Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 10

Welcome to Kanagawa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on ABC
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In the aftermath of the tornado, the residents of Wisteria Lane try to rebuild their lives. Lynette faces the possibility that her family members may have perished under Mrs. McCluskey's wrecked house, and Katherine gives Adam (guest star Nathan Fillion) an ultimatum: he has to leave their house. In the meantime, Gabrielle prepares to collect her inheritance after her husband's death, not aware of the fact that Carlos is keeping a secret from her, and Bree tries to set up her gay contractor (guest star J.C. MacKenzie as Walter Bierlich) with her son Andrew. Susan feels miserable now that Mike is in rehab, and Dylan comes closer and closer to learning the truth about her family's past...moreless

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  • the aftermath

    this was another increiable episode from desperate housewives 4th season, there were a few shocking moments in this episodes, discovering that carlous is blind was a shocker i wonder how gaby is going to react when as finds out the truth

    another shocking moment was when we learn that ida greenberg is dead, this was pretty sad she was a really entertaining character, i thought the storyline with lynette and karen was really sweet as lynette reliases that she should apreicate karen will she is here

    Susan bree had a funny storyline this week i think its a good idea having theses to characters living together overall a great episode with a killer cliffhangermoreless
  • The residents of Wisteria Lane deal with the aftermath of the tornado.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines were great, but I would definitely have to say that Bree's story line was definitely my favorite, especially the whole thing about her trying set Andrew up with the middle-aged contractor. I also really liked Lynette's story line too. Gabrielle also had some great moments in this episode that were really funny, especially the scene in the dead accountant's garage when she's going through all his papers. I also thought that Bob and Lee's scenes were great too. I wish that they were featured more on the show. I thought that this episode was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. All things considered this definitely was an amazing episode of Desperate Housewives.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 10.

    This episode was AMAZING! It kept you on the edge of your seat, even though the fate of the Scavo children was revealed early on in the episode. It provided a great conclusion to the tornado episode, which is probably the best episode in the history of "Desperate Housewives." The acting was amazing, especially by Felicity Huffman, who is always amazing, and Marcia Cross. It revealed that Ida Greenberg died, which was OK because she was only a minor character, but still such an important part of the show. She was the one that found the BBQ fork in Bree's belly in the premiere, which was hilarious. This episode goes down in "Desperate Housewives" history, and Ida Greenberg will certainly be missed.moreless
  • 410

    After the stunning episode a month ago we got the conclusion here, and the verdict has to be a letdown. To not have a major death in the tornado was a disappointment, a huge disappointment, when the episode was billed as the greatest Desperate Housewives ever (and it very well may have been.)

    The Katherine, Dylan and Adam storyline is really interesting, and is breathing some fresh air into this show. I do not want to say things are getting bored, but this is what the show needed, so this storyline came around at the right time for D House.moreless
  • "- You're pimping me out for a new roof?! - And windows."

    It was short, but season four marks the big comeback of Desperate Housewives...

    After an emotional and shocking episode that left us guessing for a month, we got a nice, funny and revealing episode that kinda wraps up the season...

    Bree and her family were left without a roof, so Susan took them in... At first she hated it, but when Bree started doing her magical work, she wasn't ready to let her go when Bree and Orson tried to get their contractor back... And that was the funniest storyline... The scene at the dinner table with Bree, Orson, Andrew and the contractor was absolutely hilarious.

    Lynette was lucky because the firemen found Tom and the kids alive, but poor Ida died, and when her family came to pick up her stuff, only to sell them on eBay, and to take her ashes, she just had to do something about it... So she switched the ashes and scattered them all over the baseball field, and that was the second highlight of the episode - with Mrs. McClusky saying that poem and the guards chasing Lynette while she's scattering the ashes...

    Gaby's storyline was kinda boring, but I LOLed when she was in that garage and she accidentally opened it and started screaming "Why do people die?? Why?!" :D

    Oh yes, and the new people :D I keep forgetting their names, but finally, that little piece of paper was found and the daughter took it out of the fire and read it... Hopefully, it's something shocking and twisted...

