Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 8

The Coffee Cup

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on ABC
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Susan and Katherine are both sentenced to community service by picking up trash, and in the meantime Katherine finds a way to let Susan know she and Mike once had sex five times in a day, which annoys Susan, as her sexual ratio with Mike was never that high, leading her to believe he was closer to Katherine. Meanwhile, Gabrielle goes out of her way to get her daughter into Catholic school, and the only way to do so is by having Carlos send one of his employees, and Lynette's trainee, to Florida, much to Lynette's dismay, as she was training him to cover for her during her soon-to-come maternity leave. Angie refuses to make small talk with Julie Mayer, and Orson lets on that he is suspicious his wife might be cheating on him.moreless

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  • Dam this was funny - and shocking too

    Another fine ep of season six - not sure why the ratings are so low as I am quite enjoying it. Bree: Once again, its nice to see Marcia Cross be naughty (Horny Karl was hilarious) but she also receives a wake up call from Angie about the affair.

    Lynette: Her pregnancy is out and its only a matter of time before a full scale war erupts on The Lane

    Gabby: some classic Eva Longoria moments - her trying to bribe the priest, her yelling at Carlos over the phone and her discovering Lynette is pregnant, which is going to cause some friction. Katherine: once again Dana Delany steals the spotlight as her breakdown continues. Her 'five times with Mike' and 'Guess I won after all' were extremely funny. Some great character development

    Susan: Teri Hatcher gets to be sexy and it works. Her attempts to have her wicked way with Mike were so funny. But she needn't worry - Mike loves her. Lastly Angie is proving to be a great housewife I wish she would become the sixth lead as her tough as nails persona is excellent for the show. And there's another strangle-death. Just who is it?moreless
  • What an amazing show ...

    Desperates are in form defienietly. What a great episode we were watched ... producers give us everything we can imaginate, a lot of comedy beetwen Susan and Katherine and of course Gaby Solis, some drama from Bolen`s life and beetwen Lynette & Carlos , action - Bree and Karl ...

    That episode continue fighting susan and Katherine. On start Katherine got some won but her mistakes give Susan advantage so that fight end of collect the trash from lawn and Susan has Mike for herself.

    Gaby is searchign new schole for daughter , she choose one - catholic school but put there child isn`t so easy . Gaby try a lot of stuff but Juanita is still without school. Carlos already know about Lynette pregnant and he offer her choice - new job in Miami or resignation...

    When Orson going out for playing gold Bree invite Karl to her house ,unfotunately Orson got some injure and he back to home earlier than he talk. In the same time Bree was in bed with Karl, if Angie did not help Bree calling to her and talking about Orson`s back Bree will be expose and may be killed by Orson :-)

    AT the end we find some new secrets from Bolen`s family ... - they were agents or something ??!! - I think now we are sure who strangle Julie Mayer but we also know Bolem family make anything for cover them secrets.... ANYTHING

    I want more Desperate Housewives like that ....


  • Is Angie the strangler???

    I love Drea de Matteo and I'd not like that her character was the murderer. But Angie is my principal suspicious. She can see in the coffee girl a new lover of her husband. In other order of things, the IMDB website told that, in this episode, Dominic Monaghan (Charlie for ever) was the guest star. Meanwhile, he didn't come. Anyone knows?

    Finally, I think that Carlos can't fire Lynette!!! When he was blind, he was very cool; but now, he seems the cold person of the first and second seasons. In Spain, to fire someone when is pregnant is illegal. So shocks to me this kind of story.moreless
  • As the years pass, the Wives' shine seems to, sadly, fade; the sixth season so far

    The 6th season found Lynette pregnant (again - are you serious? Have those people never heard of condoms?), which is stupid enough, seems like a cheap way to get their side of the plot going. Even more stupid, she decides to hide the pregnancy from everyone (because every time you get pregnant, your belly is smaller and smaller and easier to conceal, I'm guessing?). I'm not sure what she was thinking of, and how on earth she would explain the state of her belly six month into the pregnancy, but I guess the cat's out of the bag now. Supposedly laughable moments (like the one in the restaurant, where she couldn't drink any of the wine, so Tom had to drink her share) caused by the situation are rather embarrassing than funny, not to mention she could have said he's taking allergy drugs, for example, which don't allow consumption of alcoholic beverages. Gabi, on the other hand, is back to her own self, selfish, slutty and high-maintenance, only without the wit and smarts of the old Gabi. Her character is absolutely depleted of anything likable; she blows the chances for her daughter's education because of her stupid pride, and fails at home-schooling her (no surprise there). Now remember Melrose Place, or Beverly Hills 90210 back in the old days (some of you probably won't), where when the makers ran out of ideas for the plot, she would have the characters sleep with everyone in the pack, literally mixing it up a little bit? It seems like it's happening in Wisteria Lane, too: Bree has taken a lover, and no ordinary lover, but Carl himself , Susan's first husband. Obviously keeping it a secret (not for long, I'm guessing), she 'must choose now'. I wouldn't have a problem with Bree finally finding her libido, but must it be Carl? Again, feels cheap to me.

