Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 8

The Sun Won't Set

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2005 on ABC
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All of Wisteria Lane is panicked by a burglar loose in the neighborhood; a neighborhood watch committee is formed; Bree finds out some disturbing information about George; Sophie (guest star Lesley Ann Warren) and Morty (guest star Bob Newhart) get married; at the wedding, Susan learns who her real father is and is determined to find him.moreless

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  • good

    i liked this episode of desperate housewives i felt so sorry for gaby when she let go of the bloon my heart broke for her, the bree stuff was also good this week george is so scary and the actor that plays him is great, the susan stuff wasnt that great but it was nice to see sophie and morty back on the screen, the lynette was was also pretty ok but not spectacular overall a good episode of housewivesmoreless
  • Acá confirmamos que no sabemos lo que tenemos hasta que ya no está con nosotros.

    Primero: es absolutamente triste saber que Gabrielle perdió al bebe, ya que estoy seguro hubiera sido una mamá muy buena, y muy interesante mostrar la reacción de Carlos que fué el que más quiso que el bebe se concibiera. Bree termina rompiendo su prematuro y arriesgado compromiso con George, no puedo esperar hasta que se dé cuenta de que George mató a Rex y al consejero matrimonial de los van de Kamp. La mamá de Susan cada vez que aparece en escena nos muestra el porqué Susan es así de disparatada y perdida muchas veces, pero lamento mucho ver tood el desprecio que le hace Mike a ella cada vez que tiene la oportunidad. Y Lynette cumple su objetivo de mostrarle a Tom que más sabe el diablo por viejo, que por diablo.moreless
  • Another great episode from our favourite houswives.

    This episode has got to be another one of the best so far this season, it totally was as juicy as the season one material. The residents of Wisteria Lane form a neighbourhood watch committee after being frightened because of the recent burglary. Bree is visited by George's former fiancée, who tells her how crazy George is, but Bree refuses to believe it and asks her to leave. Gabrielle has a man Carlos sent from prison, who she thinks is there to protect her, sitting on her porch and he won’t leave. She offers him $1000, which he accepts and asks if they could go to the bank to cash it. She gets in his car, with no door handles or window buttons and he tells her that Carlos didn't send him to protect her. Sophie and Morty get married and at the wedding, Sophie reveals to Susan the truth about her real father and Susan runs out determined to find him. Bree and George are having dinner, and they argue about Bree wearing the engagement ring. An old male friend of Bree's comes over and they begin to chat, much jealousy flares in George, an when he and Bree dance, George yells at her to put on the ring, then tries to force it on her hand, the tries to hit Bree's friend. The ring falls on the floor and Bree says she doesn't think they're engaged anymore. Gabrielle gets out of the car, and as the man gets something from the trunk, she kicks off her heels and tries to run for it. When the man calls out to her, she turns to see him holding a red balloon. Carlos had sent him to help her with her grief. This episode was fantastic, they keep getting better and better.moreless
  • Your Loss Written by Jenna Bans Directed by Stephen Cragg


    “Invisible before birth are all beings and after death, invisible again. They are seen between two unseens. Why in this truth do we find sorrow?” – The Bhagavad-Gita.

    Something of a painfully true statement, miscarriage is one of the greatest heartaches that many women have gone through, including two people close to me. Grief is something we all deal with in a different manner. While some people are open with theirs, others are not.

    Given the kind of person Gabrielle is, her denial over feelings of loss are believable, even if the writing on this episode feels a little strained. Her first reaction is to blow off her friends when they try to offer their support and strangely enough, they actually keep their distance for the rest of the episode, which is a shame because this episode really could’ve benefited from their support and it seems they gave up too easily on helping Gabrielle dealing with her loss.

    Despite her caustic comments even I knew that Gabrielle was grieving privately. She may be manipulative and a complete bitch at times, but even I know that she’s not entirely made of stone. Carlos’ method of grieving however made for a fun exchange between him and his wife but given the fact he’s still banged up in the tame version of Oz, we needed another way of having Gabrielle let rip.

    Enter Hector, a completely muscular and rather tattooed up, ex-convict pal of Carlos’ sent to mind Gabrielle, who does her best to get rid of him, including the obligatory bribery attempt which backfires. Even before we learned of his real purpose on Wisteria Lane, I liked the guy, although his comments about Carlos being perceptive were way off the mark. There’s also an amusing scene where Hector notes Gaby’s love of shopping that’s rather to what Mama Solis pointed in “Come In, Stranger”.

