Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 13

The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • the 100th episode of Desperate Housewives!!

    I loved this epsiode and i thought it was the perfect way for the show to celebrate its 100th episode. Showing just how the female leads have developed and changed over the years was great 2 see and all through the local handyman.
    I loved Lynettes flashback and as well as being funny was also very emotional in the fact that she realised she was going to put work above her kids. Brees again was very emotional and showed just how far she has come as a person from being that perfect housewife to being a sucessfull business woman!
    Edies flashback was definatly the comic one of the ladies although Gabrielles featured some great comedy 2. Overall a great way for the show to celebrate its 100th episode and it was nice to see Mary Alice, Rex and Mrs Huber again!
  • An interesting episode and we get to see some of our favourite ladies step a little out of the norm.

    This isn't my favourite episode, but that's ok. It's still a good one and we get to see a different side to the Wisteria lane women. We get to see them as themselves, but, also in a non-selfish caring way.

    I haven't seen Eli before and possibly we have (or not) I don't think it actually matters in this episode as we are on the journey to seeing how each of the characters has been affected by someone outside of their circle.

    I'm a sap, so, Susan's tears worked for me. I saw character differently than what I have done before and I got to see more of her evolution as well, in 5 mins I got more of her character than watching this on & off for the last few years.

    One of the reasons why I liked this episode is that it was a one off, not in the middle of any other story line, it was just there, diverted us a little from other storyline arcs we've seen.

    Good episode to put your feet up to.
  • Desperate Housewives reaches its 100th episode and, frankly, the jury's out.

    Desperate Housewives reaches its 100th episode and, frankly, the jury's out. Perhaps wisely, Marc Cherry chooses to reject conventional expectation and eschews the action-packed in favour of a quiet, reflective piece that studies the personalities of our central cast through the eyes of an outsider. Beau Bridges is instantly loveable as the utterly selfless Eli Scruggs; he brings an understated intelligence to the part that prevents his 'role' as mechanic for the housewives' hearts from becoming overly clichéd or hokum. It is certainly fun to watch his rather overly successful attempt to reassure Edie that she hasn't lost her 'touch' (the moment that she pushes him onto the bed is priceless), and the sequence in which he comforts Susan in the aftermath of her break-up with Mike is one of the highlights of the season. The dialogue is pitched perfectly and contains a great deal that has needed to be said for quite some time: finally, Susan gets the recognition she deserves for being brave enough to open up her heart, time and time and time again. All too often, the show either berates her (usually through Edie) for not wanting to be single, or makes comedy out of her poor track record with men. It is good to see her strengths being highlighted here; it certainly makes a refreshing change. Eli's other contributions to the housewives' lives are also relatively interesting - particularly Lynette's, as Felicity Huffman proves she's the best damn actress on the show, yet again - but therein, perhaps, is the problem. The stories may be of interest but they don't truly grip: sure, it's nice to see how Gaby becomes accepted by the group but is there really anything in this to be truly excited about? Eli rescues Bree's first attempt at writing a cook book from the trash and gives it back to her following Rex's death. Again, a nice morsel of a plot point but nothing truly engaging. And the final sequence, in which the housewives gather for Eli's funeral, takes the episode into truly corny territory; Bree's 'I wanted to fix something for Eli' is a completely unnecessary vocalisation of activity. The scene would arguably have had a far greater level of poignancy without it. Clearly, this is the emotion Cherry was aiming for and, for a significant proportion of the episode, he achieves it. It's just a shame the things he had to say about our housewives couldn't have had a little more substance. Still, nice to see Mrs Huber, Yao Lin, Rex Van De Kamp and Mary Alice again.
  • One of the best episodes of Desperate Housewives. Very entertaining. Great story.

    This is the 100th episode to air on a Sunday on ABC (the show's airdate in America has not changed since the series began). What a great episode! It resembles the first season. After the ones of the first and the fourth season, this episode has become one of my favourites. Beau Bridges received an Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series" for his performance as Eli Scruggs in this episode. He really deserves it. A great quote: "Susan: You can't retire. I break too many things! - Eli: I know! You're paying for my trip to Hawaii."
  • A beautiful stand alone episode.

