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  • Season 8 Episode 23: Finishing the Hat

  • Goof: The flashback showing Mary Alice moving in contradicts a flashback from the season 1 finale also showing Mary Alice moving in with her husband and son, where her hair was much longer and her house was yellow as it was for the first four seasons of the show - not green as it remained during the filming of this episode.

  • Mary Alice Young committed suicide on a Thursday (the beginning of the series) and Susan moved also on a Thursday (to close the story).

  • References to the first season:

    Bree was introduced to the audience as a conservative woman and the audience said farewell to her as a conservative woman again. She is the only person not married to the same person at the end of the series. Bree started as being married to Rex Van de Kamp and then she ended married to Trip Weston.
    Gabrielle and Carlos were introduced amidst a quarrel and they are shown quarreling "happily ever after." She starts the series married to Carlos and ends the series married to Carlos.
    Susan is first introduced as a single woman with a daughter and leaves as a single woman with a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter. She starts out the series not married and ended the series not married.
    Lynette bumps into Natalie Klein in the grocery store, which prompts her to accept the job, and this mirrors the pilot, with the same characters and situation. She starts the series married to Tom and ends the series married to Tom; she is also first shown yelling at her children and is last seen yelling at her grandchildren.

  • The characters were bid farewell to in the same order as they were introduced in the pilot episode: Lynette, Gabrielle, Bree and then Susan.

  • Season 8 Episode 22: Give Me the Blame

  • With this episode, Desperate Housewives becomes the longest one-hour running American show featuring all female leads, beating Charmed, which aired for 178 episodes. The Golden Girls also aired for 180 episodes but was a half-hour show.

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Women and Death

  • This episode marks the return of former main character Rex Van de Kamp (Steven Culp), who had last been seen in the 7th season premiere. He returns after an absence of 38 episodes. In addition to that, recurring character Juanita "Mama" Solis (Lupe Ontiveros) also returns, after an absence of 156 episodes, the longest range of absences by any character in the show between appearances.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: You Take for Granted

  • "You Take for Granted" was watched by 8.39 million viewers and held a 2.6/6 rating between 18 and 49 years of age. The show lost out to what is arguably its main competitor, The Good Wife, which aired on CBS to 9.88 million viewers.

  • In the scene where Bree, Roy and Karen are talking by the car, the reflection of a crew member can be seen in the wing mirror.

  • Continuity Error: Lynette reminds Tom that he's only known Jane for three months. However, Bree states, in this very same episode, that she tried to take her life three months before, and Tom had met and started dating Jane long before that.

  • Continuity Error: Carlos says in this episode that he's been sober for 34 days. However, Bree states that she tried to commit suicide three months before this episode's events, which was around the time Carlos was last sent to rehab.

  • Penny's birthday is commemorated in this episode. However, in episode 8.01, Tom mentions that Penny's birthday had taken place to weekends prior, and in episode 8.04 Penny tells her mother, when she's given a Tablet, that her birthday had occurred one month prior.

  • Season 8 Episode 9: Putting It Together

  • Goof: When Chuck confronts Gabrielle with a fax of a paper's family news section, with an announcement of her quinceañera, the obituary at the bottom for Julie K. Lu lists a death date of February 5, 2009. If that were actually accurate, Gabrielle would only be approximately 22 years old.

  • During the initial airing of this episode on CTV, several credits were mistakenly omitted. After Madison De La Garza (Juanita Solis) was credited, the rest of the "starring" cast, the "also starring" cast and the "guest starring" received no on-screen billing whatsoever, and neither did several production members.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Suspicion Song

  • Goof: When Lynette tries to sneak into Tom's room with a bottle of his favorite Scotch, she is actually holding a bottle of Blanton's Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon.

  • Music: The song "Liar, Liar", by Rachel Barror, was used in the original ABC promotional trailer for this episode.

  • Continuity Error: When awoken by the sound of someone breaking into her home, Bree dials 911 and tells the police she lives at 4355 Wisteria Lane. This is the Scavo residence and thus incorrect. She lives at 4354 Wisteria Lane.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Witch's Lament

  • When Bree and Gabrielle are in the car, the car serves and when they do the outside shot of the car, they stop the car at the same place where Gabrielle parked in the episode "Come on Over for Dinner", when her stepfather Alejandro was following her.

  • In the scene where Bree and Gabrielle go hunting for frogs in Hawkins Lake, a man holding some film equipment is seen where Gabrielle jumps out of the lake.

  • Season 8 Episode 4: School of Hard Knocks

  • It is mentioned in this episode that Bree went to Danielle's and Leo's wedding. However, the episode "Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else" had previously established that the weekend the Katz family spent at the Hodge house marked the first time Leo met Bree, and in it Bree tells her husband that when Danielle came back to get Benjamin she was married to a lawyer, leading us to believe that their wedding hadn't even been announced to Bree before Danielle's return.

  • When Bree and Danielle have their heartfelt talk in the kitchen, in their final scene together, Bree is seen stroking her daughter's hair, and then resting her hands on Danielle's shoulders. In the following shot, she is still stroking the hair, and in the next shot she's got her hands around her head. In the following shot, she's got her hands on Danielle's shoulders again. Then, Bree and Danielle embrace, and it appears as though Bree's got her hands on her daughter's lower back, but in the following shot they're far higher, next to the neck.

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