Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 4

The Thing That Counts is What's Inside

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2010 on ABC

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  • Susan Fears Her Secret Is About To Be Exposed. Lynette Relies Too Heavily On Penny To Take Care Of Baby Paige And Renee And Bree Compete Over Keith's Attention.

    The previous episode was not so good as the first two, but this was a very good and a hilarious episode! Lynette's part of this episode was terrific. Just terrific. It was also very good since Penny had a big role. She almost never has a big role and I was glad that she got more screentime. Felicity Huffman gives one of best performances to date. Susan's story was good but it could have been better. That is a minor flaw. Bree's and Renee's competition was great! I laughed at many parts. I loved the storyline with Gaby and Carlos as they met the Sanchez family. It worked very well and it was the highlight of this episode. Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira were truly excellent here and their acting was intense. Loved them. Overall, a very good episode with many funny moments. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Laugh, yawn, repeat

    Warning may contain spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where do I start? This wasn't a horrible episode but I think it helps to back the rumor that this could be the last season of Desperate Housewives (source; various websites). At lot of this episode pointed out that the ladies are not as young as they once were, not that we needed it pointed out to us what with the numerous kids, grandkids and "laugh" lines. Does anyone remember when Teri Hatcher was the most downloaded Bond Girl? Me either! But I digress and promise to focus on this particial episode with few deviations. So lets start with Gabrielle and her ATM Carlos. They got to meet their switched at birth daughter and Gabs took a liking to her because she knows the finer things when she sees them. The I love her because she is a mini me is a bit odd. Does being "spoiled" really come from DNA? I'm not a scientist but I'd have to say no. It's more or less determined by enviroment, hence Gabby's brats being a bit spoiled, minus the one we never see or hear about (except when it seems conveinent to the story). Props to surrogate mom to standing up to Gabrielle for spending crazy money on her "daughter." When will people learn you can't but love with Chanel?
    Next up to the plate, Susan. She had to know there would always be the chance that someone in America or even her hometown might see her at "work" in some form or another. She only has herself to blame for any advertising. Odds are she is a banner ad somewhere in that world. And I personally don't know any adult website that has billboards, but DH did make a few years jump to the future so I don't know what laws have been changed.
    Quick wrap up, Renne and Bree fight over Keith in a cougar show down using information that they got from Lynette, who niether one got upset with. Lynette's daughter Penny took Paige to school and was reveled to be a pretty good big sister in the process while Lynette's parenting was called into question. Of course, it still confuses me how a bus driver would let an 11 year old girl with a baby on a school bus. I wasn't allowed to take my dog to school on the bus, the driver told me to take it home while he waited. I remember that the police were called because they thought the bus had disappeared. The driver never had the radio on but I bet he does now.
    Happy veiwing!
  • Gabrielle tells her coveted secret to the ladies, and Renee finds out that Bree is a grandmother and uses it to her advantage in an attempt to steal Keith away. Lynette takes advantage of Penny's offer to help with the baby.

    I am starting to get upset by this show.
    I do not really like Susan because I think she is boring and annoying and she seems out of the real world. The current storyline do not help her at all to change my opinion about this character.
    Lynette story was funny as usual (thanks to the great job done by Felicity Hoffman) but don't you find it strange that they talk about the baby without calling her with her name (do we know it by the way?)? I want to know what are the real intention of Penny when she helps her mother, does she want to be her mum favorite or is she only happy to have an other girl in the family?
    The cougar story with the fight between Renee and Bree to have Keith could be funny but this theme is so recurrent actually that it becomes boring.
    What I really like about this episode is the all drama around the Solis and how they try to keep their family together and to stay normal with their daughters. We find out that Eva Longoria is not only the funniest one she is good for emotional scene and we discover some parts of Gabrielle personality that we couldn't imagine.
  • The Thing That Counts is What's Inside

    The Thing That Counts is What's Inside was a good episode of Desperate Housewives. However it was a bit slow, and some of the plots need more work, and the acting in some scenes felt a little forced, or the actors were out of tune. The stories were good and there were plenty of laughs and touching moments. There were also some good plot twists that will keep us coming back for more. I think that this episode had a few moments of character development as well for a few of the characters. There are also a few new mysteries to be solved.
  • A definite improvement! This show is going from strength to strength!

    Many people comment on how this show is not what it used to be. Fortunately, I only started watching in Season 6, so I don't know how it was beforehand. As a result, I can only caompare this to other recent episodes.

    I did enjoy this episode. The first two episodes of the season were better, but this one was better than Episode #3, so that was nice to see. The most interesting storyline is turning out to be Gabby or Susan. Gabby meets her real daughter in this episode, while Susan's little secret is about to be exposed - in more ways thatn just one!

