Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 10

Welcome to Kanagawa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • the aftermath

    this was another increiable episode from desperate housewives 4th season, there were a few shocking moments in this episodes, discovering that carlous is blind was a shocker i wonder how gaby is going to react when as finds out the truth
    another shocking moment was when we learn that ida greenberg is dead, this was pretty sad she was a really entertaining character, i thought the storyline with lynette and karen was really sweet as lynette reliases that she should apreicate karen will she is here
    Susan bree had a funny storyline this week i think its a good idea having theses to characters living together overall a great episode with a killer cliffhanger
  • The residents of Wisteria Lane deal with the aftermath of the tornado.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines were great, but I would definitely have to say that Bree's story line was definitely my favorite, especially the whole thing about her trying set Andrew up with the middle-aged contractor. I also really liked Lynette's story line too. Gabrielle also had some great moments in this episode that were really funny, especially the scene in the dead accountant's garage when she's going through all his papers. I also thought that Bob and Lee's scenes were great too. I wish that they were featured more on the show. I thought that this episode was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. All things considered this definitely was an amazing episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • Season 4, Episode 10.

    This episode was AMAZING! It kept you on the edge of your seat, even though the fate of the Scavo children was revealed early on in the episode. It provided a great conclusion to the tornado episode, which is probably the best episode in the history of "Desperate Housewives." The acting was amazing, especially by Felicity Huffman, who is always amazing, and Marcia Cross. It revealed that Ida Greenberg died, which was OK because she was only a minor character, but still such an important part of the show. She was the one that found the BBQ fork in Bree's belly in the premiere, which was hilarious. This episode goes down in "Desperate Housewives" history, and Ida Greenberg will certainly be missed.
  • 410

    After the stunning episode a month ago we got the conclusion here, and the verdict has to be a letdown. To not have a major death in the tornado was a disappointment, a huge disappointment, when the episode was billed as the greatest Desperate Housewives ever (and it very well may have been.)

    The Katherine, Dylan and Adam storyline is really interesting, and is breathing some fresh air into this show. I do not want to say things are getting bored, but this is what the show needed, so this storyline came around at the right time for D House.
  • "- You're pimping me out for a new roof?! - And windows."

    It was short, but season four marks the big comeback of Desperate Housewives...

    After an emotional and shocking episode that left us guessing for a month, we got a nice, funny and revealing episode that kinda wraps up the season...

    Bree and her family were left without a roof, so Susan took them in... At first she hated it, but when Bree started doing her magical work, she wasn't ready to let her go when Bree and Orson tried to get their contractor back... And that was the funniest storyline... The scene at the dinner table with Bree, Orson, Andrew and the contractor was absolutely hilarious.

    Lynette was lucky because the firemen found Tom and the kids alive, but poor Ida died, and when her family came to pick up her stuff, only to sell them on eBay, and to take her ashes, she just had to do something about it... So she switched the ashes and scattered them all over the baseball field, and that was the second highlight of the episode - with Mrs. McClusky saying that poem and the guards chasing Lynette while she's scattering the ashes...

    Gaby's storyline was kinda boring, but I LOLed when she was in that garage and she accidentally opened it and started screaming "Why do people die?? Why?!" :D

    Oh yes, and the new people :D I keep forgetting their names, but finally, that little piece of paper was found and the daughter took it out of the fire and read it... Hopefully, it's something shocking and twisted...

    Overall, I really liked the episode... After a dramatic episode, I really wanted a funny and relaxing one... And that's exactly what I got... Like I said in the beginning, season 4 was the shortest, but it marks the big comeback of Desperate Housewives... After a season and a half of being kinda boring, this year they came back better than ever... Hopefully they'll be able to keep it up next fall... :)
  • Season 4, Episode 10.

    Ah, the aftermath of the tornado. Episodes like this on OTH aren't usually good, but thankfully, they are on DH. I just didn't like Lynette's storyline. I loved that Ida died. I didn't have anything against her, but I just like that they did that. The Scavo kids are all OK, as well as Tom. I really enjoyed this episode. The acting, as always, was incredible. I kind of felt a little bad for Gabby since she's not getting any of Victor's money. But I loved when she went to Al's wake and searched his garage. Haha. Definitely an excellent episode, to add to the already excellent fourth season. =]
  • SPOILERS!! Brilliant conclusion to the tornado - although I wish Kayla stayed under the rubble with Ida!!

