Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 19

We All Deserve to Die

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • Disopointing!!

    We all deserve to die was mostly another terrible episode of Desperate Housewives with plenty of ridiculous storylines that go know where. Lynettes storyline was once agian boring and very very pedictable but atleast irina has gone now( thank god)

    Brees story wasnt really much better even though it is good to see some drama between Bree and Andrew the whole sam story is boring and really unorignal

    Susan story was just stupid really howver i did enjoy mikes speech about susan to carlous it was pretty sweet. Gabrelles storyline was once agian just a stand alone story with nothing exciting or intriging going on but i was shocked to see that Bob and Lee had broken up

    Finally the fairview strangler is reveealed and if you dont no who it is yet prepared to be dispointed like i was. Another bad episode!!
  • After a brief hiatus Desperate Housewives returns to form here.

    Almost a month since the last new episode, and more than that since the last episode that really blew us away. I had heard all sorts of predictions for who was the Fairview Strangler from Dominic to Orson, but this is one person I do not think anybody saw coming. This was shocking and I liked the ending because to me it is a bigger surprise when something happens involving a minor character than a major one.

    The other housewife storylines were good, but not really that funny or mentally stimulating. Just goes to show you that one good twist can make or break an episode.
  • How to write a horror novel

    We All Deserve to Die (lyrics from a Sweeney Todd number?) had a handful of good scenes mixed in with overall storytelling that didn't quite come together.

    Good scene #1: Lynette apologizes to Preston about his scamming bride-to-be, Irina. Turns out Irina schemes into marrying people and taking all their money. Which we already knew. She just did it a bunch of times in a bunch of different countries. Which we could have guessed. This storyline was a lemon from the start, and we knew they couldn't possibly wed, so it was just a matter of time before this was all just over and done with. Thankfully it is. Huffman has a great scene letting Preston hate him, but really shouldn't he be thankful he was saved from making a huge mistake? I guess he's ticked cause he looks like an idiot now. And he'll never be with someone so hot again. I get it. It's humiliating. But still.

    Good scene #2: Mike's monologue about being in debt. This might not be appealing to those who've looked at Mike like this dreamy fantasy (which he acknowledges in the speech), but I found it honest and it was a nice moment for James Denton. But there otherwise wasn't much to the plot of Susan finding her husband stuff to do locally since his truck had been repossessed. Both the financial woes (Scavos ad nauseum) and Mike finding work, feel like roads we've traveled down before. Very blah plot.

    Good Scene #3: Carlos vs Gaby and the eggs. She wanted to be a donor for Bob and Lee, but Carlos said no. He doesn't own her body, but "I pay for the clothes it wears, the massages it receives, and the implants it will one day require. If I don't own it, I'm at least a major stockholder!" He reasons. Lol, that's just good dialogue. I appreciate Gabrielle's good intentions, but she misunderstood her role as surrogate mother (to say she isn't) and the stress and frustration was too much for Lee, who left Bob. This was a surprising move, and sad. But I have no doubt the two will reconcile before season's end. That's really the best stuff this episode brought to us after a bit of a break, and that's a shame, because DH is in a rut right now. But that doesn't mean there wasn't anything to like about this entry.

    The situation with Bree and Sam and Andrew is still the most interesting thing going. Andrew is still trying to bury this guy (do we believe the story about dropping out of school to tend to the sick mom?), but Sam fired back digging up dirt on Drew stealing wine. This got him fired, but Bree admits she'll hire him back eventually because this is just "what they do" (why did that bother me so much?) There was some vinegar sabotage at an investor's banquet, and while all fingers point to Andrew, Orson insinuated Sam could have framed him. Or has Orson framed Sam? I'm diggin' this, I am.

    There was also a clever spin with Patrick's arrival, who when he met Danny, pretended to be an aspiring author with writer's block. Pat basically laid out his story under the ruse of his fictional characters and Danny gave him suggestions for what these people should do. Inadvertently, Dan has suggested killing his own mother, and getting himself kidnapped. That reads really funny, I know, but trust me, this is kind of clever. And finally I have to talk about the serial killer on Wysteria lane, who is finally revealed. It's that kid who hangs out with Preston, who is the sometimes friend of Danny. I can't even remember his name, he's that insignificant. Nor do I care, really. Was this a surprise? I guess so. So why didn't this have any emotional impact at all? Cause killing Irina was awesome- she sucked. And the coffee shop girl? Who cares? Fugly Julie? I can take her or leave her, I guess. The surprise killer is a soap opera staple and certainly bread and butter for Desperate Housewives, so I'm sure many will have no problem with this at all- no matter how contrived.
  • Seriously, why have these episode ratings gone down recently? It's much better than Season 5....

