Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 10

The Miracle Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on ABC
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The residents of Wisteria Lane celebrate their annual holiday block party. Meanwhile, Gabrielle sets her eyes on the father of a girl she's coaching. Mike is arrested for Monique's murder. Thanks to Lynette, mothers of the neighborhood arrange a protest against Art, and Susan has to cook dinner for Ian's parents.moreless

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  • Amazing Desperate Housewives!Typical episode so cloze to season 1 episodes!!!

    WOW,I'm totally happy that I returned to Desperate Housewives.It was a great pleasure for me to watch this episode.Such a great clifthanger,funny stories and lines,shocking turs.It was amazing how every story was great,the writing and the acting were adorable and the whole episode was so charming.

    Susan's Story

    Ian tells Susan taht she has to cook for his parents when they come for a dinner but the problem is taht Susan is incapable of cooking.She asks Bree to do that but they end up fighting over the events connected to Mike and Orson.Susan goes to Orson's office and discovers a shocking secret about his past that he has attended a hospital for psychological problems.Susan discovers again her love to Mike but ends up staying with Ian.For the first time since the first season I like Susan's story.She gets somehow boring after the first season but now she is back again.I love the story.

    Lynette's Story

    Lynette deals with the aftermath of her saying that there is a pedophille in Wisteria Lane.the story was good especially when Susan meets his sister and discovers taht she might be wrong.But everybody makes a campaigne for the man to leave the neighbourhood.It gets sad when his sister dies and he can't find a place there but at the end Lynette turns out to be totally right about him.I also like this storyline because it was full of everything-sad and strong moments and even a somekind clifthanger at the end.

    Bree's Story

    Bree is again adorable but she is also so dumb that she wants Orson back in her life.She decides to kick out his mother and to live with Orson again.The greatest clifthanger so far happens this season when we realize that OMG Alma is alive.

    Gabrielle's Story

    Gabrielle's storyline was the funniest this episode as she meets a handsome man and manipulate his daughter in order to win him.

    Amazing episode and amazing ending.moreless
  • The residents of Wisteria Lane celebrate their annual holiday block party; Susan must cook dinner for Ian's parents; Mothers of the neighborhood arrange a protest against Art; Bree and Orson kick out Gloria; someone from Orson's past returns.moreless

    This episode was so dramatic. It was perfect. The mothers of the neighborhood arrange a protest against Art, but in the meantime, Rebecca goes into cardiac arrest. She died. Art finally left the neighborhood, but scared Lynette about her boys before he left. Susan and Bree fight about Orson, after Mike is sent to jail for the murder of Monique. Susan then sneaks into Orson's office and discovers he was admitted into a mental hospital. Gabrielle sets her sight on a her model's single father.After Bree and Orson finally kick Orson's mother out, but we learn she has been in contact with someone - Alma.moreless
  • Lynette was great! Art is a loser. Bree is back with Orson. Gabrielle has a crush. Susan trys to help Mike and coke dinner for Ian and his parents. All great in this episode!moreless

    Great episode! Oh my god! I so hate Art! It was funny because everyone was like don't go near him. I was glad Lynette was right and everyone was doing that protest thing against him. Gabrielle has a crush on that one dude and then she makes to best friends fight. Susan sure can get into into peoples problems like Bree's.
  • Silent Fright Written by Bob Daily Directed by Larry Shaw

    Susan: “Mike is innocent; I know that in my heart”

    Bree: “We all have convictions, Susan. I believe Mike’s last one was for manslaughter”.

    Yep, you heard correctly – our first really below the belt and somewhat truly nasty exchange between two of the closest housewives and while the ladies have often disagreed with one another on various things, there was something a lot more damaging about that particular exchange.

    This fight is different because Mike’s stupidity of getting caught by the cops trying to bury his toolbox in the woods only ensured that he would get himself arrested on the spot by the same detective who has been gunning for Mike’s blood for the past five episodes.

    It also doesn’t help Mike that when he’s eventually arrested in full view of the neighbours, that Edie’s loyalty to Mike isn’t as solid as she once bragged to Susan. In fact Edie takes a particularly low blow and dumps Mike as soon he asks her to help him to get a lawyer. As much as I like Edie, that was incredibly low and only proves that she never really loved Mike, otherwise she would’ve given him the benefit of the doubt instead of casting him aside. That takes her down a few notches in my respect level for her.

    However there is one person who is 100% adamant of Mike’s innocence and it comes as no shock whatsoever ever that the person is Susan, who despite her relationship with Ian getting more serious just can’t stay away from her ex.