    I was so relieved the Scavos survived, except for one...but was a little disappointed that they were rescued so quickly leaving Lynette to chase around a baseball pitch with Ida's ashes for the rest of the episode albeit it was fun seeing Karen and Lynette bond! But what about the other Scavos?

    Anyway, Gaby, calculating as usual is always fun to see, Carlos is BLIND? From that little slap to the side of his face by a piece of masonry? C'mon! Susan and Bree are a delight to watch and Orson's line: He's here, he's queer and we're used to it, was freakin' hilarious. Also, both Adam and Dylan learn a piece of the mystery but we don't unfortunately which shocks Katherine to the core...

    As a U.K. viewer who watched the first look on E4, I am heartbroken that E4 showed a preview of 'next week's' episode only to say that Desperate Housewives will return in the autumn after Big Brother. I am thoroughly upset at this obvious taunt!!
  • After The Storm Written by Jamie Gorenberg And Jordan Nardino Directed by Larry Shaw

    Karen (to Lynette): "I know what you're thinking but don't. If you had been there it wouldn't have made one bit of difference".

    When the whole town of Wisteria Lane suffers the effects of a tornado in one episode, it's only natural that the next episode would be dedicated to the aftermath of such events. After all, we were left with one almighty cliff-hanger.

    Lynette's been through a lot in such a short space of time this season. She's had to battle cancer, deal with her mother as well as her unfeeling sisters and now there's a possibility that she could lose either Tom or one of the kids if not all of them.

    Okay truth be told, I get that while this show enjoys taking some risks, it's very doubtful that the writers would be this cruel to Lynette. I mean it's not like Wisteria Lane has suddenly become Albert Square (perish the thought) but hey, props to the writers for teasing the possibility of things turning bad.

    In the opener we have the other woman argue between trying to give Lynette false hope and preparing her for the worst. Naturally it's Edie who seems to more game for the latter response but even this is out of concern rather than malice. Edie might not be the kindest of people recently but she is right to think the worst. We all know that Lynette is after all.

    Fortunately, it turns out that the worst hasn't happened to Lynette. One by one all the kids and Tom emerge from the ruins of Karen's house. As a viewer, I'll admit that I'm pleased mainly because Lynette's my favourite of the housewives and also because the character has suffered more than enough in my opinion.

    However not everyone gets to live another day as the promise of a friend dying turns out to be Ida. Apparently the poor dear became a casualty in making sure that Tom and the kids were out of harm's way and the always sensitive Parker is quick to drop that little nugget on Lynette and Karen.

    It's funny that although Ida has been on the series since the first half of Season One, as a character there was still quite a bit we didn't know about her. In fact all I can remember is that she might have been an alcoholic and judging by the previous episode, she was considered a genuine friend by Karen.

    Knowing that Ida's demise saved her family, Lynette's in a plausibly philosophical mood and openly wonders what might have been if Ida had survived. Because Karen isn't exactly the sentimental type, Lynette's musings are quickly shot down but the impact of Ida's death does run throughout the episode with Lynette and Karen.

    For instance Lynette takes it upon herself to help Karen in cleaning Ida's house and we soon learn that the woman led a colourful life. On the funny side of things, this colourful life also seemed devoid of scandal which for a resident in Fairview must be quite an accomplishment.

    The other sad fact about Ida's passing is that it brings two vile relatives in the shape of Erica and Carter. They're Ida's nephew and niece and more concerned with what they can get rather than their aunt passing away. Actually to be more spot on, they come across as rather like caricatures.

    They're openly nasty to both Lynette and Karen with little to no reason and instead of respecting Ida's wishes; they fixate on their own agenda. Lynette doesn't take kindly to this and ends up swapping Ida's ashes for dust. Normally you could scold Lynette for this but the likelihood of Carter and Erica doing the right thing even with Ida's ashes didn't look likely.

    Lynette might not have had any close relationship with Ida but given that the woman saved her family, it's nice to see Lynette go to extremes to respect the woman's dying wishes. Scattering her ashes in a baseball field with Karen is a great moment for both of them, even if they do get arrested for doing it.

    One of the highlights of this episode is that Lynette and Karen's relationship seems to get stronger here. I think Karen appreciated Lynette's steely determination in doing right by Ida and although rather cheesy, Lynette is once again given a reason to feel blessed that she (along with her family) is alive.