    I really liked this episode, and the last two or three have really picked up.

    Lynette was great, again, portraying a fantastic mother. The scene between her and Preston towards the end was quite touching.

    It was nice to see that Gaby wants another child as well. I was hoping for a scene however, with her telling Carlos she wanted a son, as he did last year.

    I've guessed the identity of the strangler for a while now, and thought it would be who it was. It was good, however, to see how he caught his next victim and I have a feeling Lynette might become his next one when she discovers who he really is.

    Some good storylines developing for each housewife; especially Bree. I love the dynamics of the relationship between her and Andrew.

    Why these are getting lower ratings than usual, I don't know.
  • Well done

    I didn't see the promotion. I find abc's promotions in general over the top and I usually ignore them. So the look on the greasy kids face was intense. I'm still thinking about it. This is desperate housewives so I imagine there is something else going on with this kid psychologically. I just hope that it is something obscure that has not been done anymore. Making him younger just makes more of an impact. We often think of teens as trouble but still relatively innocent. If there is something inside them like this, they don't act on it until much later. I did not like the way the Patrick storyline went. It was predictable. I ignored those two scenes. Patrick would not kill his son......
  • If this episode literally scores a 6 or something, I'm gonna scream.

    It was really good! I loved all the storylines and throughout the hour there were plenty of twists and turns. I hate how Eddie is the strangler. I saw that coming instantly. As much as I hate Irina, I felt bad for her since she died. I'm so glad they didn't go overboard with her 'secret', because that would've been ridiculous. I can't believe Bob and Lee literally broke up! And I knew that Gaby was gonna wreck her friendship and stuff with them if she backed out. Bree's storyline is finally developing, I just wish I knew where it was going. On a sidenote, I'm sick of these episodes getting abysmal ratings. Get a grip. It's a lot better than season five. Why are you giving the episodes like 1.0's?
  • Okay but not as "shocking" as ABC would have us believe.

    Not too bad in the various plotlines with the Gabby one jarring as it's a bit much to think Lee and Bob would break up over her refusal to give them her eggs. Those two seemed truly commited, hard to believe it could end like that. The Lynette plot ended well as we all saw it coming how Irina was a scam artist and having Preston listen to her confession was cliche. But did love Lynette saying "I'll see you in church" and then her statement to Preston to "don't wait long because I already miss you." Great work by Huffman there. The Bree plot was a bit convoulted over the Sam/Andrew battles although just like her to ruin a whole dinner to save her reputation. I did like how Orson uses Andrew's own inability to pull off a devious plan as proof of his innocence and Bree suspecting Sam is intriguing. The Susan/Mike plot was a bit dull with her trying to salve his pride and even his statement over being broke wasn't enough to make it really notable. The big one was the revealation of the strangler and it's truly cheap to have it be a character who's popped up in about two episodes. This had a set-up for something big but now seems a plotline coming out of left field after so long even if it was used to get rid of Irina. So despite how big it seemed, just didn't connect well despite the small bits.
  • The season's stories begin to wind as Porter doesn't make it down the aisle,thanks to Lynette and the IRS,Gabi's attempts at being a good friend results in disaster, Danny makes a new 'friend' at the coffee shop and the Wisteria Lane killer is revealed.

    I am astounded by this show. It has not failed to surprise me, make me laugh, and look forward to each episode with anticipation. Even with this episode, the puzzles of Wisteria Lane in Season Six are finally unravelling, and it has been orchestrated in hilarious and well - written fashion. The lengths Lynette will go to to prove a point or to make sure the truth comes out usually ends up with quite funny results. After proving to Porter that his wife to be Irina is a fake, that story concludes - tying in with the seasons' central story. Which is who is the killer / attacker on Wisteria Lane? I have to say I am shocked at the outcome. The writing is so precise that the events at the end of the episode have set the pace for yet another unforgettable Housewives finale. Most shows lose their charm at some point, or have a low season. Housewives has maintained its charm, humour and creative storylines that got us all hooked in the first place. I am very pleased to hear that it has been renewed for another season!