Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 22

The Ballad of Booth (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • ...Or how I learned to love the bomb

    Pushing towards the finale, the last chunk of episodes from Desperate Housewives has really picked up. Keeping the momentum from last week is another solid entry that get's us ready for the big season 6 climax.

    The Bolen plotline is finally paying off. Patrick, contrary to his good looks, is one nasty S.O.B, and continues to taunt and threaten Angie- he needs her to make him another bomb. I'm a little hazy on the eco-terrorist thing. I thought these were people who purposefully try to harm the planet. I guess it's the other way around. These people are willing to kill to save some trees? How backwards is that? Either way, it makes me chuckle a little, but Pat is deadly serious, and after tricking Danny into coming back to the house, he now has the two of them at his mercy. How can the Bolens get out of this?

    Gabrielle seemingly didn't have any exciting material going into to the finale. She was concerned with making Carlos a delicious meal? I liked the reference about Carlos' mom from Season 1 (little did I know that would be foreshadowing for a key element later) and Gaby did get to comedically shine with her annoying visits to Angie. Why didn't she go to Bree for cooking advice? Because then she wouldn't get a cool note in the casserole about Angie and Danny being held hostage! Will she be able to rescue them? My only regret from the inclusion of Sam into Bree's storyline is that it didn't happen sooner. This has been interesting for me from the get go, and it's a shame it has only taken place for this last quarter of the season. However, maybe that's the secret to why this plot has been so good; Perfect pacing. Andrew and Orson are helping Bree cook up a way to kick out Sam from the business. The wheelchair/fighting cracks don't really go anywhere, but I did think cutting Sam a check was a generous and classy move. Bree was as polite and gracious as she could be, but Sam was insulted and refused to be bought. Next, Bree passive aggressively gave the young ward a threat in the form of two former detectives that have no bones about roughing him up, should he continue to harass her. Again, leave it to Bree to be polite and gracious with this 'tea party' as well! Gotta give credit to Sam, too though, for firing back: He's got some great blackmail dirt on Bree regarding Andrew running over Carlos' mother! (Oh! So that's why Carlos- A great S1 callback!) Can't wait to see what happens here! Will she sign her empire over to this slimeball? Susan had a plan for helping she and Mike get some money to cover their financial woes- squeeze his former clients for money. She tried the sympathy route, but when that didn't fly, she went with bullying. Susan was cute both in these scenes, and in her momentary triumph, when she brought the cash back to hubby. But I couldn't shake the feeling of pushy debt collectors on the phone, and as a whole the storyline rubbed me the wrong way. Police investigated the murder of Irina, and Lynette feared, they might suspect Preston. She also grew concerned about the disappearance of Eddie's mom. Eddie, all the while was becoming more and more nervous. She continued to be really sweet to him, and in truth, I'm really feeling for Eddie right now. I don't condone what he did (even though Irina and his mom were both b*tches) He's scared, he's confused, and he seems genuinely sorry. Not sure if I want him to get away with it, or come clean and be's just not possible. Lest I forget he is a serial killer! So why am I so worried about him? For me, this character has been the biggest revelation and may have single-handedly saved an uneven season 6. Lynette made one inquiry too many, and now she's locked in a house with this maniac! From the look of next week's promo's she'll be giving birth (of course). Eddie seems to really care about her. Will he have it in him to kill her off? Can he deliver that baby? Will someone die? I'm eager to see this play out!