    I love the story arc and this tale stands alone and proud. Connecting with past Desperate Wives tales it pulls in the streets ladies deepening characters in a way beautifully told. Funny and sentimental. I have only recently got into the show and have watched through them ever so fast. This stopped me in my tracks, dynamically clever story arcs, with character driven comedy that although sometimes pushes the envelope of belivabilty in its storyline never chooses to sell out the charcters. Well done for this episode. "You're my hero" had me choked and the baby in the car was perfectly realised and superbly acted, Felicity Huffman is something else. Thank you.
  • Happy 100th Housewives!!

    This really was such a special episode of Desperate Housewives and so it should be considering that it is the 100th.
    I loved everything about this episode i thought the character of Eli scruggs was brilliant so extremly likable after just one episode alot of credit shoudl go to Beau Bridges for that who portrays eli scruggs perfectly, i also really loved the indivitual stories of the women and how eli has changed there lives, i loved the moments that we got to see in this episode aswell like it was great to see how gaby became friends with all these women and the imediate aftermath of mary-alice suicide, i also loved that we got see so many classic characters agian like martha huber, rex van de camp and gabys house keeper whos name i cant spell,
    This episode was also incrediable emotinal there were many times that i felt i could choke up, however in true desperate housewives fashion there was also some fantastic comedy in this episode to. Overall this really was a brilliant episode and i certainly one of if not the best episode the housewives writers has given us ........ loved it
  • The Best Thing Thet Ever Could Have Happened , WOW!!! , The Best Name for the PERFECT!!!!!! Episode WOW!!!!

    The Best Thing Thet Ever Could Have Happened , WOW!!! , The Best Name for the PERFECT!!!!!! Episode WOW!!!!

    They Did it , yeah they took us out from the season's storyline but they gave us a classic , not just the story of Elie which was perfect , but also the Acting which was hilarious and a big WOW!!!!! , Eva did amazing as GABY and her flashback was Amazing , Lynite , Bree and Sussan were also amazing , i liked Edie's one but the rest were better for me , but the best one is MARY ALICE she is AMAZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!
  • this episode was totaly inappropriate, it was an insult to the viewers . i'm a fan of the show but this episode was truly the first out of all 5 seasons that had nothing to do with the story . definitely a filler episode ...

    it's the first time that i actually write a review.
    this episode made me do it. i'm a great fan of tv shows , but this doesn't mean that whatever the tv offers gonna be good, it's kinda like a fraud. when u become a fan of the show they just fool u with some filler episodes like this one. i don't know why they do that , just to fill something to be on the schedule i guess, whatever the reason may be, i don't care. funny thing is they try to combine some fake scenes from the past to make you feel like it's related to the story , well it's not . i don't buy that . this episode was a complete waste of time. if you skip this episode you won't miss anything . prove me wrong !
  • Wisteria lane's handyman Eli Scruggs dies of a heart attack and the residents of Wisteria Lane come to realize just how much he affected their lives.

    Terrific Episode. It was well written, well directed and very well acted. The episode reveals flashbacks and incidents which were affected by Eli Scruggs to the housewives and make them realise that many things in their life would have been different without him. Susan, Gabby, Bree, Lynette and Edie remember the times when he helped them and tried to "fix" their needs. This episode actually made tears fall out of my eyes towards the end as it shows one more housewife's tale with Eli, Mary Alice. The fact that we can now connect a few dots is really worth watching.
    I have rated this episode 10...Perfect!
  • Skip, skip, skip

    Sorry, current, but I have to swim against you :

    Don't know why this episode was rated so high by the fans. Watching it, I felt I'm being sold an absolute filler, that adds nothing to the current season.
    If it was aired in seasons 1 or 2 , I could understand.
    The whole episode feels like they tried to find a job for the actor, and it seems that the plot revolves around getting him the job.
    So while some fans would be happy by the revealings pictured here, it changes nothing, and that's just what it worth.

    Skip, skip, skip and save yourself 40 minutes.
  • 100 Written by Marc Cherry And Bob Daily Directed by Larry Shaw

    Eli (to Karen): "I prefer to go out quietly if you know what I mean. I don't like to make a big fuss."