    The scene in the car with Gabrielle seemingly in peril was an okay fake-out. We don’t necessarily know that much about Hector, though obviously he’s suffered his own share of grief in order to help Gaby come to terms with her own. At first this scene felt rather cheesy but a second viewing takes the cringe factor off.

    Not only did Gabrielle to admit her grief for her unborn baby but she also managed to identify Caleb after Mike catches and police arrest him. Caleb aside, Betty isn’t really doing herself any favours by denying her son didn’t play a part in Gaby losing her baby to Matthew. Although I like Alfre Woodard, this wasn’t Betty’s best outing and even Matthew didn’t have much of interest to do besides secretly meeting Danielle.

    Besides his heroics, Mike spends most his time trying to blow Susan off as well. He refuses to go to Sophie’s wedding with her and does his best to be abrasive around her, although he does give her vital information that Susan questioning her lineage. After two great episodes, Teri Hatcher is again relegated to hammy overacting as Susan’s quest to learn more about her father does little to endear her or Sophie.

    To be honest, I wasn’t exactly bursting the seems to learns about Susan’s parentage so the revelation of Sophie lying about Susan’s dad being a marine and the truth of him being Sophie’s former boss didn’t excite even if it was better to listen to than Morty’s half baked analogy. So Sophie nearly wrecked someone else’s marriage and didn’t want Susan to ruin her wedding day but told her the truth for all to hear? Yeah, smart move there. Susan’s reaction was childish and tiresome to watch but it was hardly far fetched either though. That being said, this is one personal drama we could’ve done without for the time being.

    More personal drama in this episode, we have Tom and Lynette engaged in battle of how to look after terror twins Porter and Preston as well teaching them not to talk to strangers. I felt bad for Tom, he really trying his best to be a good stay at home parent and to be honest, he’s a little better at it than Lynette was last season. He taught the boys the vital protocol for dealing with strangers and they recited back to him like experts in training. How was he supposed to know that Lynette would be right and it would go in one ear and out the other? Also who would be stupid enough to want to snatch those kids?

    Well apparently Lynette’s co-worker Stu is when he insanely decides to aid Lynette in her quest to prove Tom wrong and ends up at the receiving end of a taser wielding Karen McClusky, whose return is a highlight in a surprisingly not as involving episode and while this plot outdid Susan’s, we’ve had better ones with the Scavo clan this season.

    Thankfully at least one arc came to be as good as Gaby’s this hour and it was of course Bree’s as George’s hold on her is continuing to loosen and it’s not before time too. His attitude over her not wearing his engagement ring irks Bree as does a visit from an ex-girlfriend of George’s who warns Bree of his possessive. Bree stupidly buys into his lie of his former fiancée being mentally unstable, even though you can see her questioning her feelings for the psychotic pharmacist.

    It isn’t until a nasty run in with Bree’s ex boyfriend Ty does she finally see George’s true colours and calls off the engagement. George doesn’t take this well and reacts by burning Ty’s car but being optimistic, George’s stay on Wisteria Lane is about to become a lot shorter.

    Also in “The Sun Won’t Set”

    Housewife of the week: This time around it’s Betty as we get some fine examples of her piano skills which she puts to good use during a neighbourhood watch meeting, which is the second reminder of 1x05’s “Come In, Stranger”.

    Karen: “We were taking a vote”

    Matthew (re Betty): “She was a concert pianist”.

    We got the apple logo again for opening credits. That’s two episodes in a row this season that this has happened.

    Carlos: “You just lost a baby”

    Gabrielle: “I grieve differently”.

    Tom (re eyes): “The two in the front work just fine”

    Lynette: “Really, where’s Penny?”

    Bree said the cover of the newspaper where George announced their engagement had a story of floods in Sri Lanka. A little strange for a local paper, wouldn’t it be?

    Sophie: “Do we have to do this now? You are ruining my wedding rehearsal”

    Susan: “You’ve been married four times; I think you got it down”.

    Morty (re Sophie): “Yes I know what I’m getting myself into”.

    Susan thought her father was Harrison Ross, a marine. Her real dad is Addison Prudy. She also mentioned to Mike about her memoirs from last episode. Will we see that?

