Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 7

What More Do I Need?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • not bad

    an ok episode this week but once agian nothing special im not really enjoying this season so far i do believe that the five year jump has been a bad thing for desperate housewives i mean when i first heard they were doing i thouht they it would atleat make the show more creative but instead it feels that this season is the worst yet creativly..
    Susans relationship with jackson is really annoying i really dont like him
    i also really dont like the road the writers are going with katherine and mike oh please it is such a stupid idea...
  • Treading water slightly, 'What More Do I Need?' nudges the housewives' narratives forward a few baby steps, rather than putting the pedal to the metal and sending them joyriding around Wisteria Lane.

    Treading water slightly, 'What More Do I Need?' nudges the housewives' narratives forward a few baby steps, rather than putting the pedal to the metal and sending them joyriding around Wisteria Lane. Still, there's much to enjoy here, particularly Felicity Huffman's work as a rather demented Lynette Scavo, whose determination to put an end to what she sees as a violation of her son is so believable, it's almost too difficult to watch. Bree's 'moment of weakness' is rather fun too, giving Marcia Cross a chance to let her, often underestimated, comedic talents shine through. And how about Andrew, eh? Still looking pretty hot in those suits...
  • Lyn and Tom discover the truth about who Porter is seeing

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. Lynette confronts Ton about the affair which she believes he is having. She soon learns that Porter is the one who is sleeping with the married woman, who is also his best friend's mother. Gabby and Carlos go to his client's house and end up staying there for the weekend. When Lynette and Porters older girlfriend met up at a PTA meeting Lynette attacks her, in the bathroom. When Gabby hears the client asking the girls to call her Grandma she packs her bags and want to leave. Porter soon learns that he has gotten his best friend mother pregnant. Bree and Hodge have sex in Mrs Van de Camps kitchen and it's all been caught on tape. The tape has also been stolen and the thief offers to sell it online unless they pay him $2,000. Bree gives Andrew her blessing to get the tape back any way he can. Karen and her sister learn that Eddie's husband Dave speaks to a Criminal psychologist every month. When the sex tape is reveal we see that it is not Bree and Hodge but in fact Katherine and Mike who have been having sex in the kitchen. So Bree goes to confront her and give her the DVD. We learn that Porter and the woman carrying his child and planning on leaving town together.
  • It had some funny and exciting parts, but I just didn't really like some of the storylines.

    The storyline with Lynette thinking Tom was cheating was good, and it became even more interesting when we found out it was Porter with an older women. I liked how it made it look like Tom was having the affair. Gaby's storyline was ok. It was kind of interesting to see what the crazy lady would do and how desperate she was to have a family, but the plot seems kind of random and it doesn't seem to have long term potenial. The sex tape plot was funny. Bree and Orson went through all the lengths of getting the tape back and it didn't even turn out to be them. Susan changing her mind and wanting to have sex was funny, but the painting seem kind of random and too unexpected.
  • Powerful Stuff

    This was another entertaining episode. Bree&Orson: their sexcapdes were amusing to watch. the fact Bree and Orson have rekindled their romance is nice to watch - Kyle and Marica have great chemistry together on screen. The whole tape thing was funny and rather surprising...

    Katherine: Her and Mike? Huh? Then again it fits - they are both lonley people in Desperate need. The fact Katherine can be so dirty is fitting with the show. Susan&Jackson: more humour follows these two. Their dating all over again and drunk susan is funny to watch. Then there's that gorgeous painting of Teri Hatcher - wonder if Mark Cherry will auction this?

    Lynette: My oh my do not mess with Felcity Huffman! she is a powerful woman. When she attacked that woman in the bathroom... powerfull stuff. Gabby&Carlos: Is Virginia a caring old woman or is she a creepy child-snatcher? Something to decide on.

    Overall another good episode - keep it up.
  • Wrong Desires Written by Matt Berry Directed by Larry Shaw

    Porter (re Anne): "Mr Schilling can't find out, he's violent. He'll totally kill her".
    Lynette: "Well then, you've put her in a very difficult position".

    While the last thing we needed as an audience was yet another young man/older woman dynamic, I should at least point out that this show is trying to do something a little different this time with the well worn plot.

