Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 16

The Gun Song (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2008 on ABC
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Susan and Mike try to name their son. After Mike learns his grandfather has perished, he suggests they name the kid after him. Susan agrees, until she is reminded of what the name is: Maynard. In the meantime, Bree is harassed by both Orson and a randy minister (guest star Bill Smitrovich) and Lynette is arrested for child abuse, a situation brought on by her scheming stepdaughter. Gabrielle pretends to be having an affair to keep Ellie (guest star Justine Bateman) from learning the truth about the police stint, and Wayne (guest star Gary Cole) wants to know why Dylan doesn't have a childhood scar on her arm anymore.moreless

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  • CPS goes to visit Lynette

    Lynette is visited by CPS; they even have security footage of her slapping Kayla. Susan and Mike try to pick a name for their new son. Gabby and the police bug Ellie's room to hope to catch the name of her supplier. The gays are having a commitment ceremony and want Katherine to do the food. Lynette learns that she could lose all of her kids. Kayla over hears this and takes a curling iron and has an evil look on her face. They settle on Connor until Mike's grandfather dies and he wants to name him Maynard. The police turn up and arrest Lynette. Kayla has a burn, but she did to herself. Lynette can't go within 500 feet of her children. Tom talks to Kayla about Lynette. He tells her that he needs to keep hr safe and that she has to live somewhere else. She then confesses to everything. He tells her he can't trust her and she has to leave. She says if she has to go she'll keep lying but tom has had the doctor on the phone and he has heard everything.

    At Dylan's recital Adam and her mother are there. Her father calls Adam outside to help with a flat tire and he knocks Adam out.

    Mike learns the truth about their son's name, Mike gives her a sob story about the name Maynard and she changes the name back. Kayla's grandparents come and take her back to their house. As they drive again she says to cry and calls for her father. Even Lynette looks upset.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 16.

    Susan and Mike try to name their son. Mike wants to name him after his deceased grandfather, Maynard. Lynette is arrested for child abuse of Kayla. Bree is being stalked by Orson, and when she meets with Reverend Green, the reverend tries to hit on her. Gabrielle is still helping the police trying to detain Ellie for dealing drugs. Katherine is visited by her ex-husband, Wayne, who wants to know why Dylan doesn't have a childhood scar on her arm anymore. Wow, Maynard? That's just terrible. I loved Lynette's storyline. Kayla finally leaves. Bree's story was very entertaining. =] I liked Katherine's storyline, as well as Gabby's. I felt a little bad for Gabby, though. :(moreless
  • "My husband is afraid of balloons - he was molested by a clown as a child" - Susan

    This episode is a tearjerker for a few reasons:

    the funny side - Susan and Mike's name dilema is hilarious (see comment above) and i am glad to see Susan is settling down into the motherhood rule and her clutziness has almost disappeared. Also the vicar calling Bree a flame-haired harlett was funny.

    but the other tearjerking reason is the rest of the episode. Katherine's dilema is becoming more and more interesting and we generally feel sorry for her as she struggles to maintain her cool with Wayne.

    Kayla however is Queen of Evil in this episode - someone get the girl an Exorcisim. When Lynette was taken away by the CPA it was heartbreaking to watch. When Tom rumbled Kayla it was emotional. When she was sent away it was a tearjerker. The actress who plays Kayla is brilliant but i hope she isn't like that in Real Life!!!moreless
  • Season 4 Finale - Part 1

    Part One of the Season Four Finale - This was an AWESOME episode. It really leaves you hanging about this whole Katharine-Dylan-Wayne mystery. I actually really liked the Lynette-Kayla storyline. Usually I don't like Kayla's part in the show, but this storyline about the child abuse was really interesting. Katharine and Bree go to the shooting range (hence the title, "The Gun Song"). Is Katharine practicing so she kill her husband?? Who knows?. I really, really liked the Gabby-Carlos-Ellie storyline too. I think that it was awesome.

    Well, this episode really leaves uys hanging into the second part of the season finale "Free".

    Overall this was a great episode.moreless
  • this is one of my best shows with a great cast i loved this finale. twas the best ever. Thumbs up and hats off to the cast,producers,writers and the crew.

    this is so why i watch this series. finally the evil kayla has been defeated and thank God tom now believes how evil kayla is. poor lynette she can now have a little peace in her home.

    susan and mike choosing a name for their son was very funny what kind of name is maynerd?common mike, connor is much nicer.

    gabby in these episode and previous past was interesting this side of her that shows she could care for someone else besides herself was good to see i love her much more.

    bree and orson too had an emotional scene i hope they get back together they are so good for each other.

    i miss u eddie pls come back!!!

    an amazing two hours show i'd watch it over and over again wonderfull story line plus the actors and actressess really showed off their talents

    thumbs up to the writers and producers cant wait for the next seasonmoreless
Bill Smitrovich

Bill Smitrovich

Reverend Michael Green

Guest Star

Billy Gardell

Billy Gardell

Roy Harding

Guest Star

Peter Birkenhead

Peter Birkenhead

Dr. Joshua Dolan

Guest Star

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

Adam Mayfair

Recurring Role

Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman

Ellie Leonard

Recurring Role

Kevin Rahm

Kevin Rahm

Lee McDermott

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Bree and Reverend Green are in his car, he starts yelling at her in Korean. What he yells is "Get out immediately, you filthy woman! Get out! Get out!".