    Overall, I really liked the episode... After a dramatic episode, I really wanted a funny and relaxing one... And that's exactly what I got... Like I said in the beginning, season 4 was the shortest, but it marks the big comeback of Desperate Housewives... After a season and a half of being kinda boring, this year they came back better than ever... Hopefully they'll be able to keep it up next fall... :)moreless
Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

Milton Lang

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Adam Kulbersh


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Meredith Scott Lynn


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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

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Kathryn Joosten

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Tuc Watkins

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This episode confirms that four characters have died as a result of the tornado: Ida Greenberg, who was crushed by Mrs. McCluskey's wrecked house; Victor Lang, who had a piece of a white picket fence stab him through the gut; Sylvia Greene, who was blown away; and Al Kaminsky, who was killed in a car accident while trying to escape the storm.

    • When Kayla walks out from the debris at Mrs. McCluskey's house in the beginning of the episode, she sees Lynette and yells "mom". This is the first time in the show Kayla refers to Lynette as a parental figure.

    • Kathryn Joosten (Mrs. McCluskey) suggests that if they "start asking God to take care of our folks, He might just help us out... Once you get to my age you find it a lot easier to believe that God really does answer prayer." Kathryn Joosten played God in the series "Joan of Arcadia".

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Milton: The service is starting. And it's time for you to go.
      Gabrielle: Go? You can't kick me out of my husband's funeral!
      Milton: I think it's appropriate, given the circumstances.
      Gabrielle: Go to hell!
      Milton: I'll be delivering the eulogy. If you're still in this funeral when I reach the public, I am going to be telling all of these people that you are a cheating, lying whore. You see? I told you it was going to be an emotional day.

    • Milton: You're not getting a dime. Victor showed me the photographs of you and your ex-husband. You broke his heart. You humiliated him. So you'll inherit exactly what you deserve: nothing.
      Gabrielle: Okay. I made a mistake. I'm sorry. But Victor wasn't entirely blameless. He ignored me, he used me politically, oh, yeah, and he tried to kill Carlos. So I think I'm entitled to whatever he had.
      Milton: Ah, there's the thing. You married a man from a very rich family, the operative word being "family". Everything is in my name. Always was.

    • Julie: (Welcoming her mother home) Welcome to heaven.
      Susan: Don't talk, I'm smelling it.

    • (Gabrielle is at Al's wake)
      Gabrielle: Excuse me. Are you Al's wife? I'm Gabrielle Lang.
      Al's wife: You're the mayor's wife. Of course, I recognize you.
      Gabrielle: So, I was shocked to hear about Al. I can't remember the last time I was so devastated.
      Al's wife: Didn't you just bury your husband yesterday?
      Gabrielle: That sucked too. So, what happened to Al?
      Al's wife: He was driving home, trying to beat the storm, and he ran into a down power line and his car burst into flames... (starts sobbing)
      Gabrielle: Oh sweetie, don't... (they embrace) I want you to remember Al like I do. At his desk, with a big smile on his face, surrounded by all those files... By the way, where are those files?
      Al's wife: I cleared out his office.
      Gabrielle: Oh, I bet that was hard. So where'd you put 'em?
      Al's wife: In the garage.
      Gabrielle: Which is...
      Al's wife: In the back.
      Gabrielle: Well, look at me, monopolizing the widow. (they stop embracing) You go mingle. I'm gonna get you a cracker. (runs off)

    • (After knowing that his mother is setting him up with an older man)
      Andrew: What're you doing?
      Bree: I'm just trying to stay out of the way of the sparks that are flying!
      Andrew: Sparks? The man's twice my age!
      Bree: Yes, but he's also… He's got a great… sense of… (she can't find a single quality to say about him. Andrew looks at her) Okay. Do you know how hard it is to find a good contractor?!

    • Mary Alice: It had been seven days since a tornado devastated Wisteria Lane (Edie is going through the wreckage that the tornado caused). And the residents continued to pick up the pieces of their lives (Susan is picking up some clothes from the ground). Some salvaged precious friendships (Susan and Bree look at each other and smile), some uncovered colorful histories (Lynette is looking through Ida's things), others found challenges they hadn't expected (The doctor is examining Carlos' eye at the hospital). And then...(Dylan is cleaning the fireplace, she picks up the pieces of the note that her mother had torn up) there was one girl, who stumbled upon the truth she'd long been searching for, wish she hadn't (Dylan puts the pieces together and reads them, and is completely shocked by what she read).

    • Mrs. McCluskey: That's a lesson we all gotta learn over and over: Appreciate people while we still got them.

