Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 14

The Glamorous Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2010 on ABC
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Gabrielle and Carlos grow concerned with the direction Ana and Danny's relationship might be taking. In the meantime, Susan befriends a stripper named Robin (guest star Julie Benz) and takes her under her wing, whereas Tom and Lynette come to a disagreement regarding their new therapist (guest star Jane Leeves). Bree watches over Orson as she fears he may commit suicide, and Angie tries to get a neighbor to sort out her garbage, much to Nick's dismay.moreless

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  • Parts that we play in the life

    (Sorry for thebad english,i'm italian) I like this episode, not a lot, but it is good! Full of a dark humor that belong to the first season! Let's see the storylines:

    Susan: the story with the stripper wasn't so interesting, because I guess what role will her play, because maybe she's just a complication in the story... anyway, the stripper was funny, but i don't understand Susan ... ok, she feels that it's her blame if the girl is without a work, but she usually has discussion with Mike because she's jealous, and now... bah .

    Bree: I've not too much to say, I just don't like how the story about Bree and Orson is going on ... where's the Orson of the third and fourth season? WHERE IS HIM? Now there is just a pshychopathic on the wheel chair.

    Lynette: I hope that her story in this episode is the last story about how Tom feels nothing compares with her... bah ... all in all, this idea of the marriage counseling was well done , funny but direct. Good job. Just please, Tom, please... stop being so "Oh i wanna finally grow up and better than Lynette" -.-"

    Angie & Gabrielle: the storyline about their sons that wanna make sex is funny, and is even more funny seeing Gabi and Carlos that won't let it happen, ahah. But I think that the most interesting part about this story is that the secret of the Bolen is in the air, and I have a feeling that it's related in some ways to the nature ... i don't know ... well, it's interesting.

    All in all good episode, funny and interesti. Just please, Orson of the third season, come back. And please, Tom, sto being a baby.moreless
  • average......

    The galmorous life was a ok episode of desperate housewives that had a few funny moments and even a few emotinal one's

    The best storyline this week was gaby's it was nice to see that she is getting involved in the season mystery.

    Lynette had filler storyline this week which wasnt that great but entertianing Susans had a nice storlyine, her realtionship with the stripper was nice and pretty sweet

    Bree's storyline with orson was ok, the scene with orson and bree at the pool was pretty emotional.

    Overall not a bad episode that builts thinks up for later ib the season '''moreless
  • Whoever is giving this episode a bad rating better change it to a GOOD one!

    This is perhaps the best episode of the season! The ending was so beautiful and FINALLY does Gabrielle get involved in a mystery! I'm soooo excited to see how the rest of Season 6 plays out. I'm glad Bree and Orson are finally together again, Bree's speech was so heartwrenching and sweet. That was clever with Angie taking care of the trash cans and Carlos coming home. Angie is DEFINETLY not a force to be reckoned with!! omg. Lynette and Tom's storyline was actually really good for a change, and lastly, this episode REALLY does NOT deserve a 4.2 rating!!!!moreless
  • 'The Glamorous Life' doesn't always succeed but at the very least, its heart is in the right place.

    At last! All my dreams have come true in just sixty short seconds of plot! Danny Bolen... with no shirt on! Rejoice, for this is a truly joyous occasion! Except, actually, it's not. In order to get the boy to this point, the writers have him cavort on top of she who shall not be named for a good few minutes which, quite frankly, I just don't need to see. Or imagine, as the case may be. Still, points for trying, Housewives, points for trying. And that, my friends, is a neat summary of the remainder of the episode. 'The Glamorous Life' doesn't always succeed but at the very least, its heart is in the right place. For the most part, it's trying to do something different and interesting, and not simply fall back into the comfortable pattern of regurgitated storytelling that typically plagues the show.