    Hector (re Carlos): “He’s a perceptive man”

    Gabrielle: “He thought I was having an affair with two gay guys”.

    We saw the new Caleb in this episode played by Nashawn Kearse.

    Gabrielle: “You’re not gonna kill me?”

    Hector: “Hadn’t planned on it”.

    Gabby was going to name her child Charlie if it was a boy and Aurora if it was a girl. Nice enough names.

    No Andrew, Zach, Paul, Edie or Karl this week. Julie had no dialogue as well.

    The episode’s title is rather appropriate as it begins and ends during the night.

    George: “I’m sorry, I just, we’re engaged”

    Bree: “See the thing is, I don’t think we are anymore”.

    Its seven weeks since “One Wonderful Day”. Surely more time would’ve passed since then.

    What should have been a reasonably competent episode following last week’s unforgettable instalment is a little too anticlimactic and disappointing. Although “The Sun Won’t Set” has some nice moments, it lacks the sparks of previous instalments and is possibly the first disappointing hour of Season Two so far.

  • A Grief Unobserved Written by Jenna Bans Directed by Stephen Cragg

    "People grieve in different ways. I go shopping and you rip out toilets."--Gabrielle

    While it wasn't the best episode I have seen compared to some of the other thrilling episodes of Desperate Housewives, "The Sun Won't Set" is still a decent hour although it could have been slightly better but look at me being the big TV critic, meanwhile I couldn't probably write half a page let alone a whole episode so who am I to judge.

    Betty Applewhite obviously wants to win the neighborhood over so she agrees to host the "annual" neighborhood watch meeting--wait a minute...there has been no mention of the committee since Episode 5, "Come In, Stranger". That was such a long time ago and now they decide to bring it back. The neighbors comment on how there are hardly any police patrolling around but it seems to me (and others) that the police are constantly in that area. Karen McCluskey rambles on about how the neighborhood needs private security and Betty tries to break the ongoing argument by entertaining the guests with a little music. Betty plays flawlessly on the piano causing praise from Tom and the others. Betty smiles as her effort to stop the fight between the quarrelling neighbors has now been dissolved.

    Well there's good news and then there's bad news for the Gabrielle Solis storyline. The bad news is that Gabby suffered a miscarriage after falling prey to Caleb and falling down the stairs. The good news is that there isn't any good news except for the fact that Gabrielle doesn't really seem to care that she lost the baby. She didn't really want it to begin with. The real people who wanted it were Carlos and Mama Solis. Gabby gets ready for the next day by going to visit Carlos. As she walks to her car, she is stopped by Bree, Susan and Lynette. Bree offers for the four of them to catch up and have some banana bread but Gabby has some errands to do. The wives assure Gabby that everything will be OK but that grief takes a while to overcome. Gabby says she is fine and goes her way. When she catches up with Carlos she finds him on anti-depressants after having episodes of rage involving opening his matress opened and crying hysterically. When he sees Gabrielle though, she looks as if nothing even happened which would piss him off. When Carlos becomes emotional once again, Gabrielle tells the guards that their visit is over and he needs another dosage. Gabby is soon visited by Hector, an ex-con who was hired to look after her by Carlos. Gabby tries to shoo him away but he sticks around for several days. Gabrielle finally gets tired of him and tries to bribe him off. When they go to cash the check, he locks the doors and tells Gabby he was not hired by Carlos to look after her. Gabby panics and asks to be taken home. Hector refuses and continues to drive.

    The two arrive at a deserted park where Hector pulls out a shovel. Gabby quickly runs for her life but Hector asks where she is going. Gabby reminds him that he was about to kill her. And Hector asks why. Hector tells Gabby that Carlos hired him to help her get over her grief. Gabby gives a sigh of relief and moves towards Hector. Hector gives her a balloon which represents the deceased unborn baby. Gabby takes the balloon and starts to become emotional showing feelings that maybe she wanted it after all. Hector then instructs her to let go of the balloon which flies high into the air. Gabby then sobs quietly.

    Meanwhile Bree reads the morning paper as she comes across an article in the Wedding Annoucement section about George and herself. Immeadiately after seeing this, Bree runs to the pharmacy where George tells her that he was going to ask her. Face it Bree, he was too damn proud. George then asks why she isn't wearing her wedding ring. Bree says that she felt uncomfortable but George reminds her that they are engaged and demands that she put it on. She does but quickly takes it off once leaving. Shortly after Bree is visited by George's ex-fiancee Leila Mitzman who warns Bree that George is dangerous and a little loony. Bree denies that what she is saying is true. However she has a change of heart when she visits George once again. George then gives Bree a list of meds, Leila is taking and assures Bree that Leila is the one that is crazy. George then deletes Leila's name and puts the correct name. Oh, George you're evil.