    It's amazing to think that we've gotten to 100 episodes of this show. The very series that originally was lucky to have thirteen episodes contracted for its first season before it became an overnight sensation has certainly come very far in the last five years that's for sure.

    There are plenty of ways to celebrate such a passing but the death of a new character does seem like one of the strangest. On paper, we shouldn't give a hoot about the death of handyman Eli Scruggs but thanks to flashbacks and a soulful performance from Beau Bridges, it's very easy to care.

    The episode opens up with Mary Alice giving us a rundown on Eli. Despite the fact that the previous 99 episodes have never mentioned, apparently Eli is the only handyman capable of fixing anything and everything within sight. His last job is fixing Susan's shingles and it turns out to be far.

    There are times when this show can have a bout of sick humour and having Eli quip to Karen that he wanted to leave Wisteria Lane quietly is certainly one of them. Karen's not exactly crazy about him retiring but because of his bad ticker, Eli doesn't have much of a choice.

    It's also his ticker that gave out while fixing Susan's roof. Plenty of people could've spotted Eli's lifeless body on Susan's roof but bratty Juanita was the very neighbour to let a horrified shriek when she say him. Needless to say, Eli's death has a major impact on all of the women.

    After all, he was their handyman, friend and confidant and his death inspires them all to try and contribute to his funeral one way or another. It also leads to some of the best flashbacks that this series has done, even managing to usurp this season's other flashback episode, "Mirror, Mirror".

    Gabby's the first of the women to remember her time with Eli. Flashbacks for her means seeing her at her more glamorous and within them, she's fairly hacked off with Carlos giving her some Jimmy Choos because he can't actually spend time with her. For a horrifying moment, I thought we were going to get John but the writers decided not to bother with him.

    Instead Eli tells her that she should organise a poker game with the other women in a bid to make friends. Gabby's not that enthused by the suggestion but seeing as she's still new to the neighbours, she has the sense to take Eli's advice on board.

    Of course one of the things about Gabby is her tendency to put her foot in it. At the poker game itself, she manages to alienate and annoy Mary Alice, Bree, Susan and Lynette by blathering on about her modelling days and condescending them at every turn.

    I have to admit that while it's very easy to see how the women could've found her to be such a pain in the ass, some of Gabby's dialogue is truly funny. However, Eli bringing her down to earth by making her realise that she needs to tone the princess attitude was better.

    Gabby then also had the good sense to use muffins and an admission of being lonely to win the women. I always found it a little weird that the women took to Gabby easily when they treated Edie like a pariah and it's nice that this episode showed us that they didn't at first.

    The next woman then to go into flashback mode was Bree. For this meant bringing Rex back, which I'm sure delighted a lot of viewers but sadly Steven Culp is one of the people who benefited the least from this episode. In fact, Rex was just basically a jackass in this one.

    The brunch with Tom and Lynette had Rex begrudging Bree a stove and then making a crack about her getting a job. Granted, Bree working wasn't a bad suggestion but Rex really didn't need to be so condescending either when he suggested it. Thankfully Lynette's inappropriate humour made this scene more palatable for me.

    The next scene after that gave us an origin moment for Bree's future cooking career. She actually took Rex's advice on board and tried to write a book only for Rex to rampantly discourage her from doing it. Personally I wanted Bree or even Eli to tell Rex to shut the hell up but sadly Bree just ditched her notes into a bin.

    However at least that lead to arguably the best scene from Bree's flashbacks. After Rex's funeral, Bree got wrapped up in her grief and Eli gave her the notes back and encouraged her to write a book. It might be a cheesy scene, but it works beautifully and unsurprisingly enough, it also gave Bree an idea of what to serve at his funeral.

    Edie's flashback is certainly different. She and Dave were away when Eli died and its Dave who finds out that the handyman passed away. When Edie hears about it, it gets her to thinking about her relationship with Eli.

    Like everyone else in this story, Eli duelled as both handyman and confidant here. While he was fixing her bathroom, he also had the misfortune of having to overhear Alberto criticise Edie's raging libido. Now my gaydar can be a little wonky at times but it was so bloody obvious that Alberto was gay.