    Okay so that won't make a lot of people care because I'm not even sure I actually care about the plot. Porter is hardly on the levels of interesting that Andrew was at sixteen years of age but clearly the writers like Charlie Carver enough to give Porter a meaty plot while Preston, Parker and Penny are absent.

    Revealing his affair with Anne is nicely handled though. You've got Lynette all rearing to leave Tom because she's convinced that he's the one sleeping with the realtor. She even gives Tom a chance to explain himself and when he behaves so nonchalantly, she's fit to kill him.

    To be honest this should've been the first major hint to Lynette that Tom wasn't cheating on her. After all, this is the kind of bloke who'd make up lame excuses and perhaps 'blame' Lynette if he ever strayed. He's not the kind of man who'd brag about it so casually.

    So bragging about Porter losing his virginity might be stupid but Lynette can at least rest assured that Tom isn't screwing around on her. Of course when she realises that it's Porter who's doing Anne, the look on her face would indicate that she would've preferred if it had been Tom doing the nasty.

    The usual amount of arguments take place upon this reveal with Tome thrust in the role of mediator between Lynette and Porter. The basics include Porter being dumb enough to think that Anne and Lynette desperate for him to end their relationship. Then there's some stuff about Anne having an abusive husband to make us feel for her but I'm not sure I do.

    I'd never advocate domestic violence but what Anne is doing to Porter is pretty bad even if I do find the character pretty bland. Tom doesn't really do much else to deter Porter's relationship with the realtor so it's Lynette who has to go into Mama Bear mode. It's just a pity that Anne isn't easily deterred.

    Now if I were Anne, I would actually be scared of Lynette. The cops would be a Godsend compared to the kind of fury she could bring on you. Plus I did somewhat cheer when Lynette smacked Anne around in the bathroom. It's a nice little reminder that you just don't mess with the woman.

    Unfortunately Anne's not only stupid enough not to back off but she also tells Porter that she's pregnant, giving viewers another unwelcome storyline. Most of us tend to prefer the Scavo kids to be seen and not heard as opposed to them dominating proceedings. However I am willing to bet that Anne is possibly lying or if she is actually pregnant, it's her abusive husband that's the father.

    Either way there's a nice little where Porter does actually look like he realises that Lynette has his best interests at heart. It's still not enough for him to stop from running away with Anne but chances are, they probably won't get very far either. Most run away attempts on this show tend to fail anyway.

    Now if you could positively run away from another person, then creepy Virginia would be a prime candidate. There was something unhinged about her last week and this week she quickly ups the ante by trying to buy her way into the Solis family's affection.

    Gabby doesn't exactly make things easy as well by deliberately taking advantage of Virginia's 'kindness' either. While I never liked her material side, it's always been part of Gabby's parcel and so seeing her lapping up the luxury of the lonely woman's house is hardly shocking.

    Of course Gabby should realise by now that there's always a price and Virginia is clearly someone who wouldn't give anything away for free. Allowing the Solis's to stay in her mansion is one thing but getting into a bed with Gabby and Carlos to watch a family movie is definitely another.

    Naturally such an actions freaks Gabby out but it's only when Virginia gets Juanita and Celia to call her Grandma does Gabby actually do something about it. That being said, Gabby could never directly convey her concerns in a dignified manner so trying to get rid of Virginia at Celia's birthday party is her solution.

    This leads to a public spat between the two women and to be honest, both of them come with valid points. Gabby had no problem taking advantage of Virginia's wealth and also had no genuine interest in actually befriending the woman. Virginia also overstepped some serious boundaries but at the end, I will side with Virginia.

    The only reason I will side with Gabby is because Virginia goes too far in the end by trying to get Carlos fired from the country club when it's her behaviour that's the more indecent of the bunch. After all she was the one who got off on his magical touch.

    Which lead to the other thing – Carlos knew it was a bad idea to socialise with Virginia outside of their massage sessions and yet he still did. I know its Gabby that wears the pants in the marriage but Carlos really should've stuck to his guns at the start. It also didn't help later on when he showed reluctance to disengage from the needy woman either.

    And when it comes to neediness, is there a woman any more needy than Susan? The answer is probably no but the Susan we've getting this season is trying to be the antithesis of her former self by trying to think before carrying out her actions. As per usual, this change in her behaviour is supposed to be for the benefit of her love life because apparently being a single parent and a writer aren't interesting enough plots to merit their own storylines.