    Susan's Susan. And that's that. Six years of her immaturity and flakiness is too much for me; makes me want to change the channel everytime she's on.

    Katherine, being the 5th housewife from now on, was supposed to get her old wit back: instead, she's gone totally crazy, and in a very annoying way.

    And of course, with the new season, there's a new mystery, and it's the least intriguing of them all. Not really dark (apart from Angie's horrifying scars on her back) and not really that engaging, will probably turn out to be not that thought-out either. Desperate Housewives is (was?) one of the most interesting and smart titles on television, but as the years pass, the same old tricks lose their shine. The show's had some interesting moments (the episode 'Bang', later the tornado episode) with some interesting action taken by the producers in between of 4th and 5th seasons (the time gap), but now it's not even that apparent that the gap has been there. I'm guessing there will be a lot of fans who will disagree on this review, but to prove my point, watch the first season again, and then try to watch some new episodes/ You'll see the sad difference and the sadder truth.moreless
  • A thoroughly hopeless episode that feels like it's been written on the back of one of the coasters that adorn the tables in the quaint ol' 'Coffee Cup.'

    A thoroughly hopeless episode that feels like it's been written on the back of one of the coasters that adorn the tables in the quaint ol' 'Coffee Cup.' Honestly, is anyone bothered about what happens in this show any more? Is there a single soul left who actually cares about which tired scraps of plot that it's going to pilfer this week? Who looks forward to seeing just how many of the episode's narratives that they can predict the outcome of after the first five minutes? Well, I guess the answer to that can be found in the ratings, which continue to impress so I guess someone out there's satisfied... but not this cantankerous old get, oh no. He's too bloody irritated by the idiocy that runs rampant throughout the script, that seems to suggest that the writers don't think that their viewers have a shred of intelligence between them. Just look at that teaser, for God's sake. Susan is sentenced by a judge with a warped sense of humour? Who seems to have something of a callous disregard for what makes the law what it is? Well, of course! It just wouldn't be crazy old Mrs. Delfino's life if she wasn't being hampered by absurd circumstance at every turn. But wait - there's more! Katherine gets to parade around the courtroom in the most ridiculous of outfits, firing accusations and generally acting the fool, as if she's in some black and white dramedy from the 40s, playing the duplicitous femme fatale and painting herself into a stereotype. No, this isn't going a tad overboard at all guys. Really.

    Things get steadily worse as the narrative careers onwards. The pair end up doing community service together, picking up rubbish, which manages to be resolutely unfunny, before a connivingly plotted remark from Mayfair about her proactive sex life with Mike results in Susan completely abandoning every one of her senses and trying to lay the poor bugger at every possible moment, and probably every which way too. It's silly and it's completely predictable - it is absolutely guaranteed from the moment the craziness begins that Mike will utter a few calming 'I love yous', Susan will regret what she's done and they'll end the episode snuggled up together, watching The Bachelor. Which they do. Huzzah! Except really, really not. No huzzahs at all. Just yawns. Lots and lots of yawns. Yawns compounded by just about everything else in the episode; Gabrielle's woefully over-the-top attempts to get her daughter into Catholic school being the next best offender, closely followed by the complete gumf that goes on in the Scavo household as they hound that wonderful employee of Carlos's and dissuade him from moving to Florida. Honestly, if I was that guy, I'd be asking why the hosts were taking such a great interest in my movements... their behaviour absolutely screams 'ulterior motive' and would be called out almost instantly. As it is though, the couple are blissfully blind to all of this and coast along, lapping it all up, just so that the plot can move forward another few paces. Frankly, it's bloody ludicrous. Hell, even the arc plot's losing its grip... if it turns out to be Angie, to be that bleeding predictable, I might just pitch a fit. There are occasional flashes of improvement: the grossly underused Orson finally claws his head out of the sand and catches a clue, giving Kyle MacLachlan something interesting to do for once, and the moments with both Bree and Angie while he's listening to Madame Butterfly are genuinely touching. It's nice to see Bree acknowledge the depth of her conflict too; it seems that things aren't as simple as having fallen completely out of love with her husband. Lynette's impending conundrum regarding work is also a brave move, and her 'reveal' scene with Carlos is distinctly well written. Unfortunately, these are mere snippets and they aren't enough to paper over the deep, deep cracks made by the whole. The ship's sinking guys... somebody better think of something fast.moreless
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