    The next scene then had Edie drinking her brains out in realisation that her hubby preferred men over her. You got to hand it to Eli. First he used sexist comments to cheer Edie up and then when he mentioned how hard it was to hold onto a gay man for a long time, Edie rewarded him by sleeping with him.

    Not that Eli had much of a choice. Edie literally threw herself on the poor and while she was confident that he would be gentle with her, I was wondering whether or not she'd be as considerate. Then to top it all off, Edie picked the trashiest of black dresses to wear at the man's funeral.

    Lynette's flashbacks with Eli continue an ongoing theme in her life – every time she wants a career, motherhood intervenes. I'm painting it a lot more negative than it should be but given that earlier on in the episode there was utter frustration dripping from her voice with Tom repeatedly getting her knocked up.

    It did make me think that perhaps Tom was trying to trap her into motherhood. It was him who insisted on her being a stay at home mother and while it's documented enough that Lynette does love her kids, it's also fair that she wants and needs a life outside of them as well.

    There's a particularly touching scene where her need to pin down a job has her leaving Penny in the car. Naturally Eli brought the girl back but it's enough to make Lynette feel like the worst mother in the world. It also fails to surprise that Eli offered some sympathetic words. In the present day, it also motivated Lynette to help Penny with her homework, which definitely was a cheesy moment.

    With all of the flashbacks firing on all cylinders, having ones that focused on Susan's love life should've been a bore fest. They weren't. Instead we had the pleasure of seeing Susan tossing all of Karl's stuff out onto the street and forcing Eli to change the locks. It might have been a good idea to have used Karl in that scene but it works pretty well without him.

    The next scene however is utterly superb. For all the criticism I tend to level at Susan's storylines being non-stop about her love life, Eli raised a good point about Susan never giving up on love, no matter how badly hurt she seems to get. That scene was in reference to her divorce from Mike of course.

    However because Eli died on Susan, it did make sense to do a scene prior to Susan leaving the house. It was just a brief moment where she talked about Jackson and even made an effort to get to know Eli but overall, it worked utterly well.

    Although all of the flashbacks in this episode are wonderful, the best ones are Mary Alice. Not since "One Wonderful Day" has Mary Alice played an important role in the flashbacks. It was her accepting Eli's services out of sympathy that got him so much work in Fairview and it was her death that motivated Eli into wanting to help people.

    Overall, Brenda Strong gives a wonderful performance and there's a suitably chilling moment when she gives Eli the vase he fixed for her before she kills herself. As a result we also get a brief moment with Martha Huber who has no problem embellishing the details of Mary Alice's with such gusto.

    Eli's funeral itself serves as a nice coda to the episode and anything that has Susan, Edie, Gabby, Bree and Lynette united is something to behold. Bree's fixing of the flower on Eli's coffin is a beautiful touch and in the longest of times, the narration is actually quite effective. Also in "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened"

    Some of Eli's handiwork included fixing banisters, vases, shingles and pipes.

    Gabrielle (to Carlos): "You never buy me presents unless I'm mad or about to be mad, and I don't think I am mad, so why am I about to be?"

    I just read that the next episode is finally going to get Gabby out of her frumpy status with a make over.

    Eli: "If I were you, I'd drop the attitude and learn to like your neighbours."
    Gabrielle: "Thanks for the advice. Do you wanna add that to your bill?"

    Bree (to Rex): "I have a job. I'm a homemaker."
    Tom: "And a damn good one."

    It's funny that when Gabby said she wanted to shoot herself, she'd have to point at Mary Alice of all people.

    Tom (to Bree/Rex): "If you're looking for a stove, we've got one that's hardly ever been used."
    Lynette: "I wish I could say the same about my uterus. Oh yeah, I ruined the brunch."

    Bree: "I'm not really in the book to write a cook book right now."
    Eli: "Maybe one day you will be."

    Congrats to the costume people for recapturing the Bree from the first season. Very convincing.

    Edie: "And the boobs? Perky and firm?"
    Eli: "You've named them?"

    Eli: "Are you sure about this? I don't want to take advantage over you unless I have to."
    Edie: "Oh I'm sure you'll be gentle."

    Which husband was Alberto? Was he the one before Dave?

    Lynette (to Tom): "I swear if you touch this phone, I'll have this baby right here and then beat you with it."