    Of course she isn't the only who has big things to deal with. Bree might not have had the horror of wondering whether any family members were alive or dead but she did find her home destroyed (though nowhere near as bad as Karen's) and had to move herself, Orson and Benjamin in with Susan and Julie.

    The idea of homemaker Bree and eternal klutz Susan sharing a house together has all the trapping of some fun but predictable comedy and the writers don't exactly hold back with the plot either. I guess some things are just too good to resist when you think about it.

    Susan might love Bree as a friend but she wasn't exactly jumping for joy about sharing her house with her. However she soon changed her tune when Bree started cooking gourmet meals. Hell, Susan even quipped about her oven actually being used and given how well documented it is that Susan is such a lousy cook, I'm surprised that Bree didn't have to dust it down before she started cooking.

    However if Susan didn't want to share with Bree, then clearly the feeling was mutual. Bree couldn't wait to get back to her own house and when Bob and Lee happen to mention that Walter the contractor broke up with his boyfriend, Bree had no problem in using Andrew to get Walter back to working on her home.

    Now I like Bree and there are times when her unorthodox methods for getting things done are amusing but pimping out your own kid to get your home fixed up is rather sleazy, even when played for laughs. Worse still is that Andrew is willing to go along with it, even though he's supposed to have left his rent boy past in the past.

    Fortunately while that plot may reek of nausea, I will commend Walter for having some self-respect. Bob and Lee might not rate him as a stunner and while Walter strikes me as a bloke with a few self-esteem issues, it seems he's not really into younger guys or at least not Andrew to fall for Bree's little trick.

    It also didn't help that Susan decided to sabotage Bree's as well. If you thought she put her foot in it with Lee in "If There's Anything I Can't Stand", then she truly excels herself by virtually tearing at Walter's self-esteem and bringing up some of Andrew's personal history. At least this time it was actually deliberate which only goes to prove that Susan's not entirely soft in the head.

    The reason behind this bold sabotage though is understandable. With Mike in rehab, Susan's craving a form of stability and having Bree as homemaker extraordinaire gives her that. She even honestly opens up to Bree about her behaviour and in a sweet scene; Bree conveys the sympathy that Susan needs.

    I do feel bad for Susan and while I understand why she did what she did, I will admit that it mightn't hurt Susan to be a little self-reliant too. Opening up to Bree was great but she's also going to have to deal with Mike being away like an adult too.

    As for Gabrielle and Carlos, the best thing I can tell you about their plot this week is that Edie is kept well away from it. Given the amount of damage that she's attempted, this is more than a good thing but it doesn't mean that things are looking up for the selfish duo either.

    No in fact, losing the documents for the Caiman island accounts was bad enough for the pair financially but Gabby getting nothing out of Victor really must have stung. Given that I wouldn't wish Gabrielle on my worst enemy, her ability of being a dreadful wife hasn't gone unnoticed by Milton.

    Unlike Victor, Milton is a lot more clever in getting even with Gabrielle. Not only does he take great delight in pointing out that she's left with nothing but he's also able to shame her into leaving Victor's funeral. A part of me does actually feel a bit sorry for Gabrielle, mainly because underneath it all, Victor was a jerk but at the same time, it's not like she didn't deserve it either.

    However one thing that she doesn't deserve is Carlos being blind. That's the unfortunate outcome of his own injuries of the tornado and unsurprisingly enough, it's also one that he's not particularly keen on sharing with Gabrielle. Could it be that he's right in fearing that if Gabby knew his blindness was permanent she would leave him? I don't blame Carlos for having that fear. It shows sense on his part.

    Speaking of fears, Adam's came true last week when Katherine discovered that he did sleep with crazy Sylvia and even though the woman is dead, Katherine still wants him to leave. No offence but while I don't condone cheating, I still get why Adam chose to cheat on her. Katherine is almost too cold and unfeeling. Even Bree wasn't this anally retentative in the first season.

    However while Katherine might like to think she's morally superior, Adam soon gets wind that she's not whiter than white. Basically he finds the letter Aunt Lily scribed before kicking the bucket and effectively dumps Katherine. Whatever the hell she did, it's obviously bad enough for both Adam to reclaim the moral high ground and for Dylan to shriek in disgust when she finds remains of it. Any chance it involves Dylan's father?

    Also in "Welcome To Kanagawa"

    The previously on bit just focused on the tornado. Like I mentioned earlier, there's no way they could've time skipped with this one.

    Adam: "So I guess this is over".
    Katherine: "The fact that she's dead doesn't change the fact you slept with her".

