Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 9

That's Good, That's Bad

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on ABC
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George stalks Bree, despite her efforts to break up with him. Lynette takes charge of office politics. Carlos is paroled from prison and returns a new man, and Gabrielle is jealous of his new 'holier-than-thou' confidante. Susan meets her birth father and tries to begin a relationship with him.moreless

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  • loved it

    loved this episode of desperate housewives after a couple of iffy episode this one brought it back to the housewives quality i expect, the bree stuff was really the best the stuff with and george was really chilling and brilliantly acted by both maricia cross and roger bart, the susan storyline was very good mostly just filler stuff susan seems to be abit of a lost cause this season now the young mytery has gone, know applewhites this week which was ok as they arnt in trestingmoreless
  • Por fín Bree se da cuenta de la clase de hombre que es George.

    Aceptemoslo la inclusión de la hermana Mary va a hacer muy interesante la serie, especialmente ver a Gabrielle celosa es sencillamente deliciosa, además que en verdad su oponente no tiene nade que envidiarle en cuanto a tretas sucias se refiere. Bree se entera qué pasa con George y decide tomar la justicia por su propia mano, lo cual nos muestra una Bree muy parecida a la que aparece en el episodio del accidente de Andrew con Juanita Solis. Lynette asciende en el trabajo pero lo logra de una manera poco convencional, para al final darse cuenta de que el remedio fué peor que la enfermedad, y finalmente vemos una débil Susan muy interesada en conocer a su padre, lo cual en el fondo me parece irreal.moreless
  • Great one!!!

    I love this show!!!! This was awesome!!!! The part where Susan meets her dad is really good!!! Poor girl, she is the most clumsy, unlucky person I have ever seen!!!! She caused a heart attack on her own dad!!!

    Bree was amzing, shooting at George's serenade.... priceless scene!!!! She is a very funny character!!!! It broke my heart when she found out that George killed her husband.... The way she just sat and waited for Geroge to die in that hotel room was shoking!!! She can be one cold woman when she wants!!!

    Linette was fantastic, finally kicking Ninna in the bottom!!!! Ninna relly deserved it, she as a real B****. You go, Linette!!!!moreless
  • An average episode, but it had an amazing climax. Sayonara George, we will miss your insanity.

    As with most of season two, this episode lacked some focus, since the central mystery that keeps the episode together. Susans arc was very offbeat. The last episode had a very strange twist to it, suddenly out of nowhere her mom tells her that her dad is still alive. Great timing. Not. We meet him, but I can't say I like his personality because he's boring. Another adulterous husband? Yawn.

    Gabrielle meets the evil nun. Loved it. It's too bad she's on;y going to be around for a few episodes, but it's nice to see her while it lasts. Her evilness is very enjoyable.

    Lynette settles the office politics. I liked how it was handled. For once, it was very enjoyable. She hasn't had alot of good storylines.

    Bree was amazing this night. Truely amazing. Her affair with Mr. George the pharmacist was cut to an end. As much as I hate to see Roger Bart go, he did a great scene.

    Overall, this was a good episode, the ending was GREAT. I loved it, it was very well done and chilling.moreless
  • Wow, Bree...

    I just watched the episode in German. Even though I hate the German version of the series, I loved the episode. Especially the Bree-storyline. She's a strange character and she really has bad luck with the guys. Well, she's sort of blind, I think. Everyone else could see how weird George was and in the end she realized his sick mind and then... wow... that decision to let him die and watch him while he does, that was shocking. But I understand her!

    Like Mary-Alice said in the end about the difference of good and bad and the problems with defining it - some characters are really surprisingly "bad" on the inside. Take Bree or that stupid nun. Well, that was great episode, it really made me wanna watch the next one soon!moreless
Kamal Marayati

Kamal Marayati


Guest Star

Melinda Page Hamilton

Melinda Page Hamilton

Sister Mary Bernard

Guest Star

Joyce Van Patten

Joyce Van Patten

Carol Prudy

Guest Star

Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Dr. Albert Goldfine

Recurring Role

Currie Graham

Currie Graham

Ed Ferrara

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Charlie Babcock

Charlie Babcock

Stu Durber

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the lobby of "Parcher & Murphy", the screen savers on the computers have a bouncing cherry, a reference to series creator Marc Cherry.

    • We learn that Susan's father already knew about her, however he has made an arrangement with her mother which says she receives a lot of money from him and never reveals his identity to Susan in exchange.

    • Bree finds out that George was the one that changed Rex's pills, causing him to die. She also realizes that he was the one that threw Dr. Goldfine off the bridge.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Sister Mary: Are you two involved in any charities?
      Gabrielle: Currently? No.
      Carlos: But we should be. I mean, let's face it Gabby, buying more stuff isn't gonna make our lives any better.
      Sister Mary: Exactly. Money can't buy happiness.
      Gabrielle: Well, sure it can. That's just a lie we tell poor people to keep 'em from rioting!
      Carlos: Gabby!
      Gabrielle: It's a joke. Lighten up.
      Carlos: Can you believe this? I'm married to a woman so selfish, she makes fun of the entire concept of charity.
      Gabrielle: You are a hypocrite. The money you spent to buy your sports car could buy a mud hut for every peasant in Ecuador.
      Carlos: Ok, you're right. But I'm evolving, starting right now. Sister, I would like to donate my car to your mission.
      Gabrielle: What?!
      Sister Mary: Carlos, are you sure?
      Carlos: Absolutely. Gabrielle and I don't need two cars, we can share one.
      Gabrielle: Share? What if you have the car and I need to go shopping.
      Carlos: We're gonna cut back on shopping too.
      Gabrielle (yelling): Ok, I think we should all just calm down a little bit!