    Lynette: "I got the job."
    Tom: "Congratulations, baby's arm's sticking out, why don't you high five it?"

    Why didn't the writers use the younger Porter/Preston/Parker during some of Lynette and Tom's scenes?

    Susan (to Eli): "Oh, well, on the one hand I got dumped, for a pair of headlights named Brandy. On the other, I reported Karl's credit card stolen and I cut the pockets out of all his pants so, a little from column A, a little from column B."

    Susan: "You can't retire. I break too many things."
    Eli: "I know. You're paying for the trip to Hawaii I'm taking."

    No Andrew and Julie at the funeral and Mike, Katherine and Orson had no lines either.

    Mary Alice (re vase): "Anyways I want you to have this."
    Eli: "Mrs Young, are you alright?"
    Mary Alice: "Everything's fine."
    Eli: "Are you sure?"
    Mary Alice: "I think you should go now."

    Bree (to Lynette/Edie/Susan/Gabrielle): "I wanted to fix something for Eli for a change."

    Chronology: Not too long since "Connect! Connect!".

    For a 100th episode, this might have felt a little small compared to other series but hats off to Marc Cherry no less. "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" is a blatant love letter to those who've stuck with the show since its beginning and while nothing was advanced on the Dave mystery, it's hard not to love this episode.
  • Mark Cherry writes fan fiction!

    Perhaps, if I wasn't a fan of Desperate Housewives, I might have enjoyed this episode. However as someone who has avidly watched every season it struck a wrong chord right at the beginning. Who is the handyman who would fix a leaky pipe in Wisteria Lane? That would be Mike, right? Sorry, wrong answer, it is in fact Eli Scruggs, or so we are led to believe. The story, told largely in flashback, reveals Eli's long-standing involvement in our housewives lives, nay turning points in their lives even. So how come we have never heard of him before? I'll tell you why. Mark Cherry didn't write the episode! Revisionism, putting a new character center-stage, these are hallmarks of Internet fan fiction, some would say the badly-written kind. So there you have it. Mark pulled the story off the Internet. Only kidding! In fairness it wasn't all that bad, if a little predictable. However my suspension of disbelief, broken right at the start, never fully recovered.
  • the ladies reminisce about how the local handyman has affected each of their lives.

    as typical in susan's life, eli scruggs, the local handyman has a heart attack and dies on her roof. the episode focuses on how eli had affected all the housewives's lives. it was great to see how each of ladies became who they are today. especially bree and gaby. after rex shoots down bree's ambition of writing a cookbook, eli digs the soon to be best seller out of the garbage and tells bree she can do whatever she sets her mind to. and gaby, we all had the feeling of her previous attitude before she became best friends with the other ladies. and it was great to see what exactly transpired and changed her tune, don't we all love the weekly poker game. it was a bit strange to see edie that vulnerable, a man actually turned her down and he's gay WOW. but of course in typical edie style, she bounces right back and get in the saddle again, lol. lynette's past is just as we expected, overworked mom and careerwoman who decided that she needed to focus on her family for a while. and who will forget mary alice? she's the catalyst. she was the one who propelled eli into all of their lives and by giving him his first job around the neighborhood. you know that both lynette and eli feel that they should have known what was going on and it's heartbreaking. the scenes with susan were kinda repetative, but it was typical of who susan is, constantly looking for mr right, and a complete klutz to boot. this was up there as one of my favorite eps yet, top 2 if not #1. ps, i cried.
  • Happy 100th Ladies!

    WOW! OK, so the 100th episode isn't grand or explosive. What we have instead is the story of one man who changed the lives of the housewives in many ways. It was quite a touching and sad episode. We see many old things return: Season one Gabby! Pregnant Lynette! Karl leaving Susan! Rex and Bree! One of Edie's husbands! Martha Huber! But the best thing is seeing Brenda Strong making a physical apperance - its always nice to see the narrator now and again. This episode also shows the changes the Housewives have made to their lives and how much they have evolved over the past years. Happy One Hundred ladies - you deserved it!
  • Standout epidosde of the season so far