    • (After realizing they've lost their off-shore money and they're now poor)
      Gabrielle: I know this is bad but.. we have each other. We'll get married again and.. everything will be fine. For richer for poorer right?
      (Now that he lost his sight, Carlos hints about his disability, which Gabby hasn't found out about yet, without getting her suspicious)
      Carlos: In sickness and in health.

    • Susan: (about Bree) That Walter guy needs to stay miserable, because if he's not, he'll fix her roof and then she'll leave us!

    • Andrew: Fine. For you, I will flirt, I will flatter and I will charm.
      Bree: (with joy) Bless you.
      Andrew: But in exchange, I expect a 60-inch flat screen TV.
      Bree: Fine. And if you get him to come in on time and under budget, I'll throw in surround sound.

    • Susan: (after smelling the sock that Bree washed) Oh, my God! I wanna eat that!

    • Julie: Why did you agree to let her stay?
      Susan: How do you say no to someone in need? (Julie doesn't respond) That wasn't rhetorical.

    • Mrs. McCluskey: (talking about Ida's ashes) Let's dump her. And try not to stand downwind.

    • Bree: This is a conversation that could benefit from some homemade chocolate chip cookies.
      Susan: Can I have milk too?

    • Edie: Well, you should be saying, "Lynette, this could end badly, so you should start preparing yourself for that now".
      Bree: Edie, if you say that to Lynette, so help me God, I will wring your neck!
      Susan: And I will help her!

    • Mary Alice: Once the tornado had passed, it began. A man gave his coat to a stranger in need. A woman shared her food with those just passing by. A teenager reunited a dog with its worried owner. These are the things that happen in the wake of any great disaster. People start to perform small acts of kindness. They do what they can to help. All the while knowing, it won't be enough.

    • Karen McCluskey:
      "Do not stand at my grave and weep
      I'm not there, I do not sleep
      I am a thousand winds that blow
      I am the diamond glints of snow

      I am the sunlight on ripened grain
      I am the gentle autumn's rain
      Do not stand at my grave and cry
      I am not there, I did not die."

    • Bree: I hope you don't mind that I made dinner...
      Susan: I hope you don't mind that I'm going to kiss you!
      Bree: Ooh, you're funny...

    • (While spreading Ida's ashes)
      Lynette: Damn it, Karen, I'm running out of Ida.

    • Bree: (to Andrew) You can raise a man's hopes without satisfying them, I've done it all my life.

    • Andrew: You're pimping me out for a new roof?
      Bree: And windows!

    • Bree: Oh, and Julie, I fixed the hem on that blue skirt of yours, it's on your bed.
      Julie: (talking to Susan all excited) My hem is fixed! She's like the mother I never had! Oh, no offense!
      Susan: (all happy and excited) Oh, none taken!

    • Bree: (about Andrew) Andrew here, happens to be an outted and proud homosexual.
      Orson: He's here, he's queer, and we're used to it.

    • (As Lynette is being pursued by security guards while scattering Ida's ashes on the baseball field)
      Karen McCluskey: Run, Jane Doe, run!

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vítejte v Kanagawě (Welcome to Kanagawa)
      Slovakia: Čo prinieslo tornádo (What Tornado Brought)

    • Submissions for the 2008 Emmy Awards:
      Andrea Bowen submitted this episode for consideration of her work in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actress - Comedy Series".
      Zane Huett also submitted this episode for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy Series".
      Kathryn Joosten submitted this episode for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Guest Actress - Comedy Series". She eventually won the award.

    • This is the first episode in the series where the Danny Elfman composed Desperate Housewives theme song is not featured in the opening credits.

    • This was the last episode shot and produced before production on Desperate Housewives shut down due to the Writers Strike. It would have served as the season finale if it continued longer.

    • Although credited, James Denton (Mike Delfino) and Joy Lauren (Danielle Van de Kamp) are absent from this episode.


    • The poem that Mrs. McCluskey recites at the baseball field in honor of her friend Ida is "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep", by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

    • Bree: Walter, I'm begging you, please. I'm living like a vagabond in a teenage girl's bedroom. I'm sleeping under a poster of Orlando Bloom. You can't leave me!

      Orlando Bloom is an English actor, born on January 13th 1977. He had his big break in 2001. In fact in that year he played his most successful role in the "Lord of the ring" movie.

    • Episode Title: "Welcome to Kanagawa" is from a song in the Stephen Sondheim musical "Pacific Overtures" and from the Great Wave off Kanagawa painting, which would have left great destruction in Kanagawa.