Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 15

The Little Things You Do Together (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on ABC
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While collecting his wife's belongings at the hospital, Ian accidentally comes across the ring Mike was about to propose to Susan with the night of his accident. Tom and Lynette prepare for the opening night of their pizzeria, but there is a mix-up with the chairs. Zach (guest star Cody Kasch) convinces Gabrielle that they had sex, and Gabrielle tries to get Carlos to scare him off. In the meantime, Orson's mother Gloria (guest star Dixie Carter) plots to kill Bree. At the night of the pizzeria opening, Susan and Ian become engaged, and Gloria makes her move.moreless

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  • season 3 episode 15

    loved this episode as in true housewives fashion everything was wrappe up in a nice neat little package as the orson gloria saga comes to a dramatic end, the pizzeria finally opens its doors and there are two marriage proposals, this episode certainly was a great one it almost felt like to much was happening to quickly but i guess thats what made this episode so entertaining the only thing im concerned about now is that the mystery has been resolved and bree is leaving town where will the season go from herremoreless
  • Monique Polier's killer is revealed, Ian keeps a secret and proposes to Susan, Orson finds happiness, and the Scavo open the pizzeria.

    This is one of the finest episodes of Desperate Housewives, especially during season 3. Finally, we find out who killed Monique Polier, which was a relief to me. The final scenes between Dixie Carter and Orson Hodge are ones that are absolutely not to be missed. Also, the satisfaction of seeing Gloria Hodge get what she missed is completely worth it. Also, We learn that Ian isn't the absolute prince he appeared. The only drawback...we will not be seeing Marcia Cross for a few episodes. Finally, the whole Zack and Gabby storyline comes to an end, for which I was very grateful. Overall, this episode is not to be missed.moreless
  • All of Wisteria Lane gathers at Pizzeria Scavo for the grand opening event, while one resident meets an untimely fate and another accepts a marriage proposal.

    This episode was so amazing. It was very well written and entertaining to watch. This episode is one of the best episodes ever. When Alma fell off the roof, it looked like she would survive, being that she fell into the bushes. But she died. Gloria has been permanently paralyzed, which wraps up Orson's storyline. Orson and Bree finally get to go on that honeymoon they never got to go to. We also learn why Orson ran over Mike. It was such a good episode. It is definitely a series classic. It was one of the best episodes of the entire series.moreless
  • One of the best episodes I have ever seen. Kinda took my breath away...

    The main story-line in this episode is the revealing of the Monique Pollier-mystery. At the beginning of this episode we discover who really killed Monique – Orson's mother and Orson was forced by her to cover her. We also discover why she walks with a cane: Orson pushed her in the grave she was digging for Monique. Later it is revealed, that he left his drunk father unattended one night and he killed himself. His mother blames him for that. Although Gloria told Alma to get Orson back now, Alma gave up and wants to warn Bree because Gloria is going to hurt her. She's locked by Gloria in the attic. Gloria convinces Danielle to bring her mother a poisoned soup and then leave, In a furious finale in Bree's house, Gloria tries to kill her like she killed her husband and is eventually stopped by Orson and Andrew. She suffers a stroke and is from now on paralysed. Orson on the other hand, can be a happy and free.

    Apart from this main-storyline there are three other story-lines:

    Gabrielle wakes up next to Zack not remembering last night but being told that the two has sex. Zack makes a lot of plans for them, even proposing to her but in the end she discovers that they didn't have sex after all.

    Lynette and Tom are very nervous because the pizzeria's opening is tonight.

    Ian finds out that Mike wanted to propose to Susan and is not pleased. Challenged by Mike's proven innocence he proposes to Susan and she accepts. As the summary of this episode is already very much I'm just going to say a few words. I LOVED this episode . I was totally bound to the TV and couldn't keep my eyes of it. The mystery was finally revealed and Orson's mother got her just punishment. Well, I guess it'll be hard for the writers to come up with an even better story than this one. Just great.moreless
  • 2 marriage proposes!!

    Great and funny episode!! Gabrielle wakes up to Zach by her and he faked that they had sex when they really didn't. Gabrielle gets Carlos to tell Zach to back off but when they are in the bathroom and Carlos sees his thing then he knows Gabrielle would of remembered and thats when Zach admits the truth. The other part I liked when Carlos came to Gabby's house and asked why Zach was there and then why he left her house in 7:00 in the morning in his underwear. I so cracker up during those parts. Ian proposes to Susan!! Yay! But bad idea for Zach, he does the same to Gabby and everyone starts clapping! Ah this episode was so great!moreless
Carl Mueller

Carl Mueller

Edwin Hodge

Guest Star

Kathleen York

Kathleen York

Monique Polier

Guest Star

Stephen O'Mahoney

Stephen O'Mahoney

Paramedic #1

Guest Star

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter

Gloria Hodge

Recurring Role

Valerie Mahaffey

Valerie Mahaffey

Alma Hodge

Recurring Role

Dougray Scott

Dougray Scott

Ian Hainsworth

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • We finally learn who killed Monique Polier. The season mystery revolving around Orson's dark past ends in this episode because of Marcia Cross's (Bree) maternity leave, as she was put on bed rest before finishing her final scenes.

