Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 16

There Is No Other Way

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on ABC
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Carlos and Gabrielle decide to adopt, but the process comes to be a lot more difficult than either had expected. Susan finally has her surgery as she finally has medical insurance. Meanwhile, a showdown between Bree and her son Andrew lead to a full out war between mother and son. Also, a dying Noah Taylor learns more about Paul Young and his biological grandson Zach. Lastly, Tom is having more difficulty at the job when having to take orders from his boss and wife Lynette.moreless

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  • good

    i loved this episode of desperate housewives it wasnt amazing but still really entettaining the bree storlyine was once agiana the best andrew is so horried to her though im glad she slaped him he defo derserved it the susan stuff was once agian pretty rubnbish her storylines always seem to be this year the stuff with her doctor is completly unintresting overall an ok episode but certainly nothing to get ecitedc about itmoreless
  • Bree a su máxima expresión.

    Primero: fabuloso que el destino no se queda con nada, en algún momento la madre de John iba a cobrarle a Gabrielle su pequeño affaire. Segundo: Las tensiones en la casa de los Scavo aumentan cada día que pasa, es que las relaciones que empiezan en la casa y continuan en el trabajo están destinadas al fracaso.

    Tercero: Susan y su subconciente no permiten que siga su vida junto al apuesto nuevo doctor.

    Y finalmente: Bree deja ver que tiene una personalidad con tendencias a las adicciones, Andrew es un muy mal hijo, y la escena en la cocina dónde ella le dice lo que es opuesto al amor, es sencillamente genial.moreless
  • Another tight episode with some great setting up for the climax of the season.

    It doesn't matter if I am in a bad mood during the evening, I always come away from Desperate Housewives feeling a little bit better.

    Paul's supposed 'murder' in the opening scene was a true shock, but I am pleased to see he didn't get killed, despite me saying for weeks "I wish he'd get his comeuppance!"

    I am also pleased to see they are working out Mike's plot a little better because he has been meandering about his house loading his Ute for weeks now not doing much at all.

    Bree's storyline is once again getting me gripped. Her children are actually devil's spawn and they make me furious - I loved it when she smashed the bottle to get Andrew's attention.

    Poor Susan, will anything go right for her? Frankly, I don't want to see her get it on with the doctor, whom I think is rather bland compared to Mike.

    Gabrielle, as with many episodes this season, gets some of the best one-liners, especially in regards to the teen pregnancies.

    All in all a good episode.moreless
  • i finally feel that our housewives are back to their great form from last year.

    i love that bree is pretending to be something that she really is! andrew should have know better than to screw with his mum; she will always win out. she is an amazing character, a lot of thought has clearly gone into her & andrew's relationship for this season.

    i can't wait for the tension to break in lynette & tom's marriage. something has to snap sooner or later!

    i love the way the writers have brought helen into the gabby/carlos storyline. genius!

    and to end, the look on felicia's face when she saw that paul wasn't dead; priceless! just makes you wonder what she'll do next....moreless
  • Susan has her surgery and reveals a little to much and Bree does something that causes her to rethink about her sons behaviour after he gets a bruise and tell his his mother it was her doing when she was drunk!!moreless

    This episode was funny but serious Bree drinking made her rethink many things when her son makes her regrett her alchol.And it made me very sorry for her because her son is tryuly making her believe she is doing all of these horrible things.Even though its her sons boyfriend doing the punching.

    And when gabby goes to try and adobt you see deep down she really wants a baby and goes to any lenght to get one it warms up the episode.

    Susan goes and announces shes not in love with the doc just as she goes into surgery with him doing the surgery and then we see the nurse go out crying because she is besorted with him.Verrrry crazy episode and hilarious i wasnt meant to stay up watching this ep (to late) but i did and had to stop myself from laughing to loud so i wouldn't wake up everyone!!moreless
Kathryn Harrold

Kathryn Harrold

Helen Rowland

Guest Star

Dagney Kerr

Dagney Kerr

Nurse Ruth Ann Heisel

Guest Star

John Kapelos

John Kapelos

Eugene Beale

Guest Star

Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

Recurring Role

Bob Gunton

Bob Gunton

Noah Taylor

Recurring Role

Nick Chinlund

Nick Chinlund

Detective Sullivan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Goof: When Andrew talks to Karen McCluskey, the door to the sprinkler system is obviously open but, when he goes to turn the sprinklers on on his mother, he opens the door again.

    • When Mike talks to Karl in the hospital, the newspaper that Karl is reading has the same front page as the back page.

    • When Bree is talking to Andrew in the garden while reading the paper, you can see that the back page of the paper with the "Today's Weather" is reprinted on the inside of the paper facing Bree.

    • When Tom and Lynette are in the elevator kissing, you can see in the shots that show Tom that Lynette's hands are in the air, but in the other shot they are on the wall.

    • When Andrew comes out to the garden you can see that he is getting out through a door. Where exactly is that door inside the house? It should be in the dining room but it is clearly not there.