    Although the quality of this show has been reasonably consitent, sometimes an episode comes along that really pushes all the right buttons at the same time. This is such an episode. Like the mall shooting and the tornado episodes, this is certainly a notch above the usual - so good, in fact, that I was worried it was the season finale for a second - Thankfully it wasn't. Tears streamed down my face at the end, something that rarely happens, I can tell you! Pitched absolutely right, and a very nice mid-season reflection. Desperate Housewives continues to be one of the most intelligent and top quality shows out there.
  • This episode was very awesome!!!! It was very very impressive episode. It's one of the best shows on television because this episode was so well written and acted. I want to say a big thank you to writers and the cast and crew for a beautifu

    This episode was very awesome!!!!
    It was very very impressive episode.

    There's the part with Mary-Alice and Eli was so sad I couldn't forget it! Yes! It was very very important, decisive, affective moment. I cried my eyes out because of touching and beautiful story. besides beautiful man, Eli.
    I have respect for Eli. He was very good man.
    I'd like to meet him like that for neighbor.

    This episode is the best of all season, all episode.
    It's one of the best shows on television because this episode was so well written and acted. I want to say a big thank you to writers and the cast and crew for a beautiful show.

    I love it!
  • I cried almost from start to finish of this episode.

    I find it heartwarming that one person could have been such a big part of so many people's lives. When Linette forgot baby Penny in the car I was shocked! It's a good thing Eli Scruggs was installing windows next door or who knows what would have happened to her.

    When Bree's first husband belittled her efforts in writing her cookbook I felt her pain. And when Eli Scruggs returned her notebook years later after the funeral, I found my eyes so filled with tears that I couldn't see the screen.

    Everyone deserves to have an Eli Scruggs in their life. His contributions to their lives may not seem significant at first but on recollection it turns out that he was there for milestone moments in their lives.
  • One of the best episodes ever

    That`s one of the best episodes of Desperate Housewives I ever seen. Really story in this episode is perfect. True story of life the good man Eli Scruggs, how he was helpful for people`s leaving on Wisteria Lane . In this episode the other nice things were flashbacks of our six ladies Susan, Edie, Lynette, Bree, Gaby and Mary. For me this season is brilliant , that is something like perfect line after season four which one was very nice but now I think 5 th season is better. It`s really enjoy to watching this and I think we can only say "thank you " to producer and writer of this episode and this all serial. Thanks
  • If this was the series' final episode, I wouldn't mind...

    Because it was simply the best episode of DH I have ever seen. I made me actually cry, which doesn't happen very often. It is like a perfect round circle, the memories from the past and the character of Eli, who sticks it all together like superglue. So far the best episode was "Bang", but this one simply takes the cake. We are proved once again that DH is not just a stupid series with whiny housewives, but a thought-through television, whose makers stick to the detail and care for the continuity. I am touched and amazed, I love DH more than I have ever loved it.
  • Amazing!


    This episode was absolutly fantastic! It was wonderful, from beginig to end! I coulden' t stop crying! So simple and at the same time so... meeningful!

    Yes, some people may say that it had nothing to do with the serie but, thats is absolutly nonsence.

    It showed us all a little bit of what could have been the life of the main characters before the series began. Specially the pats of Linet and Gaby, the way one dealt with her pregnancy esus and the other with her new beginning as a normal housewife.

    Also it gives an amazing lecture about the simple fact of helping people because that may make a difference! How many times have we stopped to think.. maybe if I had done something... this episode comes to tell how the fact of going from thinking to doing things to help others may in numerous occasions help in ways we cant even imagine!

    The only thing to say it, fantastic!
  • Amazing!

    What can I say? My score says it all. I just loved this episode. It's a 10 hands down. Eli Scruggs had a talent for fixing things in people's lives: he has done meaningful things for the housewives since Mary Alice's suicide. He made the difference in their lives with such little gestures. He was a very special man. We couldn't have asked for such better 100th episode.
    One of the most difficult things in tv show is to be able to balance comedy and drama: I must say that the writers and the actors themselves did an impressive job, because they succeed in their intent in the best way they could! I cried my eyes out but I also laughed a lot.. Really well done! What I enjoyed the most was the fact that for the very first time in season 5 we can finally see all the "main" housewives playing poker and bonding again like they used to do in the old days. Not mentioning it was great to see Martha Huber, Rex Van De Kamp and Yao-lin again.
  • The 100th episode of Desperate Housewives focuses on handyman Eli Scruggs, a warm, gentle spirit who dies suddenly after suffering a heart attack. Through flashbacks, we see just how much he affected the lives of the ladies on Wisteria Lane.