    It even takes Mike by surprise when she comes to visit him in jail and when he asks her why she doesn’t doubt him; Susan’s response is cheesy but touching. Mike may be innocent in Monique’s but he’s still connected in some way, no matter how Susan would like to think that he isn’t.

    Of course wanting to help Mike does a fair amount of damage for Susan and people she loves and the first one it causes friction with is Ian. Well if comatose Jane isn’t an obstacle in their relationship then Mike mostly definitely as Ian is furious that Susan would go to extreme lengths such as breaking into Orson’s office to help Mike than make the effort to cook a meal and meet his parents, who ended up not being able to come anyway.

    Ian’s upset is understandable but his attempts of remedying the situation by offering to hire Mike a top notch lawyer on the condition that Susan stays away from him is out of line. I get his insecurity that Susan might leave him for Mike but at the same time, Ian has no right to tell Susan who she can and can’t spend her time with and I kind of wished she had emphasised that to Ian at the same instead of completely accepting his offer.

    The other person upset by Susan’s willingness to help Mike turned out to be Bree, who had previously confided in Susan over telling Orson to leave the Hodge home and her fears that he may have been involved with Monique’s death. It’s a shame because it was a wonderful sharing between the girls as Susan had stopped by to ask Bree to help with cooking for Ian’s family.

    It does appear that Susan is on a bandwagon previously vacated by Carolyn and co-occupied by Gloria for Bree to ditch Orson. It’s kind of strange as Susan was the one who originally befriended and was given some sage advice by Orson and it was Susan who more or less introduced Orson to Bree but mad Carolyn’s rumours about Orson seem to have stuck.

    It’s also during the girls poker game that Susan’s belief over Orson killing Monique causes a full scale row between her and Bree and within second both ladies are arguing over who was more likely to have done in the mystery woman that even Lynette and Gabrielle’s embarrassing attempts of banter aren’t enough to get their friends to call a truce.

    And if isn’t Susan who thinks the worst of Orson, then that malicious old hag Gloria is more than happy to spill more bad words about her son, especially when Bree offers her food and is in bits over whether or not she should give up on her marriage so quickly. Word of advice – just don’t ask Gloria for any!

    I can easily understand why Orson detests his mother with an almighty passion – after all she is a mean spirited, vindictive old bint but what has Orson done on her so horrible that she can’t stand the same air he happens to breathe?

    I would have a guess and perhaps say that maybe her hatred for Orson had a lot to with Alma. Let’s look at the evidence – when she told Bree in the previous episode about Orson’s affair with Monique, she referred to the latter with utter contempt, this week she went overboard to encourage Bree to leave Orson and when Bree left the room we caught her watching a Christmas video of herself, Orson and Alma. Clearly Alma is someone that Gloria has a high opinion of.

    This theory is even further validated when Susan’s snooping around in Orson’s office, Bree stops by and allows Orson to actually explain himself and seeing as we’ve had many theories on what his marriage to Alma was like it was nice to get it from the Orthodontist’s mouth himself.

    The upshot is simple because like Bree it seems that Orson will do something that might come across as morally correct even if his heart isn’t into and marrying a woman whom he didn’t love would certainly be that. Bree looked shocked but wasn’t she going to do the same thing with George back in Season Two?

    With this explanation suitably enough for Bree, a moment of sweet victory befalls Orson when him and his wife get to do the honourable thing and toss Gloria out like rotting garbage and despite Gloria quick to threaten Orson and apply a small amount of reasoning, even she realised that she was out of her depth.

    Of course just because the witch got kicked out of the house doesn’t mean that she didn’t have another ace up her sleeve and the ace doesn’t come any bigger when the mystery person on the phone turns out to be a very much alive Alma and this goes to show that if Orson didn’t do in his wife, then it’s highly unlikely that he killed the mistress he loved more either.

    With Orson’s name getting more or less cleared over the Alma debacle, Art becomes the talk of the neighbourhood when Lynette and Karen McClusky’s talk of his sordid photography hits Fairview and soon enough, Art finds out just exactly neighbourhoods react upon having a paedophile within their midst.

    Not everyone think he’s a paedophile however and Art’s ill sister Rebecca is the only one to actually leap to his defence and also plants the nagging feeling that Lynette may be wrong about her former hero, which even Tom does as well when Art’s house is invaded by protesters.