    Take Lynette and Tom's narrative as an example. Their marriage guidance counselling proves somewhat entertaining for the most part. Their respective interactions are very believable and raise some crucial points about their personalities, and the subsequent pay-off is a well written two-hander in which some uncomfortable truths are revealed. Great. The problem, sadly, is Daphne from Frasier. Quite apart from that hideous mispronunciation of Antony and Cleopatra, there's enough annoyance here to fil your average Jimmy Carr stand up show. The idea that she is so hopelessly blinkered to believe that forgetting lines and having a crown fall unceremoniously off your head mid-speech actually constitutes good acting is just plain absurd. Any psychologist worth their salt would have the appropriate level of self-awareness to appreciate this fact, never mind the fastidiousness to be able to take even the harshest criticism. But not Daphne! Oh no, in the name of the 'comedic' (read 'banal'), she effectively throws the pair out of her office and tries desperately to hide her insecurities. It's another case of oneupmanship on the part of the central cast and consequently, the whole story just irritates.

    Elsewhere, Susan takes on a stripper with a penchant for literature. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's Julie Benz, Buffy and Angel's favourite centuries-old bloodsucker. And while her Housewives character might not have the flair and panache that Darla exuded from every pore, at least she doesn't turn out to have some sort of hidden, manipulative agenda. You know, like that druggie that Carlos and Gaby set up home with or the mother of the child that Gaby was going to adopt. It's actually quite a sweet storyline for the most part, demonstrating some much-needed kindheartedness but sadly, this being Housewives, the writers go and ruin it by turning MJ into a teenage horndog when he's all of seven or eight years old. "You can give me a bath anytime you want?" Sorry, what? Is this supposed to be funny? It's actually borderline disturbing, guys. Quit it. Meanwhile, Gabrielle gets hot and bothered at the very idea of Ana having sex with Danny which, coming from Miss Debaucho Supermodel, seems ludicrously out of character. If anything, Gaby would be giving the girl the protection talk that it takes Angie, of all people, to provide. On the subject of the escaped convict, we are treated to a few more details about her past as we find out that she was... an eco-terrorist! Probably. Yay. Ms Bolen gets all worked up about some recycling and, get this, actually kicks over some bins. Truly terrifying stuff. Still, at least someone actually catches a clue about the fact that there's more to the Bolens than meets the eye. Perhaps now the plot will actually go somewhere. Maybe Angie will declare war on carbon dioxide or something.

    While these storylines all attempt to do something new but only partially succeed, Bree and Orson's manages to stay convincing throughout. For all the time and place of Orson's attempted suicide is painfully obvious (and come on, would you really leave him right next to some water when he's told you he wants to die?!), Marcia Cross and Kyle MacLachlan do such a stellar job with the dialogue they're given that these points hardly seem to matter. The closing moments, when Bree saves him and they reconcile with honesty and sincerity, contain some of the best writing Housewives has seen in a while and help to remind the viewer that yes, this was once a show worth investing time in. Hopefully, there are only bigger and better things to come in the latter half of the season. It is just a shame that the writing staff seem incapable of imbuing all of their narratives with this level of quality. To be fair to 'The Glamorous Life', it is evident that an effort is being made to crawl out of the hole that the programme has dug for itself in the last season or so. It's just going to take a lot of perseverance and hard work before it can truly see the light of day again.moreless
  • Suicide is so funny isn't it?

    Desperate Housewives was wrought with a particular brand of humor this week. From 'lil MJ requesting a bath with a stripper (guest Julie Benz of Angel) to Ana's "hold on, I'm coming!" call downstairs, there was some stuff here that I just thought was a bit much. None more so than the continued cracks about taking your own life.

    DH has always been known for outrageous plots and racy dialogue, but I found most of the Orson/Bree storyline completely tacky. Suicide is a serious issue that I am truly appalled Housewives would try to make light of. Even recycling was treated with more seriousness here. Sue me if I need to lighten up, but personally, based on experiences in my own life, I found none of this funny, and you can hardly fault a viewer for feeling this way. If I could say one redeeming thing about the plot, it's that Orson did get to prove wittier than we've seen him, and the resolution at the anniversary party was somewhat moving. We want Bree and Orson to work it out. It seems they have.

    Susan signed away the strip club, and while I was sorry to see it go (and even surprised they remembered that old plot point), we still got one lasting element to take with us in the future: Robin. Robin was a stripper that Susan convinced shouldn't give up on pursuing a respectable life. The poor girl took Sue a little too literally, and quit her job with nothing saved and nothing lined up. Nothing spectacular jumps out here, but I do want to note that I thought Teri Hatcher was just as quirky and cute as always, and the only thing keeping this storyline afloat. The thought of someone looking up to Susan of all people is funny in itself. Poor Mike- having a live-in stripper can only bring trouble!