    We saw Bob and Lee's lame fountain destroyed among wreckage as well as a lawnmower of Bree's and Kayla's music box.

    Susan (to Julie, re Bree): "How do you say no to a person in need? That wasn't a rhetorical question. What do you have?"

    Gabrielle: "I guess there's nothing disrespectful about a ball point figure. Which is?"
    Milton: "You won't be getting a dime".

    Gabby began to use the same excuses about Victor that she did about Carlos as well to Milton.

    Bree: "Walter's gay?"
    Lee: "Yes. Some of them build homes and decorate them. Sometimes God gives with both hands".

    Julie (re Bree): "Duck a la range. She says it's making a comeback".
    Susan: "And my oven is making it's debut".

    The only housewives that Bob and Lee have yet to share a scene with are Gabrielle and Edie. I'm betting they get on with at least one of those women.

    Karen: "I have it. She promised me it if she kicked the bucket first".
    Erica: "Do you have that in writing?"

    Bree (to Walter): "Andrew's also an out and proud homosexual".
    Orson: "He's here, he's queer and we're used to it".
    Andrew: "Since when?"

    Now that Susan has brought up Justin, I have to admit that I was disappointed that we didn't get a reason as to why him and Andrew haven't patched things up.

    Bree (to Andrew): "You can raise a man's hopes without satisfying them. I've done it all my life".

    Doctor: "She's not going to leave you because you lost sight".
    Carlos: "You don't know Gabby".
    In terms of the main cast, everyone with the exception of Mike and Danielle were in this episode.

    Adam (to Katherine): "We're about even in the betrayal department. In fact I think you win".

    Chronology: This episode takes place where "Something's Coming" left off.

    After such a powerful episode, I was prepared for "Welcome To Kanagawa" to be a little bit disappointing but this was an incredible follow up and yet another well written character episode to boot. Looking forward to the post-writer's strike episodes all the more.
  • I loved that episode! It was just amazing.

    I can't decide which episode is better – this one or the previous one with the tornado. The two episodes were different, but both of them were absolutely amazing. I loved Bree in that episode :) Most of the episodes of this season Bree was all about the baby, but now she is finally back and she's fighting for her home! And we all know how determined Bree could be, when she's fighting for her home. And I loved her jokes as well. "Please, please, please, I'm sleeping under a poster of Orlando Bloom, you HAVE to help me!" ^^ I loved Edie as well. We didn't really see much of her in that episode, but she was so funny! The things she said were rather bad and cruel, but that's just the true nature of Edie :) Lynette was totally amazing, I almost cried while I was watching her scenes. I felt so sorry for her and for Ida. And I liked how thankful and respectful Lynette was :) And I hated Susan in this episode… I usually like her, because she's nice and funny, but she did something awful in this episode. She acted like a selfish bi***!!! I kinda forgave her at the end of the episode, but she really did something wrong. I'm happy she realized it at the end.
  • Lynette faces the possibility of her family's fate, since they're buried under Mrs. McCluskey's house. Gabrielle tries to find Carlos' lost money. Dylan discovers the truth about what happened in the mysterious room. Bree stays at Susan's house.

    What an amazing episode! Despite the shocking and tragic emotional scenes, like when it was known that Ida Greenberg had died, it was a hilarious episode. Gabrielle's scene in Al's garage, Susan trying to ruin Andrew and Walter's possible relationship, Lynette spreading Ida's ashes in the baseball field, running from the cops, Bree convincing Andrew to pimp himself, among other great and funny moments. I was so glad to know that the Scavo family turned out to be alright (it was touching when Kayla left the wrecked house and called Lynette "mom"), but I felt bad for Ida's death, she was a dear character to me. Anyway, it's good that after such a long wait ( after the December 2nd episode ), we got to see such a great show. Can't wait for the next chapter!:)
  • Second parter to the exciting tornado disaster to hit Wisteria Lane. Lynette wonders if her family perished when Mrs McCluskey's house collapsed, Susan wanted Bree to stay with her as she kept her from falling apart during Mike's absence.

    This is a fine example of an amazing Desperate Housewives episode, the plot was simply amazing. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see if all the Scavo's had survived, by focusing on each housewife in their storylines it made the episode worth watching. Sadly i have to say i expected a little more with it being the second part to an amazing first parter (Something's Coming) but overall i enjoyed this episode and i could watch it over and over.

