Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 17

The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

During Brad's funeral, Carlos is certain that the CEO of the company knows that Brad fired him before he died. But since Brad had gotten Carlos a huge bonus prior to his death, the CEO instead promotes Carlos to Brad's old position, President of the company.

Meanwhile, now that Edie is aware of David's real name, she does some research on him. She finds out that he had a three year old daughter that died in the car crash.

Bree finds out that Orson is still stealing from people and she confronts him. He says that stealing is exciting. She tells him that he cannot go into any of their friend's homes any longer and she says that she will return all the stolen items.

Susan does not get along with Jesse, the art teacher that she is helping. A student tells her that she is going to be evaluated that week. She finds out that Jesse's last assistant was fired because they argued with the art teacher. As a way to make peace with her, she invites her to dinner. When Jesse tries to kiss her goodbye that night, she realizes that there is a big misunderstanding and that Jesse thought that it was a date. Susan tells the girls about the kiss later. Lee tells Susan that she is now officially dating a lesbian.

When Lynette finds out that Carlos needs a director of marketing, she asks Gabrielle if she can put in good word for her. Later, Carlos tells Gabrielle that the new hire, his ex-girlfriend, Lucy, is coming to dinner at their place. This worries Gabriel, but when a heavier woman than she had anticipated arrives, Gabrielle tells Carlos that he has her blessing. When Gabrielle finds out that Lucy looks the same as she always does, she thinks that maybe she should be jealous. She asks Carlos if he still needs a director of marketing because she has a friend that could work with two of them.

Bree tries to return all of the stolen goods in secret, but she accidently mixes up one of the items to the wrong home. When Bree finds Orson taking a mug from Bob and Lee, she decides that they need to go to a psychiatrist, who then says that they should do couple's therapy.

Lynette gets offended when applying for a job and the interviewer asks her how old she is. He says that their client makes an anti-wrinkle cream. Lynette tells them that she is 54 even though she is only 43. She ends up getting the job. She later hears from Gabrielle who tells her to turn that job down because Carlos is going to hire her. Lynette says that she will take the job if they can match her salary and Lynette names a figure that is $20,000 more than the job that she just accepted. Gabriele agrees to it.

Susan tells Jesse that she is not interested in women but Jesse is not convinced. Susan admits that she invited her over in order to get a good evaluation and that she is sorry for leading her on. She hopes that they can still be friends.

Mike tells Dave that Katherine can't make it to their camping trip. Mike says that he wanted to get to know her better through the trip. Since she has given Mike inner peace, he wanted to bond with the woman who did that for his friend. Katherine is very impressed and decides to go. She asks Dave if she really has made that big a difference in Mike's life, and he tells her that she has and that it would hurt Mike if she was not in his life.

Lynette tells Carlos and Lucy that they should have an event in St. Barts, which causes them to reminisce about a romantic vacation they had there. This makes Lynette understand why Gabrielle wanted her to work there so much. She confronts Gabrielle about needing her o be a spy and Gabrielle in turn confronts her about lying about her salary. The two agree that they will keep each other's secret's private and continue with everything.

As Dave packs, Edie asks him what he thinks about kids. She wants to have a girl. Dave tells her about his "friend" who had a little girl that meant the world to him but she was in an accident and died. When that happened, a part of him died as well. He says that he does not want a kid.

Since Edie is in contact with a newspaper archivist who has been looking for articles with David Dash, she receives an article via fax that reads, "Fairview Man Won't Be Charged in Accident That Killed Two" and there is a picture of Mike.

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