    At dinner the evening after, George notices Bree once again without her engagement ring on. The two argue until they are interrupted by Bree's former boyfriend, Ty Grant who invites her to dance. George gets very envious and cuts in and demand that she put her ring on. Bree refuses and decides to end the engagement. George quickly leaves but steals Ty's valet key. He drives off in his car, takes it to a deserted place and sets it on fire as he did with Leila's ex-boyfriend's car. Praise the lord that Bree has finally come to her senses.

    Shortly after the neighborhood watch meeting Lynette worries about her children when she discovers them playing in the street after dark. She blames Tom who is busy doing other chores and accuses him of being negligent. Tom decides to prove to Lynette that the twins can be trusted. But when Lynette learns that while she is asking them questions, Tom is giving them the answers Lynette plans a different alternative. The following day she asks her young secretary Stu if he will participate in a mock kidnapping. Stu reluctantly agrees and the following afternoon arrives on Wisteria Lane with candy. The twins quickly buy it and jump into the car. However someone has been watching all along, Mrs. McCluskey. Mrs. McCluskey begins to taser Stu causing Lynette to run out of the house to stop her. The plan goes unsuccessful but now the twins know that McCluskey will always have their back...and everybody else's for now.

    Finally, Susan asks Mike if he will still be her date to Sophie's wedding which is in a couple of days. Mike reminds Susan that because they are broken up, he is not really the right person to be going to a wedding with. Susan agrees but continues to fill Mike in on the boring details of her life. When she tells Mike she is writing a book on her far, she tells him how her father was a merchant marine who was killed in the Battle of Hanoi. Mike fills Susan in that merchant marines don't fight and that Hanoi was in an enemy territory. Susan looks confused as maybe Susan's mother was hiding the truth. At the wedding rehearsal, Susan asks her mother what really became of her father but Sophie hesitates and leaves shortly after. Morty gives Susan a ride home and tells her that Sophie had a one night stand and got pregnant after. Susan feels a little shocked at this revelation but this shock is short lived when her mother reveals the truth. It can be argued that a lot of awkward things occur at weddings but certainly it isn't the place or time to reveal that you were having an affair with your married boss which produced a child. Susan learns this and feels betrayed. With the information given to her, Susan visits the place where her father works and slowly waits till he leaves.

    Mike discovers something suspicious happening outisde. Caleb is trying to break in to a car which Mike quickly puts a stop to. McCluskey discovers the culprit and offers to tase him. The police soon arrive and take Caleb away. The neighbors watch in silence as Betty raises her hand to her mouth telling Caleb to be quiet. Caleb nods and is driven away.

    Other important events in "The Sun Won't Set"...

    *Certainly it can be said that miscarriages happen a lot. But Six Feet Under's Brenda probably had the most real portrayal of a woman who miscarried but that's another story. Not that Gabrielle had her own way of grieving but she seemed so fake at the beginning. I think Hector's purpose was to get Gabby to reveal her inner thoughts to a stranger which helped and I really felt bad for her.

    *Susan seems to be the victim this year. No one can ever give her a break but part of the blame is definitely on her. I guess the writers don't really like her this year since Susan really having bad luck. Maybe her father will be open but you never know with Susan.

    *I'm officially convinced that George is insane. After he intentionally killed Rex, I hated him but now he is becoming so envious and jealous that you have to pity him but at the same time hate his guts. I'm glad Bree finally saw something was up.

    *In other news, Matthew has a secret first date with Danielle. Andrew is still at deprogramming camp and nobody seems to care about Dr. Goldfine, what else is new?

    "The Sun Won't Set" is a decent episode with a few entertaining pieces but was still well acted and stories enjoyable. It may not have been as good as the previous two but it was still good.moreless
Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart


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Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

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Leila Mitzman

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Lesley Ann Warren

Lesley Ann Warren

Sophie Bremmer

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Kathryn Joosten

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Karen McCluskey

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Pat Crawford Brown

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Error: In the scene where Gabrielle leaves the house to go shopping and sees the man on her porch she gasps and slams the door. Then she asked what he was doing there and closes the door again.