    This was truly a gem of an episode, and not only one of the best of the series thus far, but one of the most touching and funny episodes of any television series I've seen so far this year. Though it doesn't push the stellar fifth season mystery forward, it's a nice little break, and a wonderful trip down memory lane.

    Creator Marc Cherry, who wrote this episode, really knocked it out of the park in every respect: the drama moved me, the comedy was dead-on (loved Lynette's quip about her uterus at the brunch), and the flashback device was wonderfully utilized. Cherry obviously loves what he's created in Desperate Housewives, and it shows.

    I won't go into anymore details about the characters' journies, but I will say each of the ladies' stories were compelling, funny, and heartbreaking. I thought Mary Alice's scenes were some of the highlights, especially the manner in which they connect us back to the pilot episode. That just adds a whole new layer of depth to her demise.

    A hundred episodes in, and it's still one of the best shows on television. I could go on and on, but many of you share my sentiments, so I'll just say a big thank you to Marc and the cast and crew for a beautiful job.
  • This is about the amazing 100th episode of Desperate Housewives

    I thought that this episode was a tear filling episode because it brought back sad moments from the housewives' lives. WHe Eli said he went to Rex's funeral and Bree was crying and he gave her her recipes that she threw away. And seeing her drink that whole bottle of wine was sad because when she became an alcoholic in season two and in between the five years was heart breaking because she was falling apart. When Lynette left Penny in the car and Eli took Penny back to Lynette was sad because Lynette was so overwhelmed with the stress of juggling a career and a new born is hard. And When she said that it was 85 degree weather outside was sad as well. When Gabby wanted to make friends by insulting them and bragging was funny at first, but when they didn't like her (at first) that was typical. But when she went to Lynette's house and apologized was sad because she said that she was unhappy with her life and that she was lonely and everything. Susan's and Edie's storyline with Eli was a little predictable because Susan just cries on the next living object that walks through her door. I mean it's SUSAN! And Edie's was completely and utterly predictable, well, she is EDIE! There's really no other way to put it. And the part with Mary-Alice and Eli was so sad I couldn't forget it! He was the person she saw right before she killed herself! I really wish Eli could have done something because it would be nice to have Mary-Alice on the show, but who could ever replace her beautiful voice as the narrator. This episode of Desperate Housewives was amazingly, amazingly, awesome! Great episode and I hope they do a season 9!
  • Well written, well acted!

    This was without a doubt the best episode I have ever seen. When I saw that this was to be a flashback episode I wasn't sure I even wanted to watch it. It was so well written and well acted that I could not pull myself away. From Eli's beginnings in the neighborhood to his effect on everyone as he moved through their lives (Gaby's forming friendships, Bree's eventually published cook book, Susan's divorces, and of course Edie's bedroom in what was easily the funniest scene)I was totally impressed with the way the whole show was done. The scenes with Mary Alice were the most touching to me. Well done!
  • It's the hundredth episode of Desperate Housewives.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. It was great seeing flashbacks of the housewives lives the way they were before the show started and seeing how Eli impacted their lives. It was also great getting to see Mary Alice again. Although, I did miss not having Katherine in this episode, but other than that I absolutely loved this episode. All of the flashback segments with housewives were great, especially Bree's, Susan's and Gabrielle's. Lynette's flashback segment was great too. I found Edie's flashback segment pretty amusing. All in all, I thought this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • It doesn't get any better than this....

    Wow...what a great job, the writers did with this episode! And we get a break from the story line without ever even missing it because this episode was so well written and acted. Having Beau Bridges on the show was a great idea. You can even see it in the eyes of the permanent cast, as to how much they like and respect an actor like Beau.

    Funny though, when I was watching a cast interview with the producer and writers of the show around the end of the second season...the producer went out of his way to emphasize how important it was to NOT have guest stars. He went on to say that it was important for the show that guest stars do not take away credit for those "nobody's" who started this show.