    • Alma's suicide note: Orson, I thought I could make you love me again, even after the terrible thing I did. I was wrong. If I can't live with you I don't want to live at all. Alma

    • Hospital workers, due to company policy, are not supposed to give out information on their patients outside of the hospital, as the employee speaking to Orson's mother on the phone had done, telling her that Orson jumped off the roof.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Danielle: (to Andrew) I liked you better when you were a psychopath!

    • Bree: So we're back to being friends?
      Susan: We never really stopped.

    • Lynette: I think what my husband is trying to say is, if you really want to test a marriage, open a restaurant together. Anyway, thank you for coming. Eat a lot and come back, 'cause our kids need braces.

    • Tom: Thank you. Thank you for coming. It means everything in the world to me. I gotta tell you, when I arrived here this afternoon, I saw all these weird chairs, I thought the evening was gonna be a total disaster. But now when I look out, I can't even see the chairs. I just see people eating, laughing and having a great time. It's absolutely perfect. And none of this would've happened without my amazing partner Lynette. Who, uh...To...I'm sorry. I'm a little...

    • Lynette: Okay, okay, we could point fingers, but what's important is forgetting about what we expected, and focusing on what we have, which isn't so bad. I mean, all the different kinds of chairs give the place a kind of bohemian vibe. Plus, if we get a lot of babies, look, we're just totally set. Tom, I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry. I just, I realize it's not perfect. But...please say something.
      Tom: What can I say, Lynette? It is what it is.

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) The first light of sunrise. The sound of the cat purring. The smell of fresh coffee. Yes, there are many things a housewife likes to wake up to. But an unexpected guest in her bed.. is not one of them.

    • Gloria: Oh Bree. I wish I could make you understand how deeply I regret having to do this. Monique, that was easy, she was a slut. You're a good woman. You didn't know Orson already had a wife, but he did and he made a vow to her before God. What sort of mother would I be if I let him break it? I'm sorry but I will not let him be his father's son.

    • Lynette: Eat alot and come back. 'Cos our kids need braces.

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) Orson Hodge had always assumed that the moment before he died, his entire life would flash before his eyes. But as he fell from the roof of the Fairview Memorial Hospital, it wasn't his life he saw. It was one night in particular (flashback to the night Monique Polier got killed). Yes, Orson Hodge had always assumed that his life would flash before his eyes the moment before he died. Luckily for Orson, that moment was not scheduled for today.

    • Edie: Heeelloo! I think it's high time to make a toast. Ehm, Tom, where are you? (looks around) You did it. There are a lot of people in this room that didn't think you could pull it off. Okey, well, maybe just me (everybody laughs). Anyway, congratulations. The pizza is excellent, and the service is sublime (Edie nods to Austin). Cheers!

    • Zach: I know that you're mad.
      Gabrielle: I'm not mad, Zach. I'm done.
      Zach: But you said to be honest.
      Gabrielle: I did not say to humiliate me!
      Zach: I'm sorry. All right? I was just trying...what do you want from me?
      Gabrielle: I want you to leave me alone! This friends thing isn't gonna work 'cause you're always gonna want more, and I'm never gonna love you...ever.
      Zach: Twenty years from now when you're all middle-aged and alone, you'll regret this.
      Gabrielle: Okay, I'll take my chances.

    • Lynette: You're acting like I did when I was six months pregnant.
      Tom: Excuse me, you were hitting people.
      Lynette: Only two, and the mailman had the good taste never to bring that up again.

    • Carlos: If you don't remember then how can you be sure you and Zach had sex?
      Gabrielle: We were both half-naked and there was a condom wrapper and he said I was amazing, which totally sounds like me.

    • Gabrielle: (seeing the open used condom wrapper on the nightstand) Please tell me that once contained a mint.

    • Carlos: (after Gabrielle told him she thinks she slept with Zach) God, I can't believe you bagged another neighborhood kid.
      He starts to leave.
      Gabrielle: Where are you going?
      Carlos: To warn the Scavo boys!

    • Gabrielle: I am in hell! I just tried to break up with Zach and he played the "dead mommy" card.

    • Gabrielle: (to Carlos) Go! Go get all cholo on his ass!

  • NOTES (7)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Všechny ty maličkosti, co děláte spolu (All the Little Things You Do Together)
      Slovakia: Drobnosti, čo nás spájajú (The Little Things That Unite Us)

    • Shawn Pyfrom and Kyle MacLachlan both submitted this episode for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" on their behalves for the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • This episode marks the final appearances of Cody Kasch as Zach Young, Ernie Hudson as Detective Ridley, Kathleen York as Monique Polier, Dixie Carter as Gloria Hodge and Valerie Mahaffey as Alma Hodge.

    • Although they are credited, Brent Kinsman (Preston), Shane Kinsman (Porter) and Zane Huett (Parker) do not appear in this episode.

    • Marcia Cross had to leave the series for the next seven episodes episode due to her pregnancy. During her absence, Nicollette Sheridan became more of a prominent character.

    • On its original airing, this episode scored 18.3 million viewers.

    • Carolyn Howard steps in as Bree's body double in the bathtub suicide scenes and the end scenes where Orson is picturing how his life will be with her now that his mother is out of the picture.


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