    • In the scene where Bree finds the wedding announcement George put in the newspaper, she is cutting out a coupon for Siesta King. This is where Gabrielle worked in season one.

    • The medications on the altered prescription record George shows Bree are fluoxetine (generic Prozac™) and risperdone, an antipsychotic. However, the respective milligram strengths (100 mg and 250 mg) are completely unrealistic. Fluoxetine comes in 10, 20, and 40 mg daily dosage forms, and a 90 mg weekly form. Risperdone comes in 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, and 4 mg dosages.

    • If Gabrielle would have had a girl, she would have named her Aurora. And if she had had a boy, his name would have been Charlie.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lynette: I've got an important assignment for you.
      Stu: Great. I'm really ready to take on more responsibility around here.
      Lynette: Yeah, I applaud that, but what I for you to help me prove a point to my husband.
      Stu: Huh, you wanna make him jealous.
      Lynette: Uh, no (chuckles). Actually (takes out some candy) I need you to kidnap my children!

    • Tom: Lynette, I can keep my children alive. When you left this morning, there were four. When you came home, there were still four. When you come home and there are only three, then you get to lecture me.

    • Mary Alice: Once they've suffered a miscarriage, some women sit alone in the dark for hours. They refuse to go out in the light of day, afraid to face the possibility that life will go on. They hold onto reminders of their unborn child and dream of what might have been. Yes, this is how some women react when they've suffered such a loss. Gabrielle Solis was not one of those women.

    • George: I need to cut in.
      Bree: George, would you please sit down? You're being rude.
      Ty: Am I in the middle of something?
      George: Well, at least put on the ring.
      Bree: No. George, I don't want to.
      (George grabs Bree's hand)
      George: We are engaged. You have to wear it!
      Ty: Hey, knock it off, man.
      Bree: George, stop it.
      (Goerge punches Ty)
      George: I'm sorry. I just, we're engaged.
      Bree: See, the thing is, I don't think we are anymore.
      George: Bree.
      Bree: Please, you should go.
      Ty: I'm really sorry.

    • Sophie: Do you have to do this now? You are ruining my wedding rehearsal.
      Susan: You've been married four times, I think you've got it down.

    • Gabrielle: This is stupid. I didn't even want this baby.
      Hector: Yeah.
      Gabrielle: And I would've been a terrible mother.
      Hector: If you say so.
      Gabrielle: If it was a boy, I was gonna name it Charlie.
      Hector: Yeah?
      Gabrielle: And a girl, Aurora.
      Hector: Those are nice names.
      Gabrielle: Thank you.

    • Mary Alice: In a world full of darkness, we all need some kind of light. (Shot of Gabrielle affirming Caleb as the man who broke into her house.) Whether it's a great flame that shows us how to win back what we've lost. (Shot of Ted's car burning as George watches) Or a powerful beacon intended to scare away potential monsters. (Shot of Tom watching his kids play as Karen McClusky's lights shine from across the street.) Or a few glowing bulbs that reveal to us the hidden truths of our past. (Shot of Susan watching her birth father close up shop for the night.) We all need something to help us get through the night ( Shot of Caleb is being driven off in custody) Even if it's just the tiniest glimmer of hope (Caleb looks at Betty, and she motions that he should keep quiet)

    • Mrs. McClusky: (to Lynnette) You wouldn't put a price on your child's safety? You probably would.

    • Gabrielle: (to Carlos) People grieve in different ways. I go shopping and you rip out toilets.

    • Gabrielle: You're not going to kill me?
      Hector: Hadn't crossed my mind. And if I was, certainly not with a balloon. It would take too long.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode marks the first appearance by NaShawn Kearse as Caleb Applewhite. Scenes originally featuring Page Kennedy were re-shot.

    • Danny Trejo also worked with Ricardo Chavira in the episode "George's Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition" of "George Lopez".

    • Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut for time.

    • Even though they are credited, Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt), Mark Moses (Paul Young), Cody Kasch (Zach Young), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo) and Richard Burgi (Karl Mayer) do not appear in this episode.

    • This episode confirms that Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) had a miscarriage with her baby after falling down the stairs in the previous episode after a home invasion.

    • In this episode Susan discovers that her father is not a dead war hero, but is alive and has been living across town her whole life.