    Neighbours are a judgemental bunch and while I sympathise with Rebecca, at the same time, Lynette was right with her conviction of being safe rather than sorry and it’s not as if the police had been remotely helpful in determining whether or not Art was a threat to children. It would’ve also helped her if Tom had backed her up in the same way that Karen McClusky did as well.

    However the stress of Art being the talk of the town and being ostracised by neighbours did take it’s toll on Rebecca and although off screen, her death was quite sad but at the same time, Lynette shouldn’t feel too guilty as it turns out she was right all along about Arthur Shephard.

    You heard it – Lynette was right! This show has actually gone with a dark storyline and Art’s admission of his indecent tendencies when Lynette was trying to apologise to him was quite the shocking moment, even more than learning Alma Hodge was alive and in cahoots with Gloria.

    In fact what’s even more scary is that Art is pretty callous with his admission to Lynette that at one point, I got this nasty feeling that he was either going to attack Lynette or threatens her kids but while the evil so and so isn’t behind bars, Lynette gets a minor victory as her actions have ensured that Art leaves Wisteria Lane for good and it isn’t a moment too soon either.

    Finally in her newfound and seemingly useful role as a pageant coach, Gabrielle and the slightly more bearable Vern (who is admittedly a bit more likeable than Marc from Ugly Betty) have to go all Simon Cowell on a particular student named Amy, who is pretty at everything Gabby is trying to teach her.

    Gabby and Vern are determined to get rid of the girl and almost succeed if Gabby didn’t happen to develop enough of a crush on Amy’s hunky single father Bill that in the end, not does Amy get to stay but Gabby is willing to give her private lessons as a ruse to get to know Bill all the more.

    I don’t know why Gabby bothered as only an idiot wouldn’t spot the lack of attention she pays Amy during their private lesson and also there’s the fact that Bill isn’t shy when it comes to being hit on by the materialistic former model either.

    However Amy isn’t happy and in order to keep Bill (which I suppose is better than trying to kill in two different volumes), Gabby deliberately causes friction between Amy and her more talented pageant friend Sherry and suffice to say like her friends and unlike Edie, Gabrielle has also got someone to snuggle up during Christmas.

    Also in “The Miracle Song”

    Man Of The Week: Art finds the Fairview folk don’t appreciate his efforts to bring in Christmas cheer to the neighbourhood. Ian: “Well my parents won’t be expecting a gourmet meal”

    Susan: “Will they be expecting stomach cramps, acid reflux, night sweats?”

    I wonder why Ian’s parents decided to not come to Wisteria Lane and how they feel about him going out with Susan.

    Gabrielle: “For God sakes Amy, little Miss Snowflake doesn’t scratch down there”

    Vern: “Well her mother’s been dead for a year. How long can she milk it?”

    Bree (re Orson): “It’s not that easy, I love him”

    Gloria: “You’ll get over it, I did”.

    No Opening Credits for the third time this week.

    Lynette: “I have kids, better safe than sorry”

    Rebecca: “As long as you’re safe, what do you care who’s sorry?”

    Mike (re being dumped): “You’re telling me this on the day I’m put in a men’s prison?”

    Edie: “Well I said the timing was bad”.

    Inventive placards against Art included “Go Away Perv”, Sex Offender Out” and “Paedophile Out”.

    Bree (re cooking): “Good let me if they are any survivors”

    Susan: “If you take Orson back, you do the same”.

    Gabrielle (re Amy): “I though you two were sisters?”

    Sherry: “We are but Amy sucks”.

    We learned that Alma had suffered a miscarriage and Orson was a mental patient, which might be what Gloria was also threatening him with. This is the only episode this season in which every main character was present and accounted for.

    Gloria: “So you’re exiling me, calling me off to my new grandchildren?”

    Bree: “That’s our gift to them”.

    Art: “But now thanks to you I’m free”

    Lynette: “You can’t stay here”.

    Chronology: It’s December 2006, Christmas time.

    For a Christmas themed episode, “The Miracle Song” is as dark as you can get and while there are some moments of humour, overall this is one the darkest and uncomfortable episodes in the series’ running, which the last ten minutes being quite unmissable.moreless
  • Maybe, It was just me who actaully like Desperate Housewives but hated this episode. I thought they could of done far better than they did.

    I didn't like it that much. Lynette is told everyone about "molestor" but rather that protesting outside his house so everyone knows shouldn't they have more meets up like that? Meh! That's what I think in my opinion.

    Susan and Bree not getting on because of Mike and Orson. Haha! I love that storyline! I find it hard to believe that They are not friends because of them two. Bree is taking Orson back because Mike is convicted? If that was me, I wouldn't take him back until I'm like 100% conviced he killed Alma and Monique.

