Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 19

The More You Know, The Juicier It Gets

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on ABC
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The More You Know, The Juicier It Gets
This special features the best and most-loved moments from the show, while also bringing viewers up to date with the remaining 5 hours of the show's second season. The special will bring viewers up to date with all the latest goings-on, including Bree and Andrew's escalating war, Susan's love triangle with Mike and Karl, Lynette's new job as her husband's new boss, Gabrielle and Carlos' quest for a child, as well as the ongoing mystery of the Applewhite family's secret life.moreless
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  • Very good, c'etait formidable ! J'aimerai le revoir mais I don't speak english very well so i speak french

    Sorry, so sorry. I can't speak english because i make a lot of faults. I love very much Desperate housewives. I am fond of Bree and Susan becaus they are humoristics. And i hated Paul and Eddie first but now, i love two. I don't think the couple Susan-Ian will last because Susan still love Mike.

    Thanks very much to look this episode. Good luck for your job and happy year.

    I am addict of Desperate Housewives! C'est tellement bienecrit et joué qu'on croirait presque que c'est la vrai vie. A bientot SHall merci danke gracias hasta la vista bye ciaomoreless
  • Huh... Nothing! Really nothing! I almost fell asleep watching this episode.

    Huh... Nothing! Really nothing! I almost fell asleep watching this episode. OK, how much of these flashbacks episodes will be aired? For first, it is totally as same as All The Juicy Details...! Just some clips added of other episodes. Oh, come on, maybe if you didn't watch the season, it would be OK to watch this, but if you watched it, you will just lose a good hour.

    I really don't know, ... special episode? Yeah, right. And Desperate Housewives are so going down. If they continue like this, I really don't know will this show be popular anymore... at all.moreless
  • What a rip-off! Nothing new, nothing added, just clips.

    Such a popular show owes its audience more loyalty than a rip-off, filler show with absolutely NO value add. We fast-forwarded through the whole thing just trying to find something new! I am surprised that the advertisers paid for this recycled trivia. If they need a break then just take one - don't make us waste our time on something we've already seen. AND very recently!
  • Another recap. Unlike the other ones, this one wasn't that exciting. They showed some really bad scenes...

    Season two's been shaky at best (minus last weeks episode with the amazing Carol Burnett) so the decided to do ANOTHER recap this season to remind you of that. When there is actually an episode, and not a recap, and no hiatus', or a rerun, I'll watch it. This was a boring recap though. The good part was that they encorperated Season One.

  • A succession of flashback :-(

    A complete waiste of time !!!! :-( :-( :-(

    I wish I could find one hundred words or should I say 100 words to say something I would say in two or three

    So because the system requires me to have 100 words I need to fill in the blanks. But when you will read this review I really apologize if you are waisting your time here. I already said it. This episode is a waiste of time waiste of money and boring.

    Its starts like always flashbacks to remind you what happened previoulsy, until you realize... Yes done 100 !moreless

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