers Gabrielle's secret; Gabrielle decides to hold a fashion show; Helen Rowland thinks Susan is the one dating John.

    This episode was very dramatic. It was so well written. It is a series classic. I loved the fashion show. I cannot believe that Helen ripped Susan's dress. It was so dramatic. It was a great episode. Marc Cherry is very creative with his storylines. The storylines are so deep and dramatic. This episode was a series classic. It is one of the best episodes of the first season. It was so great. I was on the edge of my seat. It was so good. This was definately a very special episode. It was perfect. This episode is one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Isn't She Lovely? Written by Jenna Bans Directed by Larry Shaw

    "...And that night, Gabrielle slept like a baby"--Mary Alice

    We are really starting to dig deeper into the series as its first season continues. What suspense, mystery and adventure do we have this week? Well, there was certainly a lot going on for the residents of that little street called Wisteria Lane. Gabrielle held a fashion show, Lynette poached a nanny, Bree got no respect, Susan learned not to f**k around with other people's sons even if she didn't even do anything and nobody cares about Mrs. Huber because no one knows what the hell happened to her. Except for Edie who at least wonders where Martha could be.

    Gabrielle decides to stop sitting at Mama's bedside and to do something constructive for other people when she witnesses a nurse being so skilled at such a noble and much devoted vocation. Gabrielle decides to put her talent to work and organizes a fashion show which will star the ladies of Wisteria Lane. During the dress fittings and preparations, John resurfaces and offers to help with his mother standing only feet away from her. Speaking of feet, Gabby and John sure seemed cozy as they played footsie without even eye contact. Susan happens to discover this and immeadiately knows that Gabby is up to something no good. When Susan confronts her Gabrielle tells her that her life is complicated and to not get involved. But when John brags to one of his friends Justin about his little fling and his mother overhears she suspects the worse. After John hears from Gabby that Susan knows he tries to smooth things over and Susan asks why since he is so young. Susan promises to keep things quiet but that he should end the relationship. Helen, John's mom watches from across the street and believes Susan is John's adulteress.

    Meanwhile, Bree and Rex come together for Andrew's swim meet which is probably the only thing Andrew is passionate about since he is not remorseful or saddened over the fact that he just hit and run an old lady. Bree thinks that as Andrew's punishment they should ask him to quit the swim team but Rex quickly objects since this is the only thing that Andrew really cares about. They begin to argue and are distracted over the fact that Andrew has just won the meet. The following day, Bree brings up Andrew's laundry and discovers he is smoking marijuana. Are we sure he isn't A.J. Soprano's twin brother? Bree sees this as an oppourtunity for Andrew to get off the swim team and when she tells Rex about it he once again becomes angered which leads her to throw the urine sample on his pants due to her frustration. I really loved that scene!

    Bree must then take it upon herself to see that Andrew is rightfully punished. She asks Danielle where Andrew's weed is which she brings to his sports locker at school. The next day, after an anonymous tip is reported in about Andrew possessing marijuana the coaches inspect his locker which means that Andrew is off of the swim team. This really triggers Rex's anger out that he got caught with it and that he deserved what he got. Andrew looks back at Bree with this angered look which only means revenge is in order.

    Lynette gets the day off when Tom manages to take over for her. Before Tom takes off with the kids they discuss the possibility of getting help from a nanny. Tom agrees and that she looks for one when she gets a chance. She then asks Bree where a great location to poach nannies from rich people are. Bree reluctantly tells her landing Lynette up in Fairview Park where she meets the somewhat perfect nanny-- Claire, played by Marla Solotkoff. When Lynette gives Claire an offer she can't refuse, she decides to leave her old family since the boss was to demanding and that she has a set of groundrules. Claire's rules seem fine with Lynette and she agrees to start work in a few days.

    Susan's plot line is interesting as well this week not only intertwining with the Gabrielle storyline but her daughter Julie is also doing something for a friend whose not so far away from being "desperate". As she goes back up to her room, she greets Zach Young who has been secretly hiding out in her room for a few days. When Zach reveals to Julie that his deep dark secret may be that he killed "DANA" his baby sister, all Julie can do is be shocked.