    I like Jackson I really do but it would be nice to see Susan with a career related arc just for a change. Perhaps learning more about Jackson's own artistic streak could spark an interest in her writing that 'adult' book once mentioned in the second season.

    As for the Jackson story, Susan wants to take things slow so she decides not to sleep with him until the fourth date. Of course this slightly frustrates Jackson more than the amount of trivia that Susan expects him to know about her but it's nice that the writers don't make Jackson a jerk when trying to convey his desire to get some.

    There's also the plus side that not sleeping with Susan means his artistic block is suddenly. Now he can actually paints beautiful pictures and when Susan does decide to put out, he gets more into drawing her than sleeping with her. It's also quite nice how Jackson gives a good insight into Susan as a person which to me means the writers really do want to keep Gale Harold on for as long as they can.

    Having Susan paired with Jackson is good and seemingly no-one has a problem with it, so why then is the pairing of Mike and Katherine supposedly deemed a bad thing? I'm not saying that I'm shipping them as a couple but neither of them are doing any harm to anyone so where's the problem?

    Bree talks about loyalty to Susan and while I can't see the latter not jumping for joy when she finds out about Mike and Katherine, I have to ask, is it really Susan's place to dictate their love life? As far as I'm concerned the answer to that question is another whopping no. Mike and Katherine won't last as a couple but as plots go, it's far from terrible either.

    The discovery of Mike and Katherine as a pairing via a sex tape in the bakery is a good move. After all, Bree and Orson were convinced that it was their after hours hanky panky was the source of former employee Charlie's blackmail. How relieved were they when it turned out not to be them.

    I know I objected to Orson working in the business with Bree and Katherine but two episodes in since he joined, I'm sorely tempted to revoke my reluctance for this plot. Bree and Orson actually work well as a team and Katherine doesn't go around acting like Federico from Six Feet Under, grunting and groaning about her position in the business. With any luck we can further dodge that pitfall.

    As for Karen and Roberta, these two make for a wonderful team themselves. They're both snarky and they know that Dave is a bad one. It's just that they need to be more devious when calling people like Dr Heller. Even though they nearly got into big trouble, at least they realised that Dave's a Nutjob.

    If Dave's little flashes of anger are anything to go by, then we definitely know he's up to no good. Terrorising Karen aside, this is the same man who's now subjected us to a pretty lame garage band led by Tom. I should point out a lame garage band that will now be playing Battle Of The Bands to boot as well. Thanks a lot, Dave.

    Also in "What More Do I Need?"

    The opening sequence was dedicated to the Scavos with Lynette ready to kill Tom but he obviously lives for another day.

    Lynette (to Tom): "You know what? I have to kill you now".

    In lieu of Charlie, Orson apparently hired a girl with a strict background to work in the catering business.

    Mike: "Just get lives".
    Dave: "Whoever she is, just have fun".

    Carlos (re Virginia getting into the bed with them): "Did she just?"
    Gabby: "Oh yeah".

    I wonder how or why Virginia has become estranged with her family. She certainly didn't seem to have a problem sharing that bit of information with Gabby and Carlos.

    Orson: "We're quite the team".
    Bree: "The best part is we get to see each other all the time".

    Carlos: "You had to stay for the lobster".
    Gabby: "Hey, you had some melted butter on your bib too".

    I'm not sure why the episodes nowadays seem to have Bree in her glasses all the time but it works quite well.

    Andrew: "Wow, so carte blanche?"
    Orson: "Within reason. We are not condoning arson or violence".
    Bree: "Orson, don't crimp the boy's style".

    Susan: "Jackson, look at me. I'm tipsy, I'm horny. I'm easier than a five year's old homework".
    Jackson: "I'll call you tomorrow".

    Isn't it a bit silly of Katherine to 'condemn' kitchen sex when it was her and Mike who were caught on camera?

    Roberta: "Yeah, back to the drawing board. Can I Irish that up for you?"
    Karen: "It's noon somewhere".

    Andrew (to Bree/Orson): "Just so you know, I am never eating anything out of that kitchen ever again".

    Edie was hardly in this episode at all, except for one measly scene where she had pastries.

    Katherine: "Having sex in the kitchen where food is prepared. What kind of demented slut would do that?"
    Bree: "I said let's not dwell on it".