    • In this episode, Wayne tells Katherine that he's never seen any of them in Dylan from the very first moment he met her. Yet, on his first meeting with Dylan, he was proud to discover that his daughter has his nose.

    • Even though Gabrielle had not told Ellie that the cops were there, she could have easily figured it out. They busted the dealer right in front of the window where she was standing and they made a lot of noise.
      Not to mention that the two of them were focused on the dealer and they didn't split in order to catch Ellie too.

    • Curiosity: Mike's grandfather from his father's side is named James, which is the real name of the actor who plays Mike.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Reverend Green: What the hell is the matter with you?!
      Orson: I'm not going to let you go out there and trash that good woman's name!
      Reverend Green: Good woman?! She led me on! She's a flame-haired Jezebel!
      Orson: You're insane! She is the most moral person I know!
      Reverend Green: Would a moral person just lead a man and then humiliate him?!
      Orson: I don't care what she did to you. I am not going to let you publicly declare that Bree Hodge is a slut!

    • Gabrielle: There was no affair. That was the cop. Ellie caught us putting the bug in her room. That was just an excuse we used as a cover.
      Carlos: You expect me to believe that?
      Gabrielle: I have news for you Carlos. You're blind. You don't have a choice anymore. You have to believe what I tell you…I know it's not fair. I know it gives me absolute power. But tough! You're screwed! Deal with it!

    • Ellie: Don't you love him?
      Gabrielle: Of course I do. Carlos Solis is the love of my life...But, you know, sometimes you get bored and a big, greasy, disgusting handyman really hits the spot.

    • (After deciding to name her son Maynard after Mike's deceased grandfather, Susan turns to her son)
      Susan: Forgive me. Don't look at me like that. His grandfather just died.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Lynette-it's how the French describe a pretty one. Katherine-coined by the ancient Greeks, it denotes purity. Gabrielle-a Hebrew word meaning "God is my strength." Bree-it's an Irish name that means power. Indeed, every name has a single, specific meaning which is why parents have trouble choosing one for someone who means everything to them.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Coffee mugs to the contrary, Lynette Scavo knew that she was not the world's greatest mother. In fact, when it came to parenting, Lynette had done many things she was not proud of, like the time when she offered Parker cash if he agreed to eat all of his spinach, or when she told the twins there was treasure buried beneath the weeds, or when she gave the kids a little extra cough syrup so she could finish her novel. But, despite these lapses, Lynette didn't think of herself as the worst mother in the world either, until one horrible day. (shows scene of Child Protective Services showing up at her doorstep) Yes, Lynette Scavo was not the world's greatest mother but, in her heart, she knew she had done the best she could given what she had to work with.

    • Ellie: Gaby, can I talk to you?
      Gabrielle: About how you snitched on me to Carlos? No, thanks. I'm all caught up on that.
      Ellie: I'm sorry. But I know from experience what cheating can do to people.
      Gabrielle: Let me guess. This story ends with you throwing your boyfriend's varsity jacket in the lake?
      Ellie: When I was 13, my Dad caught my Mom having an affair and he walked out on us.
      Gabrielle: Oh.
      Ellie: We had nothing. And my mom went crazy, and I ended up on the street. To survive I, I had to do a bunch of stuff that I'm not proud of.
      Gaby: Oh, Ellie, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
      Ellie: Point is, the one bad decision can mess up a lot of lives. And I just don't want that to happen to you and Carlos. 'Cause I love you guys.

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) What's in a name? Do the labels we attach to people tell us everything we need to know? If we say [Kayla's] just a child, does this mean she's truly innocent? Does calling [Ellie] a drug dealer prove she's purely evil? Will a man known as preacher (Reverend Green) always practice what he preaches? Can a man branded a villain (Orson) possess the qualities of a hero? The truth is, a name can never really tell you who someone is...any more than it can tell you what they're capable of.

    • (Commenting on shortening the name Maynard)
      Lynette: What says "kick my ass" less, May or Nerd?

    • Susan: Mike insisted that we name him after his dead grandfather.
      Lynette: How did he die? Was he beaten to death because his name was Maynard?
      Susan: I know. It's terrible but I can't change it now. Mike was so emotional about it.
      Bree: Well, then appeal to his sense of reason. Maynard doesn't go with the name Delfino. One is German and one is Italian and we all know what happens when those folks get together.
      Susan: I'm not sure that the World War II argument is going to fly.
      Bree: Come on, you have to do something. That name is practically abusive.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, think about your son. People live up to the names they're given. If my parents hadn't named me Gabrielle, who knows if I'd be this pretty?
      Lynette: I guess that's why they didn't name you "Einstein."
      Gabrielle: So sarcastic but what would you expect from a "Lynette"? (Lynette scoffs) What? If your name was Francesca, you wouldn't have time for sarcasm. You'd be too busy having sex on a vespa.

    • Gabrielle: Hey sweetie!
      Carlos: Hey whore!

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Mike and Susan are at the hospital with their baby trying to decide on his name, they say Nathaniel, Lucas, and Peyton, three of the main characters from the CW's show "One Tree Hill". Also, Susan tells Mike she doesn't want her son to be named after a football player, in this case, Peyton Manning. This reference might have been put in to coincide with the time jump that takes place in the next episode, since "One Tree Hill" also did a time jump.

    • Episode Title: The episode title comes from a song in the 1990 Stephen Sondheim musical Assassins.