Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 3

Watch While I Revise the World

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on ABC

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  • Watch While I Revise the World

    Bree is doing a good job with this doomed from the start romance, but her character deserves better than this. The acting during the breakup scene was a little ridiculous.

    The Carlos/Susan story reeks of the shark jumping Rachel/Joey romance from the final year of Friends. Not a road they should go down.
  • 8.03 "Watch While I Revise the World"

    Written by: John Paul Bullock III

    Directed by: David Warren


    I was rather disappointed by this one. There was no story that interested me excpet Bree/Gaby/Chuck. It was frustrating. Mike thought Susan was having an affair with Carlos, but I got where he was coming from. Good that he punched Carlos because it was all going too far and they felt some level of sexiness in that van. Renee had this filler (no surprise) story with Lee and his daughter Jenny about bras and motherhood. 6/10 geez!

  • Don't go down, Desperate Housewives

    (Sorry for the bad english, I'm italian) Soo ... this episode. Not good as the past two episodes but yeah, it's still good. I only hope that the next will be better than this, because some good storylines begins with the end of this episode; let's see the storylines, from the less interesting till the most interesting:

    Renee: why, writers of DH, why Renee must have all the awkward stories? Ok, maybe I have an heart made of ice if i dislike the story of this episode, but i don't care. Renee , in fact, meets the child of the gay couple, that is a girl, and they suddently became friends. But the girl starts to want Renee as her mother, and Lee became very nervous; at the end this problematic situation is solved, but I don't like the stories like that ... poor parents ...

    Lynette: her sister came to Wisteria Lane for visit her but Lynette, alone and in the middle of a divorce, is not happy for that, because Lydia bring a boyfriend with her, and he's a spiritual and yoga guy. When the real Lydia came out because of Lynette, he decide to quit her but Lynette convince him to return for help the unlucky sister. Nice, yeah, with some funny gags (when she sings in the yoga area i was LOL), but not so interesting...

    Bree and Gabi: Gabrielle continue to warn Bree, because she's covering a murder but she's enganged with Chuck the detective, and she suspects that he send to her the letter; she open his suitcase and find out a photo of her hand and a pack with something inside.

    This thing is a ring, but Bree don't wanna marry Chuck and breaks up with him; he is angry, and now we'll see what will the detective do ... Will he try all for find the secret?

    Susan, Mike and Carlos: Susan and Carlos , now, are friends with some common feelings and they can understand eachother, so they spend a lots of time togheter; Mike know it , and he suspect that her wife is cheating on him. At the end, Carlos and Susan tell all to Mike, but we'll see in the next episode what he will do now that he know the secret of the murder.

    All in all an enjoyable episode, but I hope that the next episodes can be better
  • Epic in many ways!!!

    I loved this episode! It was near perfect in many ways! It was quite funny, with especially Gabby's comment, "first word, 'the', third word 'crazy', and the second word what you're always oing with him'! That was hilarious!!!

    The Susan/Carlos storyline was interesting, and Mike's roel in it was great ! The ending of the episode was just spectacular!

    The best part of this episode, was definitely Bree and Chuchk, unquestionably. The ending was just so epic! I can't believe it, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!!!

    All up, such an amazing episode! Lynetter and her sister Lidia was a decent time-fill, and Lynette crawling around that 'yurt' was interesting, but all up, a great episode! Can't wait for more!!!
  • I loved this episode ALL THE WAY! It was amazing, much better than episode 2 and not far away from the premiere.


    Bree/Gabrielle: Brilliantly executed. I was creeped out when she found that picture of her hand in Chuck's briefcase, and then the twist in the end with Chuck being ready to propose. I don't know, it always seemed to me that Bree (or actually the writers) wasn't ready to dump Chuck, that he was still supposed to be there, but she broke up with him, and i'm glad! When he screamed "Don't lie to me!" I jumped, what an as*shole! And RenatoB, I don't think he read the letter, he just saw Bree read it (the opening scene 8x02) and assumed it was from a guy. And about the protect line, I just think that's cause he's a proud (annoying) cop.

    Lynette: I found this extremely awesome. I don't understand what folks didn't like about it, I laughed out loud multible times (for example when Lynette started singing at the meditation center, or when she and Lyda fought, AHAHAHA LOL) but enjoyed the emotional moments as well. Felicity is so talented, and I'm glad she got to show it a bit more in this episode. Also, I'm really happy Tom didn't need to be a part of this storyline, cause' we all know what we would have gotten out of that: Fighting, whining, fighting, whining, whining.

    Susan: Amazing as well, and very interesting to see the dynamics between Carlos and Susan. Btw, the opening sequense makes total sense, so it was nice to see the writers showing us that they thought about that. And I was so also hoping for them to kiss, and rip eachothers clothes off in the truck, but no. Although, the story took another turn in the end and gave us some wonderful drama, so that was good

    Renee:A great storyline, the massage scene in the beginning was a lot of fun, and the end gave us some insight about how Lee's feeling, and that was nice, I can completely understand his situation.

  • Watch While I Revise The World


    Watch While I Revise The World was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the drama and intrigue were engaging along with the character and plot development. The housewives all find themselves in various predicaments and it was fun to watch how each handled their situations. I found this episode pretty entertaining as well assuspensefuland I certainly look forward to watching what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!