    Gabby is really annoying me at the moment. She just goes over the hot guy all the time and it's just so frustrating I want her to have a completely new storyline. The one that involes Gabby are just being repeated. I didn't like the fact how she miniupliated those girls who are like 8 years old just so She can be with Amy father. That's just mean.

    Mike getting locked up in jail was intersting but I suppose it would happen because he was burying the wrench. Edie is such a spoiled brat. She couldn't get what she wanted so she minuplated Mike to be with her and now she's bored of him? What the hell? I so hope Susan fall back for Mike and dumps Ian. Ian is techincally cheating on his wife. I don't really care if his wife is in a coma it's steal cheating. Edie is such a cow for messing up all this relationships and making it far to confusing for anyone to understand at the moment.moreless
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Juliette Goglia

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Gabrielle is at Bill's home drinking some wine. The amount of wine in the glass changes its amount several times as the camera changes position, without Gabrielle drinking any of it.

    • Deceased character, Martha Huber's house key is still hanging in Bree's cupboard.

    • When they pan the street in the opening credits, we see that they are from season 2 as that was the only time tht Susan would park her car in Bree's driveway.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Edie and Mike talk through the bars of his cell.)
      Mike: I'm gonna need a good lawyer. And that may take a little research.
      Edie: Uh huh.
      Mike: And whoever takes my case will need a retainer. So if you don't mind, I promise I'll pay you back.
      Edie: Oh, okay.
      Mike: And make sure he knows about my wrench. Apparently, they tested it and found traces of Monique's blood. What's wrong?
      Edie: I don't know if you picked up on this, Mike, but...I haven't been happy.
      Mike: No, I didn't pick up on it.
      Edie: Well, I wanted to tell you this weeks ago, and I wish that I had, because now I know you're gonna think that I'm breaking up with you over this whole blood on the ax thing.
      Mike: Wrench.
      Edie: Whatever. But believe me, that's not it. It's just...we are moving too fast.
      Mike: What are you trying to say?
      Edie: Well, maybe we should just take a break. You know, date other people.
      Mike: You're telling me this on the day I'm put in a men's prison?
      Edie: Well, I said the timing was bad. I am sorry. I, I really am. I just can't do this.

    • (Mike is pacing in his cell when Susan comes up to him.)
      Mike: They told me somebody was coming, but I did not expect it to be you.
      Susan: Is Edie getting you a good lawyer?
      Mike: I doubt it. She dumped me today.
      Susan: What? Why?
      Mike: Well, I was arrested for murder.
      Susan: Still, it's tacky. Well, okay then, uh...I'll help you get out. Uh, what's your bail?
      Mike: A million dollars.
      Susan: Oh.
      Mike: You don't have to help me, Susan.
      Susan: I want to.
      Mike: Aren't you gonna ask?
      Susan: What?
      Mike: If I killed that woman?
      Susan: I don't have to. I know you didn't.
      Mike: I wish I was that sure. I, I have these flashes, where I see her face, so I must've known her. And if I did, maybe something happened. Maybe I got angry, maybe...
      Susan: There is an explanation for this, and we're gonna figure it out. Don't worry about a thing. (She strokes his hand through the bars of his cell.)

    • (After Art reveals he is a pedophile)
      Lynette: Where are you going?
      Art: Why? Are you going to write?

    • Susan: Is Edie getting you a good lawyer?
      Mike: I doubt it. She dumped me today.
      Susan: What? Why?
      Mike: Well, I was arrested for murder.
      Susan: Still. It's tacky.

    • Bree: What are you watching?
      Gloria: Home movies.
      Bree: It's fun looking back at the past, isn't it?
      Gloria: Well, it's one way to kill time while you're waiting for death.
      Bree: We also have cable.

    • Bree: What in the world?
      (Bree and Susan see Mike being arrested.)
      Susan: Oh, my God! What's going on?
      Mrs. McCluskey: They just arrested Mike for murder.
      Susan: What?!
      Mrs. McCluskey: They're saying he killed that woman on the news, that Monique person.
      Bree: Oh thank God!

    • Gert: Rita, I want the word "pedophile" to really stand out. Do we have any glitter?
      Mrs. McCluskey: Say "molester." It sounds scarier.

    • Susan: Don't worry. Dinner's all taken care of. We're having blanquette de veau and a grand marnier soufflé.
      Ian: Well, that's very ambitious of you, and, uh, when will Bree be done making it?
      Susan: Five-thirty. But I am rewarming it all by myself.