    Chronology: Exactly five minutes from where "There's Always A Woman" left off.

    "What More Do I Need?" asks some interesting questions about desires so some of the stuff here is pretty relatable – companionship, love, etc but it's not something that the show hasn't done before so I can see why some viewers might not be moved by certain plots.
  • The season finally picked up with the last few episodes and it doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping!

    I loved this episode so much, it is definitely the 2nd best episode of this season (right after last week's) it was filled with laughs, emotions and twists! Let's hope the writers can keep this level of intensity throughout the whole season.

    Susan: Susan had a hilarious storyline this episode, since she & Jackson decided to start over she made a rule about not having sex until the fourth date which Jackson isn't very fond of at first. We also find out that Jackson is an artist (he paints) but he hasn't been able to paint anything lately. After Jackson tries to seduce Susan with sex music in the second date and fails, he begins to paint and realizes that it's the lack of sex has rejuvinated him. Susan offers him sex on the third date but he turns her down and when the fourth date comes, she goes to his apartment barely wearing anything under her coat and that's when she sees the portrait he's working on; it's a portrait of her with a very sad look, which she always sees in the mirror. The best scene in the entire episode happens there, it's really touching and proves that Jackson is a truly amazingly deep character. I really hope the future holds even better stuff for these two!

    Gabrielle: Virginia & Carlos decide to stay the weekend at Virginia Hildebrand's HUGE mansion since Gabby loves the rich lifestyle there. Later on, things become quite creepy when Virginia asks Juanita & Celia call her grandma and sleeps in the same bed as Gabby & Carlos as they watch an animated movie. Gabby & Carlos leave her house after they get creeped out by this and while they're at Celia's birthday party, Virginia shows up to take Celia and buy her a doll but Gabby tells her to leave them alone and that really angers Virginia. In the last for this storyline, Virginia contacts the country club where Carlos works and claims that he has been touching her inappropriately during the massages which means that he's going to get fired. Let's hope this storyline gets even more interesting! Virginia was rather creepy in the final scene which was good, the street needs more dark drama!

    Lynette: The first scene follows the last scene from last week's episode directly. Lynette confronts Tom about him having an affair and that's when they both realize that Porter is having an affair with Anne Schilling in a very well-written and entertaining scene. Porter threatens to leave the house if they say anything to Anne's husband since he's very abusive and so they decide to stay discrete about it but he has to end it. During one of the school meetings, Lynette attacks Anne in the bathroom and really abuses her and tells her to stay away from Porter. Later on, Porter & Anne meet and Anne tells Porter that she's pregnant which shocks him. The next day I guess, Lynette talks with Porter hoping to make him understand and he receives a phone call from Anne during all of this revealing that they're planning to escape town together. Porter lies to Lynette and tells her that he understands where she's coming from which makes her happy, but not for long that's for sure! This storyline is very juicy and I love how fast-paced it is, let's hope it stays this interesting!

    Bree: In the beginning of the episode, Bree & Orson fire one of their employees Charlie for stealing 200$. Later on, Bree shows Orson an advance review of her cook-book in a magazine (they gave her four halos) and they decide to celebrate it by having sex in the kitchen. The next day, Katherine asks for the day off and seems very happy about it and at the same time Andrew wakes up and tells Bree & Orson that Charlie has stolen the camera tapes and he says there's a couple having sex in it, he wants 2000$ to hand it over. Bree tells Andrew to do whatever it takes to get it back (this reminded me of Welcome to Kanagawa which still remains one of my favorite episodes ever). It doesn't take long before Andrew gets it back but its content isn't exactly expected, it actually shows Katherine and Mike having sex! Bree confronts Katherine about it and reminds her that Susan is her oldest friend on the street. Frankly I loved this storyline, it was very funny and I like the Mike/Katherine idea, they seem to be having fun and nothing much though.

    Edie: Edie didn't appear in this episode, but Dave and McLusky did though. Dave has arranged for the band to play in a club the following week which gets everyone excited (a fire erupts in the club next week, seems very interesting). Also Mrs.McLusky and her sister Roberta realize that Dave gets phoned by a psychiatrist every month and they realize that this doctor is for 'criminally insane' people. They speak with this doctor, Dr. Heller who is more than shocked to hear that Dave is in Fairview and buys a ticket to go there. This is the first time since the beginning of the season that the mystery has actually interested me, let's hope it gets even juicier next week!