    I would have also prefered to have seen more from Edie as she hardly appeared in it.
  • An episode filled with some really emotional moments and some really hillarious moments

    The storyline with Bree and Lynette was so funny. I loved watching Bree try to set Andrew up with the gay guy, who she needed to fix her house. It was even funnier to try to watch Susan try to ruin her plan. At first I thought it was too unrealistic that Susan would want to live with Bree so much, but it all made sense that she needed stability since Mike was in rehab.

    The Lynette storyline was pretty good. I enjoyed watching her recognize how good of a friend Ida was. Watching her and Karen spread the ashes on the baseball field, illegally was so funny.

    Gabby trying to find a way to get money was pretty entertaining too. I loved how she told Carlos the news that they were broke. I was so suprised to find out that he is blind, and it should make the show very interesting.

    It seems like they made some real developments with the mystery of the season, but I wish they would just tell us what happened already. This episode was one of the funnier ones I have seen, although it seemed to get a little to unrealistic.
  • If possible i would have done "Not what i was expecting" as the classification

    For the 1st time since maybe season 1 ive been disappointed by a desperate housewives episode. After the last episode "Somethings coming" i was all excitied after the long wait to see this episode i found my self tired after a little while. As follow up storys and cliffhangers go on this show, this was deffienlty the worst ive seen so far. The acting was great and everyone was just great but the story was just SO dragged out , there was a few comical moments but well that doesnt make up for my disappointment. This was deffiently a episode where they showed that Tom had no balls too it was shameful. The beginning was deffiently heartbreaking with the whole whose alive whos not. I must say i hope the next episode (once the strike is over >.
  • Maybe not what I expected after the great tornado episode... But it was quite special...

    I was really anxious about watching this episode, specially after the great tornado one... The feeling was... I don't know, maybe it wasn't what I expected but it wasn't bad either. I really enjoyed watching it and thought sometimes "what a great show". I hope the writers strike doesn't take too much time long because I really can't believe this is the season 4 finale episode... TV world is that way but the production studios should do something about it because if they don't get to a deal soon, this could be a very bad ending for some companies... This episode left some questions on board that have to be answered before ending a season... Waiting for a great comeback...
  • And this is supposed to be season 4 finale? I spent a moth hearing about the big "Something's Coming" and they s-crew that all making a new episode that is plain pointless. I was really really disapointed! :(

    It started very well... It got worse then on. I really think that the only special thing about this episode was Lynette and the whole children thingy! After the tittle scene appears it just a stupid episode. Well I have to say that if it was a normal episode it would like it a lot, the stories were good enough! But not for a season finale!!! And of course not for the following episode to the tornado! Let's be realistic this was a stupid thing to do after something that big as the tornado episode!!! Another thing that really anoyed me was that they spent a lot saying how special and great was gonna be the season finale and all that and now they say "well... it was not a season finale... we have made another one..." And it was really bad! Besides all the stories were horrible for what it was supposed to be a season finale!

    Well I really don't know how I am gonna rate this episode. Because is not a bad episode itself but the circunstaces asked for a really special episode and a episode that should work as season finale! This was clearly not a season finale :p

    Besides the stories were funny but quite unreal. What was that Bree story? How is possible that someone can do that to his son!!!?? I don't get that... And let's see Susan! The whole "I want them to stay" was qyite unreal aswell, I mean should be another way! So I would change the two stories! I think Bree story was completely pointless and Susan could have been done diffrent!

    Gaby was better... it had some point and I liked it and it was hilarious! And Lynette was quite interesting aswell...

    Well it's time to rate the episode... should I do it like a season finale or what?
  • Sadly starting, revealing ending.

    Again, a great episode of the ladies of Wisteria Lane, or should I say, what rest of Wisteria lane.

    After tornado, everything is broke, destroy or gone. Bree and family is moving to Susan´s house, and she is really happy about that, because- you know Bree... she´s the perfect guess, and the mother you´ll never have.

    Gaby founds her husband dead(the mayor), and Carlos is at the hospital, unfortunately for their, they lost the documents about the Carlos´s money and, may be, their are gonna be "not rich" anymore. The surprise, is that at the end of the episode, we found out that Carlos is blind,(I hope not forever), but seems to be difficult to him, and of course for Gaby.

    And, the best of the episode for me, is the poem that is read ed in the funeral of Ida. Yes, she died after the tornado saving Linet´s family.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep
    I am a thousand winds that blow
    I am the diamond glints on snow
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain
    I am the gentle autumn rain
    Do not stand at my grave and cry
    I am not there. I did not die
  • After tornado...