    • When Bree is in the street talking with the girls, her purse changes positions between scenes.

    • When Karl mentions to Mike that Susan is dating her surgeon, Mike says "Yeah, she told me." In fact, this is not true, because in episode 2.14 "Silly People", there is a scene where Susan tells Mike that she's getting married. He asks "to the doctor?", and she says "No, to a gay guy, how did you know about the doctor?", then he goes "People talk", so he heard of it and she didn't tell him, and he should've said "I heard" instead of "She told me".

    • Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) is seen in this episode, for the first time in season 2.

    • Goof: When Lynette and Tom argue in the bedroom, you first see two pillows on each side of the bed. At the end of the scene, there's only one pillow on the side where Lynette is sitting. The fourth pillow is nowhere to be seen.

    • The nurse that is in this episode was also the one on duty when Mrs. Solis (Carlos' mom) died. It is revealed that the nurse didn't pass her nurse's exam.

    • At the end of the opening sequence, Paul Young and his attacker spontaneously switch seats in the prison van. When he first enters the van, Paul sits down on the left side. But in the exterior shot at the start of the fight, it's his attacker who starts out on the left.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Bree: Perception is reality, Andrew. And if people perceive me to have a drinking problem, then I do. And I certainly don't want some idiotic judge using my hobby as an excuse to make you rich. So I'm simply going to give up my wine and become a recovering alcoholic.
      Andrew: Good plan, but it'll never work. See, I'll bet you still end up coming to court hammered.
      Bree: Oh, Andrew, you don't think I love you enough to give up alcohol?
      Andrew: Look, I'm seventeen, all right? So, you can only keep me here for another year. Why not just let me go?
      Bree: Because I'm not done with you yet. It's my job to teach you and you are not half the man I know you can be.
      Andrew: Yeah, well, I got news for you. This is as good as I'm gonna get.
      Bree: If I really thought that, I'd get a gun right now and kill us both.

    • Bree: (after Andrew tells her he hates her) The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. And if you hate me, that means you still care, and we're still connected and I still have a chance to set you right.

    • Attorney: There is nothing more important than family. And I think it's so unfair some are denied their God-given right to parent just because of a few sordid incidents in their past. Now I may have to explore some unconventional paths to find your child. I might even have to take action some might view as unsavory. But before I do, I need proof that the two of you are prepared to face the challenges ahead.
      Gabrielle: Twenty-thousand dollars. Is that proof enough for you?
      Attorney: Yes, it is.

    • Mike: Felicia, why are you here?
      Felicia: Young Zachary and I didn't exactly part on the best of terms. In fact, when the weather's damp, I'm still reminded of our last good-bye. But forgive and forget. That's my motto. Macaroon?

    • Gabrielle: So just to be clear, some slutty cheerleader gets knocked up by the soccer coach behind the local gas 'n gulp, and she is going to make sure we're quality people?
      Carlos: You don't need to answer that.

    • Mary Alice: This is how Bree van de Kamp finally came to change her weekly routine. She still cleaned on Tuesdays, paid her bills on Wednesdays, and did her laundry on Thursdays. But her Fridays were now reserved for a meeting. A special meeting where she stood in front of people she didn't know and said things she didn't believe. And afterwards, Bree would come home and reward herself on the completion of another successful week.

    • Mary Alice: Bree Van de Kamp had a weekly routine she'd been following for years. She cleaned on Tuesdays. She paid her bills on Wednesdays. She did her laundry on Thursdays. And after these daily chores were completed, she would reward herself with a little drink. What Bree didn't know was this latest addition to her routine had been noticed by her friends. And it had now become part of their routine to discuss it.

    • Dr. Ron: Hi Susan! How those drugs working for you? Feeling good?
      (Susan mumbles unintelligibly)
      Dr. Ron: Well, um... I want you to know, what I said the other day, that corny stuff about me holding your heart in my hands...
      (Susan giggles)
      Dr. Ron: Well, what I meant to say was, my feelings for you, they keep growing, and I think, well, I hope that you feel the same way about me. Aw hell, Susan, I love you.
      Susan: Aw, thank you, I love Mike...
      Dr. Ron: Mike? Susan, who's Mike??
      Susan: (with a dreamy smile) Mike is love...
      Dr. Ron: Who the hell is Mike?!
      Nurse Heisel: I don't know, but she's married to a guy named Karl! I'm so sorry, I should have told you, Dr. Ron!!
      Susan: (mumbling) Mikey, Mike, Mikey...
      Nurse Heisel: Why are you always falling in love with skanks? You're a beautiful, beautiful man!! (runs sobbing from the operating room)

    • Zach: Just curious? Why was it so important you see me?
      Noah: You're my grandson, my flesh and blood. Isn't it only natural I should want a relationship with you?
      Zach: What kind of relationship can we have when I know you tried to kill my dad?

    • Carlos: Ah, this is a sign...
      Gabrielle: Will you shut up?
      Carlos: We lost the baby, found out we couldn't conceive another one, and ran into Helen Rowland at an adoption agency - God is obviously trying to tell us something.
      Gabrielle: Carlos, we're Catholics, okay? God is pretty johnny-one-note on the whole subject of procreation!