    • Mary Alice: Good guys wear white hats and bad guys wear black. This is how children distinguish between good and evil. But they soon learn that bad guys always don't look so bad. And sometimes they seem downright friendly. That is until you get to know them a little bit better.

    • Lynette: Nina, I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are sick and tired of your abuse. Frankly, you owe us an apology.
      Nina: Is, is this true? I mean, I would be mortified if I thought that I hurt any of you. If anybody feels like I owe them an apology, please speak up. You? You? You? Gee, Lynette, I guess you were mistaken. All right, let's recap, shall we? Stinky pitch, working late, no apologies.

    • Gabrielle: Hello.
      Man's Voice: Hello. My name is Mark Martinez. Uh, I'm the assistant warden down at Fairview County Jail. Is Mrs. Solis available?
      Gabrielle: Uh, yeah, this is her. Did, did something happen with Carlos?
      Man's Voice: At seven forty-three this morning, your husband held two guards at gunpoint and successfully escaped.
      Gabrielle: He what?
      Man's Voice: I take it you had no prior knowledge he had planned to do this.
      Gabrielle: No, of course not! He's a moron!
      Man's Voice: We have every reason to believe your husband may come to find you. We believe him to be armed and very, very horny.

    • George: (to Bree) Call the police! If they drag me away, I'm only gonna come right back here. I want you to hear the whole medley! Come on!

    • George: (singing) Just for a rainy evening.
      Bree: George! I have guests! What do you think you are doing?
      George: We had a tiff. I upset you and now I'm just trying to make things right again.
      Bree: It was not a tiff! We broke up! It's over!
      George: (singing) We can still come through!
      Bree: I am not kidding. If you do not knock it off, I'm going to call the police!
      George: All right, go ahead. (singing) I really lost my head last night!

    • Gabrielle: What happened?
      Carlos: Well, there's this church group that helps out Catholic prisoners and they really, really stepped up for me.
      Gabrielle: Well, what did they do?
      Carlos: They lobbied the Parole Board and it worked.
      Gabrielle: Mmm. I guess I owe the Pope a thank you note.
      Carlos: Uh, less talking, more stripping.

    • George: We need to phone an ambulance.
      Bree: I called them while you were asleep. They're already on their way.

    • Sister Mary: Carlos is a diamond in the rough, a flawed man to be sure, but someone who is desperately searching for something to believe in. To satisfy your materialism, he ended up breaking the law. To deal with your adultery, he resorted to assault. As long as he's with you, he will never find what he's looking for.
      Gabrielle: Well, I guess he should have thought of that before he married me.
      Sister Mary: Some marriages are meant to be annulled.
      Gabrielle: What the hell kind of nun are you? Look, if you try to come between me and my husband, I will take you down.
      Sister Mary: I grew up on the south side of Chicago. If you wanna threaten me, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that.
      Gabrielle: You listen to me, you little bitch. You do not want to start a war with me.
      Sister Mary: Well, I have God on my side. Bring it on.

    • George: Hey, fancy seeing you here. I was just out for a little ride.
      Bree: Don't lie to me, George. You've been riding up and down this street for the last hour.
      George: I don't want to do this, Bree, but you won't return any of my phone calls.
      Bree: So stalking me is plan B?
      (Bree gets into her car. George gets off the bike and goes to her car window)
      George: Bree, I know I messed up. I know I got some issues to work on, but I'd be willing to see a therapist if that's what you want. I'll do anything but how can I show you that I, I can change if you don't give me a second chance? Come on. You know I'm not a bad person.
      Bree: I do know that, but I'm just not sure you're a good one, either.

    • Sister Mary: Money can't buy happiness.
      Gabrielle: Well, sure it can. That's just a lie we tell poor people to keep 'em from rioting.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) It's not always that easy to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you (shot of Gabrielle watching Carlos praying before he goes to sleep.) And the same is true for saints (shot of Sister Mary praying at church before snuffing out a candle.) Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? (Shot of Nina crying as she packs up her desk) Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can exist side-by-side in one heart. (Shot of Susan's father recovering in the hospital.) And that anyone is capable of anything. (Shot of Bree cleaning up George's hotel room as he lays dying.)

    • Gabrielle (to Carlos): You said she touched your soul I just want to make sure her hands are clean.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut for time.

    • This episode ends the recurring arc of Joely Fisher's character Nina.

    • This episode was orginally titled "The Natives Are Restless."

    • Even though they are credited James Denton (Mike Delfino), Doug Savant (Tom Scavo), Mark Moses (Paul Young), Cody Kasch (Zach Young), Richard Burgi (Karl Mayer), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Mehcad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Nashawn Kearse (Caleb Applewhite) and Alfre Woodard (Betty Applewhite) do not appear in this episode.


    • "The Natives Are Restless" (the original title of this episode) was ironically changed because that was the original title of Stephen Sondheim's first Broadway musical until it was retitled "Anyone Can Whistle".

    • Episode Title: The episode title "That's Good, That's Bad" is from the musical "Hot Spot", by Mary Rodgers and Stephen Sondheim, with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and Martin Charnin.