    Overall, this is an excellent episode... a perfect example of what Desperate Housewives is capable of! I will once again praise the music in this show as it's beyond excellent, especially during that scene with Susan & Jackson with the painting, beautiful.
  • Katherine's secret is revealed.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. It was definitely one of the best episodes yet of season five. All of the story lines were great, especially Susan's and Bree's story lines. Susan and Bree's story lines were definitely my two favorite story lines in this episode. Although, Lynette's story line was great too. Katherine was great in this episode too, especially in the scene with Bree at the end of the episode. The only story line in this episode that I didn't really like was the Gabrielle and Carlos' story line. It was just too boring and creepy for my taste. I thought that Susan had some really great lines in this episode.I loved Karen with her sister Roberta in this episode. I'm so glad that the writers have been featuring Karen a lot in season five. All in all, I thought that this was an extremely well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone who was involved in the making of this episode, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • Porter's secret is revealed, while Mrs. Hildebrand gets a bit too attached with the Solises

    The episode began with a direct confrontation between Lynette, Tom, Porter and the facts. It was hilarious how the conversation played out and there was some great writing in there too. It was great to see Lynette freak out and give that woman what she deserved (or maybe she deserved more, but hey: the show's not over yet!) and I think Anne's a bit messed up: c'mon, telling you're pregnant so your teenage lover will leave town with you? I feel a storm coming up, or maybe next week's fire will do the trick. Really my favorite storyline of the moment.

    Gaby has seen Mrs. Hildebrand's true nature and it looks like she doesn't feel comfortable with it: Juanita and Celia are calling her grandma? Yeah... some serious issues, lady. But I can't help feeling sorry for her: she has no one left and I think Gaby handled the situation completely wrong. The final scene with Mrs. Hildebrand was quite scary and I don't really think her nephew just left her house in a normal way, maybe in a bag or in three pieces or such...

    Susan's story was a bit more interesting than last week, but still: no interest. But yeah, I have to admit Jackson's growing on me.

    Another letdown: Bree's story: there wasn't really a scandal and it remembered me of Gaby's elevator adventure in season 3. But I'm glad Andrew's back in the picture.

    I don't know why, but I'm a bit disgusted with the whole Katherine-Mike idea. They just don't look like a real couple, especially with the way they treat it.

    Nothing really new on the Dave story: we all knew he was kinda messed up and the criminal part, well: who didn't see that coming? The doctor's coming over to Fairview next weekend and I guess we already have one fire victim we can be sure of...

    A really good episode, but I would have liked to see more of Mrs. Hildebrand instead of the semi-boring Bree story. Next week the big boom and some mystery development, can't wait!
  • Lynette finds out about her son's relationship, a former employee tries to blackmail Bree, Susan stops sleeping with Jackson

    Very good episode of Desperate Housewives here. It pretty much had everything you could ask for: top-notch comedy, fighting, mystery and intense drama. The way they transition from a big laffer scene to something incredibly climatic and suspenseful is still amazing.

    More importantly is that every single storyline and character was entertaining here. Lynette taking it to the Mrs. Robinson in the bathroom was awesome as was Karen trying to find out information on Dave. I wish we had more than one scene with Dave in it but it looks like business is really about to pick up next week.

    Even Susan's storyline was entertaining. I'm still not sold on Jackson but they do have some good back and forths, although not nearly on the level of Bree and Orson. Their exchanges always feature great quotes and some of the best gems of the show. Gabrielle is pretty much the same way as well.

    In summary another very good episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • Season 5, Episode 7.

    Wow, the beginning of this episode was so good! I loved the whole misunderstanding conversation with Tom and Lynette about Porter. Haha, Marc Cherry is so good at writing. Wow at the drama between the Scavos. Susan is incredibly sexy this season. She looked so hot on that date with Jackson. Wow, we already knew Dave was criminally insane. I loved the scene when Gabby made the waiter come into the pool. LMAO! Haha, sex music. Whoa, a violent Lynette! Wow! It's so weird to see that side of her. The girls call Mrs. Hildebrand "Grandma." Wow, Bree/Orson kitchen sex. Great episode.