Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 19

The Lies Ill-Concealed

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on ABC

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  • A classic episode Desperate Housewives :)

    This was a nice little episode that reminded me of the first 3 seasons. Gaby & Bree had some amazing moments in this episode which provided a great comic relief. I especially loved the scene with the cake at the end. And there was also an interesting twist at the end of this episode with this story when Gaby moved in with Bree and practically chose her over Carlos. She brought her daughters with her, so that should be fun to watch in the next episode.

    Felicia & Karen had some decent scenes and it looks like Felicia succeeded getting Karen on her side. Interesting to know that Karen was involved in this framing of Paul as she knew Felicia was alive. Great flashback from season 2 was added. Harriet Sansom Harris is such an amazing actress. I hope she can land a role in Marc Cherry´s new pilot.

    Susan having inappropriate dreams about Paul was fun to watch, but it is quite boring that they get along so well now. Mike was such a pain in the ass as always. I just cannot stand him.

    Lynette was also very funny when she pretended to be someone else and was called to give a speech on the stage LOL. But I feel that there is not much to do with the Scavos. It is always the same storyline with them. I loved Lee in this episode and that he was actually a part of this "PLUS ONE" storyline.

    Renee had only 2 brief scenes, one in the opening narration of Mary Alice and the second one when she told Lynette that it is better to be wife than first wife. It is sad to see how underused and actually pointless is this character. I feel sorry for Vanessa Williams. She can do better.