    The comedy was present in this episode, with a few funny quotes. Sadly the Lynette storyline is a little boring, but between gabby and Susan, we had a great epiode, as well as a decent battle/truce between Reenee and Bree!

    Good episode, and I would recommend it!
  • season 7 episode 4...

    this was aother pretty good episode, it was nice to have lynette share a storyline with penny seems they dont really have many scenes together
    brees rivalry with renee was pretty funny the dwarf scene was abit werid but equally funny
    we meet gabys biological daughter this week which was ok but im not really a fan of this whole storyline i think it iss abit soap opera
    the billboard thing with susan was pretty funny, but how creepy is paul when he appeared on the computer i was like ahhh this guys scares me
    overall this was another good episode of season seven
  • Desperate Housewives is on a roll: some of the story arcs are taking unexpected turns, but that just makes it more fun. The Thing That Counts is What's Inside

    This episode is called: The Thing That Counts is What's Inside. And what's inside is this: Susan wants out of soft core porn, but not before they put her on a billboard. Maxine (Lainie Kazan) had to sell her company to a soft core porn conglomerate with a ruthless advertising policy. Great scene of her trying to stop them posting a giant photo of her on a billboard, as she frantically hangs from a huge photo of herself in the panties that Mike bought for her. Think he will recognize them? Renee and Bree have it out. Thought this was the start of a beautiful frenemyship. But is Renee throwing in the towell after being caught under the rainbow? When Keith shows up for a date with tickets to The Black Eyed Peas, Bree's daughter and grandson suddenly arrive. Renee called them and said Bree needed them, and even sent air fare. Bree counterpunched with the knowledge gleaned from Lynette that Renee suffered from midgetphobia due to an unfortunate childhood event at the circus. Lynette starts to rely on Penny--perhaps too much. Best line is when Lynette stays out too long jogging and Penny has to take the baby to school with her on the bus: "Don't breathe on my sister," says Penny to the curious kids who crowd around. Last time I saw Penny, it seemed like she was a real bad seed. Now she is working overtime to help Lynette take care of the baby. So, did she change, or were we wrong to think she was a bad seed? Gabrielle finally meets her real daughter, a chip off the old block. It is obvious that Grace Sanchez is Gabby's kid, and the other mother, Carmen Sanchez, is really Juanita's mother. They are going to try to become friends so the kids can play with each other, and they can see them, but not be traumatized to learn that the parents they thought were theirs weren't. Juanita is bonding with her real mother over cooking, and Grace admires Gabby's Chanell purse. Gabby gives her a heart shaped locket, saying it will be their secret, but you know it is going to lead to trouble. Speaking of trouble, the plot thickens when we learn that Paul Young and his new wife Beth don't sleep together, and Paul has bought his old house on Wisteria Lane and wants to buy Mrs. McCluskey's house, too. Wouldn't you know that Lee McDermott would be a Real Estate Agent? But more important: What is Paul up to? And what is his wife's game? In my last review I asked if they had switched actors for Carlos Solis, but now I see that he has just shaved off his goatee. Never mind.

    I think that Desperate Housewives is on a roll, and the previews of next week look very promising indeed. The title is Let Me Entertain You, and I think I will be very entertained. Some of the story arcs seemed on a predictable path, but they have veered off in surprising directions. Can't wait to see Bree on a spree, Susan in hot water, and Gabby and Grace, together at last. Quite the mother and daughter combination.
  • 10/17

    Again, Desperate Housewives fails to entertain this reviewer. I got into the show in the 4th season, but I've watched nearly every episode and the show is not just struggling creative now, it really is terrible at this juncture. Bree and Rene fighting is just, not that good. This stuff is just way too over the top, and while I understand that this is what the show is supposed to be, insanity to the extreme, it is not even fun anymore. Susan on a billboard? Really? The only stuff I liked tonight was the scene with Lynette at school. Felicity Huffman can make even the worst storylines enjoyable.
  • Yep its offical I love Vanessa Williams on this show

    First of all how adorable is Gabby's other daughter? but the fact that Gabby is getting close to her means that Junita will be pushed out of the family. When Gabby told the other ladies that was quite funny, especially Rene's reaction (more on her later)

    Susan is a billboard! But who took the ruined remains? Someone with an agenda. Paul Young is creepy. He's wife is even creepier. But what is he up to buying he's old house and threatening Karen Mcluskey Rene rocks! Vanessa Williams has brought new life into the show. She is funny and sassy. The scenes in the restaurant rank among the top ten desperate moments (her screaming at the kid and Bree's sly reaction overloaded me with the giggles)

    Season Seven is great so far
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