    ...a lot of things are changed...
    I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I found out that no major character died, since Mary Alice's speech at the end of the previous episode made me think that Tom or Carlos would have died in the tornado, Ida was a secondary character, I don't really think it was a significant loss.
    Anyway, Carlos' new "condition" can be interesting for future developments, even if I think that sooner or later he'll return "normal". Gaby was quite hilarious, best humour part of the episode goes to her in my opinion.
    Bree at Susan's was a funny idea too, while I didn't like the "pimping" thing with Andrew, not as brilliant as other situations DH showed in the past.
    A huge step forward has been made concerning Dylan and her mother's secret past, now I'm really curious to uncover it, hoping that it will be satisfying and worth all this suspence.
  • Great way to start the new year!

    After being gone so long I was wondering if the season was over. However, Desperate Housewives, made an extraordinary comeback. After the tornado hit Wisteria Lane, the ladies try to get their lives back in order. Bree moves in with Susan. Susan is not at all looking forward to the new change, but welcomes it after Bree begins taking care of her. She even sabbotages Bree's efforts to get her homosexual contractor to quickly fix their roof. Lynette and Karen have become great friends, especially after Ida's passing. Lynette makes a new decision to get to know her neighbors much better, so that she may appreciate them and their lives. She also grant's Ida's last request which was to be spread over the ballpark. Gabby finds out she is not in Victor's will and that all of Victor's assets are in his father's name so she gets absolutely nothing. She is asked to leave the funeral of her own husband. She goes to Carlos and tells him that she is broke and that he is broke because of the tornado. Carlos doesn't tell her that he is blind because he is afraid she will leave him. Kathryn tries to kick out her hubby but instead he walks out on her because he finds out her little secret from her past that she has tried to hide all season. And at the very end Dylan learns the secret too.
  • Great comeback !!!

    We find out what happened after the tornado !!!

    Lynnete's family were ok, but i wished they added a little more drama to that part. Ida didnt made it, thats sad.

    Bree moved in with Susan and the house finally has a "housewife" :) with clean clothes, cooking and everything :)

    Bree is trying to fix Andrew to get her house rebuilt.

    Carlos is blind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God !!!!

    So what is the big mistery about that woman and her daughter ???? I'm getting tired of it !!!

    This episode was very good, some parts i would change and was expecting more, but overall was pretty good.
  • Welcome to Kanagawa is a Desperate Housewive's Classic.

    This episode is so full of emotions, sadness because of Ida, Humor because of Lynette and Karen spreading Ida's ashes in a funny way (also the "Im running out of Ida" I found quite funny), tear jerkers because of Karen's Poem and Susan's pain of having Mike in Rehab, she's pregant and all alone I did feel very sorry for her. We also had excitment! Especially at the end, I won't spoil anything about the ending incase anyone hasent watched it, but it is very mysterious which builds up alot of curiousity meaning we want an end to the strike!

    Welcome to Kanagawa also changed my opinion on Edie also, what really touched me was when Karen found out Ida had been crushed to death Edie went to comfert Karen by holding her hand, which I never expected Edie to do, I've taken quite a fond liking to Edie recently and I'm glad the Suicide was a fake one, this program needs her character.

    Lynette's bonding with Karen was also quite interesting, I hope to see more on this realationship.

    Anyways, If you are planning on watching it, please do it soon this episode is actually, Amazing, breathtaking and pure gold. The writers have really out done themselves this time, they deserve credit and what better way then giving them what they want and therefor ending the strike.
  • This episode has it all: emotion, comedy and character development!

    I didn't have high expectations for this episode because I knew it would be very difficult to match the greatness of the previous episode... but oh boy was I wrong!

    This episode was very emotional at first but once Lynette's family was saved, everything cheered up a bit despite Ida's death. This episode was very fun, Susan & Bree's storyline was truly hilarious and one of the season's best. Lynette has truly changed after learning that Ida died after making sure that her family was alive. Gabrielle has also changed since she decided to stay with Carlos despite being broke, but will she stay with him now that he's blind? Also Adam finds the note that Katherine's aunt wrote before and walks out on Katherine after revealing that she told him that it was her ex-husband who was responsible for it and not her... Dylan also finds the note later and wishes she never did! I can't wait to see what's in it!