    Well you know what? Those "nobody's" that started this show are as well known, if not more, than Beau Bridges!

    Great the writers...awesome job to the cast, and keep on going on...

    PS...For those of you reviewers whining about this episode...get a life! Desperate Housewives is not just about a continuing story line.
  • The episode follows the death of a man that was very important to all the housewives and we didn't know it... Each one of them has been through a difficult situation and this man heplped them.. Watch this wonderful 100th episode...

    There are no words to describe this special 100th episode. Marc Cherry did it again. Another wonderful episode, one of the most amazing. Gabriel's flashback was the best... It really shows that she is a good person. I love this episode. Everyone must see it. It's different, it's special. That's why I'm watching Desperate Housewives. There is a great balance of comedy and drama and that's why I love this tv show. In this episode we see that Edie Britt has some feelings and that she is also a kind of a good person. You must watch this episode. It's amazing
  • Eli Scruggs? A not so subtle sendoff to fellow ABC show, Eli Stone, that now has both feet in the grave. A heartwrenching episode, no doubt. Very well written, with a positive message behind it.

    Is it just me or did this episode feel like Marc Cherry was giving a sweet funeral & farewell to fellow ABC show Eli Stone. I mean, Eli Scruggs - Eli Stone. Definitely don't think that this is a coincidence.

    I think that this episode was saying that Eli Stone was a great show with a positive message behind it in regards to life and faith and being a better person in general. And Eli Scruggs' entire way about him, of making everyones life better could have been a not so subtle hint at the positive messages in that show.

    Not to mention Eli Stone got cancelled. so Eli Scruggs' funeral is likely a nod to the passing of a fellow great show with a positive outlook and message behind it. I.E. helping people can make the world a better place & one person can make a difference. What do you think? Did anyone else notice this connection? I don't think it was very subtle or is much of a stretch to assume this was one of the foundations behind this episode

    Great episode, I really enjoyed it. Heartwrenching and entertaining. Although Rex was never such an a-hole, not sure why they turned him into one. They definitely sullied the memory of him, turning him into an anti-feminist slave driver. Wheres my damn dinner WOMAN, get back in the kitchen!
  • This episode is so wonderful! At first when it showed Gaby and Bree's flashback of Mr. Eli I thought this episode would be kinda boring and only contain flashbacks. I never like flashbacks...

    This episode is so wonderful! At first when it showed Gaby and Bree's flashback of Mr. Eli I thought this episode would be kinda boring and only contain flashbacks. I never like flashbacks. But these looking back to the past flashbacks were really wonderful, especially when I realized that they were meant to let us see how nice the old man Eli was. It's really fun to see how Gaby made her first impression to the girls, how workaholic Lynett was when she pregnant and even after giving birth. I'm so glad to see Mary Alice again, I wish she had not died so she could be a regular character of the show (it's really nice to hear her warm voice every episodes). I really shed tears when I saw Mr. Eli cry blaming himself for not saving Mary Alice, and swore to devote his life to help people. I heard this 100th episode would be really special, but I wouldn't expect it to be so good. This surely is one of the best Desperate Housewives episodes to date!
  • This was the most beautiful episode they have ever written for this show... Series classic.... Takes the cake easily...

    OMG, that was the most beautful episode ever!!!! I cried the whole time!!!! I had hickups from crying so much!!!! I loved it...... It was the most perfect ep ever...... They all did a great job with the acting for it...... I loved Lynette's the best..... she was awesome when she forgot Penny in the car..... It was great seeing Rex again..... Then Bree with Eli after Rex's death when he gave the journals, sooooo nice.... Then Eli when Susan got divorced from Mike, OMG I was bawling.... Teri Hatcher did an awesome delivery on that scene with all that crying...... perfection..... I bet she sobbed like that for every different shot they had of it...... Then the end with his funeral, so nice to see all those people...... Then, I totally lost it when Mary Alice showed up at the end and saw his shoes and made him fix her vase, and then later when she was about to shoot herself.... OMG, I was like a little girl crying so hard...... I loved Bree fixing the rose too at the funeral, so Bree of her cause everything had to be perfect... lol.....
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