Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 10

Welcome to Kanagawa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

After the tornado struck, Lynette Scavo and her friends wait to find out what happened to her family after Mrs. McCluskey's house collapsed on them. Lynette is worried sick about her husband and children, and her friends try to console her, despite Edie thinking that they should prepare her for the worst. The women take a moment of silence as Lynette gets her face cleaned up. Then, one by one, starting with Penny and ending with Kayla, Lynette's children are pulled out of the wrecked house. Everyone waits for Tom to get out, and he finally does. The whole Scavo family hugs, and Lynette's friends and neighbors bask in happiness. But Mrs. McCluskey asks Tom where Ida is, and he shakes his head silently, letting everyone know she didn't make it. Mrs. McCluskey feels saddened by this, and Edie quietly grabs her hand in a compassionate act.

The morning after the big storm, the residents of Wisteria Lane started sorting through the destructed street trying to pick up the shattered remains of their lives. Bob Hunter found part of his fountain in the middle of the street, Bree Hodge found her lawn mower next to her coffee table, and Kayla Scavo discovered her music box in a tree, the same tree that held the dead body of Sylvia Greene. At the coroner's office, Adam and Katherine identify Sylvia, and Katherine tells Adam that she wants him out of her house.

Three days later, Lynette and Karen are sorting through Ida's things, trying to get everything boxed up so her niece and nephew can take them with them. Ida has been cremated, and Mrs. McCluskey is keeping the ashes. Lynette discovers that Ida was a baseball player during World War II. Parker comes in and says he wants to help, because Mrs. Greenberg saved his life. Lynette asks him what he's talking about. Parker says that when the house started to shake, Mrs. Greenberg told them to get under the stairs, that they would be safe there. But then, there wasn't enough room for Ida. Lynette is upset by this, because Ida Greenberg sacrificed herself to save the Scavo family. When Erica and Carter, Ida's niece and nephew, come to pick up her things, Lynette learns they want to take the pearl necklace Ida promised Karen, they don't want to take the rest of her stuff (the things they can't sell on eBay) and they're not going to scatter their aunt's ashes across a baseball field like she wanted to. Lynette then deposits Ida's ashes in a plastic bag and fills the urn with the dust she took off a vacuum cleaner. She gives the urn to Ida's niece and nephew, and they drive off. Later, Lynette and Karen meet at the baseball field where Ida used to play, and break in, trying to scatter her ashes. They are caught by security guards, and are let go with a warning. Karen tells Lynette people should appreciate other people while they're still around.

Bree and Orson are moving in with Susan and Julie for a while. Susan is mortified because she remembers what it was like living in Bree's house after her house was burnt down by Edie. With Bree, everything had to be perfect. When Susan arrives home one night, she learns that Bree is the perfect guest, for she has taken care of all the chores, and even cooked for them. Bree meets with Bob and Lee, who are consoling Walter Bierlich, a contractor Bree hired. Walter tells Bree he can't work on her house anymore, and then he leaves. Bob and Lee say it's because Walter has just had his heart broken. Bree learns Walter is gay, and then she invites him for dinner, trying to set him up with her son Andrew. When Andrew learns what is going on, he becomes angry at his mother for pimping him out for a roof. Bree promises him a new television with surround sound if he plays along. Julie overhears the conversation and shares what she heard with her mother. Susan can't possibly let Bree go that easily, since she has made everything around the house so perfect ever since she arrived. Susan goes downstairs to have dessert with them, and tries to ruin Bree's plan by making Walter realize that Andrew is too young for him. Walter leaves, admitting it just wouldn't work, and an infuriated Bree confronts Susan after she fails to get Walter back. Susan admits she didn't want Bree to go home so soon, because her life is falling appart, with a baby on its way and a husband in rehab, and having Bree around making everything so perfect just let her mind forget the fact that her life isn't perfect, far from that, actually. Bree forgives Susan, and prepares chocolate chip cookies for her. With milk.

Gabrielle attends Victor's funeral, and Milton meets with her. Gabrielle looks fine, despite the fact that her husband recently passed away. Milton tells Gabrielle that the reading of the will is that day, and then he tells her that she is not getting a dime. Gabrielle replies by saying that she was his wife and that he was an awful husband, therefore she deserves whatever it his he had. Milton then says that Victor came from a very rich family, which is why everything was in Milton's name. He then asks Gaby to leave, and if she won't when he delivers the eulogy, he will let everyone present know what a horrible person she is. Gabrielle leaves the church, much to everyone's surprise. Later, she meets with Carlos at the hospital, to tell him about what happened at the funeral and what happened during the storm, when she and Edie lost the files to access the money, that were blown away by the winds. Gabrielle wants to meet with Carlos' accountant again, but then learns he died during the storm as well. Gabrielle tries to access the files, but can't, because Al's wife shredded everything that was related to illegal accounts. Gabrielle comforts Carlos by saying they don't the money, that they can still get remarried. After Gaby leaves his room, Dr. Dunlap comes him and we learn that Carlos lost his sight during the storm.

Adam is preparing to leave the house, much to Dylan's dismay. She wants Katherine to leave instead, since she always has to win. Adam finds the curled piece of paper aunt Lillian left before she died, and hands to Katherine, angry at her for lying to him and for letting him think her ex-husband was responsible for what had happened, when it was really all her fault. An emotional Katherine rips up the paper and throws it in the fireplace. The next morning, Dylan picks up the burnt pieces of paper, and is horrifed by what she reads.