    Lynette and Tom continue their therapy sessions, and surprise surprise, Jane Leeves is siding with Tom (and he loves it). What we can really enjoy here is the camaraderie between Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman, who after so many years of working together, have become such a natural and enjoyable couple to watch. Lynn isn't played too strong, even when annoyed at the losing battle she faces at the sessions, and she brings up a valid point about the shrink not being credible if she isn't self-aware enough to know she sucks as an actress. The stuff here wasn't amazing, but very cute nonetheless. Heck, it even lead to a breakthrough for the couple, as Tom finally admitted he liked being the 'good cop' and needs Lynette to handle the rough stuff.

    Gabrielle is trying to keep Ana from having sex. Good luck! Writing Carlos' 'skanky neice' a check to cover modeling school and NY housing was a big play, but it was all for naught, as Ana continued to pressure Danny into shagging. ("I promised I wouldn't have sex; I didn't say anything about you"- what kind of logic is that?) This character continues to be the least likable person on the show. But I loved seeing Carlos in rage mode again, when he caught the two of them together and went after Danny. Even more interesting was the equally tough Angie coming in to rescue her son, and threatening Carlos. I hated the recycling business; who knew Angie had such a green thumb? Based on what we've seen of her up to this point, I don't fully buy it. Besides its only purpose was to show her flip out at the end of the episode- snapping at her neighbor over something seemingly insignificant. But I liked what they were setting up here; Gaby and Carlos went to apologize about the incident, but overheard Angie and Nick arguing (very comically listening at the door) and it looks like the Solices have found themselves some enemies in The Bolens.moreless
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Brent Briscoe

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Robin's last name, "Gallagher", has been used before in this season. When Katherine and Susan went to court in "The Coffee Cup", the judge's name was Mary Gallagher. It was also the rumored name of Detective Furst, the man in charge of Julie's strangling case.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Susan is surprised to see Robin reading a classic)
      Susan: "Moby Dick" ?
      Robin: It's not what you think. It's about a whale.

    • Juanita: I don't want to take a bath!
      Gabrielle: Sorry, you need to return the dirt to the earth.

    • Gabrielle: (after Carlos asked her why she bought condoms) You know how Ana is dating Danny Bolen?
      Carlos: I'm gonna kill him.
      Gabrielle: And we have to be realistic.
      Carlos: With my bare hands...
      Gabrielle: Because they're not gonna listen to reason.
      Carlos: And bury him under the porch.
      Gabrielle: No, Carlos. What choice do we have? They're two teenagers who are getting seriously involved. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry?
      Carlos: But giving them these is like giving them our blessing.
      Gabrielle: And that's how I felt at first, but like Angie said, nature's gonna take its course.
      Carlos: Yeah, easy for her to say. She's got the boy!

    • Bree: (after finding Orson's suicide note) You will not be killing yourself! I will remove every knife, rope and pill from this house and, if I have to, I will be with you 24 hours a day.
      Orson: Well, being bored to death wasn't how I was planning to go, but we can try it your way.

    • Angie: (talking about Danny and Ana) So... you worried they might be doing it?
      Gabrielle: Yeah! What I don't get is why you're not worried.
      Angie: They are healthy, red-blooded kids. They're gonna do what they're gonna do.
      Gabrielle: So we say nothing and just fluff their pillows?
      Angie: We make sure they don't do anything stupid. Have you gotten Ana birth control?
      Gabrielle: I make her spend time with Juanita and Celia. I was hoping that would do it.

    • Lynette: Maybe we should think about seeing another therapist.
      Tom: When we started, you loved her.
      Lynette: Yeah, and when we started, I loved you too. Things change.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Orson Hodge was smiling again. And Bree would soon learn the reason why. You see, her husband... had decided to kill himself.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a song in the Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music. The song was re-written for the film version, wherein it is also referred to as "The Letter Song".