    • Susan: Ian, haven't you ever wondered why I've never cooked for you?
      Ian: I just assumed that you were lazy.
      Susan: I wish. My cooking is not good.
      Ian: Well, my parents won't be expecting a gourmet meal.
      Susan: Will they be expecting stomach cramps, acid reflux, night sweats?

    • (Lynette and Gabrielle are getting ready for a poker game and Bree joins them)
      Lynette: Guys, why's it been so long since we played poker? I really need this.
      Bree: Oh, me too there is nothing more relaxing than an afternoon of finger food and girl talk.
      (Susan walks in and joins them)
      Susan: Hi ladies.
      Lynette: Hey, how you doing?
      Susan(to Bree): So did you tell the police that you think Orson killed Monique?
      Gabrielle(in shock): What?
      Bree(stunned): No I did not, and I don't plan to.
      Susan: But Mike's in jail, and you said yourself you thought Orson did it.
      Bree: I said I had concerns, concerns that have disappeared now that Mike has been arrested.
      Susan: What are you saying? You think Mike is guilty?
      Lynette: Hey, why don't we start that girl talk?
      Gabrielle: I'll get the ball rolling, anybody have a yeast infection?
      Bree(to Susan): They found Monique's blood on the wrench that Mike was trying to dispose of, I mean that hardly screams "INNOCENCE".
      Susan: Her teeth were pulled, you don't think that's worth telling the cops she was messing around with a dentist?
      Gabrielle(to Lynette): Orson was slipping it to the deck chick? (Lynette makes a weird expression)
      Susan: Mike is innocent I know that in my heart.
      Bree: We all have convictions Susan, I believe Mike's last one was for manslaughter. (Smirks)
      Lynette: Ok, ok we've all made some excellent points in blowing off little steam, wooh, let's play some cards. (Smiles)
      (Weird pause)
      Susan(to Bree): If you're so sure that Orson is innocent why don't we go through his things? Where is his desk?
      Bree: At his office, and what did you think you'd find there anyway?
      Susan: I don't know… a blackmail letter, a necklace made of teeth.
      Lynette(to Gabrielle after both gave up): We're not gonna play cards are we?
      Gabrielle(eating): no.
      Susan: Well I'm certainly not playing with a woman that is willing to let Mike take the fall for her psycho husband.
      Bree: Well needless to say I won't be cooking dinner for Ian's parents.
      Susan: Fine, I'll cook myself.
      Bree: Good, let me know if there are any survivors. (Smirks)
      Susan: And if you take Orson back, you do the same. (Smirks back and leaves)

    • Mary Alice: There is a reason people can't wait for Christmas, and it has little to do with family reunions, or curling up with a cup of eggnog, or that unexpected kiss beneath a mistletoe, or receiving a present from that special someone, no, people look forward to Christmas, because they know it's a time… for miracles…

    • Mary Alice: For the residents of Wisteria Lane, the holiday season could only begin once the decorations came out, for some that meant pulling out the colored lights, for others it meant locating that holiday reef, and then there were those eager to display their nativity scene. But for a romantic view it was all about the mistletoe.

    • (Bree is throwing Gloria Hodge out of the house.)
      Bree: We've rented you a condo in a lovely retirement community. It's our Christmas gift to you.
      Gloria: So you're cutting me off from my new grandchildren?
      Bree: That's our gift to them!

    • Gloria: You think you could be rid of me that easily?
      Orson: It's over mother, I told her everything.
      Gloria: Oh, I doubt that very much. You still have secrets my boy.
      Orson: So do you mother, and if you want them kept, you'll keep mine.

    • Gabrielle: Friends come and go, but crowns are forever.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Zázračná píseň (The Miracle Song)
      Slovakia: Čas zázrakov (Time of Miracles)

    • This is the first episode of the series to be set at Christmas time. Although Christmas has been touched before in the show, when Zach Young broke into Bree's house and put up Christmas decorations.

    • Despite being credited as a series regular, Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp) is absent from this episode.


    • Gabrielle said that friends come and go, but crowns are forever. It's related to Friends(Season 7,Episode 11-The One With All the Cheesecakes). Pheobe said:" Y'know boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but this (Motions that their friendship) is for life!"

    • Episode Title:
      "The Miracle Song" is a song from the Stephen Sondheim musical "Anyone Can Whistle", which sadly ran for just one brief week on Broadway in 1964.