    At the fashion show, the women look fabulous! Susan's outfit is probably the most stunning but Edie is not far behind. Bree and Lynette don't look to bad themselves and you all know how I love Bree. As they all have a chance on the runway, Susan is saved for last but her thirty seconds of fame is briefly interrupted when Helen Rowland comes out of nowhere and starts a fight by tearing Susan's dress. Helen warns her to stay away from John and leaves. Susan is then forced out on the runway where everyone is shocked except for Edie who gets a big kick out of the whole charade. Afterward, Susan demands that Gabrielle tell Helen(...and Carlos) the truth because Susan has not only been humiliated but also angered because of what happened when her ex-husband was unfaithful.

    Gabrielle then sees Helen the following day and tells her that she was the one sleeping with John. Helen immeadiately is mad and asks when it all started. It turns out that John began working for the Solis' at 16. Gabrielle apologizes but Helen is not so ready to put it behind them. The next person on her list to come clean with is Carlos. She tries to tell him but panics when she sees the police and fears that Helen has reported her. She tells Carlos that she loves him but as it turns out the police arrive at the house and come to arrest him for a business-related scheme. As Carlos is put in handcuffs and placed in a cop car, Gabrielle sits motionless on the steps. Susan joins her on the stairs and gives her support as real friends would do.

    Other important events in "Suspicious Minds"...
    *Mama Solis is still in a coma. No updates available at this time.
    *The police find evidence in Paul's mysterious toy chest. We find out that in it were severely decayed human remains. When the police ask for all of the people who purchased the chest they learn that Paul Young was one of the purchasees. Dum. Dum. Dum.
    *Andrew still manages to get on everybody's nerves this week as not only does he not care that he was smoking pot but he was caught. Well isn't it obvious that if you do something and someone catches you that you're going to get busted. I think Bree did the right thing but what's worse: having a son that does drugs or a son that hates you?
    *I was really surprised that Gabrielle wasn't the one being arrested since Helen seems likes such the revengeful type by going after innocent Susan.
    *Lynette hiring a nanny. I wonder how long it will last since Lynette is the kind of person that has to know everything or else her system flops.

    "Suspicious Minds" was a very well written episode and one of the more original stories. I really enjoyed how Susan's plot got mixed with Gabby's and vice versa. Its episodes like these that make this show very good. I'm sure you will agree with me.

  • The Lows We Can Go Written by Jenna Bans Directed by Larry Shaw


    Anyone who has been reading these reviews probably knows that Gabrielle has been the housewife i've least warmed to so far in the series. This episode is supposed to sway my overall view of her and it kinda did.

    However Gabrielle being Gabrielle pretty much had her infuriating moments still. Her outrageous flirting with John was embarrasing to watch, especially when his mother wasn't that far away from them at one point and then there was Susan. Yes, viewers someone who's a regular finally catches on to the little tryst and Susan's so miffed she even compares her friend's actions to her ex-husband's. Leading to a good question - is Gabrielle as bad as Karl?

    It's kinda hard to say but unlike Susan's asshole of an ex, at least Gabby gets to grow up a bit, even if it takes pushing. Her admitting to Helen that she was the one sleeping with John, after the latter mistakenly attacked Susan for being the older woman was a good step forward, even if it did rightly incur Helen's wrath. Speaking of John, for a rather clued teen, i'm really finding it hard to believe he thinks Gabby would leave Carlos for him. You'd think at this point he'd realise their relationship is only sex driven on her part.

    Bringing Carlos into the discussion, besides the fabulous lifestyle he provides her, does Gabrielle seriously have any feelings for him? We definitely know in spite of his own shallowness Carlos does love her (the likes of "Running To Stand Still" and "Guilty" have proven that) but Gabrielle always borders on totally disregarding his feelings or in the case, pleading for forgiveness when she thought Helen turned her into the police (had to laugh at that scene). Except it's the FBI and it's Carlos who winds up in the slammer in a surprising twist of fate. He claims the never seen Tanaka set him up - for what, embezzlement? Or something far more sinister?

    With Carlos behind bars, it'll be interesting to see what Gabrielle will do next. If she wanted to leave him, she now has the perfect, guilt free opportunity but after that quietly poignant final scene with Susan, I really can't see her walking out of him.

    Another great Gabby moment is the fashion show for charity she organises, proving she has something of a soul and also providing some more glamour in the picturesque Wisteria Lane. Bree and Lynette looking stylishly sophisticated, Susan's princess like outfit got ripped to shreds (yes no episode can pass without her being humilated, it's probably in Teri Hatcher's contract at this stage), while Edie slutifies the hideous dress Mrs Huber was supposed to wear.