    • Susan: I think I have to break up with Dr. Ron.
      Lynette: What?! Why?!
      Susan: Because he's a gem, and apparently he loves me.
      Lynette: I'm sorry, I'm not following.

    • Carlos: Gaby, these pictures have to be wholesome. They gotta say, "These people will do a great job raising a child."
      Gabrielle: So?
      Carlos: So you're topless!
      Gabrielle: Yeah, but it's St. Bart's, and your hands are covering my naughty bits.
      Carlos: You mean the hand that's holding the tequila shot, or the hand that's holding the Cuban cigar?
      Gabrielle: Yeah, that was a great trip.

    • Dr. Cunningham: (with his right arm in a cast at a 120 degree angle to his body) Susan, good to see you again! I'm really looking forward to your surgery!
      Susan: And I'm really hoping you're a lefty!
      Dr. Cunningham: Nope, can't even write my name.

    • Carlos: Helen! You work here!
      Roda (adoption lady): You all know each other? What a small world!
      Helen It sure is. Mrs. Solis hired my son to do her yard work, and also she would rape him.

    • Bree: For the record, I did not punch my son I slapped him with an open palm.
      Andrew: Yeah, but Mom, the thing is... When you drink, you don't know your own strength.
      Bree: This is ridiculous! Can't you see this is a performance?!

    • Bree: Are you a friend of Andrew's?
      Sam: I'm his lawyer.
      Bree: His lawyer? Why on earth would Andrew need a lawyer?
      Andrew: (gives Sam a glass of water) Here you go Sam.
      Bree: Huh! Honey what happened to your face?!
      Andrew: You hit me... Don't you remember?

    • Tom: What was that?!
      Lynette: What was what?
      Tom: You were bracing! You were bracing with your leg! I was trying to lay on top of you and you were bracing yourself against the mattress so you don't have to get on your back!

    • Tom: You're saying that our clients deserve more effort than your own family?
      Lynette: OK! So if I apologize for upsetting you at work can we get past it and enjoy our meal?
      Tom: Absolutely.
      Lynette: I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I am sorry.
      Tom: Thanks.
      Lynette: So boys, how do you enjoy the meal?
      Preston: It's a little salty...
      Lynette: Just eat it!

    • Karl: (Reading Dr. Ron's card) I can't wait to be in the operating room with you so I can touch your heart because you already touched mine so deeply!
      Susan: Okay, that part sounds better when you don't read it out loud.

    • Bree: If you need a drive to school, I'm happy to drive you.
      Andrew: That's not what I want... I want a car.
      Bree: Well, then I suggest you get a job.
      Andrew: Why should I have to go work my ass off at some fast food place if I can already afford what I want?
      Bree: Andrew, we're not touching your trust fund.
      Andrew: It's my money!
      Bree: Not until you're 21, and if I had my way you wouldn't put your hands on it until you're 50! I mean we both know you're gonna waste every penny of it.

    • Gabrielle: So... We're audtioning to be parents?
      Adoption Agency Lady: You can say that...
      Gabrielle: So just to be clear... Some slutty cheerleader gets knocked up by the soccer coach behind the local gas'n'gulp and SHE is gonna make sure we're quality people?
      Carlos: You don't have to answer that...

    • Bree: Did Lynette mention the little tiff we had?
      Susan: Just in passing...
      Gabrielle: She barely mentioned it...
      Bree: What happened was... I accidently mixed my medication with, you know, a little glass of wine I was having and I fell asleep while I was watching her kids. I mean I like a little wine with dinner... I mean now and then... You know, who doesn't? But, you know... To trash my entire reputation...
      Gabrielle: She didn't trash you... Honest.
      Bree: Well, good... I really don't want you to get the wrong impression. Oh, I'm going to the mall today, they have a white sale. I'm going to get a new bath mat. Does anyone need one?
      Gabrielle: I'm good... (After Bree left the two) WOW! Did you smell the alcohol in her breath?
      Susan: I sure did...

    • Nurse Heisel: (to Susan) Who am I to cast stones? I mean heck... I didn't pass my nurses exam.... They didn't even ask me!

    • Dr. Ron: Let's cut this bitch open!

    • Karl: (to Mike) Dr. Ron just bought her the biggest bouquet of roses you've ever seen... It was disgusting... Note that went with it made my teeth hurt it was so saccharine and he used words like soul-mate and eternity... I almost puked in the vase!

    • Paul: (To Felicia) How did you know I like macaroons?

    • Carlos: This is the first time I ever thought you wanted to have a baby.
      Gabrielle: Well, this is the first time anyone said I couldn't have one.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) is seen for the first time in season 2 in this episode.

    • Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut for time.

    • Even though they are credited Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer), Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt), Alfre Woodward (Betty Applewhite), Mechad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite), Nashawn Kearse (Caleb Applewhite), and Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp) do not appear in this episode.