    One thing that really impressed me in this episode was the excellent writing. The episode was filled with punchlines that made me like the episode even more. Also this episode was truly hilarious, the scene with Gabrielle in the garage, the scene with Lynette & Karen in the basketball field, Bree setting Andrew up with the contactor, etc... were all very funny!
  • An enjoyable episode, one that gave justice to the previous one.

    I grew to appreciate what they had to offer in this episode of Desperate Housewives. The first part was very emotional, I actually felt really sad for Lynette and Karen, but the humor of DH continued to live on not long after those sad moments.

    The aftermath of the tornado is here and a lot of changes have happened. Some have lost loved ones, some have found a new lifestyle, while other are still trying to sort things out.

    Bree and Orson have found themselves under Susan's roof. When at first, Susan seems to be disliking the idea, she soon grows to enjoy it because she has discovered the benefits of a Bree.

    Bree on the other hand needs to get her roof ready because she feels like she is being too much of a burden to Susan. As usual, she goes the extra mile to get things done.

    Lynette, guilty over the death of Ida, decides to help out Karen in sorting out her belongings. They then decide to fulfill one of Ida's wishes, and once again,another housewife goes the extra mile.

    Soon after Gabby finds out she isn't getting a penny from Victor, she decides to look for new money, and that would mean going through files of one of Carlos's old friends. Unable to do so, they decide to stick it out because even Gabby knows, true love conquers all.
  • Desperate Housewives returns to I believe the last episode filmed before the writer's strike. It wasn't as climatic or bold a resolution to the tornado that hit Wisteria Lane as I would have hoped, but it was funny and witty enough to keep me engaged.

    First the negative:

    The kid who plays Parker continues to be underwhelming and not a good actor. I know he's a kid, which is why I didn't mention the actors came, but he constantly overacts and it's constantly terrible. I can't take anything he says serious. I know that this was a casting thing, as you really can't expect what a child actor will become, and you have to deal with it. Just writers please find some way to excise his character. However, to counteract that bit of casting there's thankfully the spot on casting of Andrea Bowen as Julie Mayer. She plays off of and really seems like Susan Mayer's (Teri Hatcher) daughter.

    Ida (Pat Crawford Brown), a character with very little screen time over the years (one I never cared for), died. But, why should I really care about her character now.

    Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) should have died. It would have been a bold move by the writers and creative staff. Instead this return episode was very underwhelming and predictable. The season should have ended with the tornado episode and when the writer's strike ended come back with a bang. Tom has been underused for some time now. Most all of the third season he was just lying on the bed because the writers had him have the serious back problems.

    Most of the husbands on Wisteria Lane get shafted because the show is about the female leads. Maybe this negativise is because I'm a guy but either way be bold and don't play it safe. There really was no reason for Tom to return except for the fact that Lanette couldn't have handled her remission of cancer and take care of all the kids.

    And I'm sorry but the character of Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) has become overdramatic, sappy and way too much negative things have been thrown her way. The writers need to lighten her story up or put it on the back burner because her character is becoming needy like and irritating.

    Finally, the positive:

    On the plus side, my favorite character Bree (Marcia Cross) got a good story line, both with moving into the Mayer's house and trying to fix up her contracter Walter with her son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom). That way Walter could work on rebuilding her house. It really lightened up the somber mood nicely. Setting up Bree's son with Walter was great, really great. I didn't see it coming and it was hilarious, especially knowing where Bree and her son have come from over the years.

    That was also a nice story line where Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker) wasn't getting any money from Victor's death or from Carlos' (Ricardo Chavira) former account because of losing all the information fighting with Eddie during the tornado. Gabrielle constantly pushing the red button so Carlos's medicine would kick in and wind him down was also funny.

    Gabrielle having an outburst when the garage door opened while she was looking for copies of Carlos's account records from the dead Al was hilarious.

    While the episode might not have been bold it was surprisingly warm, funny and witty. So, in the end it was pretty good just not as great as the Tornado cliff-hanger.

    Nice seeing the letter telling of what happened to Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) come back into play.

    We'll see how Carlos' blindness has an affect on the show.
  • I'm happy for Lynette

    It was really a great episode and the good thing is that Lynette's family are all ok . . . . . .
    I'm also sorry for carlos and I hope it will be ok with his sight as it will be shocking for my sweet Gaby . . . . . . . .
    Finally I think this episode is worth waiting and I hope that they keep it coming . . . . . Thank you for reading and bye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • The simple things.