    I may have liked Paul in the last two eps, but he's back to his creepy and malignant ways here. First of all he buries Martha and a blender in a scene reminiscent of The Sopranos' "Long Term Parking", where Silvio killed and buried Adrianna and then less surprising a toy chest containing a mutilated corpse is found by the Feds. Gosh, they've been busy in this episode. There's also the return of the equally creepy Zach who reveals to Julie (another savvy teen who makes a bad judgement, though her motives are more selfless than John's) that he killed his baby sister who is DEFINITELY Dana now and his parents cover up in the murder. We also have Julie unwisely getting Susan to lie about Zach's whereabouts to Paul, and although I understand her willingness to protect the lad, I was disappointed that she didn't confide in Susan and explain the full story. They have the best mother/daughter relationship on the show and it would be a shame to see these two at loggerheads, even it looked apparent that Susan knew Julie was lying about Zach anyway.

    Speaking of deception, a supposed drug free Lynette was also rather priceless. Not only does she finally get it through Tom's head that she can't cope but her nanny poaching antics were a hoot, although Claire could probably sue for false advertising once she meets the little hellions who she will unenviably have to mind. It's also nice to see continuity being kept about the ADD medication addiction, although Tom seemed oddly non vocal about it when Lynette brought it up. After he kinda suspected something not right with her in "Anything You Can Do", it's just a little weird. However he does deserve brownie points for helping with the hellions and being way in his element when hosting Gabrielle's fashion show, which if I didn't emphasise was a riot.

    And riots are what is exactly on the menu for the Van De Kamp's again as Bree and Rex are on well opposing sides when it comes to dealing with the consistent pain in the ass that is Andrew. His lack of remorse for Juanita is bad enough but his contempt for Bree is another thing. Sure, if she was my mother, I too would resent her uptight nature and find it suffocating but Andrew's behaviour towards her is just downright vile. I'm no angel myself at times, but even i've never given my parents this hard a time and even I wanted to slap him at the end for smoking pot directly in front of Bree and slamming the door in her face. Bree may have resorted to extremely dirty tactics in order to make him feel guilt for what he's done but she's definitely more concerned for him than Rex seems to be.

    This doesn't mean I think Rex is a bad father but his lack of discipline and communication with Andrew speaks volumes. For crying out, the kid knocked an old lady down and just shrugged it off - of course he should feel bad Rex. Oh and the constant blaming Bree for all their family woes is getting old. Maybe she is responsible but Rex is hardly the innocent party in this either. I just wish this character would grow a spine and take some responsibility of his own.

    Also in "Suspicious Minds"

    In the opening sequence when Gabrielle ran away at 15. This may sound dumb but did her stepfather rape her? Anyone know for sure, please tell.

    Edie:"Crap!Crap!Crap! I'm telling you all the good dresses are taken. Well, what the hell am I supposed to wear?"
    Lynette:"Well Mrs Huber never showed up. Why don't you wear this one?"
    Edie:"That's an old lady dress. You won't be able to see my body"
    Lynette:"That is so like you, Edie. You're always thinking of others".

    Gabrielle organised the fashion show at the start of the episode. With Martha being busy being killed by Paul how did they get her to sign up?

    Rex (to Bree):"He hung out in you're womb for a couple of months in the 80's. I've grown to love him too".

    Rex: (to Bree):"If you were my Mom, i'd smoke pot too".
    Needless to say, Bree dumping Andrew's urine all over Rex was hilarious and well deserved.

    Bree:"I know you're having problems finding good help but stealing a family's nanny is so unseemly"
    Lynette:"So come on, where can I score some high grade nanny?"

    Loved Tom talking up Lynette at the fashion show and congrats to the music department for not making Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" not sound too tacky. Kudos.

    John's friend Justin was hot by the way. Here's hoping there's more appearances from him. Oh and Danielle looked a bit weird in this episode.

    Gabrielle:"Susan, hi. Do you want to help with the seating cards?"
    Susan:"Sure. Do you want to tell me why you had your foot in John Rowland's crotch yesterday?"

    "Suspicious Minds" has some great moments. Besides the nice (but not entirely all there) character growth for Gabrielle and a sterling performance from Eva Longoria, the episode also shined with a shuffle of interesting interactions. Edie and Lynette, Susan and John and Julie and Paul all got some teriffic scenes with each other. As per usual, we had some disturbing moments and the episode's biggest mystery (besides the obvious) was definitely Carlos and why he's in jail. Not as good as the previous two but an enjoyable romp nonetheless.