    Overall I thought this episode was pretty good. It had some interesting twists and information. But also showed that some things change some things stay the same. Gabby's situation could prove interesting. Her having no money and soon to discover that Carlos is blind, should be interesting to see how she handles a dose of reality. Edie, being Edie, but her small gesture didn't go unnoticed. Lynette, being made aware of exactly how special Ida was, was a great lesson. Now in reaching out to Mrs. M. she hopefully won't make the same mistake. Susan reaching out to Bree I thought showed, that yes she maybe a drama queen, but she still is a person that needs to be cared for and about. Bree, is just too funny. She is still thinking of what's best for the "new" family and walking a thin line in making the same mistakes with the old one.
  • I can't believe the day has come when Bree is setting Andrew up with a guy, an older guy! That was way too funny!!!!

    This was a really funny episode. I was laughing the whole time. It was really sad at the beginning when we were still trying to figure out who was alive and who was dead and all. I really thought they were going to drag it out to the end of the episode to see if the Scavo family was alive, but I am glad they got it out in the open at the beginning and we got all the fun stuff after that. I thought it was so cute when Kayla got out and yelled "mom" to Lynette. It was the first time she ever called Lynette mom. That was really touching. The Bree at Susan's house was hilarious! I can't get enough of Bree being all perfect, it's too funny! I can't believe Orson and she actually set Andrew up with that guy over a roof for her house. And Susan and Julie's dialogue about Bree being like the mother Julie never had was hilarious. This was probably the funniest Gabrielle I have seen in a while. I was laughing so hard when she was at the hospital talking to Carlos and pressing that button like a million times!!!!! Oh my God that was just hilarious! And when she went over to Carlos' lawyer's house and was digging through his files when the garage door opened up and she was like oh, why do people have to die?!?! That had me crying from laughing so hard! I felt really bad for Susan when she was talking on the phone about wanting to see Mike. You could see she was wanting to lose it and cry but she had to be strong because she had people in her house. Lynette and Mrs. McClusky at the basefield scattering Ida's ashes was a really great scene. Those two are developing a really good friendship. Ok, so now about the mystery. Oh, when are we ever going to get anything on it! I'm going nuts! I wanted to jump into the tv and grab that note when she threw it in the fire! I am glad Dylan got it! I can't believe there is a chance we will not find out about this for another 8 months! That's just nuts!
  • Sometimes we just don't know how people will react to a crisis.

    It was rather predictable that Lynette's family would survive. Once they all emerged, it became pretty obvious that Ida would not. Lynette felt guilty for treating Ira and Ms McCluskey the way that she did especially when she found out what Ira did to ensure her children were safe. I was proud of the way she handled the ashes and completed Ira's wishes.

    Susan and her daughter were unsure on how Bree's family moving in would affect their lifestyle. After a few days of receiving the benefits of having someone taking care of the household duties, Susan did not want Bree to leave any time soon. When it appeared that Bree could be leaving shortly, Susan in her own special way attempted to undermine Bree's plans.

    Gaby finds out that she would be receiving no money from Victor will at the funeral service. Victor's father tells her that if she did not leave the church, that he would expose her as a cheating spouse. Not wanting her reputation spoiled, she chooses to leave. She then has to tell Carlos that the paperwork for the offshore account has gone blowing in the wind. What she does not know is that Carlos has lost his sight. Will she or won't she stay with him?

    And finally what about the devilish Katherine. Having found out that her husband Adam did have an affair, she tells him that he must leave. While packing, Adam finds the note that was left by the grandmother. In the note, Adam finds out that Katherine had done something awful. Adam tells Katherine that he is leaving her because of of that and not that she is kicking him out. Katheine's daughter find pieces of the note in the fireplace and appears to discover the facts.
  • The episode starts by revealing the fate of Lynette's family. As we were promised everyone lost a friend. A hilarious sequence happens with Lynette and Ms. McClusky. A show I looked forward to for a long time.

    I have to say that DH writers have given up completely on making things go on forever. I thought Lynette's family would be in jeporady a little longer than the first 10minutes of the episode. I cried though. Absolutely amazing episode though. I just wish that things would have taken a little longer. The episode moved too quickly and I found myself a little disappointed. I hope the writers come back soon though. I want to know what is on that note! Anyways, I am patiently awaiting the return of the writers. But I hope that they pull me in a little longer. But I do suppose Something's Coming is hard to top.